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R94 fm&mm busting
R94 Jun 15 '16
Faye could not remember a time in her life when she had ever been as angry as she was now. She had simply been taking to two of her friends, Wendy and Miranda, in the school halls, trying to catch up with the two of them between classes, when it had happened.

Someone had snuck up behind Faye, grabbed hold of her skirt and lifted it high above her waist, exposing her sky blue panties to all those in the hallway at the time.

Faye had seen the looks on the faces of all those witness to her embarrassment. Some had been captivated by the sight of it all, the others had just laughed at her. Blushing, flustered and upset, Faye had managed to get her skirt back down to protect what little modesty she felt she had left. Then she had turned around and come face to face with the person responsible for her humiliation.

That person was Scott. The situation he had created was in response to his two friends, Matt and David, challenging him with a dare. His pride too great to back down, Scott had accepted their challenge, and so he had lifted up Faye's skirt as they had asked of him.

Scott had planned to slip away quickly, hoping that his victim would be too embarrassed to catch him, but Faye had reacted quickly. Now she was looking Scott directly in the eyes. The two, simply trying to make the most out of their last year in high school, were face to face, one terrified, the other enrage with embarrassment.

"How dare you," Faye hissed.

"It... it was just a little joke," Scott said, terrified at what was to come.

"You stupid jerk," Miranda said as she stood by Faye. "Faye, let's go tell a teacher on this idiot."

"Yeah!" Wendy agreed. "Imagine how much trouble this little punk will be in!"

That was just what Scott was afraid of. Going to an office, being reprimanded, suffering through detention, having his parents find out and being reprimanded again, being grounded... All the possible outcomes raced through his head, leaving him all but speechless thanks to the fear.

"No," Faye suddenly said.

That single word wiped away all the terror building in Scott's heart and mind, but it confused him to hear it all the same. "Seriously?"

"Tattling on you just isn't going to do it for me," Faye said. "I've got a better idea of how to teach you a lesson."

Before Scott could even feel a moment of concern at those words, Faye reached down with her right hand and grabbed hold of his groin, her fingers wrapping around his private parts, right through his baggy shorts and the briefs underneath.

"Wow," Faye said suddenly. "I figured you'd have to have big balls to embarrass me like you did, but I didn't mean it literally."

Now Scott felt fear, more so than any other time in his life. But mingled with that feeling was something else, a faint bit of excitement. Never before had a member of the opposite gender made contact with his privates, especially not like this. "What... what are you gonna do to me?"

Faye responded with actions, not words. She smiled at Scott and then began to squeeze his groin.

Both excitement and fear left Scott at that very moment, being replaced with the instant sensation of pain. He could feel the pressure Faye was inflicting on both his testicles. He instinctively reached down with his hands and tried to cover up his aching groin, but Faye's own hand was in the way, completely obstructing him from doing so.

Scott attempted to resist. He grabbed Faye's wrist and tried to pry her hand off of his privates, but he couldn't manage it. Desperate to relieve himself of the pain building between his legs, Scott next tried to pry Faye's fingers off him, but her grip was far too tight.

"Aw, how cute," Faye said, looking over her shoulders at her two friends. "He's trying to get free. Can't have that, can we?"

Faye tightened her grip, and could only giggle when she saw the look on Scott's face when his pain was increased. His eyes were as wide as could be, and his mouth fell open with a yelp of pain before he bit down on his lower lip. Better still, he began to stamp his feet lightly in protest to the situation.

Scott, meanwhile, could only look at Faye's face. She appeared rather satisfied, while her two friends on either side seemed to be appreciating the sight of what was going on as well. And all around them Scott could see those who had stayed around to watch. Now they weren't laughing at Faye's skirt being lifted up, but at Scott's own embarrassment.

All the while Scott's crotch continued to be squeezed, leaving him immobilized with pain. "Please... stop..." Scott stammered, his voice wracked with agony. "My... my b-b-balls are gonna... gonna burst..."

"Silly boy," Faye replied. "You're hardly giving your stones enough credit. They can take some good old fashion squashing. Now let me show you just how resilient your balls really are."

Faye suddenly tightened her grip intensely, and the pain that enveloped Scott's groin grew to unimaginable levels. Tears began to flow from his eyes and down his face, and a low moaning sound escaped from his mouth. "Ooohhh... man... No... no more..."

Faye didn't listen to his pleas. She kept her grip on Scott's crotch firm, keeping her fingers and thumb snugly wrapped around his gonads. She had attacked someone's privates once before in her life, years ago when she had punched her brother in the groin after he had really and truly ticked her off. She had felt bad afterwards, promising never to do something like that again, but her humiliation at Scott's hands had forced her to go back on that promise. She could only imagine that a guy getting his groin squeezed was much more painful than just getting punched below the belt. And judging from both the look on Scott's face and the sounds he was making, Faye could see that was the truth.

