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locker room massacre | Forum

ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Apr 26
Saturday, October 19, 2013

Locker Room MassacreMatt Parker so effortlessly carried the ball passed the bumbling Honeywell Junior College defensive line, it almost looked staged. The Honeywell players seemed totally incapable of stopping the small, fast running back as he made his way down the field. The crowd went wild as Parker crossed the goal line adding yet another point to his team's score.

The Honeywell Bears were preparing to take possession when a referee came out waving a flag. The scoreboard was reset to zero before any more pictures could be taken of the massacre score. To the Honeywell players' dismay, the game -- only in the beginning of the third quarter -- was being called as a mercy. The defeat was resounding.

The Honeywell season hadn't been the best, but tonight's game was truly ridiculous. Fumbles, interceptions, players literally falling over themselves, and all the while the cocky Matt Parker of the Littleton Ravens, the star of the team, wasted no opportunity to openly deride and insult the players. Even receiving applause when one of this antics got the Ravens slapped with a poor sportsmanship penalty.

The attitude in the Honeywell locker room that night was palpably sour.

"What a bunch of pricks," Honeywell quarterback Brad Stevens, a short muscular young man with dusty blonde hair snorted.

"Especially that Parker. Arrogant prick. I swear I'd snap him in half if we ever went face to face," running back Fredrick Moore hissed. 

Fredrick, one of the taller boys on the team, had strong, muscular legs holding up his tight athletic frame. He had a cold, calculating face that made him look much older than he was.

The distain for the Ravens increased, reinforced in a toxic feedback loop until it had boiled over to downright hatred. It didn't help that this wasn't the first time their team had been so handily defeated by the charismatic Parker and his Ravens. One Honeywell player did attempt to argue that it was the Honeywell's sloppy performance that was to blame, but appealing to hatred was a more visceral, and therefore more effective, argument. 

After a while all but four of the boys had left the locker room, the stadium lights long since dimmed. Brad, Fredrick, Cody Flynn and Juan Black had stayed behind, continuing to fume. For his part Juan, a tightly built, shorter sophomore with stunningly handsome features and thick black hair, was a hostage to the other three. He had driven with them to the game and now couldn't leave without them.

"Come on guys, let's just go," Juan deplored, becoming slightly alarmed by the level of disgust dripping off his teammate's words.

To hear them talk, they were discussing ways of literally torturing Matt Parker that had long ago crossed the line from angry post-game rhetoric to borderline legitimate threats.

"Yeah, let's go," Brad conceded.

The four made their way outside stopping on a dime when Brad came to a stop several yards from his car. The parking lot lights had long been extinguished but in the distance, the outline of another car could be seen.

"Is that a Honda? Isn't that what Parker drives!" Brad said nearly hysterical.

"That little prick's still here..."

"And no one else is," Cody, a six-foot four thickly built red head growled, his voice making him sound like a much older man.

"Let's pay him a visit," Frederick suggested as they made their way to the home team's locker room building.

Juan followed, out of obligation but was clearly uncomfortable with the mob mentality that was taking hold. 

"Guys' wait!" he shouted behind them as they entered the building.

Matt Parker, wearing only a towel and sitting on a bench, looked up on confusion.

"What the hell?" he asked, standing. His voice cracking with thinly veiled fear. 

He only knew these other players from the football field, but could tell this wasn't a friendly visit.

"Parker..." Frederick hissed as his powerful foot sailed into Matt's crotch as if he were kicking a field goal.

Matt was only five foot eight, and no more than one-hundred sixty pounds .He was muscular, and agile but had never been in a fight, let alone being ganged up by four other guys. He let out a guttural scream as he was literally lifted from the ground by Frederick's powerful kick.

"Fred! Dude! What the fuck," Juan gasped. 

Without thinking he went to help Parker, who had fallen over in a fetal position clutching his crotch. Juan couldn't believe how good the young man smelled, he felt his cock stir has be reached to comfort Parker.

"Oh, we're not done with him yet," Cody growled, pushing the much smaller Juan aside with one hand while grabbing Parker's hair with another.

Cody lifted Parker by his hair until he was kneeling, his legs spread at the knee.

