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can't find an embed code for this video, but this is one of my favourites from ages ago


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   When I got home I had to take it easy as my balls were so sore from the weekend event at my friends home. The next day at school my best friend was just as sore as I was. At recess we just sat on the bank & watched everyone else play. We talked in low voices so as no one else could hear as we talked about our sore balls. My friend told me that his parents were excited for me to come over again to play. Just then our teacher, Kathy came over & sat down beside me. All us boys had the hots for her & wanted in her pants so bad. She asked how we were doing after the weekend? I told I was doing ok but really sore. The asprine I took had worn off. She told me to see the nurse after recess to get more. I just smilled & said ok. She told me that, she looked forward to our next meeting. I could tell she wanted to reach out & grab my balls but was glad for now atleast she could not. I needed to let my balls heal. I quietly reminded her of our agreement that we had made over the weekend. She blushed & smiled saying she had not forgotten. She sayed she looked forward to it. I had found out later that she had talked to Karen about how much I cum & staying hard after I cum. So after 3 long weeks my balls were finally healed but still tender. Kathy had also been teasing me with suttle peaks of her pussy since she was not wearing panties. My friend John had healed as well but was still sore. He & I were talking, making plans to go over to his house for the weekend again. So when Friday came I would be going with home with John.


When Friday came we noticed that Kathy was more excited for school to finish & the weekend to start. She tried to hide this but John & I could tell she wanted to be at Johns home to play. So when the last bell rung for class desimsal John & I headed for our buss. Kathy wished all of us to have a great weekend & she winked at me. John & I caught our buss & when we got to Johns home Karen greeted us in the kitchen as we walked though the door. She was naked as she was a nudest at heart. She was looking so hot & sexy as ever. She came over to John first & gave him a hug. Then it was my turn to get hugged & what a hug. She gave me such a hug that lasted for a while. John went on to his room to put his school stuff away & to get naked. When John was out of sight Karen kissed me passionately. She told me that she had been counting the days till I was here. Then she told me to go ahead & to put my things in my room. We parted & I went to my room to put my things in there & strip also. I came back to the kitchen naked & John was already there naked as well. Seeng Karen made my cock start to pulsesate & soon I was getting hard. Karen saw this & just smilled. She asked if we were hungry & John said yes. Well John was always hungry though. I told Karen that I was ok for now. I moved to the kitchen table & sat down. After she fed John Karen sat down next to me & she put her hand on my leg. She was snuggling me & soon her hand found my cock. She had my cock in her hand stroking it softly at first. Then she moved her hand to my balls massaging & checking out my balls carefully. She could tell I was super excited. She had John move to the otherside of her & when he sat down she had her other hand to his balls checking his balls as well. She could feel where our balls had craked but were healed for now. She took our balls & squeezed them soft at first. We both moaned softly at first & she had us spread our legs wider. She then slid her legs over ours so we could not totally close our legs. When she did this her pussy was exposed so I slid my hand onto her pussy. Karen kissed & bit my ear getting me more excited. I played with her pussy lips & squeezed & stretched her pussy lips. This got her super wet & horny. As she got wet she squeezed our balls harder. Soon I could not focus on her pussy as she did this. She squeezed our balls for a while finally letting go. John had been screaming & I was moanig loudly. Both of us were also crying in pain. I finally caught my breath & could focus some what. My hand was still on her pussy. My hand was soaked & covered n Karens cum. She had orgasumed several times as she was squeezing Johns & mines balls. She told us that she needed that. She massaged our sore balls as I played with her soaked pussy.


We sat there for awhile talking then the kitchen door opened & in walked Kathy. She smilled & said that she hope that we did not start with out her. She stood at the doorway going into the living room & started to take of her clothes. It did not take her long before she to was naked. I looked over at John as he was so excited to see Kathy naked. He offered to help her get undressed but she was naked. She pulled up the other kitchen chair & sat next to me. She saw that Karens hand was massging my balls. Kathy slid her hand beside Karens & they each massaged one of my balls. John was not happy because Kathy chose to sit next to me. Karen noticed this and massaged Johns balls & cock harder causing John to moan. We all chatted about how the weekend should go. This ment getting our balls & cock busted even harder. I also reminded the gals of our deal from the last ball busting session. I told them that I was going to fuck them every chance we had. They both just smilled & told me they looked forward to keeping there deal.


