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Looking in Atlanta | Forum

Carl fm/mm busting
Carl Oct 9 '17

Hello all!  I'm hoping to speak with women in the Atlanta metro area, though I am willing to travel anywhere under the right circumstances.  After developing a rapport, I'd rather travel to meet you than leave our conversations as hypotheticals.

I get off on your enjoyment as a buster, and enjoy  anything from light playful busting to having someone push my limits, within reason.  I have no interest in ruptures, as I am bothered by extreme asymmetry.

If you want to be clothed or nude, great.  Prefer me clothed or nude?  All are fine.  If we film, however, I'll want a mask.  Really enjoy kicking?  Go for it.  Have a desire to try out your boxing technique?  Very hot, let's do it.  Just got a humbler or a vice you want to try out?  I'm honored, and ready to go.

Any more details I'm happy to discuss!  Cheers!