"Look at his eyes!" Miranda chimed in, all but laughing.

“They were as big as saucers just now!” Wendy added, giggling.

"Yeah," Faye replied. "I can't wait to see the look on his face when I do this!"

Faye then began to change up her attack, turning her wrist clockwise. The movement forced her hand along, which in turn sharply dragged Scott's gonads around as well. The young man moaned in pain in response to his testicles being twisted around, which only gave Faye more incentive to continue. She turned her hand counter clockwise, than back again, furthering the utter pain that accompanied the squeezing.

"Hmm... that wasn't quite the expression was hoping for," Faye mused. "That was a little... subdued for getting your balls twisted. Oh, well. Can't win them all."

Scott, meanwhile, was having trouble standing and was barely able to even concentrate on what Faye was saying. While his face may not have shown much just now, the sensation of getting his groin squished and twisted around at the same time had really upped the pain he was experiencing. The excruciating pain was leaving him weak in the knees, and it was taking all his remaining concentration to stay on his feet. He had long given up on freeing himself from Faye's hold, and was now merely resting his hands on his knees as she continued to squeeze him. Worse still he could feel Faye really beginning to work his privates over. Still she continued to twist his testicles around, back and forth. His groin became infused with a new sensation of pain, one that combined with the agony brought about by the squeezing. That feeling quickly dissipated, however, as Faye moved on to another phase of assault. She began to sharply pull on Scott's scrotum, as if trying to see how far she could pull it away from his body. Stretched only a meager two inches, it was enough for Faye. She took the moment to sharply twist the man's groin once more, forcing him to practically bark out in agony. "I'm sorry!" he shouted, his voice quickly lowering to a quiet whisper. "I'm so sorry..."

Faye suddenly stopped squeezing Scott's groin, but she didn't let go of it just yet. "Oh, I'll bet you are now." She clasped her hand together once more, squeezing Scott's privates in her palm harder than ever before. She swore she could feel his testes begin to compress between her fingers.

"Oh!" was all Scott could exclaim at the newfound rush of pain.

Faye relaxed her grip, and she could feel Scott's gonads return to their original form. "See," she said. "I told you they were tough little nuts, now didn't I?"

Faye finally let go of Scott's crotch, and he took that opportunity to cover it with his own hands as he fell down onto his knees. The pain engulfing his privates had subsided, but it was still too much for him to withstand. Worse still, as he made contact with his genitals, he could swear that they had swollen up in size due to what they had been bought through. "Ooohhh...." he whimpered, as he watched Faye, Wendy and Miranda walk off. All the other students who had watched it happen began to leave as well, seeing that the 'show' was over.

"Oh man," Matt said as he and David helped Scott up to his feet. "That had to have hurt."

"Yeah, man," David continued. "I never thought she would bust your nuts over that prank."

The two of them guided Scott to the cafeteria and sat down with him at one of the tables, one on each side of Scott.

"Thanks, guys," Scott said, still cupping his groin.

Suddenly the bell rang throughout the building, signaling the start of the next class.

"We better get going," Matt said. "You going to be all right, Scott?"

"Yeah, yeah, I guess," he answered, knowing it was a lie. There was no way he'd get across the school in a timely manner, and there was no way he was going to explain he was late because his groin was slowing him down because it hurt so badly.

"At least we all got to see that cute underwear of hers," David said, trying to cheer Scott up.

"I'm just I didn't have to get my nuts crushed to see it," Matt said, ruining the attempt.

"True, true," David replied. "Better just you than us. Right, Scott?"

As Scott listened to his two friends talk about how fortunate they were, he stopped cradling his crotch with his hands and quickly reached to his sides, grabbing the groins of both David and Matt. He quickly squeezed both pairs of testicles just as hard as Faye had squeezed his own.

"Damn!" David shouted, surprised by the pain.

"Scott..." Matt coughed. "What the hell?"

"Sorry, guys," Scott said to his friends, continuing to squish their privates as he did so. "I just think we all need to pay the admission fee for what we saw is all."
Katie f/m busting
Katie Oct 14 '16
Great ending :) 
hamod f/m busting
hamod Oct 20 '16
wooow she is so sexy crush his balls with her hand only :) :) i want to be  in his place and faye crush mine
Anthony fm&mm busting
Anthony Oct 20 '16
Amazing story!!  
R94 fm&mm busting
R94 Dec 19 '16
Glad to hear you three enjoyed it.
ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Dec 23 '16
Great read. I would bet more people enjoyed it, it's just difficult to get some people to post even a short reply.
R94 fm&mm busting
R94 Mar 3
It's all good. Long as anyone liked it, it was worth writing. Glad you liked it as well.
hairy balls fm&mm busting
hairy balls Mar 18
very cool