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unknown pt1 | Forum

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by unknown

Part I:

Bryan was no stranger to being ballbusted. It even became kind of an open joke, amongst his female friends, that if you want to have sex with Bryan, you go for his balls. He’s hooked up with a few cute girls.. and a few he probably wouldn’t have gone for if he wasn’t nudged into it. 

His first (and so far, only) girlfriend used to be physical with his balls too. Something about his cute, skater-kid appearance makes him a good target for nut busts I guess. So he sort of got used to it, and even came to conflate ball pain with sex. If a girl was going for his nads, at least he was probably gonna get lucky.

But he’d never experienced anything like what happened when he visited his Dad’s side of the family, and namely his 14-year-old half sister Sabrina, back in 2010.

“I’m taller than you now!” Sabrina noticed, right as Bryan approached her for a hug.

“Wow,” Bryan answered, genuinely surprised. He was used to being on the short side, only about 5’7”, but being about 8 years older than Sabrina it surprised him to see her sprout past him. “I can still beat on you though, so don’t get any ideas,” he joked, as he put her in a playful headlock.

The two half-siblings had a very playful relationship, which usually consisted of Bryan doing his best to torment his sister without actually hurting her. 

“No you can’t,” Sabrina responded, sweetly but confidently, after he let go of her.

“It’s so good to see you, Bry,” Sabrina’s mom Diane pipped in. “You’re getting so cute. How long has it been? Two years?”

“Ya I think so,” Bryan answered, “back when this one was still a little munchkin.”

“Shut up,” Sabrina laughed, pushing at Bryan. “I was never a munchkin.”

“Ya you were, you still are,” Bryan told her, as he started to grapple with her.

“You might have your hands full with her this time,” Diane warned.

“I don’t t–,” Bryan started to answer, before being interrupted by light flick to his nuts. “Oooof, dirty,” he exclaimed.

“I’m gonna go get dinner finished,” Diane told them, seemingly oblivious to what just happened, even with Bryan hunched holding his hands over his crotch.

“What’s dirty?” Sabrina asked, giggling and obviously proud of the little nut tap she just gave her brother.

“You’re done now,” Bryan joked, and tackled her hard against the ground.

“BEHAVE,” Diane yelled from the other room.

“Not so tough now, huh??” Bryan taunted, as he pinned his little sister against the floor, holding her arms down and pinching her a bit. “You give up? Huh?”

“Behave, please,” Diane yelled again when she heard Sabrina squeal. 

Sabrina squirmed, trying to find a way to break free, and eventually twisted to where her leg was sandwiched inside of Bryan’s legs, and then did what came very naturally to any teenage girl in her spot and lifted her leg up towards Bryan’s crotch, smacking her shin against his balls.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, as Bryan groaned and rolled over in agony.

“Seriously? You fucking jerk,” Bryan moaned, laughing a bit but not happy about what she just did to him.

“Come in here, Mom, come here,” Sabrina called, taking advantage of her brother’s stunned body, putting him in an arm lock from behind.

Bryan frantically scrambled away from her, not wanting Diane to see him pinned. “You little fucker,” he told her, tackling her to the ground. But as they landed, Sabrina drove a hard knee up into his already hurting nads.

“Oooooo,” Bryan moaned, with his mouth wide open. “You fucking suck,” he muttered, letting out a good-natured laugh or two but curling up totally deflated.

Sabrina was able to get him into an even more convincing hold than she had before, just as Diane walked in. “I kicked Bryan’s butt!” she proudly declared.

“Oh… my,” her mom replied, sort of speechless with her hand over her mouth.

“I let her win,” Bryan tried.

“Ya right,” Sabrina snapped, and then whispered so only Bryan could hear, “you just have weak balls.”

“Well let Bryan up,” Diane laughed, “dinner’s almost ready.”

Part II:

“When’s Dad coming home?” Sabrina asked, as she sat down to eat dinner.

“Not until later tonight,” Diane answered. “That reminds me, where are you gonna sleep, Bry?”

“Sleep in my room!” Sabrina suggested. “You can sleep on the beanbag couch.”

“No, you’re mean,” Bryan answered, surely alluding to what happened a few minutes earlier in the living room.