 Parker was still dazed but quickly realized what was about to happen...

"Please, no!" Parker screamed, his voice cracking as Cody, Fredrick and Brad all kicked the helpless football player in the balls in rapid succession, each blow having tremendous power and deadly aim.

Brad seemed particularly maniacal as he felt his toe crush into Parker's left testicle, which was quickly swelling, with so much force that Parker was lifted from the ground. His mouth opened in a wide 'O', but no sound came out as tears streamed down his face. He was gasping for breath, clutching his now beet red balls and hoping the bullies would leave him alone.

Juan stood by, his hand over his agape mouth, too stunned at what he was seeing. When Cody reached for Parker again, presumably to lift him back into a kneeling position, Juan reached out and roughly grabbed his teammate's arm.

"Dude! Let him alone, he's crying. You're scaring him half to death, "Juan looked down at the whimpering Parker, who was coming in and out of consciousness.

"No!" Brad roared, sidestepping Juan and Cody and proceeding to kick the defenseless running back over and over in his chest.

Frederick joined in and Cody laughed. Juan again stepped back, freeing Cody to join in as they kicked every inch of Parker's body. Blood erupted from his broken nose. Bruises and welts scarred beautiful, toned body. No matter how Parker writhed, a foot always was able to find his dangerously swollen nut sack.

Juan, taken aback by the savage display, started crying despite himself and implored his teammates to stop.

"Stop! For God's sake, you're killing him..."

"We know," Brad answered in an animalistic rage, his foot retracting and firing so quickly that it seemed like he was going to fall over from loss of balanced.

Cody motioned for the others to stop kicking long enough for him to grab the comatose Parker's muscular legs and lift him up, making an inviting 'V', at the bottom of which was Parker's now purple scrotum. 


The rain of stomps was nonstop as Cody's large foot crushed the high school football player's hopes of ever having children.

"OH yeah! Crush him!" Brad cheered.


There was a revolting, hard crunch after a particularly devastating stomp into Parker's testicles.
Juan couldn't believe it. He had to do something or else Parker was going to be killed. Judging by the appearance of the right side of his scrotum, it was obvious that Parker's right testicle had ruptured and was now being crushed into mush.

"Oh fuck yeah! I popped one!" Cody announced gleefully letting go of Parker's legs, letting the now totally blacked out footballer slump to the ground.

Frederick knelt down and roughly rolled the half-ruined sack in his large hands. The left side was still whole. swollen to the size of a large egg. The right side, as expected, was total mush. Fredrick rolled the mushy contents in his fingers, feeling bits and chunks burst under this kneading.

"Yup, that sucker's history..."

"Guys, please," Juan cried, tears streaming down his face, "Please leave him alone,"

The fact that Juan's genuine concern for Parker was rooted in a secret infatuation was totally lost on the mob.

Juan had long admired Parker from afar, smitten by Parker's boyish good looks and delicious body. And from their few off-field interactions, Juan could tell Parker was genuinely nice. He didn't deserve this....Watching his crush, or anyone for that matter, being so viciously destroyed for nothing more than playing a game was literally making Juan sick.

He could feel a confusing mix of rage, sympathy and visceral disgust at his teammates boiling inside...

"What the Hell?" Brad shouted, looking at Juan in total confusion.

Without thinking, Juan had grabbed Brad by the arm and flung him to the ground. In the resultant confusion, Juan tackled Fred, landing on top of him in a heap and slamming his fist into the mounding bulge in the front of Fred's jeans.

"Oooh!" Fred moaned, shocked at the unbearable pain.

"So you can dish it but not take it?


Juan was only able to make a few more direct hits before he was ripped off of Frederick by a visibly enraged Cody.  Cody was breathing heavily and his broad face was blood red, flush with anger. He proceeded to lift Juan completely off Frederick by the collar and flung him into a bank of lockers with the relative effort of tossing a rag doll.

Juan was in a daze, but saw an opening almost instantly.

"What the fuck is your problem.... OOOH!" Brad had walked up to the now slumped, and ostensibly passed out Juan, with his legs spread.

