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Nathan Jonsson FM-MM
Nathan Jonsson Apr 8 '16
This was a group on the old site and I feel like starting it again. Basically you write a request for a video you'd like me to do and I'll do my best to do just that.
ruptered Admin
ruptered Apr 8 '16
Hi there, Lala - Feel free to create a group here, if you like. If you prefer a forum or want both, let me know and I will create you a forum also.
Nathan Jonsson FM-MM
Nathan Jonsson Apr 9 '16
I would create a group but it doesn't seem to work on the phone version of the site. 
ruptered Admin
ruptered Apr 9 '16
You can change between mobile and desktop modes. Open the menu on the top left, scroll to the bottom. You will see more of the site this way and might be able to create a group if you want to.

I will look into adding features so adding attachments to comments and posts is easier but I will need some time. Until then the best place on the site especially if you want to attach vid clips, is here in the forums.





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