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Silent Warrior f/m busting
This is getting to be a story I LOVE telling as a ... more
Silent Warrior f/m busting
The moment she was done with me was the culminati... more
Brayston f/m busting
Hello je me apel brayston. I lost your info you ga... more
Brayston Sep 23
Silent Warrior f/m busting
My 3rd round with her, and she wins TKO by the las... more
Silent Warrior f/m busting
Round two with this talented young lady, and she w... more


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Silent Warrior f/m busting
This is getting to be a story I LOVE telling as a practicing masochist. I’ll keep it shorter with the highlights of this visit only. The first mind game and screaming pain was maybe 20 minutes in. I commented that she was doing a good job hurting me and she grabs my face by the chin and head, and says “That was NOTHING! I want to give you an idea of how much this is ABOUT to hurt!” And then lectured me for about another minute, looking me straight in the eye, building the fear, and then adjusting her position to cut loose. And cut loose she did. This was the tipping point to insane pain for this session. I was freaking out, trying to pull away, and she just tightened her grip with her hand over my mouth and upped the frequency and power of the rapid fire bare foot kicks until she pushed me down. “Wow, you are a wild one.” she says as she snickers at my pain. I was delirious. Pain literally felt like it was rammed back up through my throat from the silenced screaming I did. The 2nd was when she got me on the restraining bed again, and did some rapid fires with the spiked platforms. Lightly punctured me in a couple of places. Heavy knees with silenced screaming after that. Same reaction, flailing, could not do enough to escape the pain. That’s it for this visit. She is off the charts amazing. 
Silent Warrior f/m busting
The moment she was done with me was the culmination of many "Oh My God" moments combining into one. This visit had so many changes in energy, it was like the roller coaster ride that feels like it might snap your neck off on the next sudden turn. There was no mercy, often no warning, and certainly no patience for me to endure what was coming next. And like the masochist I am, I loved every second of it. On arriving, I saw that the dungeon is being re-arranged, and that the cross was temporarily stored which allowed for a new restraining experience not to be forgotten. Nice. A better dungeon to serve her in. I got undressed as ordered and went to the throne. There she is with the boots on. I start worshipping those, and the kick starts in short order. There really isn’t a “slow” start any more. The kicks start with enough force to take your breath away and move up to the power to have me screaming through my closed mouth. I was surprised at how much pain I would take and stay in a position of “presenting” for her kicks. She walked around and was now going to town from behind and it was excruciating. It took all I had, but I stayed there taking smash after smash. The Queen of Pain was happy with this and more pain was the reward. Out comes the weapon and she whacks me and I lose it. She comes back in front. Me on my knees and her kicking from the sitting down position. These kicks amaze me the most because she loses NO POWER from this position. I finally scream out and crumble, and she grabs my head, pulls me up, puts her hand over my mouth and wails again. 5 or so more hard kicks on a tender target. No way out. “Look at me!” I try to go down, “NO! Get up!” More kicks. The look on her face showed when the kicks were coming. Her eyes are fierce and intense.  She’d tighten her hand over my mouth at the same time.  Loud smacks fill the room. My screams of pain went nowhere. Starting to get a little dizzy. She throws me backwards on the last kick of this part of the session. I did, somehow, catch myself. Now she has me bend over the bench contraption I mentioned last time. I had to try and hold the pain in. These booted kicks are coming from down town now. Now she wants me to count the kicks. As the sessions always do, this one is now crossing the insanity barrier. This was just plain nasty. Not restrained by anything but her will for me to stay in place. My will finally broke at somewhere around at 20 more kicks bent over like this. Now to the bed of torture. Yes, they have a bed WITH restraints in this dungeon. Without patience for my inability to stay where she put me, she restrains me. Then puts a gag in my mouth. No scream of pain will leave the room. Off with the boots, a couple of whacks from the weapon, and then one hard barefoot kick blindfolded. Then off with the blindfold, and she is kicking with me looking straight up at those amazing legs demolishing me. Nothing sexier than watching AND feeling a beautiful set of legs snap kicking hard. Another one of those feelings I wish could be bottled and sold. She gets harder and harder, insisting that I look, and the pain just takes over. Screaming through the gag, she silences that by putting her foot OVER THE GAG until I settled down. Her foot