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Ms. Julie Retired Goodbye
Ms. Julie May 3 '17
Vampires are absolutely sexy. It might be fun to read a story where they do not bite the neck but they bite the balls instead :) That's the best I have for an idea that the moment. If I can think of more detail I will post it.


Keith m/m busting
Keith May 4 '17

Might not be what you intended but I found this vampire story. It is m/m.

it is about 7 years old and at this site. ballbustingtales

Thursday, April 15, 2010 Chronicles of a Cum Vampire: Episode 1 This is a story concept that has been bouncing around in my head for a while. If there is enough interest in it, I will consider extending it out into a series. -WARNING - This story contains hard-core ball busting.


The vampire kept to the deepest shadows, hugging the brick wall of the athletic department building, as he kept pace with the tall dark figure in front of him. It was late, nearly 11 pm, the quad was deserted with most of the students having returned to their dorms for the night. He stalked the ground silently, keeping pace with his prey. Even from several yards behind, he smelled the mix of sweat and testosterone that trailed behind in his wake.

Darius had entered the midwest town several nights ago and descended on the campus of the State College, finding it teaming with jocks, preppy fratmen, and corn-fed Iowa farm boys; a virtual buffet of horny studs. He spent his first night in town establishing a refuge so that he may sleep during the day in peace. He found suitable lodging in an abandoned farmhouse less then a mile outside of town. Settled deep in the trees at the end of a dirt road, the houses' faded white paint and boarded windows signaled the decay of the structure. The seclusion suited his needs perfectly. After a week of travel, he was famished, but with dawn on the horizon Darius secured himself for the day.

He set out for the campus at dusk, following instinct, he searched the grounds for suitable prey. Outside of the dorms, he picked up an appealing scent and chose to pursue it. Darius follwed the trail quickly, sprinting across the manicured grounds toward the source. Rounding a corner by the library, his eyes fixed on a solitary figure jogging along the path toward the athletic fields. Darius easily matched pace and followed, making sure to keep to the shadows. After several minutes, they reached a tall brick building adjacent to a baseball field and tennis court.

Darius pressed his body against a column and watched the young man pass through the double doors of the gym. Licking his gleaming white teeth with anticipation, Darius followed his prey into the deserted building. Stopping at the entrance, Darius was flooded by the strong wave of musk that assaulted his senses. The smell was intoxicating, feeding the flames of his lust like tinder. Listening for signs of his quarry, he made his way toward the men's locker room. Pushing through the heavy doors, he immediately spied the young man standing next to the lockers against the far wall. Already shirtless, his broad muscles glistened across his shoulders and back, and thick, hairy legs stretched out under a pair of loose, mesh shorts.

"Hello." Darius said in a calm, confident tone as he crept silently behind him.

The startled youth had not heard his approach and gasped at the sudden start. He turned and met the gaze of a pale, thin man standing close by. Darius inspected the boy's handsome face in the harsh fluorescent light and smiled. His warm brown eyes glistened, set above a strong, clean shaven jaw, he had a thick head of brown hair that matched the patches on his chest and stomach.

"Christ, you scared the hell out of me, man!" He shouted. "Can I help you?"

Darius said nothing in reply. Instead, he focused his eyes and locked his gaze with the college stud. In a matter of moments the his resistance was shattered and he was held fast by the vampire's power. Darius explored the young man's mind, delving into his memories, he discovered his deepest desires.

"What is your name?" Darius asked, his fingers brushing lightly against the boy's muscular chest.

"Kevin." He whispered.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Kevin," Darius replied as he projected the image of a beautiful red-haired woman into the boy's mind. "I'm Roxanne."

"The pleasure's all mine." Kevin returned, his head felt like it was in a fog, and he couldn't think straight. He didn't know how the cute girl got in to the locker room, but then again, he didn't really care.

"It looks like I caught you on your way to the showers." The red-head whispered, tugging down on his shorts. "Why don't I help you get out of these?"

Kevin did nothing to stop her as she pulled off his gym shorts and jock, revealing his limp 6 inch dick and loose, hairy sac. The vampire licked his lips hungrily as his eyes feasted on the boy's manhood.

"Oh my," the red-head cooed, fondling his walnut-sized orbs and hardened cock.

Kevin groaned.