Kathy leaned in & wispered in my ear that she wanted to bust my balls. Karen leaned over to Kathy & told her soon. But first Karen told me that she had been waiting all day to get fucked. She told me that she was so horny & ready to start giving me lessions in sex. Karen got up taking my hand & led me to her bedroom. Karen told Kathy that John wanted to fuck her for awhile now. Kathy looked at John who was blushing & said sure, why not. So she got up & took John by the hand also leading him to his bedroom. I followed Karen to her bed where for the next couple of hrs Karen fucked my brains out. She knew alot about sex & sexual positions to please a woman as well as a man. Once in a while I could hear Kathy moaning & cuming. Karen was not with out her moaning & screaming as she would cum mutiple times. After I had cum again in her pussy after mutiple times we both collasped in each others arms breathing heavly. I asked her if she was ready for more & she smilled & just looked at me for a moment. She told me later that she was spent for now. But she kissed me pasionately & told me we would fuck again soon. We layed in bed for awhile kissing, talking & ingaged in forplay until Kathy finally came in the room. She climbed in bed seeing my hard cock & smilling. Karen told Kathy that she & I had cum mutiple times but I was ready to fuck again. Karen said she would have fucked me again but her pussy was sore & raw from fucking. Karen told Kathy that she should fuck him to see if her pussy could wear out my cock. Kathy said ok and layed on her back with her legs spread. I went down on her pussy sucking her pussy. I could taste Johns cum in her pussy but that did not stop me. I soon had Kathy moaning & then cuming. She squirted in my mouth bigtime. I could taste hers & Johns cum mixed together. I drank it all up as she was cuming mutiple times. Soon she was out of breath as I finally came up on top of her slid my dick in her pussy. She moaned & clasped my ass cheeks with her hands. I slid deep inside her & started to pump her pussy slowly at first. She & Karen were both talking dirty to me as I pumped Kathys pussy. As I was pumping faster Karen was telling me to bury my dick deep in her pussy & to cum deep in her pussy. It got really wild as I not only shot my load of cum deep in her pussy but did it several times. We were both spent for now. After a few minutes Karen told Kathy that I was not shooting blanks. Kathy looked at me & just smilled at me. Kathy just said oh well, if it happens it happens. I had no idea what they were talking about but they did. Kathy told me that we would fuck again soon.


As I layed in the middle of the ladies on my back I had my arms under each of them & they in turn took & spread my legs wide with there legs. They each had ahand on each of my balls rubbing them & massaging my slick cock. They each were nibbling & sucking on my nipples. Then with out worning they each took one of my balls & Squeezed them super hard. I moaned out loud & trembled as they drove there fingers into my eggs. I tried to get loose but could not. My balls were in trouble now. They squeezed them what seemed liked hrs. They would ease up after a few minutes to let me catch my breath. Just when I got my bearings back they would squeeze my balls even harder to where my eyes were closed & crying. I was in such pain & feeling naucious as my balls felt like they were going to pop. They each had a ball squeezing them time again. This went on for atleast half an hour with my balls. When the ladies finally finished squeezing my balls I was spent. My balls were so sore as the ladies got up out of bed. They left me on the bed spread eagle on my back. They went to the kitchen & then John came in the room. He had been watching as my balls were beng squeezed. He told me that he was glad it was my balls & not his. He saw that my balls were red & starting to swell up again. As we were talking the ladies came back in the room. Karen told me to sit up which I obeyed. It was hard sitting up. I sat up on the edge of the bed & Karen gave me a pill & water to take it with. I took it & soon my balls were not hurting so much. I was acually feeling pretty good now. Karen looked at John & I then telling us it was time to catch some air outside. Karen then grabbed my hand pulling me towards her. I got up & gave Karen a long hug. Kathy did not like this very much & seemed to be jelious. Karen then led me out side with Kathy & John following.