is so soft, but she is applying weight to quiet me. She pulls the gag, demands that I stay quiet, and starts smashing again. I hold my mouth closed through about 5 kicks, a scream escapes, and she puts her foot over my mouth again. Now she blindfolds, a few more Kicks, then some eerie silence as she gets closer, then hard knees, with a hand over my mouth as soon as any noise comes out. Then the blindfold is removed, and more kicks and a silencing foot as the pain takes over again. She lets me off the bed, cautions to take it slow as I will be dizzy, (I was) and leads me back to the throne. She holds her hand over my mouth again, and then delivers even more kicks and throws me back one last time. She signals we are done and reminds me to take it slow. As I am walking back to the bathroom, she says “One step at a time.” She was right. I was messed up! Her aftercare involved some conversation about what is going on in our lives. I was putting my shoes on before my pants, and she says. “Oh my God, that would be funny if you left here with no pants.” So, I corrected that and stayed for a bit until my faculties started to return. I am in love with the feeling and high I get from these sessions. What a beautifully wicked, devious mind she has.
Brayston f/m busting
Hello je me apel brayston. I lost your info you gave me for skype and I can't find you. My only way of finding you is if you find me on skype or if you see this post.
Silent Warrior f/m busting
My 3rd round with her, and she wins TKO by the last kick of the session which sent me fetal. With the sploiler out of the way, let's review what got me there. She was absolutely intent on making the barefoot kicks sting as much as possible. Of course, she succeeded over and over again. I can usually take the kicks and "present" again pretty quickly. With her being on her mission to blast me with every kick, that was very difficult today. There was a LOT of her demanding that I present again between kicks. I really can't think of a word to describe how much these kicks hurt, but she keeps upping the ante and my pain barriers keep coming down. The ones from behind were particularly brutal. She had me take 2 sets of ten, and count them out to her. She added 11 and 12 on the second set to really get me good. She added something to this session I think all the Dommes here should use if they are not already. I would caution, though, she is strong and well balanced and can do this without much risk to herself if the reaction to the pain is physical as mine were. She'd kick me to the point of folding from behind. Then, she would come around front, lift my face by the chin and head, hold it there, tell me "look at me when I kick you!" and kick a few more times while making eye to eye contact and holding my head so I COULD NOT go down. This just about short circuited me inside. She was ALWAYS in control. Then she takes me to a bench type contraption. It's a very slim bench you sit on with the jewels hanging. Then she ties my hands up on either side, gets the blindfold, and away we go. More kicking until I would crumble, then grabbing and raising my head again. Then the slaps from her secret weapon. I tried to close my legs, but she opens them with hers, covers my mouth, and wails on me. NOW the pain is out of fuckin' control. NOWHERE to go, no escape. She goes back to the kicks which are MORE painful now, crumbles me, lifts my head....you get the picture....a few more rounds of this and.....DAMN! no relief. TO THE CROSS. Now she gets REALLY wicked....using my anticipation against me. "Count from 10 down to 0" I do it. "Again" This cycle went on for about a minute that seemed like forever, then I was down to 3 and in came the knees. She just demolished me with those this time, those long legs getting the target as hard and as many times as she wanted. The energy in the room is pure fear and pain right now as another visit from the weapon comes. She feeds on this. Then with everything more tender than I can imagine, off comes the blindfold, and more of those killer barefoot kicks, eye to eye. Then blindfolded again, and another few minutes of pure torture. Daylight comes again, she gets me to the throne, and says "That was too easy for you. Look at me." Ummmm, yes. MORE kicks. Pain takes over. "Look me in the eyes!!" Then bam bam and the killer. Down and curled up for the count. Suffered, but still did not safe word. But I was curled up tight. ONLY THEN she says "I think we're good." I slowly got up, just worn out and dizzy from all the pain, cleaned up a little and got dressed. She told me I definitely took more than ever today. She is also getting more and more determined to find my breaking points. She is succeeding. At it's height, this was as brutal as anything I can imagine. Her new thing of unfolding me after I crumble is so cool. Even this she makes look easy. I remember wiping tears from my eyes as the blindfold came off. She has continued to test my pain tolerance as we go down this crazy journey to I don't know what. She is an absolute keeper. Best day of pain ever. How long can she continue this?
Silent Warrior f/m busting
