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David Owen Carter f/m busting
Where about in London are... More
David Owen Carter Yesterday, 03:37AM
Angelo fm&mm busting


ruptered SiteOwner
I know some people are not happy with the current ... more
ruptered Jun 17
ruptered SiteOwner
Attached are screen shots of the chat tabs in Full... more
ruptered Jun 17
Jim fm&mm busting
When I finally woke that next morning the gals wer... more
Jim Jun 14
Jim fm&mm busting
I finally pulled my soft cock out of Karens ... more
Jim Jun 12
ruptered SiteOwner
Ok guys and ladies. This is your last chance to vo... more


Vito's Balls f/m busting
Tied-up Balls f/m busting

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Silent Warrior f/m busting
This happened in December, but since I am new here and I will be leaving next week to head back to Thailand, I thought I would contribute. I will hopefully get a similar experience this trip. I hope you all enjoy.

Back in Thailand for a few weeks and I found the buster from last time. She had something in store for me that I had only seen in the videos and had never had happen to me personally. We met at one of the clubs and decided to head to my condo for some "football" (what she calls ball kicking). She really brought the heat this time. I knew I was in for it on the "warm up" snap kicks where she holds her thigh up and starts popping them harder and harder until I react and back up. She definitely has a lot more purpose now. We position to start the full swing kicks, and as always she asked "Are you sure?", then landed the first one. The force was MUCH stronger than I remember and I was humbled immediately. She then made her intention known to drop me and they did keep getting stronger and stronger. She had us swap positions...why I don't know, and then she landed it. It had so much force that my body tried to go fetal from impulse, and I dropped instantly. Instantly as in folded like cheap patio furniture if you sit on it wrong. Until this I would always go down slow while succumbing to the pain, but this was immediate. I caught my breath and gave her 2 thumbs up. This was a first for me and shocked me completely. After over 2 years in the fetish, a proper, involuntary drop. From this point on I was a mess. Flinching every time she approached me, and unable to brace for impact. She had great patience and picked her moments. I did move once causing her foot to slam into my leg and cut me open a little. Told her it was my fault. We were able to land a few more, each one knocking my breath out, and then the last brutal, unexpected one landed. As soon as I hit the floor, instantly as before, I said "I'm done" like 3 or 4 times. I didn't know what was up or down...all of my attention was focused on the pain below. It took me a bit to get back up. I have long since recovered and look to see her again this trip. I want to be able to brace for these killer kicks. It is going to take some practice, which of course I am up for anyway. I say that and she may just destroy me again. I hope so.

Keith Admin
I just completed a test of the video chat. 

In rooms, the video chat is a "broadcast" anyone in the room can view.

In private chat it is an audio/video call.

Both worked fine for me. The sender was in IOS app and I was using Chrome Browser.  Below is a pic with a RED circle around the places you go to access the video broadcast function.

Keith May 20
Mark Branded f/m busting

I was waiting nervously in my car. AW was on the way back from her training session. Martial Arts worryingly. I was going to get kicked in the balls by her. Exciting times. 

I saw a stunning girl drive by in a red Ford KA and a flurry of messages later we were saying hello.

Well, first impressions count. I'm not sure I made the best but what can I say about this young lady. Tall, slender, I am certain she could be a supermodel if she chose. Astoundingly beautiful and really friendly to go with it. She apologised for being sweaty from training and still in her gym stuff but I really liked it. 

We were both nervous and we just kept walking around the woods looking for somewhere to do some ballbusting and making idle conversation. I told her about how I developed my fetish. She confessed she was doing it mostly because she was strapped for cash. I just hoped she would enjoy it too. 

When the dog walker had cleared out of sight and we were reasonably sure we wouldn't get spotted we decided to brave up and get on with it.

So I got her to introduce herself and then kick me full in the balls in a clip I have now watched probably a million times. That kick nearly floored me. I've been kicked in the balls by 18 stone blackbelts with less power than she managed. I had been quite confident that I would be able to take a few on the trot. My mind instantly changed. I was impressed and thoroughly enjoying it. 

So, while I took a few seconds getting my stomach to uncramp. I asked about what she was and wasn't up for. We decided to keep my pants on. Which I'm fine with. A layer of protection. She demonstrated some of her teeping. Next time I think I'll ask for one of those in the stomach just to try it out. Then we decided that kicks, knees and hammer fists would be the order of the day. 

