Having my Balls Cracked when I was Young Part -1 - Most Extreme Busting Fantasy

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Most Extreme Busting Fantasy

Most Extreme Busting Fantasy

Lets post our most extreme busting fantasy, The perfect, ideal busting session.
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Jim fm/mm busting
Jim Dec 29 '16

When I was in the 6th Grade, I started to get interested in abusing my cock and balls. I started sounding at the time when I was 11. I also started to abuse my balls by hitting them and tying them up in all sorts of ways. When I was in school on the playground my best friend and I were talking. What Boys usually talk about. We both lived out in the country and we both farmed. Anyway, one thing led to another in the conversation and we were talking about removing the balls off the cattle. He asked if I had banded my balls yet. I told him no but he told me that he had his done several times. He said he would help me learn to do it to myself. So we made plans for me to come over to his home for the weekend. It was a weekend with a Holiday on Monday. I would not get home till Tuesday.


We both got it cleared from our moms so I could stay the weekend. The weekend came and I went to his home on Friday for the weekend. When I got there he introduced me to his mom which she was freaking gorgeous and so hot. he showed me to my room and I put my clothes and school books in the room. then we went out to the barn to check out his place. They had a small farm. A basic barn except he had a few horses. The cattle were in the corall and not all of them had been done yet.


He went over and removed his shirt. It was warm out. i removed mine as well. Then he went and got the bander and bands. He put a band on and showed me how he used it. He then put it doen and took off his pants and shorts. He was totally naked. He sat on a bail of hay with his legs spread apart and squeezed the handle. The band opened up and he slid it over his balls and popped the band off. He had a big set of balls. Bigger than mine. I was nervice and excited. he asked me to remove my pants and shorts. I paused for a sec and then I had my pants off and shorts to. We were both totally naked and he slid a nother band on the bander. He got up and I sat down on the hay bail. I grabbed my balls stretching them out and he grabbed one nut and started to slide the bander over it. One slid in and then the other one slid the band. He pushed the band back tight against the sac wall and popped the band off. It felt different at first. I looked at it closly and asked him how long do we leave them on. He said for as long as u can stand it. I saw his balls were turning a nice shade of blue. He said mine will turn collar to. He was busy checking out my balls and asked if i wanted another band on my balls. I said sure, I asked him how many bands had he had on his balls before. He said 6 on each ball before for 2 hrs. I said cool. I did not notice that he had slid 3 bands on the bander and before i knew it i had 4 bands on my sac. He squeezed then bands and I moaned. This got him excited and then he put 2 more bands on my balls. That made 6 bands on my balls. There were cold now and getting numb. He then placed a total of 6 bands on his balls. We were walking around now with our balls banded and totally naked. I asked him what would happen if his parents came out and saw us naked. He smiled and told me they were nudest and would join us.


As I walked around I noticed strange items in a barn. A suspension bar and hand cuffs. There was an anvil as well. all in the same room. He told me this was there play room and I asked him what he meant. He then explained that his mom loved abusing his dads and his balls. As we were chatting I did not see that his mom had come out to the barn. When I did she was totally naked. she was smiling and walked up to me and asked if i wanted to try it out. I was so neive as to what she was talking about. She took me by hand and led me to the suspension bar. She attached each of my wrist to the bar. then she had me spread my legs wide and she cuffed my ankles and pulled them further apart causing me to loose my balance, i was nervice and had a huge hard on. She grabbed my cock and said we will take care of this soon. I noticed my friend was sitting in a corner sitting on a dildo  and had nipple clamps on his nipples. She grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard. It hurt a little but since we had been banded for about 30 min my balls were cold and numb. She dug her nails in to my sac and balls which hurt and made my sac start to bleed a little. she then smacked my balls and she told me that I had decided to come over with her son. She then hit my balls and cock several times. she told me that my cock was in the way and took a rope and tied it up out of the way. then she went to town on my ass, cock and balls abusing the hell out of them. I had cried so many times but she was proud that i took the pain.


My balls had been banded for over 2 hrs now & I was really starting to feel the pain in my lower belly. One of the times I had passed out from the pain I saw that my friend was also hanging from a suspension bar and getting abused hard to. I saw that his balls were swelled as were mine. Her hubby finally showed up coming from his job. He got undressed in barn and he was super hung. Now I know where my friend got his package from.