Round two with this talented young lady, and she was really creative this time. And MAN, she brought the heat! Those legs are as strong as anything I've been in front of, and she can control the pain like turning the knob up or down on an appliance. This time she starts out with another set of platforms that were, as she put it, "really heavy". The sound they made on impact was like something hard hitting the groin, and that was BEFORE she even started kicking hard. There was a wicked method to her pain delivery this time, and it worked all too well. She uses those heavy, high heel platforms to warm them up, then the spike platforms came out again. She kicked with a LOT more intent with those, and I could feel the spikes scratch a little on the harder kicks. This was part of her methodology.....tenderize them before putting me on the cross, blindfolded again. As I said earlier, IT WORKED. They were super sensitive to everything, and she used her secret weapon several times. I would scream on the first slap, and then she'd put her hand over my mouth (Strung up....can't do ANYTHING about it) and wack 'em a few more times. My God, I thought I would self destruct. Squirming around like I was being electrocuted. I had gotten myself turned to the side on the cross, and she sternly says "Face me!" I turned to face her just dreading what was coming next. Then a flurry of knees comes in. Not the lower thigh, but the kneecap hitting it's target. Then a moment or two of nothing. Then some vicious, loud bare foot snap kicks. Then more slaps. Then.....Oh My God, NO rest for the weary! Just a purely wicked assortment of all kinds of pain with NO WAY of knowing what was next. She finally removes the blindfold because she wants me to look her in the eye as she lands hard core snap kick after hard core snap kick. It hurt so damn bad, but i just loved looking her in the eye as I felt and heard those kicks working on an already very tender sack. This is one of the most erotic things I have ever done despite the pain. She lets me down, leads me to the throne, and cuts loose with the barefoot kicking again. Then, she walks around to behind me. "Kneel down. Arch your back. I am going to kick you 5 times and you better not move." The fifth kick was absolute agony, and I reached between and cupped them as if that was going to do anything about the pain. Then she starts winding down. "Wow. You did really good. And never used your safeword." So I ask "Are you trying to get me to?" She puts on this wicked little grin, and just shrugs. Then she puts the first, heavy platforms back on, and goes at me again for a few more kicks. It's like she can't get enough. We ran about 20 minutes over. They are beat red down there and I am really hooked now. I'll see her many more times. I have finally found someone who can take me a lot further than I ever thought possible.
Silent Warrior f/m busting
If I would have known all the types of pain this DOM was going to bring, I'd have likely talked myself out of this. When she is in character, she has that sweet yet no fucks given attitude that frightens and captivates us at the same time. I am still reeling, sore to the touch down there, and can't wait to let her obliterate me again. So, what is it about "her"? She is blonde, breath-takingly gorgeous, over 6 feet tall in heels, and will have you begging her to hurt you again even after you have taken more pain than you thought was humanly possible. The whole thing starts with the welcome, "Take your shoes off. Now on your knees and follow me." How can you NOT follow these legs? From the on your knees perspective, they seem to go on for days. She knows this and puts you on your knees for that reason. Now she has you worship the legs that are about to bring the pain. She had me kissing them, massaging them, just getting very familiar with them before unleashing them on me. She then has me crawl where she wants me, and disappears for a few. She brings out the first weapons and has me zip the thigh high platform boots up warning me not to catch her skin. Then she has me worship the hard toe and platform "that will be bringing you pain soon." She gets me to massage her legs again, and I start privately wondering when the pain will start. I guess she picked up on the shift of focus. She has me get on all floors (hands and knees), arch my back, and then the pain began in earnest. Her aim was impeccable as she would pick which nut to kick, and splatter it between platform and my groin area. Damn, that hurts. She kept coming at me and I'll swear, either the hard toe or the platform struck gold every single time, and she was delighting in my pain. Fantasy #1 fulfilled. Those boots are no joke. Fantasy #2 is next, and this lead into the most brutal part of the session. She gets me on the St Andrews cross. Then she whispers in my ear as she is blindfolding me, "You know you want it, right?" I say "Yes Goddess." Now she can kick with free will and all I can do yell out in pain and squirm. As I squirmed, she ran her nails down my body with enough force to leave marks between the flurries of kicks. I thought this was as bad as it