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Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
Christian Ringo fm&mm busting
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site(s) down for 4 hours | Forum

ruptered SiteOwner
ruptered Nov 9 '16

The sites were down again for 4 hours, same issue as the last, hosting database server issues,

Along with that I heard someone was bitching that the site (which was the backup chat site) looked different. I think the way it was said was something like "what the hell are they doing with the site now"

SOOOOOO. people can't read the message right in front of them and want to bitch for an attempt to provide chat when the main site is down.

I WILL NOT redirect the site to the backup chat again. If you are too lazy or ignorant to bookmark the backup site, that is linked on the top of the timeline, then you will only get the server error message when you attempt to visit during a downtime.

ruptered - site owner

Keith Admin
Keith Nov 9 '16
I would like to comment here. Some of you guys tend to forget that this site is FREE to you, all that ruptered has ever asked is that people use the site and enjoy it. No one has a place or right to bitch or complain about a free service especially when ruptered is well was going out of his way to provide a place to chat during down times. This is only directed at a few people not everyone so grow up or go play at scaffies or kitg, if you can even get a profile approved.
Ms. Julie fm&mm busting
Ms. Julie Nov 9 '16
Some people never appreciate anything. So so sad.