When his mom finished with me he let me down from the bar and undid my anklets. I could not raise my arms at all. he sat me down on a hay bail and I watched his mom work over her sons balls, We were still both banded at this time. They left there son attached to the suspension bar and walked over to me. The led me to the anvil and had me st-rattle it. His mom was praising me for all the pain I endured and took well. Karen then cut the bands off my balls then. She was rubbing my back and nipples as hubby proceeded to stretch my balls out. she asked I could endure some more and I told her yes. She smiled and kissed me. As she kissed me her hubby took a nail and hammer and stuck the nail on my sac and then hit the nail with the hammer. The nail went through the sac very easy & slid in a hole in the anvil. I felt a little pain but not much at first. He did this a total of 10 times and I could not move off the anvil. I looked down at my sore sac and admired my big swollen balls. She then rubbed my balls and she told me that my balls were worthless and were more trouble then they were worth. She kissed me on the lips and as she did her hubby brought his fist down on my balls hard. I pulled back and moaned but could not move. The tears started to flow from th intense pain coming from my balls. She again was rubbing my swollen balls telling me that my balls were worthless again. She said they were more trouble than they were worth having. She then moved her hand as her hubby hit my balls again. I was in such pain crying & moaning. I wanted to grab my balls but she took the handcuffs and had my hands handcuffed behind me. i was at there mercy. Karen grabbed my balls & squeezed my balls again digging her nails in my sac. I moaned and screamed in pain. Karen asked me if my balls were worthless. I yelled out yes. She tugged and twisted my balls finding the cords. She said my balls were fed by these worthless cords and that they needed to be destroyed. She asked if I could take another and I nodded. Then I felt his fist hit my balls and i almost passed out. I told her I felt sick and she just smiled. Karen sat a bucket in front of me & said to get sick in the bucket if I had to. She let go and Greg grabbed my cock. He then yanked on it hard and Karen told me that my cock was not needed because of my worthless balls. I was moaning loudly as her hubby was jacking my cock off. I shoot a load of cum in the air landing o my is and cum drooled out of my cock covering Greg's hand. As the cum stopped Greg took his cum covered hand & wiped it off on my swollen balls. I was spent slouching. She told me again & again that my balls were worthless. In my mind I asked myself why did I have balls that caused so much pain. Karen seemed to know what I was thinking & smiled. Karen got my attention as Greg hit my ball so hard. This time he focused on my right nut and when he hit it my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I could feel the nut change shape as we herd a pop as I passed out. I did not fall over but sat there. Karen then said we r partly there & had him hit my other ball. After 3 more hits to the other nut she herd a soft pop. For good measure she had him hit my balls a few more times. They left me on the anvil passed out and went to work on there son. When I finally woke my balls had been banded for 5 hrs and i was still on the anvil with them standing around me. My friend removed the nails in my sac and his mom cut the bands on my balls which were a deep dark blue with black spots on the sac. His dad helped my off the anvil and helped me to the house. My balls were so swollen and so sore to the touch. I sat at the kitchen table and his mom checked my cock, balls and ass. She told me that i needed to rest and would check on me later. I took a long bath and let my balls heal some. It was intense. Things were quiet for the night and when i woke up the next morning his mom was massaging my balls. She asked if we could do somemore today sometime and i nodded yes. She smilled and kissed me.

It was a very hot and hard weekend.


This is Part one.

Part 2 will be coming.



Part 2 Now,


Here it is Saturday morning, I am laying in bed on my back with my legs spread wide, going commando. My balls r black and blue and so swollen and huge. My cock was sore as well as my ass. I woke with the sheets and blanket off me and my best friends mom-Karen massaging my balls and cock. She was sitting on my bed naked as I woke. She smiled at me and squeezed my balls. I moaned and closed my eyes in pain. Karen said "good"  they r still working referring to my balls. She let go of my balls an got up off the bed. She said time to come down stairs for breakfast. She had a killer body and my cock got hard. When it did my balls got a sharp pain and could not move for awhile. I finally was able to move and very slowly made my way down the stairs to the kitchen table. I sat down slowly with my legs spread wide so as not to put pressure on my huge swollen nuts. My best friend and his dad check me out and my nut sac. His dad nodded and told me he liked how my balls looked on me. I was not hungry as I sat there. All I could do is think about my balls. His mom finally convinced me to eat some toast. We all sat there naked at the table.


I asked what chores had to be done today. Greg rattled off a few that had to be done. I nodded and he said there was no rush. We finished breakfast and sat there for a moment chatting. Greg asked me how I liked yesterday afternoon and evening. I told my friends dad that it was my first time doing it, but I did liked it a lot. Greg and Karen smiled. My best friend John looked at me and said come on. I got up moving slowly and followed John out the door. John went to the barn and sat on a hay bail. As I walked in slowly he was checking out my balls and cock. He told me his balls were the same as mine after his first couple of sessions. I said sessions and John said yes. I had this deer in the head light look and thought wow,. I did not know it but was massaging my balls. Johns balls were swollen like mine. John and I compared notes on how our balls felt. I took time to look around the barn as to how it was layed out like rooms. Each room had different items in it. My eyes caught the suspension bars hanging from the rafters. My eyes then landed on the anvil being totally focused on it. I did not hear Greg come in the barn as he came up behind me. He saw what I was focused on and then reached around me grabbing my balls. I jumped being startle and felt the pain in my balls. It brought tears to my eyes. He said we will be using it later. Greg led me to a cab-nit by the balls. John followed us to the cab-nit. Greg grabbed the banding tool and bands. He then proceeded to open the banding tool and forced each of my nuts through the bands. Greg had put 3 bands on the tool and applied them to my sore swollen balls. When Greg finished I had 6 bands on my sac. Then John had 6 bands on his sac. His dad put the banding tool away and said time to do some chores. After an hr I felt sick to my stomach from the banding. My balls were so cold and numb. John and I were busy getting into the chores and Karen comes in from behind John and tells him to bend over and spread his ass cheeks apart. He did and she slid a big dildo up his ass. Once she was done she gave him a pair of dildo support jock to put on to keep the dildo up his ass. Then she did me an wow it was painful. It took a little time to get use to it.


