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Challenge 1 - Julies Corner

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Julies Corner

Julies Corner

Julie's Corner - A place for ballbusting Challenges. Pick a challenge and let us know how you did!  
Ms. Julie fm&mm busting
Ms. Julie May 12 '16

Select 1, 2 or all 3 listed below...

1) Get a rolling pin and “roll/crush” your balls , do it for 15 rolls, being sure to make the balls "pop" out from under the roll each time :)

2) Put them under a toilet seat and press down , do this 5 times, each time harder than the last and hold it for 8 secs each time

3) Get a rolled up newspaper or magazine and hit your balls once every 10 seconds for 5 minutes,


Let me know which you select,  AND make a post of the results, how it felt, if it was a challenge, or include a pic or vid clip for us to view :)

The Forum post is edited by Ms. Julie May 12 '16
Keith Admin
Keith May 12 '16
Oh here it comes. Get ready guys!
Nathan Jonsson fm&mm busting
Nathan Jonsson May 13 '16
So I did all three... I think I should have done them from 3 to 1 bacause the first was really the most painful one. I didn't have a rolling pin so I took a cold bottle of water, which kind of made it hurt more. The last 5 were especially hard and they actually almost made me cum. Having done the rolling pin first, the others hurt more than I thought they would, especially the last cruch. Holy shit... after the last crush I sat there shaking for a minute before I could stand. And the newspaper made sure I stayed in pain for a while after... Ouch
sacculus f/m busting
sacculus May 15 '16
one day rest for my balls and ready to do a new challenge. When I woke up for 5 hours ago i did number 3. I put two bells on the alarm, still in bed, one in five minutes and one at 10 seconds, so I hit my balls regularly every 10 seconds.
It was a nice awakening ... in the beginning ... somewhere in the middle it started to sting a little to high, and in the end was my balls very sore and I must admit that the power of the hits subsided gradually.
My Balls is still sore, not in pain but still sore.
I thought I would finish the day with number 2, just before bedtime. Number one in did on the old site ...

Thanks for all good challenge Ms Julie, keep up the good work, please!
SpaceMan fm&mm busting
SpaceMan Jan 5
I'm going for all three.
SpaceMan fm&mm busting
SpaceMan Jan 8
Well that was quite the experience. I had trouble getting the rolling pin part to work, but I got plenty of crushing in along the way. The toilet seat was probably my favorite. My balls were aching at just the anticipation of the last few presses. They were fairly sore by the time I started the clock on the 5 minutes of hits, and were a little swollen at the end. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable challenge, Julie.

Air f/m busting
Air May 27
As my wife is my buster, she got to choose and chose #1 and boy did she enjoy it. We bound my balls with a strong elastic at the base to keep them in better position (though she did pop them out once or twice). She definitely exceeded 15 "pops" but who am I to say otherwise? I would say she played with the rolling pin for a good 20 minutes or more (hard for me to keep track) and found she also enjoyed smashing the pin down onto them which tended to ignite a more significant reaction than the "pops". Though combined with the pops she would knead my balls and stretch to just before the pop and hold at the max stretch while I struggled to maintain my position and composure next the table. Thanks for the great idea! We had never thought of using a rolling pin in our sessions. 
The Forum post is edited by Air May 27
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