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What to do with spare change. - Busting Dares

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Busting Dares

Busting Dares

Busting Dares. You may also include dares for the cock!

You may post that you are willing to take Dares and if they must be from Female, Male, or Both. 

Once a dare is issued (no perm damage allowed), you must accept and complete the dare or you must post a pic of yourself nude (face not required).

A dare may be added to by any member up to the time that the dare is completed and a post is made to state that is has been completed.

have fun

Joan fm&mm busting
Joan Jul 11 '16

All that change in your pocket. You know what I'm talking about.

All day long you collect more change, that ends up too deep in your

pockets to dig out the next time you buy something, coupled with

the fact that you're way too cool to let people see you give "exact" change. 

At the end of the day you take it out, and add it to the pile on your dresser. 

Well, if you're anything like my ex, you do that. One more annoying thing you 

guys do. I have a long list if anyone ever wants to hear about it. Now I've

thought of something fun that change can be used for. In fact, some of you

may be going to the bank for rolls of coins, haha. Take that pile of change,

and put it in an old sock. Now you have a wonderful new toy. Imagine the hours

of fun you'll be having swinging that jingly sock into your sack. Be sure to

post the dollar amount in the sock, and how many times you could hit yourself 

before the pain was too much.

Don't cum until 15 minutes after you finish hitting your balls. If you do, you've

failed the challenge. Orgasm denial is part of this challenge. If you want to 

watch a good porn vid as you hit you balls, all the better. 

LowHangers fm&mm busting
LowHangers Jul 11 '16

And this kids, is how you make a morning star, thank god it's without the spikes tho lol. Great challenge, from now on, I'll save my change but may take a while before dollars is introduced here. And to no surprise, I'm not annoying in any way :)

sacculus f/m busting
sacculus Jul 12 '16
Nice Joan! I will start to collect too and i think the weight says more than the value of my Swedish exchange ...
tony f/m busting
tony Jul 16 '16
Hi Joan ,

I do have a pile of change by my bed like you  ex did.
In fact i had a pile of exactly £26.54 + 1euro coin
I took your advice and managed 86 hits hopefully this will teach me a lesson about leaving piles of change around,,,

I would like to know what else us pathetic men do that upsets and annoys you so i can attempt to change my ways.
The Forum post is edited by tony Jul 16 '16
matt fm&mm busting
matt Aug 5 '16
I used $1.28 in pennies. It was pretty weighty. I was doing fine until around my 50th one though, but then I caught my right ball against my pelvis. That one really hurt D: I kept going though, and got to 100. After I did 100 though, I figured I must have been going too easy on myself, so I gave the sock more slack in it's swing and put my balls ontop of my closed legs so they couldn't move around as much. I only made it 20 more busts before I had to stop. My balls are in a lot of pain, and I've already edged twice while I busted. The next 15 minuted should be fun. I'll watch some kinky porn so I stay horny and hard until I can cum (I hope you're amused =p)
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