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matt fm&mm busting
Carl fm&mm busting
Arbogaste f/m busting
Keith Admin
A ssl would be nice and has... More
Keith Sep 21


Silent Warrior f/m busting
This is getting to be a story I LOVE telling as a ... more
Silent Warrior f/m busting
The moment she was done with me was the culminati... more
Brayston f/m busting
Hello je me apel brayston. I lost your info you ga... more
Brayston Sep 23
Silent Warrior f/m busting
My 3rd round with her, and she wins TKO by the las... more
Silent Warrior f/m busting
Round two with this talented young lady, and she w... more


Fred fm&mm busting
Damian f/m busting
Dee f/m busting

USA - West

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f/m busting
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ruptered SiteOwner
Tori f/m busting
bbsara f/m busting



Tori f/m busting
bbsara f/m busting
ruptered SiteOwner


  • It's Rolf's birthday!
    Rolf f/m busting
    Birthday: Apr 06
    Apr 6
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  • Rolf f/m busting
    Rolf liked SimoneHarte's status
    No challenges for awhile so lets get the ball (s) rolling :D
    Tie 'em up boys nice and tight, bunched or separate you can choose and find something firm and sturdy, ruler, spatula, spoon, brush etc and lets go with 20 nice and HARD spanks, 1 every 5 seconds.

    Aug 30 '16
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    Joan fm&mm busting
    Aug 28 '16
    You guys listen to Simone! Y'all hear me?
    ItalianSub f/m busting
    Aug 28 '16
    sure Joan, tell we as well! :D
    LowHangers fm&mm busting
    Aug 28 '16
    You girls and your sneak attacks, can't turn my back here for more than 2 secs :)
    Danny fm&mm busting
    Aug 29 '16
    I did ruler this morning and Simone I have to say after the 10th hit it got harder to do....they ached for a good while after!
    ashiq fm&mm busting
    Aug 30 '16
    simone balls are aching and red
    sacculus f/m busting
    Aug 30 '16
    just that my balls needed! Don´t wait for so long again...
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  • Rolf f/m busting
    Rolf joined our site!
    May 5 '16
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