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  • ruptered SiteOwner
    Apr 14 '16
    6 3
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    ruptered SiteOwner
    Apr 14 '16
    I think the toilet bust is a huge fav around here
    Ted fm/mm busting
    Dec 17 '17
    mmm l have done that
    DaisyNutcracker f/m busting
    Dec 21 '17
    Ive never actually seen it happen before! Who's gonna do it? :D
    vadu Moderator
    Dec 21 '17
    Definitely a classic
    Twinberries Moderator
    Feb 22
    @VADU yes, yes it is. @Daisynutcracker I longer have that toilet seat, so I can't show you :(. I now have seat that lowers slowly so I don't make too much noise in the AM, haha.
    French_guy f/m busting
    Feb 22
    the toilet seat hurts.
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