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Ms. Julie FM-MM
Ms. Julie May 12 '16

Tie a rubber band or string around the top of your balls to keep them firmly in place. Sit on the floor and support your balls with a book.


1) Using a (full) plastic bottle of water or soda, the 1 liter size: Raise it over your balls and then drop it. Repeat this no less than 6 times with each drop higher then the last, then using that same bottle, beat the balls hard 15 times.


2) With balls on the book, take a small club ( meat tenderizer, small rubber mallet, wooden club/stick, etc) and proceed to beat your balls. You must beat them non stop at least once per second for 15 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. You will repeat this process 6 times (that’s about 3 minutes boys). The last 2 sets of hits must be as hard as you can tolerate, push yourself.


3) Balls still on the book, take a full can of paint or something equivalent and rest it on your balls, then you lean on the can/item and slowly press down crushing your balls. This is to be a slow and consistent crush, you are to slowly press harder and reach a very hard crushing for a total of 3 minutes, if you ease up or give up before the time, you must start over and add 2 minutes to the time, OR do number 1 and 2 above.


good luck boys and I hope to hear about some hurting balls

sacculus F/M
sacculus Jun 15 '16
step 1: I must admit I was a little afraid of this challenge in advance. The last drop was very, very hard. My left testicle goat traped and possibly had to take the entire hit. I was so nauseous that it took a while before I could follow the mission. But I would be honest, the last 15 hits were probably not so hard, afterthat.
Ms Julie, judge if the mission is approved or not, before I go on to step 2.
sacculus F/M
sacculus Jun 19 '16
step 2: also done, it felt so gooood
sacculus F/M
sacculus Jun 30 '16
Step 3: I do not wanted to reach 3 minutes and wondering if I had passed a greater pressure or not, so my goal from the beginning was to push hard and cancel before the time had expired. I did two and a half minutes and my balls were purple after that.
I rested a few minutes and put the timer for 5 minutes. The first three minutes went pretty well anyway, but five minutes proved to be long for my balls. I didn´t want to do it again and add another 2 minutes so I had to fight the last moment and my balls were so dark purple afterwards. I will send you a picture later.
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