After 4hrs, Karen had John and I take a break, my balls were so cold and changing color. So were Johns. Karen checked out my balls and loved how they looked. She said a few more hrs of banding. My lower stomach hurt a lot. Then she smacked my balls hard and I fell to my knees. Took the wind out of me. She did the same thing to Johns Balls to. It took about 5 min. to get back up on my feet. Karen then hit my balls again harder and this time I went into the fetal position holding my balls and crying. Greg came over checking things out. He rolled me over on my back and pulled my legs apart spreading them wide exposing my sore balls. Karen stood over me and taking aim on my balls with her foot raised her leg high and drove her foot into my balls into my pelvic bone grinding her foot into my swollen balls. She hit them right on the mark. I went into subspace in lala land. I was still spread eagle and she drew her leg up high and drove it into my balls again. Driving them even harder into my pelvic bone and this time I passed out. When I finally woke my balls were UN-banded but so swollen and numb. I was still spread eagle on my back and could not move from the pain in my balls. I rolled my head to the right and saw John passed out still spread eagle. I finally got up enuff energy to move my arm and put my hand on my ever so big swollen balls. 


I then saw it was late in the afternoon. I manager to get on my hands and knees with my sore swollen balls and looked around. John was feet away from me. He was out like a light. I saw Greg and Karen in the barn working and not sure what they were doing. I watched them for a while and then mustered all the strength I had to stand up. I was really shaking standing there naked with my best friend John passed out on the ground. I walked over to John trying to wake him. No luck.. Then I reached down to feel his swollen balls to. His was bigger than mine were swelled up. I noticed a soft spot his right nut, sort mushy. I did not know what that met just yet. I let go of Johns balls and slowly walked to the bench at the picnic table. I sat down softy with my legs spread wide. A little while later Greg & Karen came out to check on us. They see me sitting that the table an come over.They each sit on each side of me. Greg pats me on the back praising me on how I took Karen's feet. Karen, takes my balls in her hands and is feeling them. I moan in pain as she moves my balls though her fingers.I have my arms behind each of them & my legs spread wider so she can check my balls. She tells Greg that my balls r fine. Then all of a sudden Karen drives her fist into my sac between my balls and cock. I moan loudly and start to cry. It is hurting even more than my balls hurt. Greg grabs my balls and pulls them away from my cock squeezing them so hard. I had no energy to save my balls. I layed my head back on the table and closed m eyes.  Karen stopped for a minute but Greg had my balls and he had the past the bench. He then pulled my balls down under the bench. I was moaning loudly and then Karen stood up and took aim on my sac. She wanted the cords. Greg state to twist my balls making the sac a more defined target. Karen took aim with her fist and drove it even harder into my cords. My mouth opened up but no sound came out and as she ground her fist into my cords, my eyes rolled back into my head and I passed out. I have no idea of time as to how long she abused my cords. When I came to it was dusk. I was left in the same position as my cords were abused. I looked up & saw that John was gone. I sat up and saw that my balls were so red & sore. I also saw that my cock had several bands on it as well as my balls. Each ball was banded separately. I could not believe the pain I endured. 


I eventually managed to stand up but was really shaky. I used the table to steady me. I then walked so slowly to the barn where the lights were on. I made it to the door & popped my head in. Karen saw me admiring her body. She told me to come in which i did, She checked out my balls and cock. She said she loved the banding job that Greg did on me. She invited ed me to sit down and we talked for awhile. She asked me how my balls were doing & I told her that the were ok, swollen but ok. I flinched as she reached for my balls. She smiled and don't worry just checking them. I asked them how John was doing. Greg said he was resting. I asked if it had anything to do with that soft spot on his right nut? Karen said that was part of it. I asked he if that was why she was checking mine? She looked into my eyes & said yes. I said ok. She then explained what was going on about the ball-busing. She explained all the hazards that went with BB. I asked her if my balls would get bigger if abused. She said yes but she added the bigger the nut gets the easier to damage them. Greg asked me if I wanted my balls bigger, which I said yes...


