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At the dawn of the internet, there was the beginning of what has become The Ballbusting Community. We gathered at small sites, many of who's names are now long forgotten. We had no chat rooms, but we did have forums where we shared our desires, our experiences and our fantasies. We wrote stories about these fantasies and experiences, that we freely shared. Some effort was made to collect these stories, but those collection sites are closed or unedited for years. This archive is an effort to keep some of those old stories from disappearing forever. If you have any favorites, please post them. Also, if any of these are your stories and you want them removed, message Seth, or Ruptered. I will not be reading every story I post, so if you find something objectionable in any of them, contact Seth. I'll have Ruptered review it. 
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    Nailed Hard
    By domaine1

    I'll try and make it short and sweet. This is true. I do get all my bb fantasies indulged by my fiancée so I am very lucky. She loves it and in particular the power/dominance my balls give her. She, needless to say, is always swatting, kicking, squeezing or whatever till I give in. She is very athletic and hot too. Most of the time the only time I ever really feel it painfully is when she grabs me to make a point and squeezes. For her it is not always sexual but dominance related, though she usually gets aroused by my submission at those times.
    Anyway we always horse around wrestling and stuff (she usually wins by getting the jewels... poor me I know…) We were watching some show on cops on TLC and it featured a female cop. She had wanted to be a cop and still thinks about it.
    Anyway I saw the sad look in her eyes and said, "Look, no way do I want you to be a cop. Besides why do you want to deal with lowlife scum day in, day out? You will begin to believe that all people are scum and that is not like you and you are not rugged enough to be a cop. We mess around but in a real fight it’s different."
    "Fine," she said. She got up went and got our handcuffs.
    "Ok, lets play a game. I’ve cornered you and am pointing my gun at you and have told you to get on your knees with your hands over your head and I have to cuff you. Start this way and we will see what happens. Do what you want but remember if this was for real I would have back up too." We cleared the living room and I got on my knees this way. She came up behind me after she said don't move...
    I had no idea what was coming the first thing she did was to twist and cuff one arm. At that point I went to fight her but she twisted the cuff on my wrist and it hurt like hell then she stomped down on my right heel (I was still on my knees). It felt like she had broken my ankle. I went down on my side and she twisted me onto my stomach. She was about to get the other cuff on when I spun, rolled into her and knocked her off balance, but she recovered quickly.
    We had a piece of leftover 2" thick dowel (from a closet) that was supposed to be her stick. She jabbed it down onto my thigh and it hurt. I was pissed. What started as a game now was more. I was still trying to get my balance with my wrist killing me and with cuffs dangling off it, my ankle not working right and now a Charlie horse in my thigh. I stumbled back and she kicked out at my balls.
    She hit, but not hard. She then charged in, bashed me into the wall and pumped her knee into my balls… the third was the charm. I had never been kneed so that it really hurt. My balls had always found a way to escape. Not this time. They must have been hanging low and got totally trapped between her knee and my pelvic bone just the way it is supposed to happen but never had before. Now when I think about it I get turned on... but then.... oh my god! Nothing, I mean nothing, felt good or erotic about it. I thought my nuts were toasted for good it hurt so bad.
    I just grabbed my nuts and went limp... all my breath went out of my lungs in one whoosh. She then tried again for good measure but my hands had gone down there and my legs clenched closed. No matter, she slammed my head against the wall so I saw stars.
    Next thing I remember was feeling her knee on my back and the cuff being twisted and snapped closed on my other wrist. I was trying to move and tell her I was really hurt but she put her foot on my neck and pushed my face into the floor. She was breathing heavy and hissed "asshole". I was trying to talk but I was in too much pain and couldn't utter a word do to the lack of breath. I looked up at her, she had this wild angry look on her face and her lip was bleeding (I found out later I had elbowed her in the face at some point)
    "pppllease it hurts," I whimpered but she just said, "Fuck you. I'm glad it hurts." She then walked away towards the bathroom. I was very close to gagging from pain/nausea at this point. I then heard her washing up in the bathroom. I don't know how long I was lying there but she came out in just panties and a t-shirt with wet hair.
    "I am going to let you up but don't ever think I can't handle my self, asshole. And if I want to be a cop I will be."

    Gotta go there is more to this story...but I'm sure I’ve bored you all by now. But it is true, all of it. Dome
    Nailed Hard
    By domaine1

    I'll try and make it short and sweet. This is true. I do get all my bb fantasies indulged by my fiancée so I am very lucky. She loves it and in particular the power/dominance my balls give her. She, needless to say, is always swatting, kicking, squeezi...See more
    Apr 4 '17
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    My Wife, The Ball Buster: A Couple's Story
    By: J.J.

    I never thought of getting kicked in the balls as a sexual fetish until sometime early in my college career. Before then, I had always played sports such as baseball, and discovered the pain that every athlete feels when he gets racked (I never wore a cup then as the style left my inner thighs bruised). My sports experiences taught me pain, but it was a self-defense class that taught me pleasure.
    My girlfriend (future wife) was a year ahead of me in college and, as a way for her to exercise, she was taking a self-defense course to help her work on her coordination. I showed up to her class one day early as we had some errands to run, and just walked in when she was kicking some guy in the balls. There she was, wearing a pair of karate over-shoes, slamming her foot into this guy’s padded crotch. I was so amazed, and I got so hard, that I had to run to the bathroom to jerk off before her class was over. I'm not sure if she noticed me or not, but we ran our errands and headed home.
    Back at the house, she had taken a shower, and I had caught her coming out naked for all the world to see. She has such pretty, firm breasts with the darkest nipples you have ever seen. I was playing with those and kissing her neck when I asked her about what she does in her self-defense class. She went on about how to break out of attack situations, weapons, and vital points. I asked her what some of the vital points were and she proceeded to show me by kissing where they were and by fondling my balls. She said that a guy's balls were his most sensitive area, but that you needed to make sure that you struck them as hard as you could for the most impact.
    Before I realized what I was saying, I asked her to show me what it was like to kick a guy in the balls. She giggled, asked me how and asked me if I had a cup. A cup? She said it was so that she wouldn't hurt me so bad, and that we could take it from there. I had a cup from a softball team I was on so I slipped it on and nothing else. I made her wear nothing but a sports bra and her karate over shoes, and there we stood opposite of each other. She lay back on the side of our bed while I stood in front of her. I could feel her starting to rub up the underside of my leg with her foot until she reached the bottom of my cup, and she lightly pressed against it. My dick was starting to hurt from being compressed in the cup, but she said that it excited her to see me in it (I have no idea when that was). After pressing on my dick and balls some more inside the cup, she brought her foot back and started to lightly kick me in the balls.
    The thump of her foot hitting the outside of the cup made my dick even harder and the head started to peek out behind the edge. She noticed this and proceeded to squash to bottom part of the cup, which started to smash my balls. I was so hard by this time that I couldn't stand it. I think she saw my discomfort, and reached over and slowly pulled the cup down to my ankles where she proceeded to fondle and bounce my balls while she made me pull my legs apart. She asked if I was ready for some pain, and away we went. Before I could answer, she swung her foot under the bed and kicked me square under the nut sack so that my dick bounced straight up in the air. The cushioning from her shoes took a lot of the blow so my balls felt pretty good. She swung again this time a lot harder, and the top part of her foot smashed my balls with incredible force. I felt the pain of the kick but I also felt the pleasure. I knelt on the floor and she continued to squash my balls with her foot. I felt like I was going to pass out, but then I realized that I was about to cum. The harder she pressed the more I came and she rubbed her foot all over my balls.
    From then on, every time she came home from self-defense class she always had a few kicks left over for me. This story is absolutely true!!
    My Wife, The Ball Buster: A Couple's Story
    By: J.J.

    I never thought of getting kicked in the balls as a sexual fetish until sometime early in my college career. Before then, I had always played sports such as baseball, and discovered the pain that every athlete feels w...See more
    Apr 4 '17
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    My New Car
    by Wizard

    Hi. My name is Alley. Men love me. My body just seems to ooze sensuality. Or so I've been told. I'm 5'8", with beautiful long legs, curvy hips, bubble butt, fabulous breasts (all natural, thank you), the face of a model and hair a gorgeous, long, light brunette. So there! What I want to tell you about is my car buying experience. Despite my great looks my budget could only really extend to the weenymobile model of the General C. Ford dealership downtown. I was getting pretty bored with the salesperson who couldn't wait to get my name on the contract. At least he wasn't trying to get in my jeans. Not yet anyway. My eyes started to wonder around the showroom and there over in a corner it sat. It was low, it was long, it was bad, it was fast - and it was even more beautiful than I. My eyes took in the shape and someone cleared his throat behind me.
    “Isn't it a beaut?” he said in tones of golden honey. I turned - and there was this gorgeous specimen of manhood. His blue eyes smiled at me and his perfectly manicured hand took mine and led me over to the car, opened the door and beckoned me to enter. I was in a daze. I wanted both the car and the sales rep! All sense had left me and in a dream I started the motor. The roar brought me back down to earth. What was I doing! I couldn't possibly afford this car! But He just smiled at me like he knew my every thought and told me not to worry, that he had a way I could have it all. I couldn't argue with him, just nodded my eager head OK and drove out through the dealership door into the bright sunshine. The sun blinded me and…