Juan's fist plowed into Brad's mounding crotch three times in rapid succession. Juan had seen Brad in the showers and knew there was no way he could have possibly missed his tightly bunched donkey balls.

Brad reached for his crotch and crumpled to the ground. Juan sprang to his feet and lunged as a visibly confused Fred. Fred was knocked to his back and Juan sat on Fred's chest, about to unleash another series of crotch punches when he sprang up with such agility even he was surprised. Cody had lumbered toward his fallen teammate and had just let his foot sail to kick Juan in the face, but Juan, now safety aside wasn't the target anymore...

"Oh shit!" Cody cried out, realizing in an instant what was about to happen.


The football player's foot slammed into Fred's exposed crotch with a sickening, loud crunch. Fred let out a single, guttural high pitched squeal and passed out.

"You little shit!" Cody roared, turning on one foot to face Juan.


Juan lunged at the much larger Cody as he was pivoting on one foot and the collision not only knocked him off balance, the excessive force was too much for Cody's awkwardly-turning ankle. There was a loud CRACK as Cody's ankle snapped, sending the lumbering athlete to the ground.

"Dude, what did you do? Brad said, approaching Juan and still clutching his nuts.

Brad went to take a swing, but his fighting skills one-on-one were clearly inferior to his mob skills. the swing missed Juan, who caught the fist midflight and proceeded to twist Brad's arm . Brad cried out as Juan pulled the young man into himself, further twisting his arm behind his back. Juan's crotch rubbed against Brad's back as Brad screamed... Juan could feel something in Brad's arm start to give...


The sound of Brad's shoulder popping out of the socket was categorically gross.

"AAAAH!" Brad let out a scream so disheartening even Juan stopped for a moment. letting go of the limp arm. He then shoved a crying Brad into the lockers, where he fell into a pile and leaped to the still unconscious Parker.

"Come on, buddy. You're safe now. Let's go," Juan said, picking up Parker to his feet.

Parker moaned softly, starting to stir a bit but still unable to walk. Juan made his way the best he could dragging Parker's dead weight toward the door. 

"Not so fast!" 

Cody had managed to crawl alongside Juan and Parker, grabbing Juan's leg. Juan fell, sending Parker's body crashing to the ground like a sack of bricks. Juan winced vicariously as he heard Parker's head slam into the side of a bench, then bounce with a thud on the tile floor.

Cody attempted to stand, wanting to finish Juan off, but the pain in his broken ankle was too tremendous and he ended up falling on his back. A visibly enraged Juan straddled the large jock's body and rose his foot over Cody's bulging crotch. The two locked eyes, Cody pleading, before Juan stomped on Cody's bulge over and over. Cody's hands, which had instinctively gone to his crotch, were crushed, the finger bones literally being broken as Juan continued his assault.


"Stop it! Please!" Brad shouted, clutching his lame arm but too stunned to stand from his slouched position.


The sound of Cody's rupturing left testicle was as wet as it was satisfying for Juan. He relished the feeling for just a moment, Cody long since passed out, before beginning his assault again.


Brad looked on in horror as the usually timid Juan's face became awash with primitive anger, beads of sweat dripping off his brow as he stayed on his target. Cody's last ball held its shape, for several more stomps, but Juan could feel the membranes starting to cave and crush... it wouldn't be long.


Cody's last nut exploded in its sack with a terrible sloshing.

Juan pivoted on one foot, making his way to the still passed out Fred. Brad went to move but was too taken aback by pain. The same look of incredulity that had been on Juan's face earlier was now on his.


The defenseless Fred's ample crotch was quickly flattened, a wet SPLOSH marking the end of one nut and an equally wet CRUNCH marking the end of the other. For good measure, the still enraged Juan proceeded to stomp until there was no evidence of a lump in Frederick's pants. He couldn't believe how amazing it felt to have turned Frederick's mounding crotch into a totally flat surface.

"Your turn," Juan said making his way to Brad.

Brad scooted away, forgetting for a moment that his arm was injured, he attempted to pick himself up, but the weight on his arm was too much, he let out a squeal and fell back to the ground. Juan lifted his foot to stomp, the egg sized genitals making a temping bulge in Brad's shorts, but stopped. He turned his head to Parker, who was starting to stir, and his rage was replaced almost instantly with panicked concern for Parker.