“You probably should,” Diane suggested, “your dad usually sleeps on the couch when he comes in late, so it might be easier to just settle in upstairs.”

“Fine, but I’m not gonna deal with you trying to wrestle me all night,” Bryan insisted, “you hear me, munchkin?”

“Hahaha,” Sabrina laughed, “you always start it. And I’m not a munchkin.”

It’s funny how Bryan had always been the one to stir up trouble, but now that Sabrina learned how to hurt his balls, he wanted to call it off. The whole time eating dinner it was hard for Bryan to think about anything besides the busting he had just received. Even if it’s in good fun, it’s hard for a boy not to feel deflated when a girl 8 years his younger takes advantage of his weak spot.

“Do you balls still hurt?” Sabrina asked him, as he came into her room after a shower, still dripping wet and wearing only boxer shorts and a towel around his neck.

“No, they don’t still hurt,” he answered.

“Good, I’d feel bad if they did.”

“No you wouldn’t, you’re a munchkin.”

“Munchkins can’t feel bad?” Sabrina laughed, getting up to hug Bryan. “I’m not gonna hurt you,” she assured him, as Bryan reflexively covered his crotch. “Let’s wrestle now if you feel better.”

“No way,” Bryan replied, “you’re vicious.”

“Hahaha,” Sabrina laughed, “why, cause I hurt your balls?”

“No cause you’re a munchkin.”

With her slender, teenage arm she reached out and slapped a firm backhand into Bryan’s unprotected package.

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Ruptered Dec 7 '16
part 2

“Jeeeze,” Bryan groaned, hunching over with the wind knocked out of him, first with his hands at his crotch, then at his knees, staying pretty much speechless, just taking a few breaths and doing his best to collect his wherewithal. The 22-year-old male, stronger in most ways than his 14-year-old sister, was of course vulnerable in his balls, and Sabrina definitely knew it. 

“I can hurt your balls without wrestling,” Sabrina told him, teasing him with the obvious statement. 

“OK fine,” Bryan announced, as he charged at her, “we’re fighting, you’re fucking finished.”

Sabrina screeched and squealed as Bryan trapped her on her bed, pinching, tickling, and generally overpowering her.

“Keep it down, please,” Diane yelled, opening the door. Bryan let up on his hold as soon as Diane walked in, probably feeling a little self-conscious to suddenly be caught wrestling around in only his boxer shorts on his sister’s bed. “I know you’re having fun, but it’s bedtime, so please keep the noise down.”

Sabrina, taking advantage of her brother’s dropped guard (and anatomical disadvantage), smacked a quick fist to Bryan’s nad area as soon as her mom closed the door.

“Oooof,” Bryan let out. Eyes wide open, mouth dropped, and hands on his nuts, Bryan slid, almost lifelessly, off the bed and down onto the floor, where he rolled over and curled up.

“You have a cute butt, Bryan,” Sabrina taunted.

“That one really hurt,” Bryan moaned.

“That’s what you get for wearing your underwear, I know exactly where your nuts are.”

“Well you shouldn’t do that, that’s mean,” Bryan moaned again, still curled up and starring at the floor.

Sabrina couldn’t resist but tap him with a light ball kick from behind while he was laying there. She landed her foot flush into Bryan’s testicles, and even without much power behind it, it was enough to make squirm and moan some more.

Giggling, Sabrina got on the floor next to Bryan, and put her arms around him to turn him over, and first distracted him by trying to pinch his nipple.

“Get off me!” Bryan laughed. But before he had a chance to react, his little sister drove a hard knee into his crotch.

“Oooooooooo, my god,” Bryan agonized, eyes and mouth wide open, rolling around back and forth with his hands buried in his crotch. The look of a stunned and battered male body. “What the fuck,” he moaned, “I’m done, please stop.”

“You admit I can beat you?” Sabrina asked, putting her brother in a light headlock from behind.

“No you can’t beat me,” Bryan moaned unconvincingly.

“Bry!” Sabrina demanded, wrapping her legs around him and pressing her feet against his crotch.

“OK, OK,” he answered, “you win.”

“I’m stronger?”

“No you’re not stronger.”

“BRY!” she insisted, repositioning to be in front of him and grabbing a fist full of nads.

“OK, you’re stronger, you win.”