"You just had sex," Darius stated, unable to mask his irritation. Kevin's cock reeked of wet pussy, and his testicles were loose and relaxed.

"Oh yeah, my girlfriend and I just-"

"Shhh." The red head hissed, continuing to rub his partially emptied balls. "We don't need to talk about her right now, do we?"

Kevin was led to one of the benches and sat down while the beautiful red-haired girl buried her face between his legs. Kevin groaned happily as he watched her head bounce up and down, her long, thin tongue sliding along his shaft. Leaking precum, his dick began to tremor as he began to shoot his load. Warm, white spunk splattered against the back Darius' throat as he continued to suck the young jock's prick. Drawing out every last drop, he cleaned the shaft with his tongue, savoring the sweet nectar.

Several centuries had passed since Darius had been turned to a creature of the night. He survived by hunting once fellow humans, sustained by draining the blood of his victims. It was the price of immortality, and it was truly a costly one. Blood fueled his existence, though over the years his appetite continued to grow, clamming hundreds of men, women, and children. But then, some time back at the beginning of the twentieth century, he stumbled upon a new solution to his growing hunger, not one relied in blood, but in the seed of man. The discovery was life altering. Packed with millions of sperm, the essence of life in one man's ejaculate could sustain him for weeks.

Freed of his need for blood, Darius thrived for decades on a heavy sperm-laden diet, but over time his hunger was beginning to out-pace him again. It had started slowly, but grew steadily into an unquenchable thirst for semen. More and more he spent his nights hunting down virile, young men, and relieving them of their sticky spunk, only to be repeated the next night.

Kevin moaned as the vampire caressed his manhood, manipulating the projections in his mind to stoke the flames of his sexual desires. He watched the long golden strands of hair get pulled back across his girlfriend's face as her hand pumped along his shaft. His heart soared as his head filled up with pleasure. When had she come in? - he wondered to himself, but his thoughts became fuzzy the moment he tried to remember.

Feeling the young stud's hips begin to buck, Darius engulfed the head of Kevin's dick in his mouth and squeezed his juicy nuts just in time for the first blast of cum. The jock grunted as his thin, watery cum erupted out of him.

Darius swallowed the load, but it hardly satisfying the hunger in his belly. Kevin's spunk had only wetted his appetite, but he craved more.

Still cradling the boy's delicate sac, the vampire squeezed Kevin's nuts with increasing pressure. Kevin's mouth opened and closed as his balls were compressed and stretched against their cords. The boy grunted, but Darius' hold only tightened. The immense strain that was being unleashed on the young stud's baby-makers sent Kevin's semi-hard dick into convulsions. In seconds, a small stream of his man milk spilled from his throbbing shaft.

"That's all?" The vampire hissed.

"Sorry honey, I'm all tapped out." Kevin groaned happily. "You're gonna have to wait until tomorrow for a new batch of love juice."

The vampire scowled at the young hunk. "No, that just won't do." Gripping the 21 year-old's prick tightly in his hand, Darius' bone-white claws closed in on his soft, pink sac.

"Please, my nuts . . . they're killing . . ." He stammered as his meaty balls were constricted, throbbing violently in the vampire's inhuman grasp.

Darius' dark heart pounded as he smelled the jock's fear, it was too much to resist. Turning his attention to Kevin's right testicle, he bore his thumb down into the fleshy orb with savage determination. The young college stud's desperation peaked, thrashing his arms and legs aimlessly, but to no avail. Suddenly, the fat, firm center of his nut gave way, flinging his body into a series of involuntary spasms. Darius worked quickly, using his fingers he pulverized the ruptured testicle, reducing the tissue to a pulp.

Kevin gasped as the carefully constructed fantasy was ripped to shreds by horrible pain. With the spell broken, his eyes met the vampire's gaze and was filled with terror. "Holy . . . shit . . ." Kevin's eyes crossed and he collapsed back on the bench.

Kevin's cock oozed a thick, opaque liquid. Bending forward, the vampire licked it up, sucking out every last morsel of his victims sticky spunk. Darius squeezed his nutsac where his right testicle should have been, but found no hint of the orb. He considered finishing the boy, but already he felt his powers swell as the essence of Kevin's maleness entered his blood stream. With his hunger was satisfied, Darius left the locker room and walked out into the night.

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