    The next I knew I came to on the floor of a dank, dark cave. I could hear scurrying somewhere, and the most foul smell - no, smells - assaulted my nose. I tried to sit up and felt cobwebs brush my face. On the cave walls were torches burning low, emitting little light but adding plenty to the stench. I was dimly aware of a dark presence at the end of the cave. I tried to peer into the gloom, afraid to move for fear of meeting one of the creatures that I could hear scrabbling all around me. The torches brightened and I became aware that someone - or something - was sitting on a large, high chair. All I could make out was a vague outline, and this voice - sounding remarkably like my golden tongued salesman, only several octaves deeper - rumbled around the cave.
    “Excellent”, it said, “now to earn yourself a fabulous car.” I tried standing and scrunched up my eyes but still could not make out details.
    “How is that?” I asked.
    “Just relax,” said the voice, and my knees started to bend and my head started to spin. Music started, and the light on me increased as I started to dance to the music. This was no ordinary dance. This was a sensual, provocative tease of a dance. I moved my body like I had never moved it before. When my clothes got in the way they started melting away, as my passion got stronger and stronger. The light got brighter and I started to see some features on the face of whoever was watching. Little eyes glowed all around me but I didn't care - it just turned me on more and more. I ripped the rest of the clothing from my whirling body and something made me dance nastier and nastier. I started to hear moans of appreciation from the chair, and the torches flared high. I was in such a sexual frenzy that I was wet and dripping and about to orgasm.
    “Enough!” boomed this voice. The music died and I slumped breathless to the floor. “You are magnificent,” you know, came the voice. I looked up. In the light of the torches was this handsome, but somehow twisted face. The slanting eyes glowed at me and the horns - wait a minute! Horns????
    “Who ARE you?” I asked.
    The face leaned forward, smiled fangs at me and said, “You know.” He was right! Looking like all the pictures of him rolled into one I was facing Lucifer, the Devil himself! Oh my God! The hairy legs, the cloven feet, the horns, the fangs, the pointy ears. But that wasn't all. He was all male. Jutting out from his loins was an enormous phallus, thick as my leg, boldly, throbbingly erect. And so long that he was able to casually lick the glans with his long, pointy tongue! He had some kind of spell on me and against my will I started to move provocatively before him once more. His phallus swelled even more as I presented my ripe body for his pleasure. A grin spread on his face, which became more beast-like in appearance. Now I was scared. He obviously intended to rape me, though with a shlong like that he would probably kill me. But I couldn't help myself! The more I struggled the more turned on he became. I felt millions of tiny hands caressing my body and forcing me back to the floor in front of him. He started to rise and I tried to push myself away from him with my feet. He advanced on me step by hairy-bow-legged-animal step, his hooves clacking on the stone floor, his gigantic phallus oozing a pre-cum, his tongue hungrily licking his lips. I was shaking. I was so scared. I knew I was about to die a horrible death and that this would turn the Devil on even more. The sickening smells made me feel like vomiting as he stood towering above my naked form.
    “Help!” I cried and he threw back his head and laughed horribly, his phallus waving in the air before me. It was at this point that some sense returned to me. Lucifer was very, very male. And along with an oversized phallus he also possessed an amazing pair of balls. The Devil’s testicles were as big as a bull's, almost hairless, I noticed, as they wobbled invitingly before my face. He seized his erect telephone pole and started to pull it and rub it to display to me what he had. I heard the slap-slap of his giant sized testicles as they swung back and forth in a scrotum big enough to be a kit bag!
    I was desperate and had to get out of this situation. I brought my legs up against my chest, and as Lucifer stood over me, let fly with my feet as hard as I could into his two beautifully vulnerable gonads. I had to use both feet - one for each testicle - and as my feet slammed home I thrust my body up from the ground as high as I could, trying to ram his balls back into his body. It was like punching a pillow for me, wonderfully soft and easy. I suppose it was different for him. He grunted a little and his body froze into position, which was perfect for me as I was able to kick him again, digging my hard bony heels deep into his sac. This time his head went back and the most deafening roar echoed violently around the cave. This was easy! I kicked again, and again and again, crushing the bastard's balls as viciously as I could. He finally bent forward in agony and grabbed my arms as I hunched up and kicked him in the face. He went backwards, but made the mistake of keeping a hold to my arms. As he hit the floor, I fell on top of him, the full weight of my body dropping knee-first on his battered nutsac, smashing them flat against the stone floor! They were so big he couldn't possibly protect himself!
    “Well,” I thought, “this is more like it! This huge male is now helplessly groaning at my feet, brought down by his very male vulnerability.” I was scared he would not be out long enough and jumped onto his testicular balloons. He writhed most encouragingly and had a wonderful expression on his face. He also seemed several shades paler. But he was still moving, still a threat. I quickly looked around and hauled a large rock over to him. His scrotum stretched down to his knees and his testicles lay waiting, resting heavily on the hard floor. I raised the rock high and smashed it down on his balls, crushing them mercilessly under the rock. He screamed once and passed out. Wow did I feel powerful! But I was still pissed at how he thought he could just take me. I looked around some more and found some wonderful torture devices. At least, I think that's what they were. I returned with a razor sharp curved blade and some thongs. I slipped the blade under his scrotum and tied it up to his now flaccid - but still enormous - phallus.
    As he began to stir, I began once more to dance erotically before him. As his eyes focused a smile came over his face, and I danced enticingly, making his phallus swell. Now for it! Now to get real nasty. I turned my back, spread my legs and bent over, using my hands to pull my lips apart and show everything. I wet my fingers in my mouth and started rubbing in earnest. It worked! His phallus shot into an unbelievable erection, pulling up on the razor and neatly cutting off his own balls, which flopped onto the floor. Slowly the grin faded and as he realized what I had done he fainted dead away.
    Now to make my escape, but first, a souvenir. I grabbed the scrotum from the floor and the two swollen glands dropped onto the ground with a disgusting wet slapping sound. I started looking around for an exit. It took a while, but I finally discovered a slit in the cave wall through which I could see light. First I checked on my defeated male opponent. The damnedest thing! He was growing a new set of balls as I watched!
    I started to squeeze through the opening, which was real tight. If my body had not been slick and naked I probably would not have made it. I came out onto a rock ledge and peered over. I could see clouds but no bottom. Now what? There was a great roaring crash behind me and I was showered with bits of rock. Lucifer was up, whole again, and mad as Hell that I was trying to get away. He advanced on me slowly, pushing me back to the precipice. My heels were hanging over air and I felt my balance going. Grabbing at the first thing I could brought a nice smile from that hideous face. Hot damn! As his phallus became erect it actually pulled me back from the edge! I was impressed in spite of myself. Now he wanted to kiss me and his tongue darted in and out like a lizard's and the odor of a thousand exposed landfills washed oppressively over me. I almost gagged. Better you than me pal, I thought as I rammed my thigh up into his huge re-generated balls again and again, actually using his erection for better leverage, pulling with all my might like I was about to win the giant slot machine jackpot. This was fun! He didn't stand a chance with a gutsy female like me! But as his body crumpled and his head bent forward I lost my balance and my foot slipped off the edge. So I grabbed what I could. You should have heard the volume of his agonized cry of pain as I swung out over space, hanging onto his elongating nutsac!
    So what happened next? As he calmed down a bit he suddenly laughed and started to rub himself and swing his nuts back and forth with me swinging with them!
    “You were the BEST,” he laughed. “I've not had so much fun in ages.”
    “But your b-b-balls,” I stammered.
    “Yes!” he roared, “you were magnificent. What a woman!” And he whipped out a huge blade and thrust it down towards me.
    “Oh shit! This is where I get it,” thought I, when he suddenly slices off his own balls! Down I went, staring up at him in open-mouthed astonishment until he disappeared in the clouds.