was going to get. NO. Before the session, she had me fill out an appication. We had hit most of the high points in the fantasy, or so I thought. She got real creative with one of the things I said I was ok with. She asked the applicant to be specific about the ball busting. I came back with Kicking balls, squeezing balls (which she didn't do), and slapping balls. The huge oh shit moment here is I did not say WHAT to slap the balls with. So she departs for a moment after a flurry of kicks and scratching, and something, I don't know what, slapped the hell out of my balls, and I squirmed and screamed in pain. She said "1." I got genuinely scared and before I could panic or say anything 2 or 3 much harder slaps came. Easily the most pain I have ever felt down there. I am sure there were tears of pain behind that blindfold. All I wanted was off that cross. She stops and scratches for a moment. And then challenges me by saying "You can always use your safeword, Red." I started to blubber something which was not the safeword and she cut loose again, wailing, no fucks given. The pain from this makes me wonder if any of us would pass out from the pain before using the safeword. She finally lets up, says "10", and leaves for a few minutes. She comes back, starts letting me off the cross, and I, still blind folded, and dumbly thinking this was over, start to pace around a bit. She says " NO! We are not done yet! On your knees and follow the sound of my voice. She gets me to her throne, and pulls off the blindfold. "Worship them" she says. I said "Those look dangerous." She said "They ARE dangerous." She is wearing platform heels with spikes on the platforms. I start kissing the spiked part of the shoes, and she says "Enough. Spread 'em for me. Now look me right in the eyes." She starts snap kicking me with those spikes and was very aware of how hard she could kick (Pretty hard) without tearing skin. I'd start to bend over from the pain, and it was "No. LOOK AT ME!" as firm as she could say it. Fantasy number donelostcount: Kicked by spiked platform heels. This was easily the most intense experience I have ever had with any woman. She was so in character that I felt compelled to take whatever she dished out. And yeah, I'll go back. When a DOM can have you shaking, in tears and in a cold sweat while at the same time wanting to go back, there is something really magnetic about her persona. She has only been doing this for a little over a year and is such a natural. I'll be back, just don't know when yet. Gotta let this experience sink in for a bit. And let the marks heal.     
Jim fm&mm busting
During the next 2 weeks of Recovery from a serious ball busting session I had all weekend my balls finally healed. Kathy was a teacher at my school & had been beside herself. This was due to the agreement she had entered into over the weekend she busted my balls. She kept pestering me as to what type of sex I had planned for her. Finally I was so glad to have the second weekend come. When I went to school that Friday Kathy was not there. She had called in,but I still went home with my friend John for the weekend. We were both moving ok, a little slow but ok. I followed John into the back door which went into the kitchen. Johns mom Karen was in there naked fixing us a snack. Karen had such a great looking body. She had long dark hair, blue eyes, wonderful smile, big hot tits with big nipples. Karen had just a little stomach, kept-ed her pussy shaved and a very hot ass. Her ass had great looking curves and her legs were long & defined. She said "hi boys, how was school today?" We both told her it was ok. I told her that Kathy was not at school today & Karen told me she new that. Kathy had stopped by today and they had chatted. Karen told me she was upset and worried about what I had planned for her. I looked at both of them and said wowwww. I thought to myself that I was not sure I had planned for her either. John went to his room but I stayed there chatting to Karen. Karen said I guess it worked. I had this deer in the head lite look on my face & she reminded me of the conversation we had in the car. I asked how & she told me that when Kathy was here she was worried big time. Kathy told Karen she was going out of town this weekend. Karen told her that will not matter but the next time we r all together she would half to make good on the agreement. Wowww, so it is just us this weekend I asked. Karen said yes and smiled. I smiled back & asked what she had in mind for us.She had this sheepish grin on her face. Just then her son walked in the kitchen naked and asked if I was going to the barn to help with the chores. I told him I would be there in a few minutes. My friend left the kitchen heading for the barn. Karen walked over to me & kissed me passionately. I kissed her back just as passionately to. Then she took a step back & then started to strip me naked. When she got to my pants she slid her hand down my underwear & felt my cock and balls. She was moaning and I started to play with her pussy. She finished stripping me fast and then I was naked. We were both naked and then in each others arms.

