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Keith Admin
There are a lot of spam accounts. Having e-mail verify on is not stopping them.

I have decided that any account with "spammer" tag will now be suspended with future accounts posting spam going direct to suspended for the 1st violation.

Keith Apr 1 · Tags: spam
Keith Admin
I would like to request that all members take a minute and verify or update the e-mail address on your myBBFE account. Change Profile Details Here

If you do not wish to use your main e-mail address then please take a minute and get a free one for use at sites like this. Yahoo, Google, Yandex and on and on. 

A valid e-mail on your profile is important for the purpose of password reset in the event you forget. A valid email is also used by the system to send the site activity updates to posts that you make, like, follow, etc and for the newsletter. You are able to change what email notifications you receive and are able to opt out of the newsletter emails but there is little you can do if you forget your password and do not have a good email in your account. Additionally, valid emails help to reduce the number of bounced messages in the sites inbox, making it easier to see real emails that are perhaps requesting assistance / support.

Thanks, Keith

Keith Mar 29
Keith Admin
I have created a few new forums. For classified ads. Busters, bustee's, f/m and m/m.

If you truly want to meet for busting and not only talk about it, please begin posting in the new forum sections and then keep posting. If you never try you will never get the busting and giving up after one or two attempts is as bad as never trying.

So c'mon guys/ladies, post your interest to meet, include your general location, at least the State and lets see if we can get some ball busted.


Keith Mar 27
Twinberries FM-MM

I can't seem to find embedded codes ever!! I suck, but here is a video of Mistress Whiplash pretty dang good

Twinberries Mar 22 · Comments: 2
Twinberries FM-MM
Great clip! Couldn't find the embedded code on my phone

Twinberries Mar 16 · Comments: 1
Tom aka CountryCat F/M
Post about females that like to bust nuts. Heres an escort from mobile AL number that will bust ya nuts for 30 minets for 400 dollers. (404) 955-2780. Her name is Kashmiare.

   When I got home I had to take it easy as my balls were so sore from the weekend event at my friends home. The next day at school my best friend was just as sore as I was. At recess we just sat on the bank & watched everyone else play. We talked in low voices so as no one else could hear as we talked about our sore balls. My friend told me that his parents were excited for me to come over again to play. Just then our teacher, Kathy came over & sat down beside me. All us boys had the hots for her & wanted in her pants so bad. She asked how we were doing after the weekend? I told I was doing ok but really sore. The asprine I took had worn off. She told me to see the nurse after recess to get more. I just smilled & said ok. She told me that, she looked forward to our next meeting. I could tell she wanted to reach out & grab my balls but was glad for now atleast she could not. I needed to let my balls heal. I quietly reminded her of our agreement that we had made over the weekend. She blushed & smiled saying she had not forgotten. She sayed she looked forward to it. I had found out later that she had talked to Karen about how much I cum & staying hard after I cum. So after 3 long weeks my balls were finally healed but still tender. Kathy had also been teasing me with suttle peaks of her pussy since she was not wearing panties. My friend John had healed as well but was still sore. He & I were talking, making plans to go over to his house for the weekend again. So when Friday came I would be going with home with John.


