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Julies Corner

Julies Corner

Julie's Corner - A place for ballbusting Challenges. Pick a challenge and let us know how you did!  


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Keith m/m busting
Jackson Leaf f/m busting
Nathan Jonsson fm/mm busting
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Squeezednuts272 f/m busting


Topic Last Reply
sticky Challenge Guide Lines Last Reply by pravirummy Aug 20 '17
Challenge 1 Last Reply by Air May 27 '17
Challenge #4 Last Reply by Ms. Julie May 11 '17
Challenge 2 Last Reply by sacculus Jun 30 '16
Challenge 3 Last Reply by Ms. Julie May 12 '16



  • BOS Wild m/m busting
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  • x90kid fm/mm busting
    How do I find my story "An Obedient Boy" I seem to have lost it and I wanted to post it on Tumblr.
    Nov 3 '17
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  • JohnBustee f/m busting
  • JohnBustee f/m busting
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