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Busting Safety - 1 | Forum

Ruptered SiteOwner
Ruptered May 14 '17
First, you should get informed. A good way to do this is to talk to your doctor. Another is to read a book. A good one is: http://www.amazon.com/Family-Jewels-Guide-Genital-... It has a good rundown of the health and safety of cbt.

There are 3 types of serious injuries possible in CBT.
1) Testicle Rupture. This is the least likely injury. It is the one that everyone thinks will happen, but in truth it almost never will. It takes 120 lbs per square inch or pressure to actually rupture a testicle. That is a freaking ton. To put it into practical terms. You could squash one testicle under an entire set of worldbook encyclopedias, and it wouldn't rupture. I would bet you'd pass out before you got to K. 

2) Testicular torsion. This is the most common injury. This is when testicles twist inside the scrotum, and the spermatic cords kink. This can result in a loss of blood supply to the testicle. It is more common with men that have lower hanging balls. If it happens, it can be fix through minor surgery. I generally don't allow partners to twist my balls to prevent this. And you also need to be a little careful in more complex bondage. Wikipedia has a good page on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testicular_torsion

3) Penile fracture. This is when an erect penis snaps like a bone. The penis doesn't actually contain any bones, so that isn't an exact description. Essentially, it is a rupture of the erectile tissue. It takes alot of blunt force trauma to an erect penis to cause it. Kind of like breaking your arm. You could hit me in the arm pretty hard without breaking, and the penis can take a comparable amount of impact. What is more worrisome is getting caught in an awkward angle. 

Here are some minor injuries. 
1) bruising. Your cock and balls bruise just like other places on your body. Since your balls are surrounded by your scrotum, you don't see any of the bruising to your balls, but you can sometimes see bruising on the scrotum.

2) Skin Abrasion (minor skin tears). Just like other skin, the skin on your genitals can abrate. Much of your skin is toughened through exposure to the world. Like hands and feet are calloused. Your genitals likely have much less exposure, so the skin is often a bit more delicate.

3) Infection. The urethra is sterile. Inserting objects into it can cause infection. Also, any time that a wound develops (intentional or unintentional) infection is a risk. Clear the area thoroughly using a disinfectant, and bandage it if necessary.

4) Swelling. Swelling is generally a result of bruising. Testicles because of their makeup can swell much, much, much more that most other areas. It is not uncommon for my testicles to swell to 150 - 200% of their original size after a major ballbusting session. The swelling goes down with time. For me it generally is gone after 3 or 4 days.

5) Low sperm count. A lot of things can cause this. Tight fitting underpants, working with a laptop on your lap, drinking too much coffee. But ballbusting will also cause it. While the testicles are swollen, the temperature is not maintained at a proper level. 24 hours after the swelling goes down, you should be back to normal. NOTE: Ballbusting is not an effective birth control method


Its been said that Neurogenic shock https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurogenic_shock can result from extreme trauma to the testicles, be careful how hard you play.

In 2002, unintentional and intentional injuries were the fifth and seventh leading causes of deaths worldwide, accounting for 6.23% and 2.84% of all deaths. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_trauma

The Forum post is edited by Ruptered May 14 '17
Keith m/m busting
Keith May 20 '17
I would like to add, safety can also mean being safe online. Do not give out personal information, such as phone numbers, home address, bank account information, etc. I would even say do not send people money, for the safety of your financial health. Let's face it, once you give out information or send money, that person has what they wanted from you and it is very possible you will NEVER get what was promised in return. Be careful guys, have a good time but be smart.