“Good,” Sabrina declared, still squeezing a little, eventually letting go only to deliver another knee to her already beaten brother. “Yesss,” Sabrina exclaimed, smiling.

Bryan was practically too drained to even let out a groan and just fell quietly to his side, coughing a little and even tearing up slightly in his eyes, laying there with his hands over his nads, ready to pass out.

“Here’s a blanket and a pillow,” Sabrina told him, as she lay down beside him. “You don’t need these, though,” she continued, pulling his boxer shorts down and off his body. And in case there was any doubt who owned his balls, Sabrina spent the night sleeping next to him with her hand cupped around his sack.

It was the type of beating that a girl could give a boy, but couldn’t possibly happen the other way around. And the worst part of it for Bryan was that the weekend was just beginning. 

Part III:

“Wake up! Wake up, Bry” Sabrina nagged, kneeling over him, excited like a little kid waking up for Christmas, while her brother slept naked underneath her red comforter blanket.

“I’m awake,” Bryan groaned, stretching.

“Are your nuts OK?” she asked, reaching down to grab them through the blanket.

“Ya they’re OK,” Bryan answered, flinching a little then showing a bashful grin as Sabrina grabbed him.

“I wanna see them!” she demanded.

“No!” Bryan insisted, grasping for a hold of the blanket, then reaching down to cover himself as Sabrina pulled his cover away from him.

“Oh my god do you have a boner?” Sabrina asked, giggling.

“Shhhh,” Bryan instructed, embarrassed. “Don’t say that so loud.”

“Hahaha, oh my god, I wanna see,” Sabrina laughed, pushing Bryan’s arms away so she could get a clear look at his package. 

“Shut up,” Bryan pleaded. “I haven’t masturbated in like 2 days, that’s what happens.”

“Awww, my brother has an erection,” Sabrina taunted, then lay down beside him, smiling with her hand cupped around his balls.

“You know it’s not nice to hit boys in the balls, right?” Bryan warned.

“I dunno,” Sabrina shrugged, “they deserve it sometimes.”

“Well it’s mean,” Bryan tried again, digging for a way to hold some sort of highground over his sister.

“Breakfast is ready, guys,” Diane yelled, walking towards their door.

Bryan’s frantic expression begged Sabrina to get off his balls. After waiting a moment or two and cutting it closer than she needed to, Sabrina lithely jumped over her brother up onto her bed, while Bryan quickly scrambled to pull the comforter up over him. 

“Bryan and Sabrina, are you awake?” Diane asked, knocking and then walking right in. “Why are you sleeping on the floor, Bry? Beanbag isn’t comfortable enough for you?”

“Bryan’s weird,” Sabrina answered.

“OK,” Diane laughed, “well there’s pancakes downstairs if you’re hungry.”

“OK we’ll come down soon,” Sabrina answered. “Thanks, mom.”

“Can you get me my bag?” Bryan asked after Diane left the room, not wanting to have to get up while he was naked.

“I’ll pick out your clothes!” Sabrina answered, jumping off her bed and over towards Bryan’s backpack.

“Why?” Bryan snapped, just toss me my bag.

“No I want to pick,” Sabrina insisted, opening the backpack and going through Bryan’s clothes.

“Whatever,” Bryan groaned, realizing he didn’t have much bargaining power as he lay there naked on the floor, exactly where his sister left him after a ball busting. 

“Here, wear these,” she decided, giggling, handing him a pair of loose-fitting boxer briefs, dark blue with horizontal stripes, incidentally one of Bryan’s favorite and most comfortable pairs.

“Fine,” Bryan answered, sliding his underwear on beneath the blanket, then getting up to snatch his backpack away from his sister. “Gimme that,” he demanded, feeling a bit more confident now that he at least had a layer of clothing on.

“OK you can pick out the rest,” Sabrina replied, still giggling. “My friend Kasey’s coming over by the way.”

“Really?” Bryan asked, remembering Kasey to be a cute little athletic-looking girl (and exactly his type, with dirty-red hair), if maybe a bit too young to actually have feelings for.

“Ya she’s gonna teach me to pitch. She’s the only freshman on varsity softball.”

“I could hit her, easy,” Bryan answered, sliding on a pair of jeans while he sat against Sabrina’s bed.

