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Okay people.

I am in the process of removing most accounts that have had ZERO logins and have an invalid email address for over 3 months and for valid email accounts with ZERO logins for over 9 months.


I am sending a private message to all accounts with an invalid email address. (private messages are to the site account). This private message requests that you update your profile with a valid email address (google, yahoo and many others offer free email accounts), there is no reason to not have a valid email address on your profile.

If you request it, I will issue you a @mybbfe.com email address.

I will expect that ALL site members have a valid email address on their profile. I will only ask twice before I remove/delete the account for failure to meet this simple request.


ruptered -  site ower

ruptered_admin one hour ago · Comments: 1
ruptered_admin SiteOwner
.. for the chat and to provide feedback or comments.

With the lack of feedback or comments from members, I will be deciding on which chat to keep. the other will be removed or made for friends only. If anyone has opinions on the chat, NOW is the time to provide feedback, before I made a decision.


ruptered_admin Apr 26 · Tags: chat
Keith Admin

I am looking for Adult Themed Crusies to post in the events section, if anyone knows of any and the details, please let me know or add it to the events area.


Keith Apr 23 · Comments: 1
Keith Admin

Weekly Gazette #8 was posted, please have a look.


Keith Apr 23
ruptered_admin SiteOwner
Okay everyone. We are testing a new chat. The current main chat has been moved to the left side of the screen and the test chat is at the right side.

Currently, if you are on mobile, there is no "chat" tab, you have to tap the "mobile chat" icon to open the chat.

I welcome feedback on how it is working and your experience with it, but as the previous message said, no complaining please, as that is not productive or helpful. 

Thank you


ruptered_admin Apr 16 · Comments: 3
ruptered_admin SiteOwner
A little reminder / FYI for everyone. The old site ruptered's bbfe has some good stuff to take a look at, from pics, to vids, to stories, busting challenges, busting games, etc. Have a look around if you have not done so already.
Keith Admin
Thats the day that myBBFE was born, however the name and web address at the time was ruptered.com
Keith Apr 14
Keith Admin
Hey guys and gals. After some thought and running it by ruptered, I have decided to post this message.

myBBFE is intended to be a fun social place. That means the main topic of ballbusting but could include a ton of other topics and activity. It really is up to all of you. There have never been restrictions on what you can do here, so long as it does not involve children, murder or illegal activity. 

As ruptered had said many times in the past, this site is here for YOU. If the site is great it's because the members and visitors make it great and if the site is not great or even bad, it's because WE make it that way.

It is concerning that very small number of people do 90% of the posting, that really is not sustainable, when those people stop because they are tied of no one else sharing or even commenting to generate a discussion, there is no motivation to continue. THINK about Facebook, Twitter, etc, if people did not post, Facebook, twitter, etc, would be dead and no fun. A few people, a small handful can't carry the load for everyone, it take everyone to make it great. 

myBBFE needs you guys and gals to be active here and make this a great place, ruptered can't do it for you, he has done so much that most are not aware of. 

On a final note. If you guys want girls here, you need to learn to use group chat. No female will stick around very long when they are being hit with private messages from every guy in chat. It's no fun for them, not fair and to be honest very selfish of the guys to do this. USE open chat, ASK if you may send a private message. Help the girls to want to stay and return. I remember the old days at this site, the girls would login, then do group chats, they would give busting instructions or busting games in chat. It was a good time but that all stopped when the guys would not stop the insane number of private messages.

Keith Apr 14 · Comments: 2

Karen & Kathy helped John into John into the house first and put him to bed. I was sitting there on the bench at the picnic table waiting my turn, when Kathy showed up with out Karen. I did not think anthing of it at the time, Her with out Karen. I was in lala land still when Kathy walked uped to me. My balls were so swollen, soft and red. I was looking down at the ground with my chin in my chest. Kathy lifted my head up and smilled at me. My eyes focused on her beautiful face & her beautiful green eyes. Then my eyes focused on her gorgeous breasts and & super hot nipples that pointed straight at me. Her breasts so firm. She then leaned down and kissed me on the lips. As she kissed me passionately longly her hands pushed my hands way from my balls. Her hands now held my balls in her palms. As we kissed she squeezed my balls softly feeling to find there weakness. I moaned then breaking the kiss. She wispered in my ear that my balls would be hers to pop. She then nibbed on my ear and neck all the while squeezing my balls harder. I managed to bring my arms up and grb her naked ass cheeks spreading them apart. Working my fingers in her ass crack. She moaned in my ear telling me yes yes, yes as my fingers found her little tight butt hole. She moand even louder squeezing my balls harder & saying yes.. As she said yes I inceted my middle finger in her very tight asshole forcing it in all the way up.. She was cuming mutiple times as i moved my finger around in her tight little butt. She finally let go of my sowllin balls in her final climax. She leaned on me moaning & breating so hard. My finger was still inside her very tight butt as she raised her head up to my ear. She kissed & bit my ear hard. She then kissed me passionately. We kissed for quite some time. As I pulled out my finger from her butt she broke the kiss and smiled. She said wow, she had never had an orgasum like that before. I smilled back at her & asked if she wanted more. She said yes oh yes but later.


