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Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
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Chat Replacement is LIVE | Forum

ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Dec 4 '16

The new chat is live. BUT for logged in only, so you must have joined the site or use one of the visitor accounts.

Many new features over the previous chat with the mobile app being about my favorite. It is very nice.


Here are just a few of the features,

1-1 chat

Group chat

invite others to group chats

single player games


block others

report conversations

view profiles

share screen

audio chat

video chat

send attachments

full page chat

mobile compatible for those who do not wish the app

send stickers

collaborative documents

and more.........

The Forum post is edited by ruptered Dec 4 '16