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Ballbustging games - share your ideas or games you have played.

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Tommy f/m busting
Tommy Oct 7 '16
Toying with a game idea. Requires a pool table. A guys nuts. And 2 girls.

The game is played almost exactly like a game of regular pool/billiards.

One team is solids the other is stripes with the 8 ball being neutral.

A guy has his nuts tied/secured to the opposite end of the pool table, placed over the bumper where they can be struck by the pool balls. The billiard pockets are blocked off. Instead of knocking your balls into the pockets the object is to knock them into the guys unprotected nuts. Once you hit a ball into his nuts that ball is removed. First one to remove all their balls and hit the 8 ball into the guys nuts wins. The winner will then get 3 straight on shots to the guys helpless nuts with the Q ball, like a "break".

I think it would be fun/challenging because some shots would require some finesse that might not hurt the guy as much while other shots would be straight on allowing you to really smash a ball into his nuts. Or if you get bored you could "accidentally" miss and just crush a guys helpless nuts. ;)

Plus everytime you break the rack the guy never knows how many/or how hard he will be hit.
Air f/m busting
Air Oct 10 '16
Not a bad idea Tommy, I imagine it would be a tough game to stand/ make through! Just thinking of how much pool balls hurt just being dropped on my tied up nuts! 
letsplayagame m/m busting
letsplayagame Feb 12
I had a similair idea if you can convince 8 guys to participate.

Two guys start the game whilst 6 others each mount a billiard hole, once a ball succesfully strikes one of the mounted gentlemen, they are replaced by the one who made the shot.

The game continues until the 8 ball is rammed into one of the remaining players nuts.

Of the two remaining players the one with still balls on the table will receive an amount of kick/punches etc of the remaining numbers written on each unsunk ball, the amount of balls unsunc determines how many get to participate in his humiliation, (eg. Losing with 3 balls on the table. 4,7,2. Means he he receives 1 kick from a player 7 slaps and two solid punches)
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