“Ya right,” Sabrina laughed, jumping on her bed to tease her brother, pinching his nipple but not getting much of a grip.

“Get off me,” Bryan laughed, squirming away from her. 

“Button your pants and put your shirt on,” Sabrina told him, “let’s go downstairs.”

“Fine,” Bryan answered, all too happy to end that little skirmish in a draw and get outside his sister’s bedroom, where his balls figured to be relatively safe again.

“Kasey has a crush on you, just so you know,” Sabrina told him, giggling.

“Well she’s way too young, so tell her not to get any ideas,” Bryan answered, a bit defensive.

“You have nice abs, Bry,” Sabrina noticed, changing the subject, as her brother put on his shirt. 

“Thanks,” Bryan answered, appreciating the compliment after a rough night.

“Too bad they don’t protect your weak balls,” she quickly blurted it out before scurrying out of the room and downstairs. 

The rest of the morning passed pretty uneventfully. Bryan had a chance to hangout with his dad before he had to leave for work, and it gave him a chance to forget about what happened overnight with Sabrina. Boys generally feel like they’re supposed to be the dominant gender. So while the physical pain goes away, the knowledge that you got beaten by a girl, especially a younger girl who happens to be your sister, can be really confusing. And worse, he got taken advantage of by the stuff that makes him a boy in the first place.

“Bryan, can you stand in and pretend to bat while I pitch?” Kasey asked, as Bryan walked outside to find the girls playing catch. “I want to give Sabrina a real simulation.”

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Ruptered Dec 7 '16
part 3

“You’re lucky I’m not hitting you for real, I could crush these little lobs,” Bryan taunted.

“I see you haven’t changed,” Kasey replied, referring to his trademark goofy sort of arrogance. It was hard to dislike Bryan, or to take his trash talk the wrong way. But at the same time it was hard not to want to bring him down a level.

“Homerun! Double!” Bryan announced with each swing of the imaginary bat.

“Ya you’re really good, Bry,” Kasey answered, rolling her eyes.

Out of the corner of his eye Bryan caught his sister nodding towards him, with a familiar devious grin on her face, and before having much chance to react saw Kasey’s pitch buzzing towards his body, grazing him flush in the nads.

“WOW,” Sabrina yelled.

“Oooof, you JERK,” Bryan groaned, falling immediately to his butt with his hands on his balls. “You fucking told her to do that, Sabrina.”

“Hahaha,” Sabrina laughed, “no I didn’t.”

“I saw you,” Bryan answered, dropping his head against the ground and closing his eyes. “That really hurt.”

“I was just telling her to pitch inside.”

“You shoulda worn a cup,” Kasey shrugged. “Sometimes a pitch gets away from you. Sorry, Bry.”

“Are you OK, Bryan?” Sabrina asked in between giggles, kneeling next to her brother with her hand on his arm.

“I can get you ice,” Kasey offered.

“No that’s OK,” Bryan groaned, grimacing and taking some deep breaths. “I don’t need ice.”

“Is everything OK?” Diane asked, noticing the commotion and coming outside. “What happened?”

“He got hit in the balls,” Kasey answered.

“Ohh,” Diane replied, with her hand over her mouth and a hint of a smile, “my gosh. Are you OK, Bry?”

“These girls don’t know how to aim,” he muttered, ignoring the actual question.

“Well get up, you’ll feel better,” Diane replied, reaching down to hold one of Bryan’s arms and help him up.

“Not yet,” Bryan answered, content to lay there with the other hand around his nuts, laughing a little at the situation.

“Well you’re a good sport, anyways,” Diane told him.

“Get up, Bry,” Sabrina suggested, pulling his arm as she stood up.

“You girls suck,” Bryan joked, starring over at Kasey, as he allowed Diane and Sabrina to help him up.

“Sorry, Bryan,” Kasey replied, walking over to pat him on the back. “I really didn’t mean to hit your balls.”

“Lay down on the couch and you’ll feel better,” Diane suggested. “I’ll bring you some lemonade.”

“That can’t possibly be the first time you got it in the balls, right Bry?” Kasey asked, following behind as Sabrina and Diane helped him to the couch.

“Obviously not,” he answered, a little annoyed. “It happens.”