Karen led us to the picnic table & told us we r going to play outside for awhile. Karen had me at one end of the picnic table & Kathy had John at the other end. She told us to spread our legs wide & to put our chest on the table. I grabbed the table top with my hands also after obeying. The gals then attached wrist & ankle culfs to our wrists & ankles. Our balls hanging low & exposed Kathy told Karen she wanted to switch after 20 min. Karen agreeded & I herd John moan & cry loudly as Kathy started on his balls. Karen leaned over me massaging my balls & wispered in my ear telling me she was going to hurt my worthless balls. She squeezed my balls hard but I could hardly feel them. I was feeling good from the pill I took. I told her to go ahead & she kissed me on the cheek. She then stood up taking aim on my worthless balls. John was moaning & crying now from the pain in his balls. I could hear Kathy making contact on Johns balls. Johns balls were getting a real work out from Kathy. Then I felt pain in my balls bigtime as Karen had just kicked my balls driving them in my pelvic bone. I moaned as all the air was driven from my lungs. Karen took her time taking aim on each nut as she made them swell up. My kuckles were white from grabbing the table top. Karen was a pro as each kick dove my nut into my pelvic bone. I could feel my balls flatten out rom the impact they were receiving. I could feel her toes in my balls pressing into my balls. I tried to move to protect my balls but was not sucuessful. I was feeling naucious from every impact my balls were taking. Soon I lost where I was at as I felt my balls go numb. Then the pain stopped & I managed to pick up my head. I was drolling & my one sid of the face was wet. Then I herd Kathy wisper in my ear saying she was going to bust my worthless balls. Then I felt such pain in my balls. Kathy wasted no time busting my balls & she was alot faster in hitting my balls. She abused my balls at first with her fist getting them to swell even more. My balls would flatten out & bounce back to there origional shape. I soon found myself in lala land as I closed my eyes crying from the pain. But the gals did not stop busting our balls. They kept going as John was the first to pass out from the ballbusting Karen was dishing out. I could hear the air leave Johns lungs as Karen made contact with her sons balls. I could feel the air leave my lungs as Kathy did her bests to bust my balls. Eventually, I passed out from the pain in my balls. I do not know how long I was out but when I woke I was still attached to the table. My balls ached so bad & I could feel my balls against my inner thighs. My balls were so swollen from the ballbusting. John was still out cold from his session.


It was evening now & the sun was setting. Finally, John moaned as he was coming around. I looked up at John whos head was still onthe table. I asked him how he was feeling & he just moaned. Kathy did a nice job starting on Johns balls, but Karen did an awesome job on him. The ladies came out from the house sporting glasses of tea. The gals went to check out Johns balls first giving each other parise on there ballbusting tallent. Then they checked out my balls. I could feel there hands on my swollen balls checking them out. They were both impressed on how much abuse my balls could take after the last weekend I was there. Then the gals sat there glasses down & took up position behind John & I. They were going to continue the ball busting session. Karen was standing behind me as Kathy was behind John again. They had sat a timer on the table for 20 min again. Then the timer started ticking & the gals once again began busting our balls. When Karen made contact with my balls using her fists I raised my head up high & my chest left the table top. I was arched in the air unable to do anything else but moan. Karen focused on one nut for a while then the other. My balls continued to swell from the ballbusting. Finally I was unable to raise up from the beating my balls were obsorbing. I did not care as my balls became more softer from the beating. Finally, the timer dinged & the beating stopped. I was able to breath again & I was in lala land now with my head on the table drolling. Then the timer was reset & at the first tick the ladies treaded off on our balls again. When Kathy hit my balls I could not raise my head up anymore. My balls would flatten out from the impact & was not rebounding as quickly as they had before. Kathy saw this & took my balls with her one had stretching my sac. She pressed my balls at the edge of the table. With one hand she held them there & with her other fist drove her fist hard into my balls. I could feel her knuckles make contact with the wood through my balls. The air left my lungs & I gasped for air. Kathy did this time and again as my balls became more softer & swollen. They were recovering less & less now. Kathy new she was close to cracking my balls but just then the timer Dinged. She let go then & my balls got a repreave. John was passed out again but not before Karen had popped one of his balls again. This time Johns nut was not so lucky as when it popped one end went flat totally. Kathy had herd it pop which only made her more determined to pop mine. My balls were always tuffer then Johns. Karen came around to check my balls & was amazed at the size of them. Also, the fact my balls had not burst yet. Karen said they were close to popping. Kathy wanted to pop them so bad but Karen stepped in & said that we needed to rest. Karen undid our restraints but John & I were so wiped out that we could not move. The gals then helped John & I up a little. We were both so sore in our balls.



