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Ballbusting Footwear

Ballbusting Footwear

Let's see the footwear that you like to be busted with or wear to bust some nuts.
  • Created: Apr 16 '16
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Twinberries FM-MM
KokoNutz F/M
Dave FM-MM
balls4kicking FM-MM
sara F/M
Lekinak FM-MM
Kurt FM-MM


  • balls4kicking FM-MM
    I LOVE being kicked hard and alot with sneakers, socks and barefoot. :D
  • balls4kicking FM-MM
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  • Mason FM-MM
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    Dec 6 '16
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  • Katie FM-MM
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    Dec 4 '16
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  • gracebakya FM-MM
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  • SlaveM FM-MM
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  • admin Admin
    for his balls
  • admin Admin
    How about a nut trapped between the bare heel and sole?
    Apr 18 '16
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    Danny FM-MM
    Apr 19 '16
    Mmm ive had that done to me before! Its very hot, especially when stroking same time.
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  • admin Admin
    Apr 17 '16
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  • admin Admin
    Sorry to be the black sheep but here are my favorites for getting or giving...


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