“Ya, you’ll be fine,” she replied.

“Bryan’s weak down there though,” Sabrina butted in.

“Shut up, I am not,” Bryan moaned as he lay down on the couch, assuming the familiar position of hands across the groin.

“Then why are you being such a baby?” she asked.

Bryan flinched at Sabrina as if to threaten her, but Sabrina didn’t bite. Instead she motioned right back towards his balls, causing Bryan to reflexively cover up.

“Hahaha, baby,” Sabrina taunted.

“You fucking jerk,” he told her.

“Poor Bryan,” Kasey added, giggling along with Sabrina.

“Here you go, Bry,” Diane told him, coming in with his drink. “But really, you’re OK? I know you’re supposed to wear a cup when you play baseball.”

“Technically this was softball,” Kasey interrupted.

“Not soft enough for Bryan’s nuts though,” Sabrina laughed.

“Sabrina, that’s not nice,” Diane interjected, though laughing a bit herself. “If you need to go get checked out or anything, Bry, I can take you. I’m going out with my friends in a bit but I can take you before I leave.”

“No I’ll be fine,” Bryan answered. More pressing to him was that he’d be left alone in the house with Sabrina, and perhaps Kasey too. “So I have to hangout with these little brats?”

“Ya they’re all yours,” Diane answered. “Maybe you should wear a cup.”

“No, we’ll go easy on him,” Sabrina joked, sitting on the couch and putting her arm around her brother.

“I’m just kidding, Bry,” Diane explained. “We laugh cause we forget how much it hurts you guys, and it catches us by surprise. But we really do hope you’re OK.”

“I’m fine,” Bryan snapped, growing a bit annoyed at all the attention. “I just want to lie here and hold my nuts and be left alone,” he demanded, laughing a little as he realized how ridiculous it sounded.

“OK Bry, we’ll leave you alone,” Kasey offered. “Let’s go back outside and play catch, Sabrina.”

“Ya, we’ll be outside, Bry,” Sabrina told him.

“My brother gets grouchy too when he gets hit in the balls,” Kasey mentioned on their way out of the house, just loud enough for Bryan to hear. 

Part IV:

Bryan desperately wished there was a way he could hurt Sabrina as effectively as she hurt him, tired of getting his nuts beat any time they fought. But of course, there wasn’t. Girls can be fairly weak in their private areas, but not in the paralyzing way boys are weak in their balls.

He’d have to be brute and forceful if he wanted to have a chance, and then he’s going clearly outside the bounds of friendly grappling, and even besides that, he’s playing with fire. If he didn’t get the upper hand, it could be even worse for his balls. There was simply no way he could gracefully have his way with her the way she did with him, and it was starting to annoy him.

So Bryan hoped to preemptively put an end to any other conflict between them. “If you hit my balls, I’m tellin’ your mother,” he warned his younger half-sister as she came in from outside.

“What?” Sabrina laughed. “That’s so random.”

“Well just so you know. I’m sick of it, and I’ll tell her.”

“I don’t care,” Sabrina answered, “she admitted it’s funny, she’ll just laugh.”

“No she won’t,” Bryan insisted. “And I’m sick of it, can you please just not do it?”

“Bry, I didn’t even say I’m gonna do it,” Sabrina laughed. “Chill out.”

“I feel owned by you, OK, I admit it, is that what you want to hear?”

“Hahaha,” Sabrina laughed, “you’re so cute, Bry. I can see why Kasey has a crush on you.”

“Oh!” Kasey said, noticing a news segment on the TV as she came into the room. “I heard about this.”

“That’s so cute,” Kasey smiled, “he doesn’t want to lose to a girl.”

“What?” Bryan questioned. “He said he doesn’t want to put her in compromising holds, didn’t you hear him?”

“That’s what he said, Bry,” Sabrina explained.

“Ya,” Kasey answered, “obviously he’s not gonna get on the news and say he’s afraid of losing to a girl. He needs some bullshit excuse for it.”

“How do you know he’s afraid?” Bryan asked. “Maybe that’s just the truth.”

“Ha,” Kasey answered, “I don’t know, something about the look in his eyes. A boy who feels afraid of girls is kind of easy to spot.”

