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Busting Dares

Busting Dares

Busting Dares. You may also include dares for the cock!

You may post that you are willing to take Dares and if they must be from Female, Male, or Both. 

Once a dare is issued (no perm damage allowed), you must accept and complete the dare or you must post a pic of yourself nude (face not required).

A dare may be added to by any member up to the time that the dare is completed and a post is made to state that is has been completed.

have fun

CB2000 FM-MM
CB2000 Aug 11 '16
I am trying to find self-busting dares that can be relatively consistent from person to person. In other words, not the hit your balls as hard as you can stand type. For this one you need a 2 foot piece of 3 inch inside diameter PVC drain pipe (these are sold at Home Depot in these lengths for small projects) a full unopened soda can (12 ounces) a rubber band or elastic and a wooden chair. Put the rubber band around your ball sack 2-3 times to help you trap your balls but not too tight. Sit on the wooden chair and spread your legs. Hold the pipe vertically and press it down on the chair trapping both balls at the bottom of the pipe. Drop the soda can down the pipe onto your balls. Repeat as many times as you can in one sitting and report the number.
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CB2000 FM-MM
CB2000 Aug 11 '16
I was surprised, but I was only able to do 4 just now. I will try to beat it later. Can you?
Myron Schmid FM-MM
Myron Schmid Aug 14 '16
CB2000 FM-MM
CB2000 Aug 15 '16
Thanks for the video Myron, but I would like to point out that you will get quite different results if the balls are placed on a hard surface.  I did a trial run putting them on a stack of books and it still didn't compare to what happened when I trapped them on a wooden chair.  As I said, I was surprised how painful it turned out to be.  I plan a repeat at some point to see if I can tolerate the pain better.
CB2000 FM-MM
CB2000 Sep 20 '16
It just occurred to me that mailing tubes would also work.  You probably want the 3"x24" size.  If you decide to try the 3"x36" size I definitely want to hear about the results.
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