Then in a moment she took me to her bedroom and I found myself on my back with my legs spread wide over the edge of the bed. My balls and cock were so exposed. She was standing over me checking out my cock and balls. She told me she wanted to make sure my cock and balls were healed enuff for the weekend she had planed for me.   
Jim Aug 9
ruptered SiteOwner
I know some people are not happy with the current main chat. I have added a test chat, to one page only. 

You are welcome to test it, use it, ask others to use that one with you, if you find you like it better. If you test it, use it, like it better, I would like to hear the feedback. 

The link is in the main menu and here     HTTP://MYBBFE.COM/CHAT-TEST

ruptered Jun 17
ruptered SiteOwner

Attached are screen shots of the chat tabs in Full screen mode but keep in mind, the tabs are the same regardless of how you are using the chat.


( this will hold your recent chats in a list AND if you are actively chatting, the newest chats will move to the top of the list )


( this is the list of people online, a phone or mobile icon to the right of the name, means, well they are using the mobile app )


( this is the list of available chat rooms )

3 ways to use the chat.

1 - At the site mybbfe.com

2 - at the site but with the full page chat mybbfe.com/cometchat/cometchat_embedded.php

3 - use the mobile app or the desktop app

** note on the mobile apps .  when you log into the mobile chat, it attempts to update all of the information for your username. If you have been active chatting at he site, it is possible the mobile app will crash. Just keep launching the app and attempt to tap one of the icons at the bottom before it does crash. Then close the app but dont logout of the app and re-launch it.

*** If you are having issues with the chat or feel its not meeting your needs, i would ask that you contact me and let me help. This chat does everything the old one did and more, only in different ways.

ruptered Jun 17
Jim fm&mm busting
When I finally woke that next morning the gals were asleep on either side of me. Here it was Sunday & my cock & balls were so sore. I managed to reach down to check my balls to see what condition they were in. My balls were swollen & lumpy for starters. I found where the gals cracked my balls. I had to start to wonder how much they could take of this. I continued to check my balls for any other cracks or issues. I could not get over how lumpy and soft they were. I pulled my hands back up & had them around the gals again. I just layed there hoping for some peace & quiet. But that did not last long as Karen woke up. She saw that I was awake & looking deep into her beautiful green eyes. We did not break eye contact as she scooted closer to me & kisses me so passionately. The kiss was so long & passionate. Finally I had to come up for some air. She then started to kiss my ear & whispered softly how I was feeling? I told her that my cock & balls were sore. She reached her hand down to check my balls & cock. I moaned softly in her ear as she checked them. She smiled & asked me if I was to sore to fuck her? I told her no, we can fuck anytime she wanted. Later on she would take that comment to heart. She kept-ed massaging my balls & cock getting me hard. She played with my precum that I was leaking making my cock hurt more.

