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Silent Warrior f/m busting
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Julies Corner

Julies Corner

Julie's Corner - A place for ballbusting Challenges. Pick a challenge and let us know how you did!  
Ms. Julie fm&mm busting
Ms. Julie May 12 '16
Ok Boys ... this is how the challenges work.

Most will have 3 different busts. 

1) You may select 1 bust, 2 busts or all 3 busts. 

2) You post stating what you have selected.

3) After you complete the challenge, you post if you passed or failed.

4) With the pass or fail post, you tell us how the challenge was, to easy, to hard, if you barely made it, how you did it, etc.

5) You also post any pics or vids of the challenge, if you took any to share :)

pravirummy f/m busting
pravirummy Aug 20
Done all the Challenges Sucessfully

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