    I wake up in bed, not alone! The car salesman is already licking me in interesting places. After the most amazing, mind-blowing lovemaking I'm lying there in a dreamy daze and he's leaving!
    He turns at the door and I ask, “Who the hell are you?” He grins wickedly, grabs his equipment with one hand and makes a slicing motion with he other. As I stare blankly he tosses a set of keys to me and leaves.
    I now drive that amazing car - a Diablo, what else? But I've never seen the car salesman since, despite my efforts to find him. Life is returning to normal. I do have two unusual punching bags that are tied together at the top. I'm often asked, but I never tell what the unusual leather is made of. I do like to watch men's faces as I punch away and the stuffed nutsacs wobble about and I tell them just what I imagine I'm punching. Funny thing, but unlike my girlfriends I've never had one of them disappoint me in bed after that demonstration…
    My New Car
    by Wizard

    Hi. My name is Alley. Men love me. My body just seems to ooze sensuality. Or so I've been told. I'm 5'8", with beautiful long legs, curvy hips, bubble butt, fabulous breasts (all natural, thank you), the face of a model and hair a gorgeous, long, light bru...See more
    Apr 4 '17
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    My Breaking
    by Alan

    I entered my garage, hit the auto door closed and headed in for the night, then I saw it. The note on the door.
    "TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES. FOLD THEM NEATLY. ENTER NAKED AND ON YOUR KNEES OR ELSE MBYB. KATIE” MBYB, our little code, her little code really, for MY BOOT YOUR BALLS. Katie had always been a ballbreaker, even in High School; she just wasn't shy about grabbing punching kicking squeezing etc. Whenever she doesn't get her way, she goes for the balls first. I can't blame her; it gets results. I of course stripped, folded and went in to kneel on my living room rug. I heard heels clicking behind me. She came in behind me and placed a blindfold over my eyes, this was not uncommon, but what happened next was.
    "I have a surprise for you"
    “Really, what is it?”
    "Put your arms behind your back" Right when I did I felt her snap the cuffs on. Then she came around front and pulled off my blindfold. She was wearing a pair of black, thigh-high, spiked heel boots with steel tips, heel tips, and studded bands and a chain around each ankle. She had on a leather bikini and a pair of elbow length leather gloves. She looked gorgeous and I was instantly hard. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. Then I felt her leather-covered knee in my balls. I doubled over and went to my knees.
    "How do you like my new boots?" I struggled against my cuffs.
    ‘It feels like that isn't the only new toy we have.”
    "You don't know the half of it. Wait till we get upstairs. Now get up on your knees and kiss the carpet." I got into her favorite position, face in rug, ass in the air, legs spread wide open. I knew it was coming, then BAM!
    She was merciful and caught me with the ankle. I could feel the studded belts connect with my ballsack. I went down on my side into the fetal position, my arms pulling against my cuffs, trying to cradle my battered balls.
    "How was that? Looked uncomfortable, If you like I can replace the studded belts with spiked ones???"
    ‘No, please...”
    "Well put your lips on my kicking toe. Give it a kiss." I struggled over to her and kissed her right boot toe.
    "Can you feel how hard it is, how pointy? Feel the steel tip… imagine me burying that right into your balls!" She put the blindfold back on and yanked me up by the hair.
    "Let me show you what I have upstairs." She grabbed my cock and pulled me up the stairs to the kitchen. When she pulled my blindfold off my jaw dropped. On the table lay a nutcracker, pliers, a paddle, a couple of whips, ballstretchers, Icy Hot, Q-Tips, and a couple of clothes pins which she picked up and placed on my nipples immediately. It hurt, but it was almost a welcome distraction to the ache in my balls.
    "What do you think? A nice little start, don't you think? I will show you I now how to use each and every one of these things… with skill." I was standing staring at the table, and she did it, a full force toe kick right in the balls. I was down in the fetal position immediately. I felt her quickly uncuffing me, and she cuffed my left wrist to my left ankle, then with a second pair of cuffs, did my right wrist to my right ankle. I was so incapacitated it took no effort from her at all. She then pushed me onto my knees. I was back kissing the carpet, with my ass in the air and me legs spread. My wrists were bound to my ankles. I was powerless.
    "I told you to pay attention. The steel toes really make an impact, huh?" I could not respond. "Well, I have been meaning to have a little talk with you. We are going to change the way we do things around here. From now on, I am in charge. Period. MBYB is in force at all times. Also my pliers, nutcrackers and fists, knees and hands. Your balls are mine, period. Every time you forget you will be reminded, quickly and forcefully. You will also be given regular sessions like this one, call this the first in a lifetime series..." I felt her hand on my face, and before I knew it, I had a ballgag in my mouth and she was buckling me up. Yet another new toy.
    "You see now, even when I say I am going to hurt you, I can see you don't believe it. You may go along, but I can see the doubt in your eyes. The doubt is about to be erased." She was pulling her glove tight onto her right hand and flexing her fingers.
    "Tonight, I am going to hurt you, not gentle like before, but a lot... Don't beg; just let it go. I need to hurt you so you see that I can, and will. You need to know exactly what I am capable of. If I let you off, and you misbehave in public, and I threaten you, you may not believe I will follow through." I felt her leather gloved hand slip between my legs, her thumb and forefinger formed a ring separating my balls from my body; her fingers and palm began to tighten around my balls.
    "Tonight I erase the doubt in your eyes" She squeezed me hard, and I felt her yank my balls back hard. She gave them a half turn and squeezed me hard. I was literally trying to scream through my gag. I was almost convulsing, but she had me bound so tight. She squeezed till I was literally crying. My balls were aching; my stomach was churning. I thought I was going to throw up or pass out. It felt like forever, squeezing, yanking, twisting.
    Then she just let go. She walked around in front of me and took of the gag. I couldn't speak.
    "Get the message? How did that one feel? Whenever you feel the need to disobey, remember this. Remember I can do this anytime. I am going to start carrying my leather gloves and a nutcracker everywhere we go..." She uncuffed me.
    "I am going up to change and go to bed. Make sure you shower before you join me; you’ve been sweating. Oh, you might want to ice those...You never know when lesson number two will be taught."
    She sauntered down the hall, leaving me on the floor sobbing, and broken.
    My Breaking
    by Alan

    I entered my garage, hit the auto door closed and headed in for the night, then I saw it. The note on the door.
    "TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES. FOLD THEM NEATLY. ENTER NAKED AND ON YOUR KNEES OR ELSE MBYB. KATIE” MBYB, our little code, her little code reall...See more
    Apr 4 '17
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    Mom and Aunt Jane- Ball-busters
    By WimpHub

