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Ruptered SiteOwner
So I received a message from someone, regarding... More
Ruptered May 11
Ruptered SiteOwner
list of members who upgraded to help support... More
Support@myBBFE Support
IF you chose wrong at sign-up (joining),... More
myBBFE Moderator
The site now has the following structure.... More
myBBFE Apr 29
Support@myBBFE Support
If only 70 members, subscribed to the "Silver... More
Ruptered SiteOwner
You need to use this URL https://mybbfe.com
Ruptered Mar 31
Ruptered SiteOwner
We were running out of storage for the site,... More
Ruptered Mar 27
Ruptered SiteOwner
For your information, this SSL did not cost... More
Ruptered Mar 26
Ruptered SiteOwner
Topic was moved from CBT-Ballbusting-BDSM EVENTS.
Ruptered Mar 21
Support@myBBFE Support
Hey everyone. A complete profile is kinda... More
Support@myBBFE Support
Site news, update. We are almost out of storage... More
Ruptered SiteOwner
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Jim fm/mm busting
My balls were now damaged big time. Kathy was wanting to see my sac empty. But Sally stepped in &... more
Jim Mar 23
Ruptered SiteOwner
Testicular torsion occurs when a testicle rotates, twisting the spermatic cord that brings blood to ... more
Ruptered Mar 16
Ruptered SiteOwner
Currently, there is a small description on the bottom of your profile pics. M/M, F/M FM/MM I have ... more
Ruptered Mar 12
Jack fm/mm busting
If you're interested in giving bb tasks you can either contact me on bbfe or contact me on my email;... more
Jack Mar 9
Ruptered SiteOwner
anyone here able and willing to make a new site logo, to replace the one at the top of the timeline?
Ruptered SiteOwner
Total Donations = $520 Site EXPENSES - $335.76 (12 months hosting) ... more
Jim fm/mm busting
Karen raised the weight off her hubbies balls & the gals gathered around to see the damage don... more
Jim Mar 4
Lisa Moderator
Hey guys, Lisa here. I think I speak for everybody when I say that I'm really sad about the site ... more
Lisa Mar 3
Support@myBBFE Support
March 14th is when the hosting must be renewed or the site will not be accessible. The amount needed... more
Lisa Moderator
Hey, I'm lisa, and you may or may not know me, and if you don't please check my profile if you don't... more
Lisa Feb 4


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  • Duration: 00:44 | Rating: 5 | Views: 421 | Description: Mistress had the idea no more cock for u pussy ti
    Jun 16


Ty f/m busting
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