The kicks were brutal and she has since told me she was holding back a bit. So next time I expect to be on the floor rolling around. At which point she has full permission to keep hitting them, if she wants. 

The knees. Oh, The KNEES! IT really was the point of the kneecap driving into the balls. I'm gonna toughen up and take more of her wonderful accurate knees. I know she could go harder. While holding onto my hoodie and delivering perfect knees into my balls she explained she'd just been doing knee accuracy in training and having a little giggle to herself. I assured her I could tell and she wasn't falling into the trap of coming too close and using the thigh. She just smiled and nailed me hard. It was heaven. 

Next up we tried some hammer fists. Now I'm not quite sure whether she noticed or not but a few of these were in the dick. Which, In all honesty. gave my battered balls a little respite. But they were good solid hits and just watching her do it then feeling the pain is exactly what I fantasize about almost all the time so It really didn't get much better. 

We played around a little. I tried kneeling for a few kicks and we messed around, had some fun. 

Then we decided to finish with a brutal clip. A set of knees, a few hammer fists and a final hard kick. It was awesome. I was in delicious agony. The only problem was I didn't press record. So I had to take it all again. The second time I took the big kick to finish it I thought she'd broken me. I took a while to stand up after that. 

After that we had a hug and decided to call it quits. I had to go and she had to get back to her GF so we'd had our fun.

As we walked back to our cars the pain wore off. So we decided I needed one more.

Best decision of the day. It was amazing. Then we shook hands and I drove off in a happy  flood of endorphins. 

I later heard that She enjoyed it a lot more than She expected to. I'm happy about that.

Just need to find a time to meet up again.



Perfect marks. 


Sadly She moved to New Zealand Soon after and I will probably never see her again.

Still It was an experience I will always cherish. 

Mark Branded May 18 · Comments: 4 · Tags: ballbust first time woods
vadu fm&mm busting

Been making some small progress with stretching recently.. can't for the life of me get number 10 on though

vadu May 18 · Tags: stretch
Ms. Julie fm&mm busting
Hello boys and girls!

Todays thoughts. For those who have been coming here for a long time, 2 or more years. You know things never remain the same, not with the people coming and going, not with site color and design, not with chat, the site is ever evolving.

This said. I want to encourage people to always provide fair, well thought out and mature feedback. I will caution against childish comments, especially when you probably have no true idea of the details and facts. 

This week, the site has seen the color scheme modified and the chat system replaced. If you do not understand why, then ask. If you like it or do not like it, provide mature feedback with specifics, but do not say "it sucks", that is not mature, its childish and ungrateful, a lot of time , effort and money goes into this site and no one has the right to be cruel for something that they are using for free.



Ms. Julie May 6 · Rate: 5
Ms. Julie fm&mm busting

I had my first day back in chat and with the new chat system. I like it.

If you missed me, sad for you but I will be back again. Off to work I go.

bye for now boys

xoxo Julie

Ms. Julie fm&mm busting
Well boys. I am back, sorta. I still have precious little time but i will stop in several times per week and we are going to get back on track as a community. I have much much more to say but i think i shall wait and see how you boys choose to conduct yourselfs.


Ms. Julie May 3 · Comments: 4
ruptered SiteOwner

Okay people.

I am in the process of removing accounts that have both ZERO logins for over 3 months and have an invalid email address.


Active accounts with an invalid email address, I am sending a private message. (private messages are to the site account). This private message requests that you update your profile with a valid email address (google, yahoo and many others offer free email accounts), there is no reason to not have a valid email address on your profile.

If you request it, I will issue you a @mybbfe.com email address.

I will expect that ALL site members have a valid email address on their profile. I will only ask twice before I remove/delete the account for failure to meet this simple request.


ruptered -  site ower

ruptered Apr 30 · Comments: 1
Keith Admin

I am looking for Adult Themed Crusies to post in the events section, if anyone knows of any and the details, please let me know or add it to the events area.


Keith Apr 23 · Comments: 1
Keith Admin

Weekly Gazette #8 was posted, please have a look.


Keith Apr 23
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