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A few tips on the New chat, please give them a try... more
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Silent Warrior f/m busting
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Poll on Chat - please vote | Forum

ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Dec 15 '16

Click the link above to vote.

Keep in mind the following,

The left side chat program allows for guest 1-on-1 chat

The right side chat program offers voice/video chats and a mobile app BUT does not have 1-on-1 guest chat because allowing it causes the mobile app to crash.

- keeping the right side chat program would mean having a small chatbox on the page for guests but no 1-on-1 chat with them, guests would have to join and login for full chat.

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ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Dec 15 '16
Update - you may still vote and I may be swayed to change my mind but at this time I have put the original chat (the one on the left) as the only chat. The other one, even tho it had extra features , it was not reliable and messages were lost all the time, Thank you all for dealing with the testing phase.

What i have done it made the other chat, the one with the audio/video and chat app, a members only chat that is embedded in the timeline and a full page chat, this way it is still available but now only the one chat bar.

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