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Ballbusting in Asia | Forum

Andrew Chew f/m busting
Andrew Chew Jan 2 '17
Hey there, just an observation that majority of our community here is either from the US, Uk, Europe and Australia.

I'm probably the only Malaysian on here (I'm Malaysian Chinese) bouncing to and fro Singapore and Malaysia.

Is ballbusting more prevalent in Western culture? Because it's hard to find busters here in Malaysia, how I wished I was in the US or UK for some action.

Thoughts? We Asians tend to be more reserved with our sexualities and sexual activities so that may be a factor.

KokoNutz f/m busting
KokoNutz Feb 15 '17
But ballbusting is born in japan, under the name of TAMAKERI, search better guys XD 
Titus f/m busting
Titus Mar 19 '17
Pacific Islander from Asia here: Yeah, it's next to impossible finding someone else into ballbusting. my gf really does it because I'm into it (though she's gotten a little bit into it), and I only know one other person who is only a little bit into it.