    18-year-old Jimmy Anderson arrived home from his evening class. He called out to his mother as he entered the lounge. Inside, he saw his mother Lucy sitting next to his Aunt Jane on the sofa. Both were dressed in only short white toweling robes, and their jet-black hair appeared damp, as though they had recently had a shower.
    Jimmy briefly studied the two women as they said hello. His mother was 38, her sister a couple of years younger. They looked fairly similar, both being nearly six feet tall, with attractive, if stern looking faces, a full, voluptuous figures. Not fat, you understand, but with plenty of meat on them. Jimmy noticed that the short robes showed off their long legs, with strong thighs and shapely calves. What Jimmy really liked looking at though was their bare feet. He had a fetish for female feet in general, but was particularly fascinated by theirs having been introduced to them at an early age, when they always kicked off their shoes at family gatherings. Both had rather large feet for women, but they were beautifully shaped and unblemished. The toenails as always were painted bright scarlet.
    In contrast to the two women, Jimmy was short, and very slight. He lived alone with his mother, who dominated him completely, because of his submissive nature. He loved her and his Aunt dearly, but was a little frightened by both of them.
    “Jimmy,” his mother said, shaking him out of the trance he was in staring at their feet. “Come and sit down. Aunt Jane and I want you to help us out.”
    “What can I do?” Jimmy asked, as he found a seat.
    “Well,” continued his mother. “As you know, Jane and I have been taking defense classes. Tonight we learnt that the best way to disable a man was to kick him hard in the balls. The thing is, although we got plenty of practice with the volunteers, they were wearing protection so we couldn’t judge how effective our kicks were. What we want to do is practice on you tonight.”
    “But that will really hurt, won’t it Mom?” Jimmy replied, feeling worried.
    “Of course it will,” Lucy said irritably. “But that is not the point. Jane and I need to know that we can bring a man down effectively.”
    “Well OK then, if you think I can help.” Jimmy responded resignedly.
    “Good,” said Lucy. “Now take off all your clothes, so that we can get a good look at what we are aiming at.”
    Although acutely embarrassed at being naked in front of his mother and Aunt, Jimmy removed all his clothing and stood awkwardly, awaiting further instructions. Aunt Jane spoke for the first time.
    “Jimmy, I noticed you looking at my pretty feet, why don’t you get down here and kiss them for me a little bit while I finish my glass of wine. Then we can get started.”
    Jimmy was happy to do this. He knelt before his Aunt, and taking her right foot in his hand began to kiss and lick all over it before taking her toes into his mouth and sucking them. Finally, Jane was ready and stood up, pulling Jimmy to his feet.
    “Time to start your agony,” Jane smiled. “You look a little worried Jimmy, and so you should. I am going to kick you so hard, you will be able to feel your balls in your throat. You will wonder how the Aunt you love could be so cruel to you. Before tonight is over, you will be screaming, and begging your Mom and I to leave your poor nuts alone. Now, stand over there with your hands on your head. That's it, now spread your legs as wide as possible, let me get a good look at those plums of yours."
    “Don’t hold back,” urged Jimmy’s Mom. “Kick him as hard as you can, I want to hear him yell and squirm at your feet in agony.”
    “Don’t worry,” Jane assured her. “He’s in for a real hard time. I bet you wish you were a girl right now don’t you? Believe me, you are going to sound like one soon!”
    With that, Jane brought her leg back and smashed her impeccably pedicured foot into her nephew’s balls with all the force she could muster. It took a split second before the indescribable pain shot up through Jimmy’s stomach, and he screamed before dropping to the floor, grasping his balls. Both women laughed uproariously at his predicament.
    “That was a beauty!” exclaimed Lucy. “He won’t forget that in a hurry.”
    “Oh I really enjoyed that!” Jane gasped. “Wait until your turn Lucy, you will love it too!” Jimmy stayed down for a good two or three minutes, squirming and whimpering. Lucy became impatient and irritated with him, wanting her turn with her son’s balls.
    “Don’t be such a wimp Jimmy,” she said. “Get up and let your mother punish you.”
    “But it is so unfair,” whined Jimmy.
    “Who said life was fair?” retorted Lucy. “You happen to be the only male in the house now your brother Bill has left, so you have to take it all. After all, I gave life to you, so I should have the right to abuse you and your nuts whenever I choose. Now get up and back into position, so I can drop you again.” Jimmy swallowed nervously as he took up his position once more.
    “He knows how much it hurts now.” Jane explained. “So make him wait for it, it will increase the tension for him.” Lucy smiled, and turned to her son.
    “You know how competitive your Aunt and I have always been,” she began. “So you can be sure I will be trying to kick you even harder than she did. Are you ready?”
    Without waiting for an answer, she stepped forward and did indeed kick her young son harder than her sister. Jimmy screamed even louder this time, as he once again dropped to the floor.
    “Oh nice one Sis,” Jane exclaimed, conceding defeat in that round to her elder sister.
    The evening continued, with the two sisters taking turns to abuse the young man, all the time taunting him and laughing off his screams and pleas for mercy. Finally they decided to call it a night.
    “You may go to bed now Jimmy,” his mother told him. “After you have hugged your Aunt and I and thanked us for your treatment. Jimmy went to Jane and hugged her.
    “Thanks Aunt,” he said, his balls on fire.
    “My pleasure,” she grinned. “There’s going to be a lot more where that came from, I promise.”
    “Thanks Mom,” Jimmy said, hugging Lucy.
    “That’ OK son,” she replied. “We will have another session on Saturday night. Now you get off to bed and nurse those sore nuts.”
    The next evening, Jimmy picked up his fiancée Amy to take her to have dinner at his brother Bill’s house. Amy was a fiery redhead, just 5’2” with pleasingly large breasts and shapely legs. She also had pretty little feet, one of the first things that attracted Jimmy to her when he met her at the local swimming pool.
    They arrived at Bill’s place, and Amy greeted him with a warm hug. Jimmy was pleased that Amy seemed so fond of Bill. He was the opposite of Jimmy, being tall like his mother, extremely muscular and very good-looking. The three of them had a good evening, with lots of laughs. At about ten, Jimmy said they should be going, and took Amy home.
    When they got to Amy’s house, she noticed her mother had gone to bed, so asked Jimmy in for a while. They settled them selves on the sofa, and began necking. Unbeknown to Jimmy, his mother had told Amy of her plans for him, and she was well aware of what Lucy and Jane had put him through the previous evening. As she kissed him, Amy started to rub and squeeze his crotch much more aggressively than usual, in order to get a reaction from him. When she gave him an especially hard squeeze, he yelped.
    “What is it honey?” she asked innocently.
    “Nothing,” replied Jimmy.
    “Oh come on,” she insisted. “You can tell me, what’s wrong?”
    “Well,” he began. “Mom and Aunt Jane asked me to help with their self defense classes, and they made me stand naked while they kicked me in the balls.”
    “God, that must have hurt,” Amy observed. “How many times?”
    “I lost count,” responded Jimmy. “They just kept kicking me alternately. I spent a lot of the time on the ground, screaming and begging them to stop, but they just laughed and kept on torturing my balls.”
    “Well, it must give a woman a great feeling of power, to have a man at her feet in agony, knowing she has caused it,” reasoned Amy.
    “But you would not want that, would you?” Jimmy enquired.
    “Now you mention it Jimmy, yes I would,” responded Amy. “Look, it is time you were going, let’s talk outside.”
    They got outside the front door, and Amy turned to Jimmy.
    “Look” she said. Your Mom and Aunt just kicked you, right?”
    “Yes,” answered Jimmy.
    “Well I would like to be the first women to knee you in the balls darling. Don’t look like that; you do love me don’t you? Surely you wouldn’t deny your future wife the pleasure of being the first to knee you in the nuts?”
    “Oh all right,” Jimmy replied sullenly.
    “Great,” squealed Amy. “Right, I want to make you scream, but I don’t want to wake mother. I know.” With that, she lifted her short skirt and slid her panties off. Rolling them into a ball, she instructed Jimmy to open his mouth and shoved the soiled panties in, effectively gagging him.
    “Now spread your legs for me Jimmy,” she said excitedly, placing her hands on his shoulders. “I am going to enjoy this so much!”
    Jimmy felt her push her hands down hard on his shoulders, just as her knee rammed viciously into his very sore balls. He screamed through the panties as he dropped to the ground, but no sound came out. Amy laughed out loud as he wriggled on the ground, holding his nuts.
    “You can return the panties next time I see you,” she giggled, and slammed the door leaving him to recover.
    Jimmy limped home, and found that his mother was still up. She looked as though she had had a few drinks. Noticing that he was walking with difficulty, she asked what the problem was. Jimmy explained that Amy had wanted to be the first to knee him.
    “Good for her,” exclaimed his mother. “Well, I was going to leave you alone until our session on Saturday, but as you have already been punished today, I will just give you one more kick before I go to bed.
    “Please Mom,” argued Jimmy. “I am really sore.”
    “I don’t care,” snapped his mother. “Get in position!”
    Jimmy spread his legs, and Lucy gleefully smashed her foot into her son’s crotch, giving him his second dose of pain for the evening. He fell on his back, his hands holding his crotch. Excited by what she had done, his mother shouted for him to take his hands away, and spread his legs. The authority in her voice made him obey automatically, and Lucy stamped her bare heel spitefully into his balls another four of five times. She then sent him to bed with unbearable pain in his groin, and tears in his eyes.
    Saturday came around, and at two in the afternoon Jimmy was naked on his knees before his Mom and Aunt. They looked incredibly sexy, just wearing tiny black slips. Once again, Jimmy was sucking on his Aunt’s pretty toes.
    The back door opened, and Amy called out.
    “Hi, I haven’t missed anything have I?”
    “No dear,” replied Lucy. “He is just worshipping the feet that are going to damage him.”
    “What are you doing here? Asked Jimmy, embarrassed.
    “Your Mom invited me,” responded Amy. “I would not miss this for the world!” She took Jimmy’s face in her hands.
    “They are going to really hurt you darling, and I am going to see it all and enjoy every moment.” Jimmy was made to stand, and assume his usual position. Jane stood before him with a huge smile on her face. Jimmy noticed that Amy was in the armchair, her skirt around her waist and her hand inside her panties.
    “Hurt him real bad for me Jane,” she pleaded. “I want to hear him scream, and I want to watch him writhing on the ground. I want him in complete agony!”
    “Don’t worry,” smiled Jane. “Lucy and I have been busy doing leg strengthening exercises. With luck, we will hurt him even more than the other evening!”
    Jane stepped forward, asking Jimmy if he was ready. Without waiting for an answer, she brought her foot up into his crotch. Her kick was even harder than earlier in the week, and Jimmy screamed louder than ever.
    “This is wonderful!” yelled Amy, masturbating furiously. “I don’t want the two of you to stop. Lucy, You give him one for me now please, this whole scene is making me cum!”
    Lucy stepped forward, and placed a bucket next to Jimmy. He did not understand what it was for. Jane asked Lucy if she felt that confident, and she just smiled in reply. Pulling Jimmy to his feet, she placed him just where she wanted him. Taking a short run up, she kicked Jimmy’s balls with all her might. He screamed again, but this time as he dropped to his knees, he vomited into the bucket. This sent Amy over the edge, and she had a loud orgasm.
    “That was superb!” Jane congratulated her sister. “Well done!”
    After that, Jimmy was allowed a break. He sat on the sofa, with Amy next to him. She massaged his balls roughly, knowing full well this was making the pain worse. She admonished him for crying out and wriggling, saying she was only trying to help.
    “Are you sure this is OK with you Amy? Enquired Jane. “After all, it must be messing up your sex life with Jimmy.”
    “It’s no problem,” Amy answered. “His brother Bill has been fucking me regularly for the past few months, so I will not be deprived.”
    “What?” exclaimed Jimmy incredulously.
    “Oh come on Jimmy,” Amy countered. “I have always told you that you are useless in bed. Besides, with the great job your Mom and Aunt are doing on you, your days of being able to have sex are definitely numbered. Don’t worry honey, we will still get married in two months, as arranged.”
    Jimmy’s head was swimming at this revelation. No wonder Amy and his brother seemed to get on so well! At this point, Jane pulled Jimmy back to his feet.
    “We are going to finish off by giving you half a dozen each in quick succession,” she explained. “So I will need you both to hold him up, and wrap one leg each around his to keep them spread.”
    With the other women holding him, Jane delivered two vicious kicks one after the other. Jimmy found the pain unbearable, but was unable to fall.
    “Please, Aunt Jane,” he whimpered. “I am begging you, I just can’t stand the pain!” Jane stroked his face.
    “He’s begging girls; should I stop?” she asked.
    “No!” chorused the others.
    “Hit him harder!” yelled Amy. “Make the wimp suffer even more!” Jane obliged, giving him the last four in quick succession, causing his pleas to become louder. When she had finished she changed places with Lucy.
    “I think I am going to pass out,” Jimmy complained.
    “Not yet you are not,” insisted his mother. “You have another six ball crushing kicks to take from your mother yet!”
    Lucy’s timing was immaculate. As she delivered the last of her kicks, Jimmy went limp, and was allowed to drop to the floor. When he came round, Amy helped him to his feet, put her arms round him and kissed him.
    “As you are no use to me now, I am going to spend the rest of the weekend with Bill,” she announced. “He will give me the fucking I need. You know what I want to do before I go don’t you Jimmy?”
    “Amy I really can’t take any more,” pleaded Jimmy.
    “If you can let your Mom and Aunt have their fun, you can allow your future wife one hit,” she insisted. “Now spread your legs, and look into my eyes.”
    Jimmy just had time to notice that there was no compassion in Amy’s eyes, only cruelty, before her kneecap struck his damaged balls once more. Again he finished up in a heap on the floor.
    “Wow,” remarked Amy. “Every time I say goodbye to you lately, you are on the ground! See you.”
    Over the next few weeks, Jimmy had to face twice-weekly sessions with his Mom and Aunt. In addition to this, because his mother had become so addicted to hurting him, he had to present himself to her for a kicking first thing in the morning before work. The same applied on his return home from work and last thing at night. This ensured that there was no chance of his having sex with his fiancée. He still got to see her a lot, because she loved to finish the evening with her knee pounding into his balls. She made no secret however, of where she was spending most of her nights.
    Finally, the time for the wedding came around. For the week before, Jimmy’s balls were left untouched, and he was beginning to feel normal again. The ceremony was a simple one, with only close family present. After the reception, Jimmy and Amy returned to Mom’s house, where they were to spend the night before leaving for a short honeymoon.
    With them on their return to the house, were Mom, Jane and Bill. Bill went straight upstairs, and the rest of them went into the lounge. Jimmy embraced and kissed his new bride.
    “Does this mean I am actually going to have sex tonight?” he asked.
    “Quite the opposite,” smiled Amy.
    “That’s right,” Lucy interjected. “We have decided that tonight would be the ideal time to finally ruin you, and take away your ability to have sex. And who better to do that than your new wife.”
    “I don’t understand,” Jimmy said.
    “Oh you will,” responded his wife. “And soon!”
    Amy went to take off her wedding dress and at the same time Lucy and Jane removed their skirts, revealing their nylon-clad legs. They kicked off their shoes.
    “We will just warm you up before the main event,” smiled Jane. “Your Mom and I will just give you a couple of final kicks before your wife takes over.”
    Jimmy took off his clothes, and stood before the two women. They both saved their very best kicks for tonight, and he was soon in his familiar position on the floor. When he had recovered a little, his wife returned, dressed in only white bra and panties and stockings. She kissed him gently.
    “Time to say goodbye to your balls Jimmy,” she said simply. “Could you hold him for me ladies?”
    The two women held his arms and legs tight as Amy knelt before him. She leaned forward, and took one ball between her teeth.
    “Bite it hard!” encouraged Lucy.
    “Yes, let’s hear it pop,” agreed Jane.
    Amy bit as hard as she could as Lucy and Jane shouted encouragement. Jimmy just screamed louder than ever before. Suddenly there was a pop, and the ball was well and truly busted.
    “Just one to go,” smiled Amy, as she took the other ball between her thumb and forefinger.
    Slowly increasing the pressure as Jimmy begged and pleaded, she heard the pop just as Jimmy passed out.
    When he came round, his mother and Aunt had gone, and Amy stood over him in a transparent black nightdress. She helped him to his feet.
    “I have ruined you now Jimmy, no more sex for you. From now on, you will be my impotent slave husband. The first thing you will have to do is come to the bedroom and watch while your brother fucks me senseless. Then you will have to suck my pussy clean.”
    Jimmy meekly followed his wife, as he began his new life as a eunuch.

