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matt fm&mm busting
Carl fm&mm busting
Arbogaste f/m busting
Keith Admin
A ssl would be nice and has... More
Keith Sep 21


Silent Warrior f/m busting
This is getting to be a story I LOVE telling as a ... more
Silent Warrior f/m busting
The moment she was done with me was the culminati... more
Brayston f/m busting
Hello je me apel brayston. I lost your info you ga... more
Brayston Sep 23
Silent Warrior f/m busting
My 3rd round with her, and she wins TKO by the las... more
Silent Warrior f/m busting
Round two with this talented young lady, and she w... more


Fred fm&mm busting
Damian f/m busting
Dee f/m busting

USA - West

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f/m busting
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ruptered SiteOwner
Soph fm&mm busting



kick my balls fm&mm busting
Mike fm&mm busting
Soph fm&mm busting
ruptered SiteOwner

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  • It's David's birthday!
    David f/m busting
    Birthday: Jun 29
    Jun 29
    0 0
  • David f/m busting
    The new dark theme
    74 votes
    The original white and blue
    16 votes
    Crap - I like both for different reasons.
    9 votes
    2 more...
    Dec 18 '16
    8 99 2
  • David f/m busting
    David commented on Joan's photo
    Oct 24 '16
    13 4
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    Joan fm&mm busting
    Oct 24 '16
    You're damn right my aim is that good! But why in the hell would I destroy the two things that make it so easy for me to control you? haha
    ItalianSub f/m busting
    Oct 24 '16
    now, you'll just aim at our balls to control us! ahah
    David f/m busting
    Oct 24 '16
    Well how about you shoot me between my legs but with your foot? :P
    mike fm&mm busting
    Oct 24 '16
    i will offer my balls :) like i'd have a choice :)
    Danny fm&mm busting
    Oct 24 '16
    I didn't even notice the gun I was staring at the curves....still a good distraction for a solid knee to the nuts!
    VolcanicNutz f/m busting
    Oct 28 '16
    Now THAT'S a well prepared ballbuster... is it weird that i got an intense hard-on?
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  • David f/m busting
    David commented on Tori's photo
    Who wants their balls popped? x
    Oct 24 '16
    44 34
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    luke f/m busting
    Nov 5 '16
    yes please
    paul f/m busting
    Jan 1
    my new years resoltion is to have my balls popped by you x
    mike fm&mm busting
    Mar 4
    Not popped but I’d take a hard busting for you any day. :)
    Adrian f/m busting
    Jun 13
    in my heaven you poping them everyday :)
    John f/m busting
    Jun 22
    Me please
    bob f/m busting
    Sep 21
    me too
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  • David f/m busting
    David liked Tori's photo
    I have waaay to many heels! X
    Oct 24 '16
    16 12
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    Tori f/m busting
    Nov 30 '16
    Hehe more! X
    ballsofsteel fm&mm busting
    Dec 19 '16
    perfect!!!! i want them all to my balls.
    mike fm&mm busting
    Feb 25
    love them all :)
    mike fm&mm busting
    Mar 4
    Wish I could kiss them all while you have them on of course. :)
    ratani fm&mm busting
    Oct 4
    i'd like to take one kick for each shoe!
    Tori f/m busting
    Oct 17
    Come here then? Xx
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