Greg said ok and they got up. Led me to a special table in another area of the barn. I sat in the middle of the table & Karen had me lay down on my back.  They strapped me in to where I could not move. Karen put nipple clamps on my nipple and attached them to a cord.The other end went through apply and a winch. As she tightened the cable the cord started to pull the nipple clamps up which was painful. Greg inserted this huge fish hook in my urethra hiding it . Then he turned it and pushed it through he shaft just below the cock-head. He then put horseshoe clamps on each of my balls and attached the cable to them . Karen operated the winches and my balls were being stretched in opposite directions. I ended up spending almost 4 hrs on the table. I looked up an could not see the bands around my cock anymore. My cock was in the process of going from a dark blue to black. Greg told Karen I was ready to go to the net step 


I finally got off the table. Karen asked me again if I wanted to go on and I nodded yes. She smiled but was serious to. Greg led me to the middle of the barn and there was the anvil. Except, they had added an attachment. There was a special table at one end of the anvil. Greg helped me mount the anvil and had me lay down on my belly. My legs still straddled the anvil. Karen pulled my balls back through my legs.I had restraints put on my wrists and was chained to the floor.My ankles had restraints on them and chained also. I was bent over naked with my ass in the air and then I felt something sharp pierce my sac. This happened several times over.I realized my sac was attached to the anvil again. My balls totally stretched and exposed. They both admired the size of how big my balls had swelled to. Karen also checked out my cords which had swelled from her beating them. I flinched as she checked them out. She said "good they r nice and tender". Karen asked me again if I was ready for this. I nodded yes and then I felt something heavy and flat land on my balls. I screamed an was in terrible pain. I was totally helpless. She told me this would happen at-least 10 times. Also, the weight would stay on my balls for 15 sec. before being lifted off my balls. She asked me again and I nodded yes. Again the weight hit both balls. I moaned and threw up in a bucket that was under me. My insides were on fire and burning. I had no strength to do anything. Karen was pleased to see how well my balls was taking the weight.. She asked me if I passed out would I want this to continue. I nodded yes... The fourth hit put me in lala land, I could feel my balls being stretched from the impact and swelling even more. The fifth hit to my balls, I passed out. Somewhere after these impacts I shot several loads of cum. They were big loads of cum mixed with some blood. I could feel the weight making impact with my balls as I was passed out,but could do nothing to stop it. My body would jerk from every impact. Finally, that part was over. Then Karen checked out my balls as I lay there. They were huge an then she checked my cords as well. She pulled one of my cords off to the side checking it out. As she had the cord between her fingers she squeezed them together hard. I moaned out loud and she squeezed even harder. Karen then let go and left for a minute. She came back with a small block of wood. She placed the block over the cord for a sec. Then with her hand pressed down on the block mashing it into my cord. I moaned & as I moaned she would push harder on the block. She did this till her wrist got tired. She moved her hand leaving the block on my cord. Then with the weight in place again she release the weight. It impacted with my balls again but also landed on the block smashing my cord really good. I opened my mouth but no sound came out. After a few minutes she removed the weight off my balls & block of wood. She removed the block off my cord ..My cord was swelled even more where the block layed on the cord. She put the wood block back on the cord next to where it was all swelled up from the first time. She let the weight go again and the weight slammed into he block of wood which slammed into my cord gain. As well as slamming into my balls. I flinched really hard this time. I also shot another load of cum which was bloody. Greg suggested to Karen to not do that again to my cord. Karen said leave the weight on for a while longer. Greg saw that Karen was trying to damage the cord that fed the nut. After 20 min. Greg removed the weight off my balls and wood. Karen saw that the block of wood cut into the sac. She removed the wood off my cord and smiled. The cord was swelled more than twice of the last impact. She new she damaged the cord which fed the ball. Karen was very happy about the cords damage.        


I was unshackled and left on the table. The nails were removed from my sac. I was out cold. It was well after midnight when he weight stopped hitting my swollen balls.  I woke up in the morning looking around & I tried to move.I could not raise up at first. I was so sore in my waist & pelvic area. When I could finally move I managed to get one of my legs back & over the anvil I slid to the ground landing on my knees I looked down at my huge balls so swollen. I saw that I had cum a lot and was also bloody. I touch each nut to make sure I had both. They were the size of goose eggs, so red & swollen. So was my one cord going to my right nut. It was huge and swollen in one area. I finally got to my feet and a walked to the house that would have taken me 30 sec. took almost 10 min to cross the yard. I opened the door and there was Karen sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee. She got up & helped me to the chair. I went to sat down an when I sat Karen took great care in making sure I did not sit on my balls.I said wow & I leaned back with my legs spread wide. Karen checked my balls over carefully as well as my cords.. She was amazed they were not perminate damaged. John was still in bed. He was slowly recovering she told me. She also told me that no one had went as far as I did before. I asked if I took all 10 hits to my balls. Karen said yes & even more. She told me I took a total of 17 hits. I also took 2 shots on my cord. SHE was amazed my balls did not pop or crack yet.