When Friday came we noticed that Kathy was more excited for school to finish & the weekend to start. She tried to hide this but John & I could tell she wanted to be at Johns home to play. So when the last bell rung for class desimsal John & I headed for our buss. Kathy wished all of us to have a great weekend & she winked at me. John & I caught our buss & when we got to Johns home Karen greeted us in the kitchen as we walked though the door. She was naked as she was a nudest at heart. She was looking so hot & sexy as ever. She came over to John first & gave him a hug. Then it was my turn to get hugged & what a hug. She gave me such a hug that lasted for a while. John went on to his room to put his school stuff away & to get naked. When John was out of sight Karen kissed me passionately. She told me that she had been counting the days till I was here. Then she told me to go ahead & to put my things in my room. We parted & I went to my room to put my things in there & strip also. I came back to the kitchen naked & John was already there naked as well. Seeng Karen made my cock start to pulsesate & soon I was getting hard. Karen saw this & just smilled. She asked if we were hungry & John said yes. Well John was always hungry though. I told Karen that I was ok for now. I moved to the kitchen table & sat down. After she fed John Karen sat down next to me & she put her hand on my leg. She was snuggling me & soon her hand found my cock. She had my cock in her hand stroking it softly at first. Then she moved her hand to my balls massaging & checking out my balls carefully. She could tell I was super excited. She had John move to the otherside of her & when he sat down she had her other hand to his balls checking his balls as well. She could feel where our balls had craked but were healed for now. She took our balls & squeezed them soft at first. We both moaned softly at first & she had us spread our legs wider. She then slid her legs over ours so we could not totally close our legs. When she did this her pussy was exposed so I slid my hand onto her pussy. Karen kissed & bit my ear getting me more excited. I played with her pussy lips & squeezed & stretched her pussy lips. This got her super wet & horny. As she got wet she squeezed our balls harder. Soon I could not focus on her pussy as she did this. She squeezed our balls for a while finally letting go. John had been screaming & I was moanig loudly. Both of us were also crying in pain. I finally caught my breath & could focus some what. My hand was still on her pussy. My hand was soaked & covered n Karens cum. She had orgasumed several times as she was squeezing Johns & mines balls. She told us that she needed that. She massaged our sore balls as I played with her soaked pussy.


We sat there for awhile talking then the kitchen door opened & in walked Kathy. She smilled & said that she hope that we did not start with out her. She stood at the doorway going into the living room & started to take of her clothes. It did not take her long before she to was naked. I looked over at John as he was so excited to see Kathy naked. He offered to help her get undressed but she was naked. She pulled up the other kitchen chair & sat next to me. She saw that Karens hand was massging my balls. Kathy slid her hand beside Karens & they each massaged one of my balls. John was not happy because Kathy chose to sit next to me. Karen noticed this and massaged Johns balls & cock harder causing John to moan. We all chatted about how the weekend should go. This ment getting our balls & cock busted even harder. I also reminded the gals of our deal from the last ball busting session. I told them that I was going to fuck them every chance we had. They both just smilled & told me they looked forward to keeping there deal.


Kathy leaned in & wispered in my ear that she wanted to bust my balls. Karen leaned over to Kathy & told her soon. But first Karen told me that she had been waiting all day to get fucked. She told me that she was so horny & ready to start giving me lessions in sex. Karen got up taking my hand & led me to her bedroom. Karen told Kathy that John wanted to fuck her for awhile now. Kathy looked at John who was blushing & said sure, why not. So she got up & took John by the hand also leading him to his bedroom. I followed Karen to her bed where for the next couple of hrs Karen fucked my brains out. She knew alot about sex & sexual positions to please a woman as well as a man. Once in a while I could hear Kathy moaning & cuming. Karen was not with out her moaning & screaming as she would cum mutiple times. After I had cum again in her pussy after mutiple times we both collasped in each others arms breathing heavly. I asked her if she was ready for more & she smilled & just looked at me for a moment. She told me later that she was spent for now. But she kissed me pasionately & told me we would fuck again soon. We layed in bed for awhile kissing, talking & ingaged in forplay until Kathy finally came in the room. She climbed in bed seeing my hard cock & smilling. Karen told Kathy that she & I had cum mutiple times but I was ready to fuck again. Karen said she would have fucked me again but her pussy was sore & raw from fucking. Karen told Kathy that she should fuck him to see if her pussy could wear out my cock. Kathy said ok and layed on her back with her legs spread. I went down on her pussy sucking her pussy. I could taste Johns cum in her pussy but that did not stop me. I soon had Kathy moaning & then cuming. She squirted in my mouth bigtime. I could taste hers & Johns cum mixed together. I drank it all up as she was cuming mutiple times. Soon she was out of breath as I finally came up on top of her slid my dick in her pussy. She moaned & clasped my ass cheeks with her hands. I slid deep inside her & started to pump her pussy slowly at first. She & Karen were both talking dirty to me as I pumped Kathys pussy. As I was pumping faster Karen was telling me to bury my dick deep in her pussy & to cum deep in her pussy. It got really wild as I not only shot my load of cum deep in her pussy but did it several times. We were both spent for now. After a few minutes Karen told Kathy that I was not shooting blanks. Kathy looked at me & just smilled at me. Kathy just said oh well, if it happens it happens. I had no idea what they were talking about but they did. Kathy told me that we would fuck again soon.