“It’s not like girls are good at wrestling,” Bryan scoffed, unwilling to let his worldview shatter without a fight.

“Really, Bry?” Sabrina asked him, giving a derisive stare to remind him what happened last night.

“At least not when they aren’t allowed to go for the balls,” he added, bashfully. “That’s the only way girls win.”

“No way,” Kasey answered. “Girls have a lower center of gravity and we’re more flexible. And since wrestlers are grouped by weight, a guy will never have a big power edge. So girls have the advantage in wrestling.”

“Wow that’s so true!” Sabrina exclaimed. “I never thought about that.”

“Ya,” Kasey answered, “most people assume the guy should win, but people who know a lot about wrestling are always looking to recruit girls to their team.”

“Kasey’s gonna try out for the team next year, Bry,” Sabrina told him.

“Good luck,” Bryan responded, not looking to take any bait.

“Wanna wrestle me?” Kasey asked.

“Why would I want to wrestle you? You just finished talking about how girls always win.”

“No,” Kasey laughed, “not always. I just said we have an advantage. And that’s only if we’re the same weight. You weigh more than me, so you should have a good chance.”

“Nah, I don’t want to,” Bryan answered.

“Why not?” Kasey asked him, “It’ll be fun.”

“Do it, Bry,” Sabrina urged.

“To be honest,” Bryan answered, laughing, “I really don’t want to know I lost at wrestling to a 15-year-old girl.”

“Didn’t you already get your butt kicked by Sabrina?” Kasey reminded him.

“She told you that?” Bryan responded, throwing a furious stare over at his sister. 

“Don’t worry,” Kasey assured him, putting her arm around the older boy, “I beat my brother up too.”

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Ruptered Dec 7 '16
part 4

“You do?” Bryan asked, intrigued. “How old is he?”

“Eighteen. It probably sucked for him growing up,” she laughed. “Any time I wanted something I’d just beat on him a little, and he’d never tell anyone cause he didn’t want to admit he couldn’t handle his little sister.”

“Sabrina didn’t beat me up,” Bryan rationalized, “she just went for my balls.”

“That’s beating you up, Bry,” Kasey answered. “It’s just the easiest way to do it.”

“So you want to wrestle?” Kasey asked again, after a few moments of silence. “I promise I won’t go for your balls, Bry.”

“You promise?” he asked.

“Ya I promise.”

“Fine,” Bryan finally gave in, “but if you hit my nuts I automatically win.”

“Fine,” Kasey laughed, “I won’t hit your nuts.”

Bryan definitely had his hands full with the younger girl, even without any blows to his balls. He had some experience wrestling around with his friends and was a bit stronger than Kasey. But Kasey was more limber and a more polished wrestler, eventually getting the better of Bryan, pinning him after about 3 minutes of grappling.

“Jeeeze,” Bryan exclaimed, breathing heavy as he sat on the floor defeated, “you’re pretty good.”

“Thanks, I’ve been practicing a lot,” she responded.

“You lost to a girl, Bry,” Sabrina rubbed in.

“Shut up,” Bryan demanded, “she’s good.”

“Go again?” Kasey asked. “Loser sheds?”

“What does that mean?”

“Loser sheds an article of clothing.”

“No way!” Bryan replied, “I’m not taking my clothes off in front of you.”

“Maybe you’ll win,” Kasey pointed out. “And you have it easy anyways. You’re a guy, who cares if you take your shirt off?”

“That’s true,” Bryan responded, too enticed by the chance of getting Kasey’s shirt off and winning back some pride points to resist. “Give me a minute to rest first.”

“Oh my god, I’m gonna videotape,” Sabrina announced, running upstairs to get her phone, finding Bryan with the upper hand as she came back down. “Don’t let him win, Kasey,” she encouraged, starting to record.

As Bryan twisted her in position for a pin, she surprised him with a knee to his balls, stunning Bryan’s body and buying her enough room to break free.

“Not fair!” Bryan insisted, now on the bottom of the scuffle, “we said no ball hits.”

“That was just for the first match, Bry,” she answered calmly while twisting him into an armlock from behind. “We never said that for this match.”

“Such bullshit,” Bryan groaned, trying to break free.

“You tap?” Kasey asked, now poking at Bryan’s nuts from behind. “You tap out, Bry?” she asked again, squeezing.

