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fm/mm busting

My Birthday

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Alex Parker f/m busting
Oct 1 '17
Hi! I'll do anything you want to my balls. No matter how painful!
Joe f/m busting
Mar 21 '17
Happy Birthday! I hope it's a good one. :)
Andrew Chew f/m busting
Mar 20 '17
Hey Happy Birthday Soph! Hope you have a great one :) and since it's your birthday hope you get to pop a nut haha jk cheers :)
Mark Branded f/m busting
Mar 8 '17
Awesome, are you offering sessions at all?
Gabriel f/m busting
Mar 7 '17
Hi there, you look great, wanna chat or something. :D
Reks fm/mm busting
Mar 7 '17
The shirt has me. :3 Well done, im sure you could do a lot of damage.
Zach f/m busting
Jan 17 '17
Lovely pic my dear!
hamod f/m busting
Oct 19 '16
i hope to be your busting buddy


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