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R94 fm/mm busting
R94 Jun 15 '16


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Katie f/m busting
Katie Oct 14 '16
Great ending :) 
hamod f/m busting
hamod Oct 20 '16
wooow she is so sexy crush his balls with her hand only :) :) i want to be  in his place and faye crush mine
Anthony fm/mm busting
Anthony Oct 20 '16
Amazing story!!  
R94 fm/mm busting
R94 Dec 19 '16
Glad to hear you three enjoyed it.
ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Dec 23 '16
Great read. I would bet more people enjoyed it, it's just difficult to get some people to post even a short reply.
R94 fm/mm busting
R94 Mar 3 '17
It's all good. Long as anyone liked it, it was worth writing. Glad you liked it as well.
hairy balls fm/mm busting
hairy balls Mar 18 '17
very cool