Smacking my sergeant’s balls

Giving my sergeant a good slap to his balls. Part of a longer video that I had to edit to prevent his face from showing

The Wall

DaisyNutcracker f/m busting
Nov 14 '17
Great impact sound Play a game to see if he can make it to TEN without dropping
John R f/m busting
Nov 14 '17
this is so incredible...slaps are simply the best!
KokoNutz f/m busting
Nov 15 '17
I love that sound, splatted balls!
theamazingmike f/m busting
Nov 16 '17
That looks amazing.
Alex Parker f/m busting
Nov 18 '17
lol a few more and he'll be down!
Ruptered SiteOwner
Nov 23 '17
nice one
mt Admin
Dec 6 '17
I need one of those
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By Kali
Added Nov 13 '17


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