I also told Karen that I had a strange taste in my mouth. She smiled an said when I was passed out & finished with the hits to my balls, Greg put his cock in your open mouth and throat fucked me. He was so excited he had his cock out & in your mouth. That was the first time I saw his cock deep throat-ed. He fucked your mouth for awhile before cumming in your mouth and down your throat. He shot a huge load as I watched & saw u swallow it all.   What could I say.



Part Three Coming. 


Part 3 now


It is early Sunday morning..I'm feeling really spent. It is just Karen & I that r up this early in the morning. I am sitting at the kitchen table trying to catch my bearings and to let my balls stop hurting so much. Karen was still checking out my cock, balls an cords. Since it was just Karen & I up we chatted a lot about ball busting as well as to how John was doing. His nut was healing slowly she said. I asked her if Greg had his balls hurt before, Karen told me he gets extreme abuse on his balls and cock. This weekend I found out was to be all about me & my balls though so his balls would not be hurt. Karen told me that she had more planned for my balls today.I said really, having a look of surprise on my face. She looked into my eyes and told me that I would be fine. She gave me that motherly look and feeling making me calm.We had been at the table for a few hrs. She asked me if I was hungry and I said not really, not yet at least. My stomach was empty from throwing up last night but i did not feel like eating.. Karen then said lets go out side and sit in the sun. I said sure and followed her out the door. I was checking out her bare ass and her sweet curves for a lady of 36.


We got to the picnic table and sat down. She asked me how her ass looked as we walked across the yard. I blushed and said nothing at first. She said that it is ok to blush. She said that when I get older that I will be able to answer that question with out blushing. Even though my balls hurt like hell I still managed to get a hard on. We sat on the bench next to each other facing away from the table, We both had our legs out stretched and our legs spread apart. I saw that most of her pussy was shaved and could see her lips protruding out from her pussy. She was so hot to look at. We each had a hand on each others legs and just sat there enjoying the sun heating us up. We sat there for a while not saying a word. Then she slid her hand up to my balls & massaged my cock and ball. She did this for a little while & then i got my nerve up & slid my hand over her pussy.. She moaned looking at me smiling. I moved my fingers over and around her lips finding her hood. She moaned out loud telling me not to stop. I then slid a finger in her pussy and she stiffened some and moaned as I finger fucked her. It was not long before she got super wet with her body squirming. She spread her legs wider getting closer to orgasm she garbed my cock squeezing it hard. I moaned with her and as she cum she took her hand and squeezed my swollen balls so hard I stopped moving my hand and grunted loudly. Karen orgasm squirting all over my hand. Finally when she stopped cumming she eased up on my balls. She looked at me and then my hand covered in her cum. She took her free hand and took my hand from her pussy, putting it to my mouth and told me to lick it clean. I did and found her cum very sweet. She could tell that I liked how it tasted and told me to get on my knees between her legs to clean her pussy. I did clean her pussy causing her to cum again. Karen held my head in place to make sure I swallowed her cum. She finally finished cumming and I finished cleaning her pussy. I got up still looking at her swollen pussy. She said we will do that again later as I sat on the bench again and rubbing my sore balls. Karen asked me if that was my first time eating pussy and I nodded yes. She just smiled at me.


As we sat there her neighbor came around the corner of the house waving hello. She was partially dressed having her blouse in hand and wearing her see through bra showing off her small perky tits and nipples. She had a skirt on & as she got to us the ladies were chatting. I knew her neighbor as one of my teachers from school. Kathy said hi to me and smiled at me checking me out thoroughly. As the ladies chatted Kathy removed her skirt showing off her smooth pussy and then the bra came off showing off her small tits but big perky nipples which pointed straight out at us. She asked Karen what she had missed and Karen gave he a complete rundown of my ballbusting in detail. As I sat beside Karen, Kathy sat on the other side of me. I was between to gorgeous ladies sitting with my swollen sore balls and cock. My cock was semi hard leaking precum. Kathy took her hand and reached over massaging my swollen balls. She was excited in checking out my cock,balls & cords. Kathy said that u damaged one of the cords. Karen said that she had a little success with it.. She told Kathy that she would be working on the cords some more today. Kathy said great. Kathy told me that she wanted to be here when I went through the barn & was sorry that she missed some of it.. Karen told Kathy that she was here today for the best part. As Katy rubbed my so sore balls Karen put her hand on hers and squeezed her hand smiling at Kathy. Karen's finger nails dig in to my huge balls causing me to stiffen up and moan loudly. Kathy said" I see what u mean and then she squeezed my balls clamping on to one of them. I moaned loudly,stiffing even more and started to cry. Kathy tole me that I will be all right as my head went back over my shoulders laying on the table with my eyes closed. They each took one of my hands so as I would not be-able to stop them. The pain was so intense when I managed to open my eyes I saw nothing but clear blue sky,. They were still squeezing chatting but I not understand what they were saying as to the pain in my balls blocking everything out..After a while they let go of my balls admiring here work. Kathy asked Karen if she could have at it with my balls and Karen said sure. I was still pretty much out of it not knowing that Kathy had stood up. Karen made sure that my arms were behind me as Kathy parted my legs wide. She stood in front of me but I had my eyes closed still from the pain in my balls. Kathy bent over and pulled my balls spreading them out on the bench. Kathy really admired my balls. She had inadvertently seen them when I was in the boys bathroom at school. She had told Karen all about my nice size balls and cock. That is when they came up with the plan for my weekend here I found out later.