 The gals helped us sit down on the benches. Our legs were numb as well as our arms. After about 30 min they managed to get us into the house. I was on the couch as they put John to bed. His one Testicle had defleated on one end & was no longer round. There was no hope for recovery of his one ball. My balls were so swollen, lumpy & soft as I checked out my balls. The pill I had been given had worn off as I could feel my balls ache. The gals came back in finally & sat down on each side of me. They both had me spread my legs showing how big my balls had swelled. I asked Karen how Johns one testicle was. She told me that he was done for awhile ballbusting. Karen then looked in my eyes & kissed me passionately. Kathy was checking my balls carefully to see if they had cracked yet. She told Karen that my balls were close to busting & wanted to finish the job. Karen told her that i needed to rest & they bust my balls somemore tomorrow. It was late now but Kathy was spending the night also.             






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ruptered_admin SiteOwner

Hey guys / gals - the visitor / demo accounts are open to any guest to use. That said it probably is not a great idea to send them friend requests or site mail since anyone can use them. The person you friend today may not be the person using the account later.

If you see a visitor account online and have a good chat, please encourage them to join the site and get a permanent name.


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ruptered_admin SiteOwner

I wanted to share the 3 year history of BBFE.

It has had many variants, possibly to many but that is all the past. Let me list and hope I remember them all.

The site began at the announcement of the closing of kramtoad.com. At that time we opened with the address of kramtoad.co

The owner of kramtoad.com apparently did not like this and requested we change our address. I decided to do as requested and changed the site to ruptered.com. A bit later, I added bbfe and made the address bbfe.ruptered.com and a bit later I split the site into 2 sites, one for f/m and one for everyone (bi/gay/str8).

Running 2 sites, at that time was extremely time consuming, the traffic or visits were very low and only 2 or 3 of us were trying to add content so anyone finding us would have something to see.

At some point, I entertained the idea of running a home server and decided to use the address of ibbfe.net , this was due to the fact that the current host was under-powered and I needed a better server sadly this was not a realistic or feesable solution and reverted back to the previously mentioned setup.

 I continued to search for affordable, faster hosting and finally found it. I was unable to transfer domain names at that time, so the new address became ruptered.mybbfe.com.

By this time the site had been online, in some form for about 18 months. Then about 6 months later the server had a huge crash and the site was not accessible. I quickly opened mybbfe.com, and a week or so later, I was able to recover ruptered.mybbfe.com, which is why we have mybbfe.com and ruptered.mybbfe.com, today.

Along with all the address changes, the visual appearance changed extremely often, I could never find the layout and setup that I liked., Until now. For the last well at least 6 months, the site layout and appearance has remained the same and I do not see it changing except very minor additions or changes.

We have been online for over 3 years now. Currently we have mybbfe.com , ruptered.mybbfe.com , mybbfe.net (as a backup for chat) and the m/m site of myknackers.com

So there it is, a very quick history of what is now myBBFE.

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French_guy F/M
Hey guys, here's my first story, it's a fiction, but based on real facts. English isn't my native language, sorry if I made mistakes !
Hope you'll enjoy it ! :)

I couldn't stop staring at those cute flat shoes, especially cause they were being worn by Mira!..

I was only 18 yo at the time, I had just started college a week ago. That evening, i had been invited at a friend's place, nothing special, just a few students having beers, and talking about nothing and anything. Mira was here too. She and I, had been in the same high school. I had a crush on this gorgeous blond since then. She was tall, for a girl, she had those long and sexy legs, not really big boobs but big enough. Also she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen ! U couldn't not be mesmerised by those big green eyes !

I had a huge foot fetish since i was a kid, and tonight i was in heaven, Mira was wearing her nice black flats that i like so much !

I was obsessed by Mira's feet, and couldn't stop thinking about them !

Eventually, late in the night, people were starting to leave. Lana, who was the host, offered me to spend the night over.
How could I possibly refuse ? I knew Mira had planned to stay too !

Lana : "U can take the couch, if u want ! Mira and I are going to sleep in my room."

Me : "Well thanks a lot, the couch is perfect."

