Any donation is appreciated and needed. The site will need $1080, on March 10th, 2019, to renew ALL services and to add SSL. The community must cover these expenses, if the community wants the site to remain online;

  • Joan Admin
    Over half way there! Come on members, I know you can do this.
    I see Lisa is being very generous by offering chats for donations.
    You guys better donate fast to get an early place in line for one of
    those chats.
    Mar 4
    3 4
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    Lisa Moderator
    Mar 5
    Awwhh, thats so sweet :p

    No requests yet! But maybe later.. :)
    Twinberries Moderator
    Mar 5
    I expect the line will be out the door, soon! Thank you both for everything
    ruptered SiteOwner
    Mar 8
    Lisa, thank you for the support. You can use the posted list of those who donated, to determine who gets your time.
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