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Ballbusting has become the most popular pastime the world has ever known.  Ballbusting has replaced most sports around the world and has been diversified by the ideas and opinions of everybody around the world. Most countries have their own version of ballbusting competition but all countries use the same testicle authentification process to make sure that the testicles are real and not replaced with artificial testicles so the competitor can't cheat.  A specially-designed needle probe is shoved into the middle of each testicle of each contestant before each game. The probe knows if testicle is real or not. If a competitor is caught cheating he forfeits his remaining testicle.

All the little boys and girls grow up seeing these ballbusting competitors compete for honor and Glory. So most the boys start at a young age and the females of the family are supportive enough to help the boys train. 

But ballbusting isn't just used for sports. It's also used for punishment such as bad behavior in school or even punishment for crimes. Criminals had it the worst though as they were made to suffer everyday through methods that would not destroy their testicles...yet. It was usually a thin electrical probe inserted into their testicles 4 hours every day.  Other times it was an injection of jalapeno extract or other cocktails to cause the prisoner intense pain.

There are also World wide busteries where women train to bust balls all day long. They train so that there are no mistakes on their part. The busteries are usually great halls with columns and Columns of nude males all tied up, spread eagle in every position imaginable and the building echoes with screams and cries from the male volunteers who volunteered their balls for training. All volunteers we're supposed to be 13 years or older but not all busteries follow the not so strict guidelines set by the (WBO) World Busting Organization. (Lol)  So as a result many little boys lost their little balls at a premature age... that is if the females in their family didn't destroy them first. Some busteries would also kidnap males or use prisoners if there was a shortage of volunteers.

Then there's the erotic and fetish side of ballbusting. Ballbusting became the world's most popular fetish, porn, and bedroom activities. Some say there isn't a single street in the world that you can walk down in the middle of the night where you don't hear some male crying out from his balls being busted.

Males that have lost both balls are generally considered to be a desolate person and are added to the labor force. They're shunned by Society and are rarely ever heard from again.

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x90kid FM-MM
x90kid May 29 '16
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