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Busting Dares

Busting Dares

Busting Dares. You may also include dares for the cock!

You may post that you are willing to take Dares and if they must be from Female, Male, or Both. 

Once a dare is issued (no perm damage allowed), you must accept and complete the dare or you must post a pic of yourself nude (face not required).

A dare may be added to by any member up to the time that the dare is completed and a post is made to state that is has been completed.

have fun

Joan FM-MM
Joan Jul 30 '16

First get a wooden meat tenderizer.If you don't have one run out to a 

dollar store or Walmart. Walmart has them for $2.97.Next get a thick 

pair of socks. Put both socks on the tenderizer and hit your naked

balls. Hit yourself until you fall to your knees, or until you can't 

take the pain anymore. Be sure to post your results. Tell us how many 

hits you took and your reaction. Make sure you put thick socks on the 

tenderizer, later I'll have you remove the socks.

But for now, this "dare" will be easy.

LowHangers FM-MM
LowHangers Jul 30 '16

Oh I did this many eons ago (without the sock even), quite effective, will have to go down memorylane and have the pain refreshed ;) Thanks for the dare :D

x90kid FM-MM
x90kid Jul 30 '16
I did it but actually made them bleed a little.  Then I realized I did it wrong cuz you wanted us standing. 
  IMG_20160730_202004.jpg (302Kb)
  1469928105209462668970.jpg (377Kb)
x90kid FM-MM
x90kid Jul 30 '16
I used a brick as a hard surface under them.
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