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Nerd's writing corner: An epic of knights and dragons | Forum

Nerd Dec 10 '16
Chapter one: Beginning of something great....and painfull

Dargon was an adult male  Dragonewt, a child of humans and dragons, sunbathing without any clothes on which let his lemonsized balls exposed . Unlike most males he liked getting his  balls busted. While he daydreamed about his balls being busted a young female knight known as Aura was about to make his dreams come true. She was after a perverted half dragon and she found him exposing her targets. She snuck closer to him and *thump* she stomped on his balls, not causing any damage, making him moan plessure. "Could you do it again , please?" he said with a lustful tone , she didn't hesitate to fullfill his wish *thump* he moaned. "Weirdo" she whispered under her nose. He opened his eyes to wake up but to his surprise there really was a girl stomping on his balls , he smiled. "What are you smilling at , you weardo?!" She asked "A beautiful girl" he answered and she responded with stomping on his balls, she started to kinda like doing it. "Could please do it stronger?" he moaned "You want to lose your balls or something? " she teased him "To a girl like you, gladly" he answered and that made her blush. She stomped down hard and before he could recover she did it again. 

End for now, cya later readers!

The Forum post is edited by Nerd Dec 10 '16
Ruptered SiteOwner
Ruptered Dec 12 '16

Very creative and fun.. hope you feel like continuing the story.


Keith m/m busting
Keith Dec 14 '16
Oh yeah agreed. Maybe some nuts get cracked? 
Nerd Dec 14 '16

Quote from Keith Oh yeah agreed. Maybe some nuts get cracked? 
Not gonna say anything cause i don't want to spoil anything 

Keith m/m busting
Keith Dec 14 '16
Oh such a tease
Nerd Dec 15 '16

Quote from Keith Oh such a tease
Keith m/m busting
Keith Dec 15 '16

Quote from Nerd
Quote from Keith Oh such a tease
LOL I think for sure a tease. 
Ruptered SiteOwner
Ruptered Dec 19 '16
grabs the popcorn and waits for the next part!
Nerd Dec 25 '16
Here's the continuetion, 

Aura felt  not only lucky but also happy because you don't get often to stomp on the balls of someone who's higher in the hierarchy than you. "I never understood why you're in higher position than me" she said while stomping on his balls " Want me to show you?" responded Dargon "Show me" said Aura with a hint of curiosity in her voice and in that moment Dargon tore open her  armor with a single swipe. She got even more excited to bust his balls, knowing how strong he is, and instantly started stomping on his balls , he was in heaven but the two orbs gave away making him shoot his load. Aura was surprised by both the fact that his balls popped and the fact they grew back but this time more resillient. "That was the best bust i had in years" Dargon moaned "Ready for round two?" Aura asked " You know the answer " Dargon responded "Get up and spread your legs for me" she demanded and did it without any  hesitation. She grabbed his shoulders and started slamming her somehow still armored knee into his balls without holding back and popped his balls again after what seemed like an eternity but was in reality an hour. His balls grew back again and she commented on it by saying "I could do this everyday" he replied to it "If become my girlfriend you can do this allday everyday" she only said "yes". End of chapter one.

Chapter two : Rivalry 

They decided to live in a house built onto a cave to fit both living styles.

She made him wear collar around his balls as sign that he's her boyfriend ( in reality it was only supposed to keep his balls from slipping away). 

Their life was peaceful until Dargon's sister , Fir , decided to visit them.

"Won't you give your sister a hug?" Fir opened her arms and hugged her brother and kneed him in the balls " Did you forget why you shouldn't spread you legs in front of me?" She asked with  teasing voice.

That's all for today because i need to get some sleep