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Cuntbusting ideas | Forum

ben fm/mm busting
ben Jun 5 '17
Cunt busting is a lot of fun! And unlike a pair of balls, you can cause a world of pain without worrying about anything getting "twisted" or ruptured.

Hi CB enthusiasts ;-)

Interesting in what CB methods people have had done or applied. I had a gf in uni who enjoyed a bit of pain, I had a lot of fun slapping her pussy... best position is on her back, legs in the air but closed... nicely presents things lol. Grabbing the clit between thumb and finger and squeeze if I was feeling mean. I;ve never kicked or punched a cunt though - i think kicking is best reserved for balls haha.

I'm interested if any girls have ever masturbated with deep heat/icy hot on their fingers? Incredibly painful on my dick, can imagine how much it would hurt you!!