“I’m out, I’m out,” Bryan pleaded. “I tap.”

“Hahaha, yesss,” Sabrina cheered, still video taping from the sideline.

“Sooo dirty,” Bryan moaned, sitting up with a hand on his balls. “I’m not stripping for that.”

“You have to, Bry,” Sabrina insisted.

“We said no ball hits!” Bryan reminded her.

“You only said that for the first match,” she answered.

“Bry, do it,” Kasey urged him, kneeling in front of him with her hands on his knees, while he nursed his hurting privates. “We can go again, and I’ll promise no ball hits for this one.”

“You promise?” Bryan asked, lifting his shirt off.

“Ya, I promise,” Kasey answered, lunging at Bryan to start the next round.

Bryan was a fair match for Kasey, but she was tough to lock up, and with more stamina than the older boy she was able to wear Bryan down, eventually trapping him in a headlock that forced him to tap out.

“Jeeeeze,” Bryan groaned, laying frustrated on the ground, recognizing that he lost fair and square.

“Loser sheds, bro!” Kasey reminded him, tugging at the bottom of his pants, while she and Sabrina laughed.

“Shut that fucking camera off at least,” Bryan ordered, laughing a bit himself.

“OK fine,” Sabrina agreed, putting her phone back in her pocket and watching Bryan undo his belt and fly, leaving her brother stripped down to only his underwear as Kasey pulled his pants off.

“Haha, you’re a good sport, Bry,” Kasey told him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Yuck,” Bryan said, jokingly wiping the kiss off his face.

“Let’s watch Youtube videos,” Kasey suggested, pulling Bryan’s arm to help him off the ground and over to the couch. “I wanna show you what I was talking about.”

“He kinda looks like you, Bry,” Sabrina pointed out, watching the video with her arm around her brother.

“That kid sucks,” Bryan responded. “What a stupid example.”

“I love the pat on the back she gives him in the end,” Sabrina laughed.

“This one’s funny too,” Kasey said, playing another video.

“Oh my god, look at his bulge,” Sabrina observed.

“I know, right?” Kasey added.

“You shouldn’t be saying that, Sabrina,” Bryan scolded.

“Shut up, Bryan,” his sister responded.

“This one isn’t wrestling,” Kasey explained, playing another video, “it’s Jiu-Jitsu, but it’s awesome.”

“See how important it is to be flexible, Bry?” Kasey pointed out at 1m42s.

“Oh my god, I think she put her foot on his balls,” Sabrina noticed a few seconds later at 1m46s.

“He got so wrecked,” Kasey commented. “I feel bad for that kid.”

“Let’s watch something else,” Bryan groaned, “this is stupid.”

“Does it bother you, Bry?” Kasey asked. “To see boys losing?”

“No, it doesn’t bother me,” he answered, defensively, “I’m just sick of watching it. Girls are good at wrestling, I get it.”

“OK we’ll watch something else,” Kasey laughed, playing another video.

“Ball kicks? This is even stupider,” Bryan groaned, grimacing and moving his hands near his nuts as he saw the boy get kicked.

“I love how she comes back and kicks him in the butt,” Sabrina laughed.

“See, you’re not the only brother who gets it in the balls, Bry,” Kasey assured him, putting her arm around Bryan and noticing a bulge in his underwear. “Are you getting a boner, Bryan?”

“Oh my god, Bry,” Sabrina reacted, quickly giving a pinch to his nuts.

“Sorry!” he answered, covering as best he could with his hands.

“It’s OK,” Kasey insisted, gripping his erect dick from outside his boxer-briefs, the same loose and comfortable pair Sabrina picked out for him that morning, smiling as she moved her hand up and down and all over his package. “These videos made you hard, Bry?”

“A little,” he answered, sheepishly, puzzled that his penis was in the hands of a 15-year-old girl, too engaged in pleasure to stop it and not sure he’d be able to anyways. After a few more erratic tugs and twists, Bryan’s mouth dropped wide open.

“Oh my god,” Sabrina expressed, recognizing what was about to happen, that her brother was ready to jizz, bumping the heels of her feet into the ground in excitement as she watched a load of cum fill up inside Bryan’s shorts. “You just milked by brother!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never seen a boy cum before.”

