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Free Will - Philosophy and Poetry

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Philosophy and Poetry

Philosophy and Poetry

For those who want to explore the ideas of their own being, the nature of our existence, and even the common question "Why?" then feel free to do so in this group. No one is right or wrong for philosophy and poetry is up to personal interpretation. This is a kind environment to discuss these matters hopefully we can try to answer some questions about why things are how they are.
  • Created: Oct 15 '16
  • Admin: Edward
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Edward Oct 15 '16
The idea of free will has been met with many forms of interpretation.  There are those who believe we are free to make any decision and those who believe in the exact opposite. I thought this would make for an interesting topic of discussion. My personal view upon free will has always been that in reality we have no control over what happens and so we ascribe concepts such as free will to life in order to give us a feeling of control . I will just get to the point rather than all this build up. Through my own experiences and interpretation of those experiences I believe that all experiences are stored on a subconscious level that is used to help us in even our most basic decision making. Therefore through this our decision making is based on our experiences and the experiences of those around us (although people such as Jung stated that even our ancestors experiences are stored on a chemical level as imprints upon our brains). 
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