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Ruptered SiteOwner
Ruptered Apr 20 '17
This is a list of site donations.

I have never been about donations, never asked for them but a couple people wanted to send a small donation so now I feel it important to keep a list.

ruptered - over almost 4 years running the site = approx $2640 (this includes the following yearly and one time expenses. )

3 years of web hosting at $180 per year = $540


1 year of web hosting at $360 per year. = $360

3.5 years of chat hosting at $240 per year = $840

One time purchase of chat software at $500

One time purchase of addon's for the site functionality at $280

4 years of domain renewals = $120


Lowhangers = $10 (thank you my friend)

Aaron = $10 (thank you my friend)

Joan = $10 (thank you my friend)

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LowHangers Mega Supporter
LowHangers Apr 20 '17
Thank you too Ruptured, for all the time, effort, and money you put into this site. I'm really glad you made a donation option available
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Ruptered SiteOwner
Ruptered Apr 21 '17

Thank you Mr Hangers. I do it for all of you. Here is hoping there are always enough people using the site to make it worth it too me.

Quote from LowHangers Thank you too Ruptured, for all the time, effort, and money you put into this site. I'm really glad you made a donation option available

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Joan Full (paid) Membership
Joan Apr 22 '17

Wow, I had no idea it cost this much to have a website!

I know, I had heard the $60 a month figure before, but

it wasn't until I saw the total expenses for 4 years that

it really hit me. $2,640 is a lot of money in my neck of 

the woods. I've talked with a few other site members 

about helping with the costs before, but I hesitated to

donate because I didn't want my personal information

known to anyone. This girl cherishes her privacy! Well

it turns out Ruptered uses a system that allows for

anonymous donations. Once it was explained to me, how

to donate using a pre-paid VISA card, I made a donation.

You can still donate with your regular credit or debit card,

but if you wish to keep your real info private, you can do this:

First, buy a pre-paid VISA card with cash. 

Then click the "donate" icon on the lower right side of BBFE's 

home page.

Scroll down about half way, it's just above "contact support".

Click it, and you go to https://mkt.com/mybbfe.

Choose your donation amount.

Once you get to the checkout page you need to add a

Name, E-mail, Phone Number and a Zip Code, as well

as the pre-paid VISA Card number, Expiration date on the card,

and the CVV number on the back of the card. Here's the key,

any fake name, fake email, fake phone number and fake zip 

code will do. See, no one need know who you really are. All

you need is a valid card, with a balance, and you can donate.

Now here comes Joan's Fundraising Spiel. 

My goal is $20 a month to help pay for the site's chat. I pledge

$5 a month, another member has pledged the same. We're

already half way there! Now I need 10 guys to pledge $1 a month

each. Yes, you can donate just $1 a month. That's like one

McDonalds cup of coffee or large sweet tea. Or, if you save that

$1 for a few months, one cup of Starbuck's coffee. lol If you can

afford more, pledge it. If you are struggling, don't pledge anything.

I'm pledging enough for 5 people! lol I got ya covered. There is

no way to make a recurring donation, if you pledge, you will have

to repeat that donation every month, or for simplicity, do a $12 

once a year donation. That's a good thing,not having a recurring 

donation feature. Since all donations are one time only, you are

in complete control.  If you wish to end your pledge, you don't have

to do anything. Easy. 

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Ruptered SiteOwner
Ruptered Mar 8
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