After a last cigarette together, and a quick passage by the bathroom, the three of us headed to bed.

L&M : "Gnite !"

Me : "Gnite Girls !"

The living room where i had to sleep is separated from the rest of the apartment by a door.
Before closing it and turning off the lights, Mira had taken her flats off and let them in the living room.

Yes ! Next to the very couch i was going to sleep on ! I couldn't believe it, I wasn't able to see them in the dark, but i knew they were just right there !
I couldn't resist, I waited a few minutes, to be sure the girls were asleep, then I slowly got up and quietly walked to the lovely black flats.
I kneeled before them, took a second, and grabbed the left one.

I thought my heart would explode with excitement ! I touched the insole of the delicate flat, and even after a few minutes, it was still warm !
My dick was getting harder every second !

Slowly I approched my nose and inhaled deeply.
The smell was amazing, even better than all I had imagined ! This time I was rock hard, so hard it hurt !
I closed my eyes and started to caress my dick, while smelling Mira's flat.
I was so hypnotised, I didn't hear the door opening behind me..

Mira : "what the hell u think u're doing ?!"

Her voice brought me back on earth.
In total shock, I dropped the flat and got up to face Her.

Me : "Mi...Mira...it's not what u think...I...I'm s...sorry.."

Mira : " No you're not, but u will be !"

In a lightning fast movement, Mira grabbed me by the neck, pulled me closer and threw her knee straight between my legs.

I didn't understand anything...she had been so fast...
I felt her knee crash into my nuts, my poor gonads had no chance and got brutaly smashed against  my pelvic bone. My pants didn't offer any protection.
How could she be so fast...how could she be so strong....
I almost fainted on the impact, in fact i wish i had, but no, i fell on my knees, grabbed my battered testicles in reflex...


Moan, that's all I could do, in fact, i didn't do anything, my body responded automatically, like i had lost control on it, my vision became confused, i felt nauseous, and i rolled all over the floor...like if it was going to stop the pain...the pain, excruciating pain in both my balls, through my stomach...

At this moment i just wanted to die !
I heard Mira's voice, but it sounded like she was far away

"Was it worth it ?.. don't talk to me ever again...you disgusting psycho.."

And she left the room, closing the door behind her, leaving me alone in my torment...

Eventually, the pain started to reduce, slowly, so slowly, it took an eternity...

When finally I was able to move, I crawled to the couch and curled up in foetal position. I checked my nuts, in fear she might have cracked them for good. Thank god they were fine, extremely sore and swollen, but fine.

I almost didn't sleep, I woke up early in the morning and headed back home.

My journey in hell wasn't over, as my balls were still swollen and I struggled to walk.
It still hurt for a day...

Mira and I never talked again...
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Mark Branded F/M

Danni and Ellie 2. Warning it's long

 They pulled into my carpark just as I was shutting up for the day. They marched in, boots across the concrete floor and I dropped the final shutter. Locking us away from the world and into my private nightmare of wonderful pain with two beautiful young sadistic ladies. 

I offered them a cuppa. Now actively terrified by the footwear and evil smiles on show but they wanted to get straight on with it. After a quick look around and taking note of a few things they started kicking and kneeing my balls with wild, hard but not the most accurate shots. A large purple bruise on my inner thigh will testify to this. They hurt but I was relieved to find I was enjoying them. Although they complained my jeans were getting in the way and made me strip so they could kick my naked bollocks. Who am I to complain at that? The kicks rained in from one in front and one behind. I do really enjoy that. 

Then Mistress Ellie suggested they go as hard as they can. She'd read my post about being flashed for taking a full force kick. And I think she just wanted an excuse to go all out. Mistress Danni was up first. I spread my legs for her and She let fly with and almighty kick. I tensed everything I could and somehow remained standing as my insides wreathed and roiled with pain and was presently rewarded with a flash. A double bonus flash because she wasn't wearing a bra. I almost forgot all about my pain at that. 

All too soon she tucked her wonderful breasts away and it was Ellie's turn to go full force. I could tell she didn't want to show me her boobs and was mentally preparing myself to hit the floor as I spread my legs for her. She gave me a cruel look that I was already getting used to and kicked me full on target. Once again tensing rigid was the trick to remaining upright. This time I was rewarded with a bra full of boobs waved in my face and making me feel all better. These girls are amazing, beautiful and amazing.