“Me neither,” Kasey answered, laughing.

Deflated and breathing heavy, Bryan shriveled his shoulders forward with his hands over his junk, embarrassed to have just lost his load in front of his sister. “Don’t tell anyone about this, OK?” he pleaded.

“You’re so cute, Bry,” Kasey told him, cuddling next to him with her hands near his balls.

“Take these off, Bry,” Sabrina suggested, pulling at his drawers.

“NO!” Bryan responded, grabbing to hold on.

“They’re wet, Bryan!” Sabrina insisted, pushing a fist into her brother’s groin. “Take them off.”

“Oooof,” Bryan groaned, allowing Sabrina to strip his underwear, leaving him naked, wet from his semen and still with a semi-hard cock.

“I should probably get going,” Kasey said, standing up. “Can I have a hug, Bry?” she asked.

“No, I don’t like you,” Bryan joked, still covering his junk with his hands.

“Why?” Kasey asked, “I didn’t hit your balls once all day. Except with the softball, but that was an accident.”

“You hit me when we wrestled,” he reminded her.

“Oh ya,” she remembered, “but still, that was only so I could win, it wasn’t to be mean.”

“Fine,” Bryan answered, a little embarrassed to expose himself naked, but standing up to give Kasey a hug.

“I wish you lived here, Bry,” she told him, gripping her hand around his nuts and massaging as she hugged him with the other arm, building a full erection in Bryan and then driving a knee into his unsuspecting ball sac.

“Do it again,” Sabrina suggested, lifting Bryan from the ground and holding him from behind.

“Can I, Bry?” Kasey asked, holding her hands against the side of his naked body, feeling his tight butt as his sister held him.

“LET HER!” Sabrina demanded, lifting a knee into his balls from behind.

“OK,” Bryan answered, squirming, frightened and starting to convulse as he stood mostly limp in his Sabrina’s arms. “Do it.”

Kasey lifted the top of her leg flush into Bryan’s nads, leaving Bryan him fall forward into Kasey’s arms.

“Knockout!” Sabrina cheered, as she let go of her limp brother.

Holding him, Kasey lifted 3 more knees to Bryan’s battered groin, insisting “I’m sorry, Bry, I’m sorry,” each time, and then finally letting him fall to the floor, where he lay mostly face down, coughing, almost lifeless as his eyes filled with tears.

“Bye, Bry,” she told him, kneeling down to kiss the wounded boy a few times on the side of his neck while she rubbed his butt.

As Sabrina made her way to her bedroom (leaving her brother downstairs to wallow by himself), she noticed her parents pulling into the driveway. “Bry!” she called, running down the stairs. “They’re home!”

“Holy shit!” Bryan groaned, barely able to stand, much less move anywhere.

“Run upstairs!” Sabrina directed. “I’ll get your clothes.”

“Wow,” Bryan exclaimed, laying back on his sister’s bed, relieved. “Thanks for telling me.”

“You’re welcome, Bry,” she answered, laying next to her brother, fondling his balls and rubbing his dick, watching as an erection grew into her grip. “Sorry Kasey beat you up so bad.”

“That’s OK,” Bryan answered, thrusting himself up and down through her grip. “Oh my god, if you want. Please, if you want.”

“If I want what, Bryan?” Sabrina asked, smiling, stroking up and down, knowing exactly what her brother wanted.

Bryan’s legs twitched in excitement and his upper body lay almost glued against the bed. Soon a blast of semen shot over his shoulder, then on to his chest, then a few squirts landing on his stomach, both Bryan and Sabrina laughing as it happened.

Sabrina couldn’t help but stare and admire the beauty as her brother lay there, his naked butt pressing firm against the mattress, his hard abs interrupted by the soft bulge of his semi-flaccid cock, his balls showing off perfectly as his legs bent over the bed in a right angle down to the floor, while he lay back peacefully, drenched in his own fluids, enjoying the afterglow of a messy male orgasm.

“Goodnight, Bryan,” Sabrina told him, getting up to shut the light off, then rejoining her brother in bed. Bryan wouldn’t prove to get much sleep, as Sabrina used his body like it was her personal amusement park, bringing him to cum a total of 5 more times as he slept beside her.

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