Without saying a word, he made his way over to Parker, who was now coughing up blood and moaning like a wounded animal. He helped Parker to his feet.

"Tha--- thank you. Thank you so much," 

Parker unaware of the reign of retribution Juan had just laid down, mustered all of this strength to meagerly thank Juan as he clung from his opponent's neck.

Juan helped Parker into the parking lot, gently laying the handsome stud down under a lamp post. 

"Tha-thank you," Parker said softly, almost too afraid to let go of Juan.

"You're okay, Parker. You're alright," Juan couldn't control his urges towards the handsome footballer and ran his hand gently through Matt's hair, then caressed his cheek.

Even in his beaten and bruised state, Matt Parker was incredibly good looking. Without thinking, Juan reached over and gave Parker a quick peck on the lips. It was a gentle, reassuring kiss, not at all sexual and - to Juan's pleasure -seemed to succeed to calming Parker. 

"You'll be okay," Juan assured the whimpering Parker as he dialed for help on his mobile phone.

Juan was a bit surprised at rise in the dispatcher's sense of urgency at the mention of Matt's name, but dismissed it as being part of his job. For several minutes, the two sat in the darkened parking lot in silence. Then, the faint sound of sirens could be heard approaching in the distance. Juan ran his hand through the handsome stud's hair softly.

Suddenly, Juan felt a tremendous impact against the back of his head.

The sirens grew louder...

Brad had managed to exit the locker rooms and had slammed a football helmet into Juan's head. the helmet might as well have been made of solid stone, the collision was so tremendous. Juan was dazed for several moments, looking up just in time to see Brad stomping on Parker's last testicle. He kept looking up, the lights of the emergency vehicles now visible pulling into the parking lot.

"Pop! Pop!" Brad cried out, no longer concerned that his atrocity was being carried out in full view of the approaching police.

Juan knew he had to act, but he was so dazed by the blow, he couldn't gather himself enough to do anything...


The police car was nearly upon them, Juan could hear a deep male voice shouting something, perhaps a plea to stand down, but couldn't make out the words.

"Help me..." Parker, barely conscious, was able to get out.

He turned his head to make eye contact with the fallen Juan just as Brad's foot accomplished its goal.


The sound of the handsome stud's last nut rupturing into paste against the pavement rung in Juan's ears.

Parker's eyes locked eyes with Juan pleadingly before he passed out.

"Stop! Stop! Right there," came an officer, now running to Brad.

Brad, his mission complete, calmly walked away from the ruined stud and put his hands behind his back.

Juan, still on his back and dazed, his vision blurred thought he saw... Matt Parker€¦ in a uniform?But it couldn't be....

"Matthew!" the officer's voice cracked and he fell to his knees, totally ignoring Brad, whose face was still plastered in self-satisfaction.

Juan squinted to see the officer, confused by the man's reaction. Then suddenly he saw something so startling he sprang to his feet out of sheer adrenaline.

Handsomely embroidered on the officer's chest was the name 'PARKER'.

The officer was, an older, even more handsome version of Matt. Matt's father? Whoever he was, his face was flush red with anger.

"No, please!" 


There was a shot and Brad stumbled backward, his lifeless body landing with a thud. Juan backed away.

"No, please! I was the one who called you. I tried to help him," Juan pleaded backing slowly away from the officer with his hands up.


For a moment Juan was confused by what happened but quickly realized the horrible reality. A single, well aimed bullet had tore through the crotch of this jeans, turning his entire sexual package into a shower of shredded gore. The bullet had totally blown through his right nut, blown apart his left nut from the sheer force and dismantled the base of his cock from his body before exiting out the backside. The devastation to his balls was more complete and absolute than any of the crushed testicles so far that night.

he others might go on to get silicone implants to at least give the illusion of testicles swinging between their legs. But for Juan, there was nothing left to even cling too.

In wordless shock, Juan clutched his bleeding crotch, looked down at the studly young man whose sex life he had tried to save, looked up at the officer, looked down at this bloody hands, then passed out.