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Silent Warrior f/m busting
If I would have known all the types of pain this D... more
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During the next 2 weeks of Recovery from a serious... more
Jim Aug 9
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I know some people are not happy with the current ... more
ruptered Jun 17
ruptered SiteOwner
Attached are screen shots of the chat tabs in Full... more
ruptered Jun 17
Jim fm&mm busting
When I finally woke that next morning the gals wer... more
Jim Jun 14


Laura f/m busting
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Keith Admin
Keith Mar 27
Ladies- If you are looking for a guy to bust, please post here.

Please include some information to help the bustee's reading, here are some ideas of info to include. Also, it does not hurt to include a pic for the guys, face, boobs, feet, ass, etc, it is up to you of course.
Your location (at least your State)
The type of busting desired (kicks, knees, squeeze, punch, etc)
The level of busting desired (mild, med, hard, extreme)
Clothed or Nude (you or both)
Are you willing to travel, if so, how far?
When you can be available  (tomorrow, next week, 2 weeks, a month, etc)

And anything more you wish to include to help motivate a buster to contact you.

The Forum post is edited by Keith Mar 27
Goddesscherie f/m busting
Goddesscherie Jun 20
get in touch with me ok. dm me.
David Owen Carter f/m busting
Where about in London are you? Do you kick as well as the Yorkshire girls? Haha :-P
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