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Ballbusting sessions | Forum

Matt f/m busting
Matt Apr 7 '16
I am very lucky. I regularly see a woman every 4 to 6 weeks for ballbusting. I enjoy been into ballbusting for 6 years now and love it. I have had three different regular women over that time and seen about 25 different women for ballbusting. I am also interested in seeing new women for ballbusting, so if there any any women local to me interested, message me as I can financially compensate you to do this to me.

ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Apr 8 '16
That is so nice to have a regular from a busting partner. I found the more I did with one person the better it was, since it makes learning limits, likes, dislikes so much easier. Welcome to the site.
SimpleBalls f/m busting
SimpleBalls May 14 '16
i do it with random...girl