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Any political topic , but keep it civil.
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This is a group to list/discuss, reasons to be busted. Let’s have some fun.
F/M Ballbusting Pics, Vids, & Stories
Feel free to share F/M ballbusting Pics & Vids, & Stories here
115 members
Men Seeking Women & Women Seeking Men
Men Seeking Women & Women Seeking Men, for real in person ballbusting
82 members
A place where we can surrender and be owned
66 members
M/M Ballbusting Pics, Vids, & Stories
Feel free to share M/M ballbusting Pics, Vids, & Stories here
49 members
Ballbusting/CBT Toons
Feel free to share your Ballbusting/CBT Toon pics here
49 members
Family Busting
Family busting, mom-son, bro-sis, bro-bro, dad-son, etc. as long as its family
49 members
Ballbusting Games
Ballbusting Games,be creative let's have a ball, or two
45 members
BallBusting Challenges
Ballbusting Challenges, share yours.
43 members
I Dare You....
Dares, Dares, Dares,(ballbusting, cbt, fetish, kink, embarrassing, etc.. any type of dare, just don't be stupid, well maybe you can be a little stupid and still be safe and fun)
42 members
Favorite BB Stories
A group to post your favorite BB stories.
42 members
Men Seeking Men
Personals / Classifieds to meet and bust some balls, MEN only
41 members
BDSM and FETISH, they all go here
21 members
All about furries and ballbusting, bondage, fetish, etc.Vids, Pics, Stories, etc.Str8 or Gay or Bi, doesn't matter
17 members
Hall of Shame
The Hall of Shame A list of accounts that are suspended and banned from chat, for violating the sites Community Standards -------------- Welcome, we want you to enjoy your stay here as much as possible and to do so, please abide by these guidelines: Don't be a jerk, Don't be a dick...
15 members
Incest. Vids, pics, stories, fantasy, experience. NO underage content allowed.
10 members
F/F Cuntbusting (pics & Vids & stories)
Feel free to share F/F Cuntbusting -  Pics & Vids & Stories, here
8 members
Members Selfies
Members SelfiesPostRateVoteCommentHave fun
8 members
Same sex Dom/Sub
Same sex doms and subs, masters/slaves, pets, owned, unowned.
7 members
Reasons to be busted
This is a group to list/discuss, reasons to be busted. Let’s have some fun.
7 members
Pros / Doms / Masters / $$
Pros / Doms / Masters / $$, seeking to charge for your time and attentions, post here and then contact sales@mybbfe.com, to get setup to offer your services here at mybbfe
6 members

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