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Julies Corner

Julie's Corner - A place for ballbusting Challenges. Pick a challenge and let us know how you did!  
  • Created: Mar 31 '16
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  • Link FM-MM
    I video taped this entire dare - though I modified it a bit - where can I upload it so you can see it? It's almost 5 GB
    Jun 6 '16
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    sacculus F/M
    Jun 6 '16
    oh, this have i don´t seen before. Sounds fun, I will do it some day!
    Link FM-MM
    Jun 6 '16
    Do you know where I can upload video?
    Ms. Julie FM-MM
    Jun 7 '16
    Could put it on google drive and share it perhaps ?
    admin Admin
    Jun 7 '16
    Yeah google drive or dropbox then share it and post the link or only share with Julie or me and one of us will cut it down and post it in pieces
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  • sacculus F/M
    What will the first challenge be?
    Apr 9 '16
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