It took a worrying turn of events when the roll of thick duct tape was spotted. I was strung out between two posts and Danni took great delight in securing my hands with tape. I think She likes the bondage a bit. A more general abuse of my balls started then. Again from in front and behind there were punches, slaps, flicks, kicks, knees and even an agonising bite or two. I was already struggling against my restraints but I was well tied up and pretty damn helpless as they expressed their cruelty on my nuts. They got a few screams and even a had me uttering my safeword. Then they started looking around for something to hit my nuts with. I (stupidly) suggested there was a ruler in my office. Cue delight as the pain from a ruler slap is quite profound. One girl holding me from behind and the other going nuts on my nuts with the ruler got another safeword out of me. Despite my treacherous penis going rock hard and spewing precum at this point. There was only one thing for it. They taped my cock to my stomach and beat my balls even more. I was helpless. I got a breather or two when I engaged them in conversation but just before I recovered every time one of them would get bored and smash me in the nuts again. My arms were very very tired by the time they cut me down. My balls were already fucked.     

We went to the canteen for a sit down. I hobbled admittedly. My balls already starting to swell and feel sore. I sat between them, legs akimbo so they would have free access and they took full advantage. Swinging crippling slaps, mean flicks and devastating punches into my nuts while having a semi normal conversation. It was surreal, beautiful, awesome and agonising all at the same time. Then we tried laying my cock and balls on the table and having a little bit of under foot crushing. This didn't seem to excite the girls enough so I suggested (idiotically) we tried the workshop vice. Not before they reached for the plastic ruler again. It was at this point we noticed my nuts were bleeding too. Whether it was the rings or the ruler is still a mystery. 

So I dragged a couple of chairs out and dangled my berries into the jaws of doom much to the devilish enjoyment of my beautiful tormentors. They took turns winding it up until I squealed and begged laughing in delight as they slackened and tightened and slackened and tightened. Pushing my limits time and again. Trying to jab their hard nails in at my crushed balls. Then they wound it up again until I was at my limit and presented me with an offer. If I took one more full turn they would both flash me again. I wanted to say no. I really did but I couldn't. I agreed but only if they went slowly. I had my safeword ready as thy started to turn the handle. Ellie thought it would be hilarious to pretend to swing it hard and fast. I nearly screamed. I have never been so powerless. By half way I didn't think i was going to make it. They paused and watched me with cruel eyes as I sobbed breathes into my chest trying to deal with the pain of my crushed orbs. then they took it further, another 8th of a turn and again. Then I only had a quarter to go. The handle was turning infinitely slowly I watched the bar circle round to the top and finally I realised I was there.

Suffering unimaginably but there. Next thing I saw was boobs. Boobs make everything better. And after that they released me. Though I could tell they didn't want to really. 

Next we moved over to some space by the table. Carrying the chairs for the ladies. They had a conversation and decided they liked my balls in the air so I stood a foot on each chair bringing my balls up towards eye level and wham! I was crouching on the ground again holding my plums wondering what the hell just happened and listening to the laughter mixed with commands to get back up. Somehow I managed to drag myself up onto the chairs again and awaited my next pain but they were hatching an  evil plan.

 A sledgehammer was just against the wall and some cheese-cloth used for polishing made an excellent mode of attachment to my balls and provided nowhere for my orbs to run to. 

Mistress Danni had the first go with me stood up on the chairs she was moving the hammer up and down. Telling me to stand straight or I'd fucking regret it as she pulled hard on my aching nads. Mistress Ellie was obviously getting frustrated by my behaviour as she grabbed a golf club from a car and told me to stand up or I'd get it. Well I couldn't stand the dragging on my tortured nads and i started to sink down again and then, true to her word, She hit me in the bound strained beaten balls with a golf club... It was then I started to cry a tear or two. The ladies thought this was a great game. They left the sledge hanging from my balls and took a club each. I really think they enjoyed talking in a loud voice about which would be best to hit my nuts with. But not as much as they enjoyed taking the weaponry to my nads. The pain was ridiculous but they really, really enjoyed it so it was worth it. My legs were shaking. In fact, my whole body was shaking after a few of those and I think they thought I'd had enough by then. I had had more than enough. I was broken. 