Just then Karen walked up then and as smilling. She told Kathy that I was very good at making a woman cum. Kathy then looked at me again & smilled. Karen walked to me & grabbed my hand. She told me to come on at which time Kathy grabed my other hand to. They both helped me up then. Standing there Kathy looked at Karen & asked if they needed to go in for the night. Karen looked at Kathy & asked her what she had on her mind. She turned her head towards the barn & then looked back at Karen smilling. Karen thought for a moment & then told Kathy it would half to be a quickie. Kathy then pulled me towards the barn with Karen helping her take me there. Kathy pulled open the door to the barn and led us inside. Turning on the lights I was not able to focus on where she was leading me.We stopped in the middle of the barn where the anvil table was but Iherd Karen speak up and telling Kathy not her yet. Then I was being led to one corner of the barn and stopped. Kathy turned me around and then put one my arms in the air. Karen was doing the same with the other.. I was being culfed to the suspension bar. Then my legs were spread wide and had ankle culfs attached. I herd a motor kick in and I was being hoisted in the air a little.Then I was tight and could not move. I managed to focus in on Karen first then Kathy. They were chatting as to what to do next. My balls were so swollen & sore. Finally they walked up to me telling me they were going to hurtmy worthless balls somemore. Kathy told me not to worry as my balls were worthless and did not need them to control my life. Karen came close to me and kissed me passionately cupping my balls in her hand. She then kissed my ear & told me that the pain will be great but she was there to confort me kissing me again.


Then Karen stepped back and I herd the timer being set. I raised my head just in time to see Kathy draw back and kick my balls so hard. I had the air knocked out of me & tried to scream, but no sound came out at first. Then just a loud moan came out of my mouth & a lot of droll. Then kathy syepped back and it was Karens turn as her foot made contact with both my balls driving them hard into my pelvic bone. I tried to scream as I went so stiff at first but I just shook at first and cried. My head went down on my chest with my eyes closed. Time after time I felt the impcat into my swollen balls. They were not recovering like they should. After what felt like forever I herd the timer ding & the beating of my balls finally stopped. I was so out of it from the pain I could not look up. I herd Kathy say my balls were even more bigger then they were. Karen agreed with her that they were. Boh gals then felt my balls which were geting so soft from being swollen. It would not be long before both balls would pop. Kathy wanted to continue but Karen stopped her saying" if u pop them toniht in the state they r in we will have nothing to play with tomorrow." Kathy thought about it for a moment & reluctently agreeded. For one more good measure she hit my balls hard. As she did this I managed to moan a little. Then Karen shaking her head started to undue the culfs on my ankles as Kathy lowered me to the ground. Then Kathy slid a chair under me as the wrist culfs came off, my arms falling to my sides. I flopped in the chair not having the strength to sit up. My legs spread with my balls so swollen. The gals let me sit there as discussed there next moves. Finally I was able to lift my head up the gals came into focus. 2 very hot looking gals standing in front of me naked. They finally noticed that I was looking at them & they both smilled at me. Karen said "time for bed & proceeded to help me up." Kathy joined in to help me to my feet. Kathy was complaining alittle & Karen firedback that she helped get me in this state. Kathy then just shut up. We left the barn & fnally made it to the house where they helped me to bed. The gals then layed down oh each side of me. Karen took extra care to make sure that I was confortble. They each took turns kissing me good night & they each layed on there side as I layed on my back with my legs spread. We all fell asleep together.


As I woke the next day my balls so sore and swollen, the gals were already up. As I layed there checking the conditation of my balls John walked in holding an ice pack on his balls. He was smilling but in pain. He was admiring my balls & the state that mine were in. John told me that my balls looked really big & red. He said the gals would be up with some ice for them. I asked John how his balls were doing & he walked over to the bed to show me. He removed the ice pack & I emidiantly saw where his one nut looked a little flat on one end. I reached to feel it and as I did he moaned softly. His nut was no longer egg shapped. I said "wow, it is misshaped now". He looked down at me & said "yes it is & it is numb in places". I continued to feel both his balls checking them out. As I did so he would moan & his body would jerk alittle as I was feeling them. He was also jacking off getting hard. When he was close to cuming he grabbed my head & pushed his cock in my mouth cuming hard. I swallowed every drop as he moaned in pain & pleasure. I sucked his cock till it was soft in my mouth. He pulled out smilling telling me he had needed that. He left then to go down stairs for breakfast. As he did he said the gals were bring me breakfast. As I layed there it was not long before the gals showed up with a glass of juice and a few pills. Karen handed them to me & I took the meds. She told me they would help with the pain. It was not long before they kicked in. The gals were laying on the bed now & were looking to play. I could see there nipples were perking straight out.                           

Jim Apr 6 · Comments: 1
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