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    Mom and Aunt Jane- Ball-busters
    By WimpHub

    18-year-old Jimmy Anderson arrived home from his evening class. He called out to his mother as he entered the lounge. Inside, he saw his mother Lucy sitting next to his Aunt Jane on the sofa. Both were dressed in only short w...See more
    Apr 4 '17
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    Message From Karen
    By Jazz46

    Message From Karen Part 1

    Karen and I had been seeing each other for a few months. Then, without warning, she 'wanted to see other people'. Being upset and angry, I said some things I shouldn't have and walked out, amid her yells of "You'll be sorry!!"
    About a week later, I went to the local strip mall. It was late in the day, and I had to park all the way in the back by the service entrance. Pulling between two delivery vans I didn't notice the car parked across from me. I got out and turned to lock my car. Turning around, I see a woman standing in front of me. She was about my height but more muscular than I was! Long, reddish hair hung down her back...a tight GOLD'S GYM muscle tee barely covered her chest... tight jean shorts...and Doc Martin's completed the stunning vision that stood there, hands on hips, looking at me with a slightly sexy smile.
    "Hi," she spoke; my mouth went dry. God, I was in LOVE!!
    "Um, h-hi..." I could hardly speak. She continued smiling at me as she slowly walked to me.
    "You know Karen, right?"
    "Yea…I know her." She stopped right in front of me. She traced a finger over my lips and down my neck. My heart was racing; my cock was so rock hard I thought it would explode!! She traced her finger lower... "
    My name's Jazzmon," she said, placing her hands on my hips. "And Karen asked me to give you a message. Can I...give it to you?"
    "Um…yea! Sure!" I knew I should be careful but with Jazzmon, care went right out the window! Her perfume filled my head with more thoughts than I could keep track of....
    "Let me have it!" She smiled sweetly.
    "OK. The message is..." Suddenly, she grabbed my hips and pulled me toward her. At the same time, she freight-trained her knee FULL FORCE into my balls!! My eyes went WIDE as she lifted me off my feet! Groaning, I fell against her. She kept her hands on my hips, not letting me get a chance to cup my balls.
    "The message is: How does THAT feel, asshole?" she snarled. I couldn't get my breath...my eyes closed tight as I tried to will the ache in my balls to go away. My eyes slowly re-focused; my head was on her shoulder...I could see someone behind her. It was Karen, arms crossed, looking smugly at us. Jazzmon looked over her over shoulder.
    "Think he got it?" she asked Karen.
    "I don't know, girlfriend... ask him again!" she replied. Jazzmon pushed me away from her by my hips.... pulled me into her again...knee lift BOOOOM!!! Harder than the other one. She leaned back, getting as much lift into me as she could!! She let go, staying close... I slid down her body, to my knees. She grabbed my head and ground my face into her crotch.
    "Just where you belong, white boy!" she laughed as she pushed me to the side. I collapsed, cupping my nuts and dry-heaving. Good thing I didn't eat yet! I heard talking, but couldn't focus...
    Suddenly I was roughly picked up. Karen locked my arms behind my back tight. Jazzmon pulled a pair of leather gloves from her back pocket and was cinching them tightly on her hands.
    "I told Jazz that, if she gave me a hand- or a knee- that she could get a workout." Jazzmon was warming up now, doing shoulder rolls and some quick shadowboxing.
    "Remember, no face hits." Karen told her. "I don't want anyone seeing him and feeling sorry for him."
    "Well, it's a little restrictive," Jazzmon said, taking a stance in front of me. "But, I'll try to work around it!"

    Message From Karen
    By Jazz46

    Message From Karen Part 1

    Karen and I had been seeing each other for a few months. Then, without warning, she 'wanted to see other people'. Being upset and angry, I said some things I shouldn't have and walked out, amid her yells o...See more
    Apr 4 '17
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    By Kandor-A
    A brash and ballsy young Italian runs into his bashing and ballbusting female relatives at a family gathering.

