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Nerd's writing corner : Monster under the bed | Forum

Nerd Dec 30 '16
Well this is more of a pilot than a story to see if it gains enough support to be worthy of becomming a full story. 

Ps. This is a erotic story and contains a bit of smex (this is written this way on purpose btw)

Max always woke up with his balls red and swollen and he always wondered why. As usual he was sleeping naked on a hot summer night and his balls became   low hanging  targets for a phantom, Luna. 

She looked like a human girl except for black lines  on her palms and arms, around the eyes , breast and her crotch area, she also has small black wings because she loves the evil angel look but can change it anytime thanks to her species being shapeshifters.

She creept slowly towards her targets ready to strike and then her fist landed between Max's legs and to her surpise he woke up unlike the other times she did that. She quickly hid under his bed before he could see her. Max was unsure what woke him up but didn't think too much about it and went sleeping again despite his balls aching. It was too dangerous at the  moment to bust his balls physically so she decided to mess with his dreams. She made him dream about a harpy trying to break his eggs by kicking and stomping them. While Luna loved watching it but Max didn't...or at least he thought he didn't. 

A moment later Luna mustered her strengh and appeared on his bed and tried not to wake him up again and leened closer to give his membef a lick causing an erection. She started licking and sucking his member while squeezing his balls , this woke him up and he saw her so she turned  into a shadow allowing her to hide. "Please, come back" He said while he tried to chase her but accidentally rammed his balls into the bedpost , she giggled and became more visible . 

If you want this to get continued let me know 

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Laura f/m busting
Laura Jan 8 '17
Really hot! I love the original ideas like this one and I would love to see more :)
Nerd Jan 9 '17
Saddly i have to disappoint you , the next isn't gonna get written soon if at all

Nerd Mar 6 '17
Here's a continuation . Also it contains a bit of selfbusting so if aren't a fan of it , feel free to skip the first part. 

He noticed a shadow , not attached to anything, moving after his accident and it gave him an idea. He clenched his fist and slammed it into his balls , they begun aching again but it had the desired effect , and she moved closer. "Come closer , I won't hurt you" he tried to win her trust and she pointed at the flashlight next to his table and cried "No! You'll hurt with it like others did!". He threw the flashlight  away "See? I won't hurt you , I swear". She took her usuall form , sat on the bed and wrapped her hand around his balls " Don't try doing anything stupid unless *squeeze" you want to lose them" he nodded. "Could you tell your name , please?" He asked "Luna" she replied "I know your name already, Max" it surprised him a bit. Despite his aching balls , the sight of a naked women was enough to make his member spring to life. She grabbed it gave it a stroke making his whole body shake a bit "First time?" she asked and he shook his head but a strong squeeze caused it to change into a nodding motion "Knew it". "What do you want?! First you bust my balls , then you dissapear , bust my balls again and now you're strocking my dick!" He was puzzled about her intentions. 

Keith m/m busting
Keith Mar 18 '17
damn dude you are good hope to see more from you
Nerd Mar 18 '17

Quote from Keith damn dude you are good hope to see more from you
Thank you and don't worry , there will be more but i dunno when