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R94 Jun 15 '16
It was just another typical day for me as I stood at the bottom of a set of stairs. I had feigned needing to use the restroom to get out of my biology class early, knowing full well that I had to be where I was to get any enjoyment out of the day. You see, two of my fellow high school students are notorious for wearing skirts. And when they got out of class and came down those stairs... Well, the view from below was a treat, let me tell you. I always got a nice view of their magenta and turquoise panties. Always the same color on each lady every day, they must have really loved them. Not that they intended for anyone to see them of course, but I had found an almost daily way to do so.

So there I stood, watching and waiting. At last I heard the sound of my salvation, the bell signifying the official end of class. People began to make their way through the halls and down the stairs, but I simply waited it out.

Then I got my wish, or at least part of it. Eliza came into sight, as if an angel descending from above. Her long legs led my gaze up to the tantalizing edges of her skirt and I caught glimpses of her turquoise underwear. Still I was a little disappointed not to get another opportunity to get an eyeful of Melanie's magenta unmentionables. I had to guess she was sick today, or maybe taking a different route than her close friend. Whatever the case was, I couldn't help but be a little saddened. But I pressed on, watching carefully as Eliza's descent down the stairs left her skirt moving enough to showcase her pretty panties.

I could deal.

Then all of a sudden I felt nothing but pain. Absolutely, agonizing pain. My nuts were bursting with the unpleasant sensation as if from out of nowhere and my gaze faltered as a result. My head slumped forward a bit, my hand cupping my now tender balls as if they could offer them any real comfort. It was impossible, but the reaction was pure instinct. I succumbed to the throbbing pain and collapsed to my knees then, a low moaning sound escaping my lips as they pinched together.

"You jerk," a voice said as a pair of fine legs moved in front of me. I glanced up a bit, catching sight of magenta undergarments peeking out from a skirt. "You so deserved that kick from behind. What, did you think we wouldn't catch on to your little peep show, huh?"

I heard Melanie speak, letting me know how angry both she and Eliza were, but frankly I was in too much pain to really offer up any words of my own. I simply watched as Eliza's lower body came into view, standing alongside her friend. Just as I had with Melanie, I once more caught a glimpse of Eliza's panties from the vantage point I had been forced into.

"Eww, he's still looking up our skirts!" Eliza shrieked.

"You little pig," Melanie said as she suddenly wore a smirk filled with cruel intentions. "I guess that kick didn't get the perv out of you, huh? Fine. I'll beat it out of you. Eliza, hold him up."

"But don't I get a turn to bust his--"

"I said hold him up," Melanie commanded once more. I was beginning to see who wore the pants in their friendship.

"Fine, hog all the fun for yourself." Eliza moved out of my line of sight, coming up behind me. I suddenly felt her arms loop under my own. She pulled up, forcing my hands to slip away from my aching nutsack. Soon I was back on my fight, but my legs were weak and wobbling. Eliza was a surprising strong lady, as she managed to keep me in that position, holding my arms up over my head.

"What are you going to do?" I asked meekly as I glanced over my shoulder at Eliza.

"Don't ask me," she said with a downtrodden expression covering her face. "Melanie's gonna do something, not me. Unfortunately."

I couldn't believe it. She wasn't upset that her friend had just kicked me in the balls wicked hard, or that she was going to do something terrible to me now, Eliza was just miserable because she couldn't do it to?

Then again, I had to realize I had pissed them off with my frequent staring. Still, it didn't mean I was looking forward to whatever Melanie had in store for me. Sheepishly I turned my attention back to her, the brunette looking right at my face with a smirk.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I pleaded. "I won't do it again, I swear!"

"Oh, I bet you won't," Melanie said as she slowly crouched down on the hall floor. Little did she know that by bending her knees she was forcing her skirt to roll up her thighs, showing off the smooth front of her magenta panties. I had to wonder if she even cared at this point, but also I couldn't help but be a bit jealous of her girly bits. My balls were still tender and sore from her kick, but I could see now she could not suffer such pain.

It was making me seriously jealous now.

I continued to watch as Melanie's right hand balled into a fist, a nervous sweat building on my forehead. It was then that I could see that most of the students passing by were paying attention to us, but not making a move to help me. I had to wonder if they knew what I had been up to, feeling that I deserved whatever I got for my voyeuristic activities. Or perhaps they were just curious to see what I was going to experience. Either way, I could simply see several guys and girls watching intently or going about their daily lives, none of them interested in bailing me out in the least.

My heart sank then, realizing I had no choice but to endure.

Then I cried out uncontrollably as I felt Melanie's knuckles slam into the front of my jeans covered testicles. The two delicate orbs shifted uncontrollably thanks to the force behind the impact, moving about within my pants, underwear and even my scrotum. She held her fist against my privates for a moment and I could feel my balls painfully popping out slightly around its sides, as if they were trying to escape the pressure she was inflicting.