    Nunzio pulled up to the funeral home, checking out his slicked-back black hair in the mirror as he did. Bitchin', he thought to himself as he got out and slammed the door, vaulting over the short hedge in front of the Balzini Funeral Parlor and walking inside, whistling.
    Inside, all eyes turned toward him, the young buck of the Parilli family, all balls, no brains. They turned back the other way, trying not to notice Nunzio glad-handing his way through the crowd, doing the "Hey, how's it goin', huh?" routine with everyone.
    Everybody had Nunzio's number, except Nunzio. He couldn't understand why people shunned him, didn't know he was an arrogant, sexist asshole, even by Italian family standards. He pushed people the wrong way, he was arrogant, aggressive, a real pain in the ass.
    The women especially hated him, the way he tried to make them all, especially cousins. Nunzio was a celebrated cousin-fucker in the Parilli tribe. And that's what was most despised about the brash, ballsy 22-year-old.
    Like this day. At the funeral of his Aunt Theresa, the elderly lady who'd cared for him during the troubling times of his parents' messy and loud divorce, as the woman was laid out cold in the casket, Nunzio was down the cellar, trying to put the stones to Maria, his air-headed third cousin on his father's side.
    "C'mon, Maria, you know we were meant to do this, doncha?" Nunzio breathed into his 16-year-old cousin's heavily perfumed ear as he ground his tight-panted crotch into her in a darkened hallway. "You want it, you know you do."
    "Not here, Nuney, not here," she grumbled, pushing herself away. "Fucking dumb-ass fucking dago, our dead fucking aunt is on the slab not 10 feet fucking above us and you're down here trying to plank me. No fucking class, you shitbag stunard."
    "Nice language," Nunzio said indignantly. "OK, back at the house then, right?"
    "Right," Maria smiled and sashayed out the door.
    Nunzio hit on all the other available young female cousins just to be sure he wouldn't get banged before trying to slip the salami to young Maria later. They all rebuffed him. He didn't care, he had a promise and to Nunzio a promise was as good as pulling his wilting cock out of a spunk-infested pussy and lighting a Camel. He was golden.
    Or so he thought. Maria huddled with her mother, her aunts and other female cousins upstairs as Nunzio came up. A smart man would've noticed the gathering and seen smoke signals from the angry looks on their faces. Nunzio just waved and made mental notes of who in the pack he'd like to fuck. After Maria, of course.
    Back at the girl's house, the usual assortment of funeral meats were laid out, the capicola, the prosciutto, the salami. There was pasta up the ass and then some, and nothing had a cholesterol count of less than a million. All the fat relatives gathered round the feasting table first, stuffing pork-pie hands in the lettuce-ringed meat platter and coming away with fistfuls of death-on-a-roll. The "skinny minnies," as the fat relatives called the thin ones, stayed in the parlor, smoking and bullshitting. That's where Nunzio was until Maria showed up. He gave her the eye and they broke off separately to meet in her bedroom.
    "Oh, yeah, baby, that's it, that's it, stroke it, stroke it," Nunzio hissed, eyes closed, as he embraced his sexy cousin, humping into the hand she offered, closing her fingers around his hard cock and jerking him in his pants.
    "Mmmm, you like that, Nuney, huh? You like my hand on your cock, playing wit' it?" Maria breathed into his ear as Nunzio bent his moaning face into her shoulder.
    "Fuckin' A, Maria, yeah, baby, you know I do, I do, I dooooooo..." he growled, fucking her palm through his pants.
    "You like maybe this?" she moaned, reaching down a little further and giving his nuts a little squeeze. Nunzio froze. He had his nuts squeezed before, a little, and he liked it. Maria knew her stuff.
    "Fuck, honey, you do that so fucking nice," he growled, reaching down to unsnap his pants, dancing backwards to fall on her lacy bed, peeling his tight trousers down his skinny legs. His long, thin cock popped up.
    "Shit, Nuney, no underwear?" Maria giggled, sitting next to him on the bed.
    "Nah, slows things down, if you knows what I mean," he winked at her, leaning up on his elbows to watch her slender hand close around his prick.
    "So, Nuney, you like it when I do this?" Maria teased, pumping his pork with one hand, cupping his nuts in the other and squeezing them.
    "Oh, fuck, yeah, that's it, baby, that's it..." Nunzio growled, tilting his head back until it left a grease spot on Maria's white bedcover.
    "How's about this, Nuney, you like it when I do this?" Maria asked again, palming his balls a little harder, putting the pressure on slowly.
    "Uh, yeah, baby...geez, that's a little much, huh, not so hard, OK?" he said nervously, pulling his head back up, his chin in his chest as he watched with widening eyes as Maria's hand closed around his swollen orbs.
    "Oh yeah?" Maria laughed. "How about this, then?" Her hand closed a little more and totally captured his throbbing nutmeat. This was hurting, in a slow, steady way. Nunzio was beyond nervous now; he was pissed. Maria's other hand fell away, her other one remaining glued to his shrinking nuts.
    "Hey, what the fuck, Maria, huh?" he barked, pulling at her sinewy forearm, having second thoughts about slapping her offending hand knowing it was transfer the shock of the slap into his balls. "Fucking cunt, c'mon, lighten the fuck up, huh, enough's a fucking ‘nough!!"
    "S'matter, Nuney, you stiff cocked motherfucker!" she growled, squeezing his balls hard now, using his nuts to jack him. "Hurt?" She had him firmly around the balls now and was jerking him off - by the nuts. She worked her hand up and down as she squeezed his tender sacs and at the same time it hurt like hell, it felt good, as the pressure and the motion worked at his cock, milking him by the balls.
    "Fuck, Maria, stop, please.... shit, don't stop...fuckin' hurts, stop, stop..." he stammered, unsure if he wanted the pain or the pleasure or exactly where the line between the two was at this point.
    "Uh-uh, can't have you feelin' THAT good, Nuney," Maria growled, suddenly squeezing his nuts hard and twisting them around in her tight hand. Nunzio's dark eyes bugged open wide. He tried to scream, but nothing would come out. The pain was sudden and intense, so great it took his breath and voice away.
    "C'mon in, ladies!" Maria yelled at her closed door. In walked a smirking entourage of angry women who had at one time been the objects of Nunzio's attempted lust: Batavia, Maria's mom, a dark-haired foxy Italian woman of 45 years old; Crystal, Maria's 20-year-old sister; Valencia, Maria's 56-year-old aunt, who was still drop-dead sexy for her age, with an Anne Bancroft air about her; and Serafina, Maria's high school chum, a wild-haired girl with a huge, thick ass. They all stood around the bed, arms folded, as they watched Maria twist Nunzio's balls.
    "Please, make her stop, make her stop!!" Nunzio pleaded, his eyes shooting from female to female.
    "Take the left one, honey, I'll take the right," Batavia said, sitting on the other side of Nunzio. "You pull one way, I go the other. Got it?"
    "Sure ting, Mama," Maria squealed.
    "What the FUCK!!!!" Nunzio screamed.
    Maria grabbed her nut, her mom the other and both ladies pulled in opposite directions, Nunzio's rapidly wilting cock flopping in the middle. The other ladies cheered as mother and daughter worked over the man's aching balls, stretching them to the bursting point in their strong hands.
    "You fucked with the wrong women, young man," Valencia hissed, walking up between Nunzio's quivering legs. "Let ‘em go, Maria, Batavia...it's my turn now." The sexy 56-year-old balled up her fist in black, elbow-length glove and smacked it into the other as she bent closer to Nunzio, who was pushing himself back on the bed, banging into the wall, unable to go further. He clamped his legs together and cupped his hands over his nuts, frantically trying to protect himself.
    "Please, Auntie V, please, please, don't hurt me, please Auntie V, no, no," he babbled.
    "Don't you Auntie V me, you piece of shit, you try fucking all the women in this family, you deserve what you get!" she hollered at him, raising her hand and backhanding him across the face. "Serafina, see what you can do about taking Nuney's breath away while I whack his balls into next week!!"
    Serafina giggled, and hiked up her short skirt on huge thighs to expose a gigantic ass which was barely covered by black panty, most of which was riding up between her giggling butt cheeks. Nunzio's cock stiffened at the sight of it, causing the other women to laugh.
    "Christ, that's all you are, Nuney, is a stiff dick and no fucking brains," Auntie Valencia sighed as Serafina climbed on the bed. The big girl giggled as she grabbed the cowering man by the hair and laid him flat on his back, rudely and roughly climbing on his face to devour it in the sweaty hams of her thick ass. Nunzio's legs thrashed wildly and his hands pawed at the great squatting thighs of the corpulent teenager, finally bucking to a stop as he neared unconsciousness in the bountiful butt meat of his tormentress. Valencia smiled.
    "Atta girl, Serafina," she hissed, raising her gloved fist. "He's all mine now!!" Valencia drove her fist deep into Nunzio's nuts, the meat of her upper arm jiggling and then setting in middle-aged muscle above the high rise of the glove that came up over her elbow. Nunzio screamed, or tried to, but the yells were lost in the thick clamp of Serafina's abundant ass. Over and over Valencia rained punches down into Nunzio's destroyed balls, standing between his legs which hung over the edge of the bed, holding them apart with her own legs as she brutally battered his balls. By the time she was done and Serafina climbed off his anguished face, Nunzio was almost out, and babbling like a crazy man.
    "Fuck.... can’t breathe.... the smell.... my nuts..." he stammered, sucking in lungsful of air.
    "Hey, Crystal, why don't you two girls do the old twist-and-shout!" Batavia laughed, taking her two daughters by the hand and walking to the bed where Nunzio was clutching his balls and crying. "You twist his goodies, and he'll shout like a fucking maniac!!!
    "Fuck, Ma, you think his thing'll come off in our hands or what?" Maria giggled.
    "Like we fucking care," Crystal added.
    "Hey, watch your fucking language," Batavia said with a smile. "And really, who does fucking care! Get to it!!" The two girls walked to Nunzio, Maria grabbing his soft cock in her hand and flipping him to his belly, keeping a grip on his prick, pulling it back and under his legs, stretching the meat up between his legs until his nuts nestled into the crack of his ass.
    "FUCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!" he screamed, beating the bed with his hands, biting the bed sheet in agony. "LEGGO A MY FUCKING DICK!!!!" Crystal laughed, and sat on his back, facing his ass, using her hands to latch onto his balls and pull them up and away from his body, all the while with Maria stretching his prick to the breaking point. Nunzio screamed and tried raising his hips to offset the incredible pain, but Crystal sat firm, keeping him flat on the bed. For good measure, Maria put one foot on his legs and now used both hands to pull at his dick, leaning back hard and using the thin strand of his punished pecker to keep from falling back.
    "Shit, Maria, you're gonna pull his pork right offa his fucking body!" Valencia barked.
    "Crystal, honey, his nuts are fucking purple in your hands, you're squeezin' ‘em so hard!" Batavia yelled.
    "Let's see if the wormy little prick gets hard even now!" Serafina cried, bending her face to the piece of meat that was Nunzio's beleaguered dong. The women screamed with laughter as Serafina ran her long, pink tongue up and down the strand of stretched cock flesh being mauled in Maria's tight double-handed grip. She lapped up and down his dick, then ran her tongue up and over the shiny skinned surface of his balls that were threatening to burst in Crystal's punishing grip. Nunzio felt no pleasure, however, and cried like a baby, sobbing into the bed that he was pounding with his fists. She finally stopped the oral assault on Nunzio's agonized genitalia.
    "Well, let's see how good HE can do ME!" she laughed, laying in front of the crying Nunzio and taking his head between her beefy thighs, stripping off her panties first, her thick, black bush devouring his face. "Lick me!!"
    Nunzio inhaled the vapors of the dominant teen's cunt and gagged. In response, Serafina slam-locked her hunky thighs around his ears, crushing his skull in their titanic embrace.
    "I said fucking lick me, slave boy," she hissed, pulling his face up a bit to look into her wild, sex-starved face. "Make me come!!" Nunzio closed his teary eyes and lanced his tongue into the furry slit at his mouth, trying his best to lap the crazed teen to a quick orgasm so she'd unlock her thighs from his head and maybe stop the agony in his nuts and cock, which were still being punished by Crystal and Maria. He wasn't into eating pussy; his life was spent trying to get oral sex, not give it, but he gave it his best effort and in minutes, Serafina was jetting a load of thick cunny cream down his throat, gagging him. She finally unscissored her big leggs from his head and stood up
    "Next!" she announced, rolling away as Batavia took her place, lashing her sexy, 45-year-old thighs around Nunzio's head.
    And on and on it went, first Batavia creaming in the trapped man's face, then Valencia before it was Maria's and Crystal's turns, with their mom and aunt taking their place on the cock-and-ball torture line. The older women licked their lips as they latched their hands onto their nephew's brutalized genitals, Batavia stretching out his cock even more than Maria had pulled it and Valencia manhandling his balls so hard Nunzio nearly passed out from the pain.
    "Shall we finish this fucker off?" Batavia growled, looking into Valencia's eyes.
    "The usual way?" Valencia hissed back. The women smiled. Batavia let go of his cock, only to bend over and suck it into her mouth, getting it hard, while Valencia rolled his punished nads in her fingers, pulling his nuts apart to give Batavia working room. Once she got him hard, she rudely jerked his cock, bringing him to the point of orgasm despite the agony he was suffering. The young girls watched, transfixed.
    "And this, little ladies, is how when you tell a guy to go fuck himself, you really MEAN IT!!" Batavia yelled. Just as he was beginning to come, Batavia roughly bent and twisted Nunzio's pecker, ramming the head of it and a good three inches to boot, straight up his hairy ass, jamming it between his butt cheeks and penetrating his asshole. And as she continued to jack him off so he was cumming in his own butt, Valencia brutally squeezed his balls in each hand.
    "Here...it...comes..." she growled, milking his nuts incredibly hard in her grip until her sinewy forearms quivered in the effort. First one, then the other nut ruptured, the testicles beneath the skin, popping like grapes in her iron hand. Nunzio screamed, the veins in his neck standing out like snakes beneath the skin, his face fire engine red, his eyes bloodshot, his throat scraped raw from ingesting pussy oils and pubic hair and from screaming constantly for the last two hours. And then he quietly, mercifully passed out cold. The women stood back, admiring their work, looking at his cock sticking out of his own ass, watching his balls deflate when Valencia let them go.
    "Think he's learned his lesson?" Maria asked, as the women straightened themselves up to go back to the party.
    "At least until he heals," Batavia sighed.
    The women of the ballbusting clan laughed and left the room, closing the door behind them.
    By Kandor-A
    A brash and ballsy young Italian runs into his bashing and ballbusting female relatives at a family gathering.

