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  • Lisa Moderator
    Lisa created a new blog post
    Short stories made, JUST for you!
    Hey, I'm lisa, and you may or may not know me, and if you don't please check my profile if you don't mind :)

    What I wanted to say was, I enjoy writ...
    Feb 4
    8 7
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    Odie Mog f/m busting
    Feb 7
    yea.really cool idea, I will pm you regarding it.
    French_guy f/m busting
    Feb 9
    Well it's a very good idea and nice of you to suggest it ! Thanks a lot :)
    art f/m busting
    Feb 9
    Wii do that sounds like fun
    Lisa Moderator
    Feb 25
    Awesome guys :D I've been a bit absent lately but i'll get on it!
    KokoNutz f/m busting
    Mar 1
    I want to try to suggest you...
    Lisa Moderator
    Mar 2
    Sure! Message me the details! :D
    Twinberries Moderator
    Mar 4
    Wonderful idea. I hope you are and you are not busy. I hope that makes sense
    Lisa Moderator
    Mar 4
    Well I am a tiny bit busy at the moment, but if you message me your specifications you willl get it eventually! (Leave your email.. just in case after 14 march.. y'know..)
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