"Oo-o-oh, look at that face of his!" Melanie cooed. "That had to hurt!"

The older girl mercifully pulled her hand away from my tender nuts and all I wanted to do was hold them again. It was a baser male instinct, nothing more, but I couldn't go through with it. Not as long as Eliza held my arms at bay.

"Let's see it again!" It was not mercy that sparked Melanie's recent action as I quickly learned, but the exact opposite. Her fist dug into my genitals again, maybe even harder than the last time.


I couldn't explain the sound the sound that had escaped my mouth. I felt bad for anyone who even attempted to spell out it. I could feel my eyes bulging out as they widened in response to the new rush of pain I was experiencing. This time it was not simply content to dwell in my balls. No, it was travelling up into the pit of my stomach. It was a low, throbbing sensation, one that was leaving me feeling even weaker in the knees than before. Much as I was not happy with her, I had to give Eliza credit for keeping me on my feet.

"I wanna see!" I suddenly heard the girl behind me shout. I felt her chin rest down on my left shoulder, right beside one of my raised arm. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her looking in my direction, a big smile on her face. "Aww, he looks so cute when his balls are hurt! Do it again, Mel!"

"Like I wasn't going to already." I glanced down and saw Melanie grab hold of the front of my jeans, her fingers slipping into the waistband a bit. "Just got to get a good grip so I can aim better."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The two hits I had taken were imperfect? But before I could really understand the implications of that, I once more felt Melanie's fist collide with my balls. Not once, not twice, but over and over again.


No longer did I have the strength to cry out with each hit. All I could do was let out a long, continuous moan of agony. I bit down on my lower lip as the hits kept on coming, my eyes widening each time I felt her knuckles smash against my swelling orbs. My vision was glazing over a bit, but I could still see everyone watching us. The guys were showing perhaps some signs of sympathy pain for me, so maybe now they might have been considering stepping in to safe me. But none of them did, perhaps afraid that Melanie and Eliza would bust their balls if it happened. I couldn't hold that against them if that was their fear.

But it was the girls' reactions that left me feeling nothing but shame. They were all pointing and laughing at me, some of them clearly enjoying watching as their sneaky classmate got his balls pummeled as payback.

My body continued to buckle with each punch, my balls screaming out for mercy to be granted, the twin orbs engulfed by torment and discomfort. I tried to look at Melanie's magenta underwear between her legs, but even that brought me no joy now.

I knew that was exactly what she wanted. She had said it herself, that she would beat the perv right out of me. And she was doing it now, as she worked over my nutsack just like a professional boxer would a speedbag.

Then she stopped for a moment, her eyes gazing at the results of her actions. "Wow, would you look at that. They're really swelling."

I could see Melanie smirking again, my own face going a bit red in response. I felt Eliza placing her chin on my shoulder again, the other dark haired girl looking down my body. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "They got so big!"

I weakly glanced down myself, catching an eyeful of my own gonads. I could see what was surprising Eliza so. My balls had swollen quite a bit, so much so that they were highly visibly even through my jeans. My face blushed wildly then, knowing everyone else could see my nuts right through my jeans, my privates having grown, what, three times in size thanks to the painful beating. My humiliation was beginning to outpace the pain I was feeling.

"How many times did you punch 'em, huh?" I heard Eliza ask.

"I don't know, I lost track in the heat of the moment," Melanie replied, still unmoving from her crouching position. "Maybe two, three dozen times?"

"I'm so sorry..." I whimpered then. "It was... you both had such short skirts..."

"You jerk!" Melanie's face lit up with rage, the older girl suddenly slamming her fist into my already tender nuts once again.

"Ungh!" I cried out in pain once more, the torture my testicles had endured leaving my mind on the edge. Maybe it was just because they were already hurting badly, but that punch was definitely the worst of them all. I had felt my enlarged balls bounce around due to the force. It was so very awful.

"You just never learn..." Melanie said as she stood up and straightened out her skirt. "But I hope I was able to teach you a lesson anyway. Eliza, let's go."

"All right, all right," she said quietly as she let go of me. "But next time I want to bust a pervy set of balls."

I fell to my knees once more, my hands burying themselves between my thighs. I whimpered right then and there, the slightest touch sending waves of agony across the surface of my swollen balls. No, I was wrong. The pain was going straight through their cores. I looked up meekly and watched as Melanie and Eliza walked away, the rest of the student body dispersing and leaving me where I knelt.

For a moment my eyes settled on the back of the two ladies' skirts, hoping to sneak a peek at their undergarments again. Then, quite suddenly, both my balls screamed out in agony. I doubled over, my forehead touching the smooth tile floor.

I had to wonder if I would ever want to see the colors of magenta and turquoise ever again...