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vadu FM-MM
vadu Apr 19 '16
1, 20160419_201051.mp4 slow-motion punches to the balls... quite painful, but imagine my surprise when I realised the slow-motion option wasn't on! have to do all over again :(

2. 20160419_201220.mp4 this time, actual slow motion punches.. not all that great, fist obscures the balls - wanted to be able to see them squishing

3. 20160419_201518.mp4 heavy-handled screwdriver hits, can just about see the shockwave travelling through the balls this time :)

4. 20160419_202349.mp4 starting to have fun now.. fuck it - somebody fetch the hammer

  20160419_202349.mp4 (96310Kb)
  20160419_201518.mp4 (58978Kb)
  20160419_201220.mp4 (47304Kb)
  20160419_201051.mp4 (10918Kb)
ashiq FM-MM
ashiq Apr 19 '16

admin Admin
admin Apr 20 '16
Nicely done. I always like to see a hammer vs nuts.
Danny FM-MM
Danny Apr 20 '16
Yeah good stuff!
Katie F/M
Katie Oct 15 '16
Does doing this not make you hard?
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