    Nunzio pulled up to the funeral home, checking out his slicked-back black hair in the mirror as ...See more
    Apr 4 '17
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    Me and My Girlfriend
    By kneemynuts

    Everything thing below is true. However, I changed the names to protect the innocent and so my girlfriend doesn't rip my balls off (no more fun if they're gone, right?). This is kinda a long story, so if you have time, go right ahead. Enjoy!

    It's my senior year of college, and I'm ready to finish my schooling (school is getting old, ya know?). I'm not really interested in a girlfriend but, according to my friends, some girls are interested in me. Being a 5'11", 165-pound African-American man with a shaved head attending a predominantly white college, I was surprised to hear this from my friends.
    One night, I was bored as hell because it was one of those rare nights I didn't have any work to do. My roommates inform me that there is a girl they want me to meet in one of our friend's apartment. I go inside and there she was, a very cute Asian girl. Her name is Sharry (remember I changed the names), a tiny girl, very long black hair, kinda small breasts, but her legs and butt more than made up for that. That night, we had a blast. We were laughing the whole night and shooting the breeze like we knew each other for years. She seemed perfect for me but, at the time, I didn't want a girlfriend.
    However, after I fought it long enough, I asked Sharry to be my girlfriend and she accepted. During the time I was trying not to have a girlfriend, I attempted to get her to kick me in the balls but she wouldn't do it. Since I didn't think I could trust her yet, I didn't even consider telling her I liked it. But I kept asking and she kept rejecting the idea.
    A few days after I asked to make us official, the fun began. I finally got the balls (no pun intended) to tell her that it really turns me on when females kick me in the balls, especially with heels on. She told me it would take a while for her to do it because she was afraid to hurt me. (I found out later that night that she was on the Maryland state soccer championship team in high school... that was last year.) Much to my surprise, that very night, she experimented with a knee to the balls. And she didn't stop with just one, she kneed me several times and she had the dominant attitude. Holy shit, what a turn-on!
    One specific night, she invited me over, telling me she had a surprise. I, being extremely busy with work and just not a huge thinker, didn't even think about what the surprise was. So I went over and she was waiting outside for me. Although it was cold out, she had on the sexiest tight miniskirt, her black heels and I couldn't see her top because she had on a coat. As we went to her dorm room, I had the biggest boner and all the residents in the all-girls dorm she lived in looked at me and chuckled a little. Anyway, we got to her room and she took off her coat to reveal a lacy see-thru top.
    "Do you like what you see," Sharry asked.
    "I love it!"
    "What else do you want me to do?" she winked.
    "Anything you want. I'm yours."
    Then she walked up to me, shaking those sexy hips of hers, slowly placed her hands on my shoulders and drilled me in the balls with a thunderous knee. I groaned and hung my head a little but I refused to go down after one knee, as much as it hurt. She placed her knee between my legs and right under my balls gently but she nudged my chin up so that my eyes met hers and she gave me a "don't fuck with me" look. I was extremely turned on! Then she smacked me across the face harshly and kneed me again, harder this time, and it was a huge struggle just to stay standing.
    She pushed my chin up again and whispered, "On your knees, little man." This was ironic since I'm about 8 or 9 inches taller than she is, but I didn't argue. I got down on my knees in front of her and she continued, "So you like these heels, huh? Are they sexy?" I responded with a nod, and she smacked me again, screaming, "ANSWER ME!"
    All I could manage was, "Uh-huh." She then tapped the inside of my thighs to get me to spread my legs a little more and she rubbed the instep of her high-heeled foot on my package. She pulled my chin up again so she could look into my eyes and then, without warning, she snapped a kick into my balls. It wasn't even close to being as hard as she could kick, but it hurt like hell so I went to cover my battered balls.
    Before my hands even got there, Sharry yelled, "MOVE YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS, DAVE!!" I immediately did as I was told, and she rewarded me with another kick, a little harder this time. I bent over into fetal position and felt like I was gonna puke. She just walked around me and I could hear her laughing at me and her heels clicking on the floor.
    After a couple minutes that felt like seconds, she said, "Ok, that's enough rest. Spread 'em."
    "Sharry, baby, I don't think I can. Thank you for--"
    Before I could finish, she grabbed the front of my shirt, and said in a stern voice, "I'm not finished with you. Now spread your damn legs before I get angry." I nodded my head and did as I was commanded.
    She again rubbed her foot on my cock and balls, and said, "Look at me, Dave." As soon as I looked up, she kicked me, harder than the previous kicks, with the toe of her heels, seemingly hitting both of my balls. I let out a huge groan, and then I fell silent because I didn't have the air to say anything further.
    Sharry's attitude suddenly changed from dominance to fear. She said, "Oh my god, sweetie, are you ok?"
    I looked up at her with a half smile, and whispered (that was all I could manage) "Never better, babe." After a while, I got up and Sharry and I "finished" the rest of that intense night.

