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BallBusting Challenges

BallBusting Challenges

Ballbusting Challenges, share yours.
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Challenge 12

This is simple, well to me, probably not to your balls.

Get hard, of course, get close to cumming and stop. Then tie your balls. Next you may grab your balls at the base or let them be free with only the tie. You have a choice between 3 items. Your fits, the heel of your shoe or a club. Now its time to beat your balls. Not to soft yet not to hard. Nice solid hits, 1 hit every second. No pausing, not rest breaks. The challenge is to go for 10 minutes non-stop.

IF your cock goes soft, you will stop ball beating and you have 30 seconds to get hard. Succeed or fail, after 30 seconds you resume ball beating. If you go soft again, then you stop, stroke for 30 seconds then resume ball beating, you continue this until its been 8 minutes... the last 2 minutes is all busting, no stopping for a limp cock.

IF you cum during the 10 minutes, you still have to finish the ball beating and no stopping for a limp cock.

If you complete the challenge, you have permission to cum and then you are to post stating that you did it and how it felt, was it easy, difficult

If you fail the challenge, you are to post stating that you failed and provide cock/ball pics of your sad balls that could not take the beating.

:) Good Luck

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