As I layed in the middle of the ladies on my back I had my arms under each of them & they in turn took & spread my legs wide with there legs. They each had ahand on each of my balls rubbing them & massaging my slick cock. They each were nibbling & sucking on my nipples. Then with out worning they each took one of my balls & Squeezed them super hard. I moaned out loud & trembled as they drove there fingers into my eggs. I tried to get loose but could not. My balls were in trouble now. They squeezed them what seemed liked hrs. They would ease up after a few minutes to let me catch my breath. Just when I got my bearings back they would squeeze my balls even harder to where my eyes were closed & crying. I was in such pain & feeling naucious as my balls felt like they were going to pop. They each had a ball squeezing them time again. This went on for atleast half an hour with my balls. When the ladies finally finished squeezing my balls I was spent. My balls were so sore as the ladies got up out of bed. They left me on the bed spread eagle on my back. They went to the kitchen & then John came in the room. He had been watching as my balls were beng squeezed. He told me that he was glad it was my balls & not his. He saw that my balls were red & starting to swell up again. As we were talking the ladies came back in the room. Karen told me to sit up which I obeyed. It was hard sitting up. I sat up on the edge of the bed & Karen gave me a pill & water to take it with. I took it & soon my balls were not hurting so much. I was acually feeling pretty good now. Karen looked at John & I then telling us it was time to catch some air outside. Karen then grabbed my hand pulling me towards her. I got up & gave Karen a long hug. Kathy did not like this very much & seemed to be jelious. Karen then led me out side with Kathy & John following.



Karen led us to the picnic table & told us we r going to play outside for awhile. Karen had me at one end of the picnic table & Kathy had John at the other end. She told us to spread our legs wide & to put our chest on the table. I grabbed the table top with my hands also after obeying. The gals then attached wrist & ankle culfs to our wrists & ankles. Our balls hanging low & exposed Kathy told Karen she wanted to switch after 20 min. Karen agreeded & I herd John moan & cry loudly as Kathy started on his balls. Karen leaned over me massaging my balls & wispered in my ear telling me she was going to hurt my worthless balls. She squeezed my balls hard but I could hardly feel them. I was feeling good from the pill I took. I told her to go ahead & she kissed me on the cheek. She then stood up taking aim on my worthless balls. John was moaning & crying now from the pain in his balls. I could hear Kathy making contact on Johns balls. Johns balls were getting a real work out from Kathy. Then I felt pain in my balls bigtime as Karen had just kicked my balls driving them in my pelvic bone. I moaned as all the air was driven from my lungs. Karen took her time taking aim on each nut as she made them swell up. My kuckles were white from grabbing the table top. Karen was a pro as each kick dove my nut into my pelvic bone. I could feel my balls flatten out rom the impact they were receiving. I could feel her toes in my balls pressing into my balls. I tried to move to protect my balls but was not sucuessful. I was feeling naucious from every impact my balls were taking. Soon I lost where I was at as I felt my balls go numb. Then the pain stopped & I managed to pick up my head. I was drolling & my one sid of the face was wet. Then I herd Kathy wisper in my ear saying she was going to bust my worthless balls. Then I felt such pain in my balls. Kathy wasted no time busting my balls & she was alot faster in hitting my balls. She abused my balls at first with her fist getting them to swell even more. My balls would flatten out & bounce back to there origional shape. I soon found myself in lala land as I closed my eyes crying from the pain. But the gals did not stop busting our balls. They kept going as John was the first to pass out from the ballbusting Karen was dishing out. I could hear the air leave Johns lungs as Karen made contact with her sons balls. I could feel the air leave my lungs as Kathy did her bests to bust my balls. Eventually, I passed out from the pain in my balls. I do not know how long I was out but when I woke I was still attached to the table. My balls ached so bad & I could feel my balls against my inner thighs. My balls were so swollen from the ballbusting. John was still out cold from his session.