    THE END...??

    Well, that's all I have now, but tell me how the story was, and if it didn't suck too much, I'll tell you more.
    Me and My Girlfriend
    By kneemynuts

    Everything thing below is true. However, I changed the names to protect the innocent and so my girlfriend doesn't rip my balls off (no more fun if they're gone, right?). This is kinda a long story, so if you have time, go right ahead. Enjoy!<...See more
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    Maria's Cooking Show
    (Part 1 & 2)
    by tirsomalyzero

    Maria was a cook, she had this guy she worked with that she hated.
    One day Maria said, "Hey Joe, you're so sexy, can I suck your dick"?
    "Okay" said Joe, He quickly pulled out his cock and balls in excitement. She got up real close to him and caressed his nuts.
    "Mmmm, actually I feel like cooking." With that she squeezed his balls, her long pink nails breaking the skin and nearly puncturing his balls.
    "Fuckin' shit, Oh my god, let go please," begged the miserable character of Joe.
    "Fuck you, you pig." With that she spit in his face.
    "I'm gonna make my self a sausage" Joe was scared shitless as he should be. Maria said, "First we have to peel the skin off." Joe was crying and in a constant state of new shocking pain. Maria began peeling the skin off his dick with a potato peeler. When she got to the head, she would have to tear the rest off, with her nails, and every time she did that she tore off a little meat.
    "Now that it's peeled," she began, as she wrenched strong tongs down on Joes member, "We have to fry it, hee hee." With that she seared his poor dick onto a frying pan and Joe passed out, she held him up and continued frying it.
    30 minutes later Joe woke up. She made sure he opened his eyes to see his genitals, he freaked out. "Don't worry I'll fix them." She chopped down with a butcher knife, lopping off his dick. "That's better," she said.
    "Eat this sausage NOW unless you want me to eat it, of course, I have a big appetite, I'll probably want meatballs too." Joe couldn't take any more pain so he choked his penis down.
    " Now I own you Joe."

    Maria reached her fingers down into the cut where Joe's dick was and cauterized the wound with a hot knife. "Joe, you know you have to go home with me now, right?" she asked as she kicked him in the face.
    "Right, Maria, I'll go home with you." Maria brought him to her house and brought him down to the basement.
    "This will be your new home, until I decide to let you go." He was tied to a bed right near the septic tank. "You'll eat good here Joe, especially when I'm on my period like today" Maria sat on Joe's face and made him eat her out while she was bleeding. "Tomorrow we'll go to work like everything was normal, Joe."
    Joe cried that night knowing he had nothing but a urethra hanging out of a scab, and his balls. Maria came ten times before falling into a deep slumber.
    Maria woke up excited knowing she had Joe for a slave. She ran downstairs, to the basement. "Good Morning Joe," she sang as she ran towards him. Joe woke up in fear of Maria. "Joe, do you want some scrambled EGGS?" she kicked Joe with the point of her big toe denting his left ball and shocking the other one.
    "UUNnnnggh," Joe moaned not only from his balls but that she had ripped off some of the end of his urethra with her toe.
    Maria untied him. "Get up asshole, it's time for work." Joe couldn't get up so Maria helped out by pulling him up, by his nuts of course. "Now get dressed."
    At work Joe was in constant pain not to mention fear of another cooking show afterwards. Maria sat around all day doing none of her paper work. She was going to let Joe do it after work.
    The work day ends.
    "Have a nice day at work Joe. You weren't planning on going home, were you?"
    "No, I was just- just--"
    "Just what, Joe? Fuck you," said Maria as she grabbed Joe's shoulder. "Your home is with me now." With that she kneed quickly three times in the balls, then grabbed his hair and threw him in her trunk.
    They arrive home.
    "I have some work for you to do around the house, oh, and from now on you're wearing this." She put a locking barbed chain leash tight around his balls, it cut through the skin. "I'll pull you around by this, and if I don't want to look at you I'll just lock you up."
    "I was tired today at work and didn't get any work done, so you can do it for me I'll just lock you to this old rusty pipe in the basement, And I'll see you tomorrow morning. Sorry if you can't lie down, but you really can't blame me. Good night."
    Maria's Cooking Show
    (Part 1 & 2)
    by tirsomalyzero

    Maria was a cook, she had this guy she worked with that she hated.
    One day Maria said, "Hey Joe, you're so sexy, can I suck your dick"?
    "Okay" said Joe, He quickly pulled out his cock...See more
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  • Seth fm/mm busting
    Manners Becum You
    By nutcracker sweet

    I notice the predatory look in your eyes above your crooked sneer as I enter the room. Do you like what you see? Of course you do. What you see is a woman who is standing a little taller than her usual 5'4" because of the high heels on the brown leather cowgirl boots she is wearing. The matching brown leather pants hug her athletic legs and tight ass. The unruly black mane falling about her bare, freckled shoulders and the electric blue of her eyes give her the look of a wild Celtic warrioress. I wink, lick my lips and sashay up to you, placing one red-lacquered nail against your lips as my small hands go to unbuttoning your shirt.
    "Simone said to treat you special." Your eyes widen and you imperceptibly lick your own lips. "And I will." I press my lips to yours, my tongue pushing past your teeth to wrestle with your tongue in a long, wet kiss. Your shirt falls to the floor as we come up for air and I step back to appraise your body.
    The high heels of my boots clack softly as I step around you, gently trailing my fingers across your shoulders, arms, chest, nipples, belly, back. I grab your ass through your jeans, pressing my bare breasts to your naked back as I whisper into your ear, "So, you like blow-jobs?" The breath catches in your throat and you dumbly nod your head in silence. Back in front of you my fingers grapple with the top buttons of your Levi’s as I press my lips to yours, sucking your tongue in another cock-hardening kiss. I nuzzle your neck, pant into your ear, kiss your chest, tease your nipples with butterfly flicks of my pink tongue, make my way down your torso, my tongue circling in your belly button.
    Now I am on my knees, pulling down the zipper to your jeans with my teeth. "Oh my god!" I gasp as your erect cock springs free, oozing pre-cum. "You're ready to go, darling, ain't you?" I heft your cum-laden balls. "And your nuts are screwed up tight! But hang on handsome, the best is yet to come!" I run my tongue up the underside of your twitching dick and around your dribbling cockhead, my fingers and thumb of one hand encircling your meaty male-pods in a firm grip. I stand up, giving your nuts a painful little pull down that causes you to gasp. I adjust my grip on you so that just the thumb and forefinger are wrapped around the neck of your nuts.
    "Simone tells me that you're an okay guy..." Your eyes narrow in apprehension as I stretch your nuts to the bottom of your ball-sac. "But I beg to differ with her..." In answer to your unasked question my knee pile-drives into your trapped balls! HARD! I'm fast too! Twice more my knee slams your balls before I let you collapse to the floor. A sobbing, groaning heap clutching your smashed testicles!
    "Oh, knock it off!" I kick your bare ass. "I've only just begun!" I pull handcuffs from my waistband and try to get your arms behind you but you resist me. Not so much out of defiance as out of a pathetic attempt to protect your battered manhood from any further abuse. It takes some wrestling but I finally secure your hands behind you. The pain from your viciously kneed balls is overwhelming; you're curled up, knees to chest, crying and drooling. Just the way I like to see a man!
    "I read some of those e-mails that you sent to Simone. Remember them? How about the one in which you threatened that you were going to bitch-slap her to the ground then hold her down while you cum on her face?" Another kick to your pimply ass.
    "JUST WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TALKING TO HER LIKE THAT? SHE MIGHT LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THAT SHIT BUT I SURE AS HELL WON'T!" I jerk your head up by your hair and stare my contempt into your eyes, pleased with the fear that I see in them and the tears of pain on your cheeks.
    "I think that testosterone-driven cretins like you take way too many liberties with the nice girls like her!" I step behind you, jam my hands between your legs, forcibly pry your fingers loose from your precious jewels and then roughly yank your rapidly swelling testicles back past your ass out into the open, drawing my booted foot back to deliver a crushing kick to your balls! You howl like a bansheee! Like a little girl banshee!
    I strut purposefully to the door, open it, step aside and jerk my head back towards your crumpled, crying form, "C'mon in. Let's teach this pig some manners!" Her own leather-clad hips undulating, Simone, my darling baby sister, saunters into the room carrying a tote bag, the contents of which she dumps out on the floor in front of you.
    We laugh as we see the pain in your eyes turn to panic.
    "I told you the best was yet to come!"

    That's it for now. I've gotta go kick-start my vibrator 'cause I'm slicker than snot on a glass doorknob. Yum!
    Nutcracker sweet
    Manners Becum You
    By nutcracker sweet

    I notice the predatory look in your eyes above your crooked sneer as I enter the room. Do you like what you see? Of course you do. What you see is a woman who is standing a little taller than her usual 5'4" because of the high heels on th...See more
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