So they let me untie my nuts after a couple more yanks on the rope and took seats in front of me. I wasn't sure what was happening next. Then Ellie reached out and started stroking my dick. I quickly responded to her touch growing hard at which point Danni punched me hard in the balls. I was supposed to stay there and have my balls beaten while I was pleasured and I honestly wanted to but they were so damn sore I couldn't help but step back with the hard blows. Much to the girls disgust. 

The tape came out again, I was marched to the front office and sat on the spinning chair. then taped in place. Now I was helpless again a final beating began, punches, slaps, an endless rain of abuse. With then taking turns to hold my knees apart as the other inflicted destruction on my balls until they were satisfied I had taken enough pain. I had never suffered so much. Even in my imagination. These girls were beyond the stuff of dreams.

Then it got even better. Mistress Danni took me in her mouth. It was amazing then Mistress Ellie stepped  in and that was every last tick on my lifes unexpected checklist completed. They even bit my cock. Which I love. Gods they were beautiful and my gods was I amazed when their tops came off. These girls are fantastic looking. There was only one problem. . .

My balls were possibly too sore for me to cum.  I felt awful. I needed to blow a load to thank these two divine empresses for the pain and suffering I have always dreamed about. I had to have a drink of water ( I've had dehydration issues before ) and then take matters in hand. Even then I wasn't sure but i was determined. eventually I was given an ultimatum and a countdown and I dunno how but I fired a huge huge load all over Mistress Danni and into her amazing warm wet mouth. 

I was shaking and dripping with sweat after that. 

I think it was the best day ever.  

And I got a kiss bye bye when I paid and thanked them. I Adore these girls. 

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The first time I was ever busted was way back on my first day of high school. It was between classes and my friends had dared me to prank one of the ladies in the hall, a senior no less. They had dared me to flip up her skirt. Me being a young and rather foolish individual at the time accepted their dare. So I snuck up behind the senior, grabbed the bottom of her skirt on both sides and lifted it up over her waist.

Someone there alerted her to what was happening soon enough and she quickly pulled her skirt back down and turned to face me. Without a word she reached down and grabbed for my groin. She managed to get hold of both my balls, right through my loose shorts and the briefs underneath. My nuts in the palm of her right hand, I was in a complete panic, unsure of what she was actually doing to me. Between having seen her skirt lifted straight up and then the senior touching my privates directly, I was very turned on.

Next thing I knew she was squeezing my nuts incredibly hard and I quickly lost whatever boner I might have been developing. She was relentless and cruel about it I guess. We had an audience thanks to the people noticing the prank I had pulled, so all eyes were on me while my balls were being busted. She was squishing them unmercifully hard, tugging and twisting them as she did so. I tried to get her hand off me, grabbing at her wrist with both of mine, but that only made her crush my balls even more severely.

I'd like to say I noticed if people were laughing at my expense while this was going on, but I was focusing too much on the pain she was causing me. That and seeing her very angry face right in front of mine. I'm not precisely sure how long she squeezed my balls, but it felt like an eternity. From what my friends told me afterwards, it was probably about a minute or two.

Eventually she was satisfied and let my balls. I fell back up against a wall, gently holding my balls with both hands as I tried to remain standing. She walked off without a word, leaving me to tend to my swelling nuts. At that point I noticed that people were indeed laughing and pointing at me. Safe to say that while the senior was the one initially embarrassed, she turned it all around on me. Nobody was talking about what happened to her after that, just that she had busted my balls severely.

Anyways, I was extremely late for class. Mainly because I had headed to a bathroom to check myself over and wait for the pain to die down. I didn't dare use what really happened as an excuse for why I was tardy, so I got in some trouble then. My balls, meanwhile, continued to ache until well after I had returned home after school.

The next day I worked up the courage to find the senior and apologize for what I had done (I was worried she might grab me by the balls again, or just hit them). Thankfully she accepted my apology and said she was sorry for squishing my testicles the way she had. After that we did manage to get along for the most part and hung out sometimes until she graduated at the end of the year. Sadly some people continued to make fun of me for being publically busted like that on my first day, but she was not one of them.
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sacculus F/M
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