Kathy was standing between my legs admiring my balls & Karen made sure my arms would not interfere with her abuse on my balls. Kathy first took aim with her fist and brought it down hard on my balls. I flinched in such pain and moaned till I was horse. My head was going from side to side begging them to stop. Kathy said "stop I am just getting started on those worthless nuts". I was crying so loud that Kathy sopped for a second & took her soft bra & shoved it all in my mouth to muffle me. She took aim again and this time she found my swollen cord. My screamed was muffled as my head went back against the table. Kathy repeatedly hit the cord to where my body just flinched after every hit. Karen was impressed with the accuracy of Kathy nailing my cord. Soon I was not fighting at all with Karen and just letting out little wimps every time Kathy made contact. As I was in la la land Kathy asked for help from Karen to stretch my sac out on one side to expose the very swollen cord. Karen was happy to comply and this time Kathy took aim with the heal of her foot. Karen warned that this might damage the cord. Kathy said " good, he does not need his nut" and she raised her leg up hi. Then she took aim careful not to take her eyes off the cord and drove it full force into the cord. I went all ridged and passed out from the pain. She did not take her heal off the cord but instead stood up on the bench driving her full weight to her heal which pressed into the cord even more.. She stood there quite awhile talking to Karen. Finally, Kathy got off the bench & both ladies checked out the cord which had received so much abuse. It was not swelled up anymore but flattened out. They both touched the cord and lifted the sac up to feel the cord. it was still there but really flat. Then they both looked at each other smiling and asked "what do u think" both shrugged there heads. I just layed there passed out with my legs spread wide. Kathy looked at Karen and said" whats next for him"?  Karen said let him rest for a bit and then we will seriously abuse his balls. 


They both went inside for a fresh cup of coffee. After about 10 min. They both came back out carrying cups of coffee. They each sat down beside me. I was still out like a light. As they chatted Kathy drew her fist up driving it into my balls. I did a low moan and flinched. Kathy felt she had to make up for lost time missing out on yesterday. So she stood up between my legs and proceed to drive her fists into my swollen balls. She alternated every other fist like hitting a punching bag. Eventually I was not flinching at all. Karen told Kathy to take a break since Kathy was sweating. She eventually stopped and sat down drinking her cold coffee. Kathy said she needed her coffee heated up and went inside the house. Kathy reached over to check my balls which was more swelled than ever. She checked the cord that her and Kathy worked on. She was still unsure if there was any permanent damage to the cord. Kathy came back out carrying 2 cups. Karen said no thanks but Kathy said this is for him. Karen looked puzzled at first but then realized what was going on. Karen just sat back and watched Kathy take the other big cup & put it on the table. Then Kathy went and grabbed my ankles and tugged until my balls were hanging over the bench. She dropped my legs and spread my legs wide. She went up to the table grabbing the really big cup of hot water. Kathy knelt down between my legs and lifted my balls. She then slowly lowered them into the very hot cup of water and I moaned out loud. She got both balls all the way into the cup & water spilled over the side. Kathy got on her knees and just held the cup as the water cooked my sac and balls, They were in there a good while till the water got warm, in which time she lowered the cut of water. She through the water on the ground and got up. Kathy then sat on the bench and checked out her handy work. My balls were beat red. Karen took her cold cup of coffee & stuck my hand in it. I started to pee right away and some of my pee landed on Katy and Karen. Karen immediately took the empty cup and grabbed my cock filling the cup full. Once filled she just let go of my cock and I just peed on myself. Kathy was puzzled and then Karen raised my head up and put the cup to my lips. Kathy reached up and took out her bra from my mouth. My mouth went closed and to get it open again Kathy reached over and closed my nose passages. I immediately opened my mouth and and Karen started to pour my piss in my mouth. Not knowing any better I swallowed every drop. I then slowly woke up. Both ladies smiled at me. Kathy said I will half to remember that one.