It was evening now & the sun was setting. Finally, John moaned as he was coming around. I looked up at John whos head was still onthe table. I asked him how he was feeling & he just moaned. Kathy did a nice job starting on Johns balls, but Karen did an awesome job on him. The ladies came out from the house sporting glasses of tea. The gals went to check out Johns balls first giving each other parise on there ballbusting tallent. Then they checked out my balls. I could feel there hands on my swollen balls checking them out. They were both impressed on how much abuse my balls could take after the last weekend I was there. Then the gals sat there glasses down & took up position behind John & I. They were going to continue the ball busting session. Karen was standing behind me as Kathy was behind John again. They had sat a timer on the table for 20 min again. Then the timer started ticking & the gals once again began busting our balls. When Karen made contact with my balls using her fists I raised my head up high & my chest left the table top. I was arched in the air unable to do anything else but moan. Karen focused on one nut for a while then the other. My balls continued to swell from the ballbusting. Finally I was unable to raise up from the beating my balls were obsorbing. I did not care as my balls became more softer from the beating. Finally, the timer dinged & the beating stopped. I was able to breath again & I was in lala land now with my head on the table drolling. Then the timer was reset & at the first tick the ladies treaded off on our balls again. When Kathy hit my balls I could not raise my head up anymore. My balls would flatten out from the impact & was not rebounding as quickly as they had before. Kathy saw this & took my balls with her one had stretching my sac. She pressed my balls at the edge of the table. With one hand she held them there & with her other fist drove her fist hard into my balls. I could feel her knuckles make contact with the wood through my balls. The air left my lungs & I gasped for air. Kathy did this time and again as my balls became more softer & swollen. They were recovering less & less now. Kathy new she was close to cracking my balls but just then the timer Dinged. She let go then & my balls got a repreave. John was passed out again but not before Karen had popped one of his balls again. This time Johns nut was not so lucky as when it popped one end went flat totally. Kathy had herd it pop which only made her more determined to pop mine. My balls were always tuffer then Johns. Karen came around to check my balls & was amazed at the size of them. Also, the fact my balls had not burst yet. Karen said they were close to popping. Kathy wanted to pop them so bad but Karen stepped in & said that we needed to rest. Karen undid our restraints but John & I were so wiped out that we could not move. The gals then helped John & I up a little. We were both so sore in our balls.



 The gals helped us sit down on the benches. Our legs were numb as well as our arms. After about 30 min they managed to get us into the house. I was on the couch as they put John to bed. His one Testicle had defleated on one end & was no longer round. There was no hope for recovery of his one ball. My balls were so swollen, lumpy & soft as I checked out my balls. The pill I had been given had worn off as I could feel my balls ache. The gals came back in finally & sat down on each side of me. They both had me spread my legs showing how big my balls had swelled. I asked Karen how Johns one testicle was. She told me that he was done for awhile ballbusting. Karen then looked in my eyes & kissed me passionately. Kathy was checking my balls carefully to see if they had cracked yet. She told Karen that my balls were close to busting & wanted to finish the job. Karen told her that i needed to rest & they bust my balls somemore tomorrow. It was late now but Kathy was spending the night also.             






Jim Feb 23 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
Tom aka CountryCat F/M
So untill i find some ballbusting ladies. Im gonna keep getting off by looking at female pictures and hitting em with a boot. So heres the deal. Ladies for every pic u post makin eye contact i have to hit them with a boot. There is an extra kick for each woman in the pic if theres more than 1. The sexyer or hotter the pic the harder the kick will be. And everytime a you post a new photo. I have to go threw eaxh and every one of your pictures with another kick for each one making eye contact. To get more prepared and tougher for the real thing. Im allready tough as hell but ya allways get a lil tougher with each lowblow. Remember that everytime you post a new photo so u will know your busting balls with your pic. Thanks and pass this on to other women. And please with the first 1 you post after reading this. Let me know you read it. Im also on facebook. Tom Dumas if you want to friend someone thats mature and proffessional about ballbusting. If you do and i have your permission to bust my nuts to your pictures let me know. Thanks...
Tom aka CountryCat F/M
Does anyone know a woman in or near Alabama missisipi or florida???
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