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BallBusting Challenges

BallBusting Challenges

Ballbusting Challenges, share yours.
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Challenge 5



Chairs or stools (something to stand on so you are off the ground)



A shoe or other item to use for ball hits

Stand on the chairs or whatever you choose and Tie the rope around the balls and to the bucket, making sure the bucket will not touch the ground and hangs freely. Now the goal is to fill the bucket to the top with water, rocks or bricks and not allow the bucket to touch the floor. Once the bucket is full. hit the balls 20 times with the shoe. If you are unable to get the bucket full, you must take a penalty and hit the balls 50 time in 90 seconds.

Rune FM_MM_Busting
Rune Yesterday, 06:17
I didn't exactly follow the instructions but I did lift 15.2 killos by my balls, is that a bucket worth? 
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