The gals helped me to sit up. I had very little energy right now. I had a strange taste in my mouth that I told the girls about. They smiled and Karen told me that I had drank my own piss to keep my strength up. Not knowing any better I said ok. I believed Karen and Kathy. We sat there a little bit chatting and then Karen asked me if I had the strength to stand up. I told her that I would try. They helped me to my feet & I was real unsteady. I got to the end of the picnic table, grabbing the ends and then I just put my upper chest on the table being bent over. I had my legs spread some what to make sure my legs did not squish my balls. The gals just looked at each other. Kathy said u had to be kidding me. Karen asked me if I was alright. I told her I needed to catch my wind. Just then Kathy drew her foot back and kicked me square in the balls. I moaned and cried. I asked no more but they did not hear me. They each took turns kicking my balls. I just started to wimpier but they continued, expeshally Kathy. She showed no mercy to my balls. This went on for about 30 min. I was done and could not move,. I just closed my eyes and droller. They did not stop till there legs got tired. They left me on the table in la la land & went to the house. After about 30 min or so I moved my elbows under me and pushed my self up. I was partially standing when Greg came out the back door and walked over to me. He could see that I was in a lot of pain and asked me how I was doing. I told him so sore. He checked out my balls which were super huge now. He checked to see if they had popped or cracked but so far no.He told me that my balls were still good.


He got me to stand and put his arm under mine to steady me. He said lets go sit in the barn for now, I said sure so we made our way slowly to the barn. I got to the door and saw the anvil in the middle of the room. He got me inside and we sat down on some hay. I caught my breath finally so I asked Greg what is up for today. He was quiet at first and I said it's me that is up for today. He looked at me and said yes. I said that is why my teacher is here to take part in this. He said yes, and that she was suppose to be here yesterday but got tied up with something family wise. I asked him if he ever went through this and he said all the time. He told me that his balls r usually as swollen as mine was. I asked Greg, having the rest of the day and off from school tomorrow will be tough to make it through. Greg looked at me and told me that no one, not even him had endured what I have Indore so far. He told me that he was very very proud of me. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me that I would get through with this ok. I looked down at my swollen and very huge balls. I looked at Greg and asked him if they can Indore much more. He told me that I would be amazed how much a set of balls can take. We just sat there for a little while longer saying nothing.  Then the gals walked in laughing and talking. They saw us sitting there and Kathy said excellent, u r up and moving around. I told her that I was up but not moving well at all. She said" ah that is ok u wouldn't be moving at all here soon. I stretched a little trying to loosen my body. Greg interceded and told the gals if I wanted me tonight that I needed at least an hrs rest.  Kathy looked pissed but Karen cut across her and told Greg that that would work. 


Karen then took my hand and asked me to stand which I obeyed. Karen asked Kathy to help and to take my other arm. Karen said if u need to rest she would take me someplace to rest. Karen guided me to the support bar and got me turned around. She then grabbed the remote and lowered the bar. Karen held me up as Kathy put my wrist restraints on very tight. Then Kathy put the anklet cuffs on and I was standing spread eagle. Karen pushed on the remote and then I was suspended off the ground about a foot. Greg walked over to Karen and told her that is not what he had in mind. Karen reminded that she was calling the shots here. and Greg backed down. I was at the gals mercy again. Kathy was handling my balls admiring them. Karen walked over the the cab-nit where all the toys r kept-ed. I was watching Karen and then I felt pain as Kathy squeezed my balls. She told me that my balls were worthless and that I would be better off with out them. She asked me if I agreed-ed and squeezed even harder. I shook my head yes not knowing what I was saying. Karen walked over to me with the banding tool in hand. She had a handful of bands also. She applied a couple of bands on the bandier and Kathy asked if she could band my balls, Karen looked at Kathy and nodded yes. Kathy let go of my balls and took the bandier in hand. Kathy forced one nut through the banding tool and I moaned loudly. She put 2 bands on my left nut. Then she got 2 bands on my right nut. Eventually, she put 6 bands on each of my balls. My head was hanging low looking at the bands on my balls. I thought to myself that If I did not have balls I would not be feeling all this pain. Then Kathy banded my cock with several bands.  now lets check things out and proceeded to check my cock, balls and cords over very carefully. She told Kathy they were not ready to pop just yet but was not far off. Karen looked at me and put her hand on my face. I pushed against her hand with my face and she knew that I trusted her. She said ok hun, we r going to proceed carefully. With that Karen moved out in front of me and looked at Kathy. Kathy new that was her Q to take the lead. Kathy looked up at me in my eyes and said this is for your own good. Then she took her fist and drew back. With her other hand she held out one of my banded balls and Tee off on it. She caught it square and drove it into my pelvic bone. As soon as she make contact she let go o my nut so she could drive it home. I yelled out in pain and cried almost immediately. She would work on one ball for a while and then switch to the other. Karen had made sure that my balls were the right height for the beating. I was drooling because there was nothing in my stomach to throw up. I soon found myself with my head hanging down and hearing the gals tell me how worthless my balls were and that they needed to go. I was close to passing out again from the abuse on my balls. Kathy grabbed my balls squeezing them and she pushed my head up. She told me to look at my balls. She said this is why I am enduring so much pain. She asked me what we should do with them. I could hardly focus on what she was saying. She asked me if I should continue and I told her yes. I thought to myself If they r gone no more pain. The Gals had done it. They had broke me. Kathy let my head back down on my chest and let go of my balls. Then she went back to punching my balls for a while longer.Karen looked at Kathy and said it was time to stop. I had been up there for over an hr. Kathy was sweating big time. They left the barn and went to the house letting me hang there. After an hr Kathy came in alone and proceeded to work my balls over for 15 min and then would leave. After 5 hrs of hanging there, Karen came back alone to check on me.. I was awake finally but really spent. She checked my balls over and the bands were almost to there original size. I could not feel my balls anymore. They were totally numb & cold. Karen cut the bands off my balls and there was such pain as they came back to life I moaned and cried. My cock was black now and the bands were there original size. I could not feel her handling my cock. She then cut the bands on my cock as well. She told me not to worry about my cock, it will come back to life in a few weeks. Until then it will stay soft and limp. She checked my balls out very carefully. She said they were there and needed some rest. I asked her what she meant and that she told me that with the right impact on them they would pop open or crack at the very least. I asked her what that meant. She said that they would be damaged some what but would still work getting girls pregnant.  She undid the restraints and I went to my knees. She leaned down and said do not worry u will have my pussy soon. We stayed there for a little while and then she managed to get me to my feet. She asked me if I wanted to sleep and I told her I did not care where.


Of all the places to lay down she guided me to the anvil. I climbed up on the table laying on my stomach, so tired and spent. I fell asleep almost right away. Karen went and brought back a blanket to cover me. Before she left I was a sleep. So she grabbed my ankles and slid me back a little centering me on the table. Now my legs were spread apart. Kathy came in and saw me on the special table with the anvil. Kathy asked "whats up" and Karen said she was getting him some rest. Kathy said rest and Karen said yes. She reminded her of my age and that I needed some rest. She also told Kathy that my balls were ready to pop anytime now. If that happened it would happen this evening. Kathy finally agreed-ed with her and Karen asked Kathy to help her to get me centered so my balls were on the anvil.. Karen then layed each of my legs over the side of the anvil. I was so sore and tired I had no Idea what they were doing. Karen then attached the cuffs to my ankles and had them on snugly. As Karen did that Kathy attached the restraints to my wrists. I was spread eagle and Kathy layed out my cock and balls on the anvil ready to nail them to the anvil. Karen walked over to the cab nit and got a hand full of nails and a hammer. She walked back to Kathy who was inspecting my balls. Kathy was admiring her work that she had done to my balls when Karen got up beside her and said here. Kathy eyes lit up and said really. Karen said we want him ready to go so Karen started to stretch my sac out tight and then Kathy lined up the hole she wanted to use and put the tip of the nail on my sac. She smacked the nail with the hammer penetrating my sac and it slid all the way in the hole in the anvil. I barely flinched at all and then the gals went around in a circle nailing my balls to the anvil. Kathy thought she was done but Karen had a few nails left and Karen went and got a flat board. She slid it to one side on my legs and layed my black cock on the board, Karen grabbed my cock head and told Kathy to nail it just below the cock head crown. Nail it so it go through the urethra to. Kathy then put the tip of the nail at the base of the cock head and hit the nail hard. It went about halfway in. I flinched and moaned a little as Kathy took aim with the hammer and struck the nail 3 more times nailing my cock securely to the board. Once the first one went in Karen told her to put the rest of the ones in a straight line down the shaft. The last one went into the cock head. Kathy was proud of her work and put the hammer back in the cab-nit. Kathy walked back to where Karen was standing looking at me. Kathy then reached up and touched my balls which were tight  and had no where to run. Kathy looked at Karen and said this is going to be fun. Karen looked at me and said yes it will be. They both walked out of the barn then leaving me alone in the barn.       







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Nerd fm/mm busting
Nerd Dec 29 '16
It's a nice story but i hated the part with the nails mainly due to my fear of  needles and similar things  *feels chills going down the spine* 

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Jim fm/mm busting
Jim Dec 30 '16
Thank you for commenting on my story. I use to be that way with needles. I got over my fear of needles but it took a long time to do so.
Nerd fm/mm busting
Nerd Dec 30 '16

Quote from Jim Thank you for commenting on my story. I use to be that way with needles. I got over my fear of needles but it took a long time to do so.
While i'm not afraid to get injections and vaccines (my most delicate parts are an exception) i hate to see or imagine others get stabbed the most 
Jim fm/mm busting
Jim Jan 2 '17

I think that if u were blind folded and bound u might find that u like to explore the possibility if needles in your balls.

I started at an early age having needles pushed into my balls and cock.

At first  was scaed shittless but after a few times i found that I liked the feeling

The only pain u feelis when the needle pushed through the sac.

Your tesricles have no nerves.

The pain comes from the cord attached to the testicle.

Aaron fm/mm busting
Aaron Jan 22
Nice story
Jim fm/mm busting
Jim Jan 22
Thanks, Glad u like it
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