At this time Karen started to stir some. Karen had me on my back whispering that she wanted to fuck me. As she was saying this she climbed on me and soon helped slide my cock in her very wet pussy. She moaned as my cock slid all the way in deep in her pussy. I hit the back wall of her pussy with my cock head. Soon she was moving her hips slowly sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. Karen & I were kissing passionately as Karen was driving my cock ever so deep in her pussy. All this woke Kathy up and she was not to be left out. Karen sat up and Kathy moved swiftly placing her pussy over my mouth. Kathy sat down and moaned as i sucked and licked her pussy. So Karen & Kathy faced each other now playing with each others tits and nipples. Soon they were kissing passionately. The more they kissed and played with each others tits the more they ground there pussies into my mouth and cock. Soon they were both cumming passionately. Now I had mouth fulls of Kathy's cum in my mouth trying to swallow all of her cum. Her cum tasted so wonderful I hoped she would not stop. I could feel Karen's cum running down my thighs & the crack of my ass. The sheets were getting so wet now around my ass. Karen was bucking up and down on my sore cock. I was moaning loudly from the pain in my cock. Karen came up to high and my hard cock slipped out. She came down on the head bending my cock as it tried to slide back in her pussy. I felt the shaft crack and i was in such pain as it slid all the way back in her pussy. I was crying from the pain in the shaft but she was not about to stop till she was drained and she had drained my balls of there cum. After what seemed like hrs Kathy slid off my mouth totally drenched in sweat & her pussy drained of all her cum. She layed there panting kissing and whispering in my ear to fuck Karen hard and deep. She told me to make her pussy hurt. Soon I was driving my cock hard into her pussy not caring about the pain i had in my shaft. Karen shuttered and had her last multi-orgasm as she collapsed on me. I was still pumping hard & Karen soon was whimpering that her pussy hurt. I held her tight against me as I pumped her pussy harder & after a while I finally shot my load deep in her pussy. I kept ed my cock deep in her as I shot my final squirts deep in her. My cock stayed in her pussy long after it had gotten soft to. Most of my cum stayed in her pussy. Finally Karen slid off of me face down exhausted.

With my cock exposed now Kathy waist-ed no time in her hands finding my cock & balls. She checked my balls for cracks & found them. She also checked my cock shaft. My shaft was sore and as she ran her hand over my shaft I moaned. She new then that my cock was sore and she wanted to make sure it was made even more sore. She then took my cock in her hand which was so wet from Karen's cum. She had her fingers around the shaft and slammed it hard into my balls, sliding her hand down the shaft. I moaned and cried as she did this several times. This caused my balls to swell and she whispered in my ear that she was going to hurt my balls even more as well as my cock shaft. I was in such pain from this that my cock got hard again. She was kissing me passionately and looking at how my balls were swelling up. Karen finally looked up to see Kathy's hand hit my balls again & I blew a bloody cum load again. I was out of it. Karen reached over and got Kathy's hand to stop. My right nut had cracked more as Karen checked it. She told Kathy to be careful. That I still had to go home in one piece. Cathy said ok then. It was 9am now and Kathy said we still had lots of time to hurt me. Karen agreed-ed and said that I needed to recover somewhat before I endured more. She suggested that they work on her son and hubby Greg. Karen said that they could bust Greg super hard and not to worry about what gets damaged. That put a smile on Kathy's face. So Karen got some ice and put a new towel under my ass. Then she put the ice on my balls and cock. Karen kissed me passionately several times & then Kathy did to. The gals got up and went and got her son & Greg. They took them to the barn & left me under the covers in bed. I rested for a while as the gals went to work on the other to.

It was noon as I herd Karen help her son to his room. My friend could barely stand & I knew that the gals had done a number on him and his privates. I looked up and saw Karen then standing over me checking my balls & cock. She saw that my eyes opened and she bent down & kissed me so passionately. She told me that she had special plans for my cock and balls. She told me that she wanted to have sex with me all day long the next time I came over to stay. I said" what about Kathy" & she said what about her. I knew it would just be us then. She said she had to go and save at-least one of Greg's balls. So she left me naked on the bed. I was tired and was dosing in and out. It was now around 1 pm and all was quiet. I managed to sit up and got my bearings. I slid off the bed sitting on the edge. I had my legs spread wide as my balls still hurt a lot. I reached down and was felt my balls. I moaned as my hand toughed them. I looked at my so large swollen balls. Wowwwww, were they large. They were huge and as I felt them they were lumpy and soft.  I got to my feet & stood slowly. I had the bed to help stable me as I walked beside it.. I managed to make it to the door way and walked downstairs to the living room. I saw Greg sitting in the recliner with ice on his balls. He was sound asleep. I managed to walk into the kitchen where the 2 ladies were sitting drinking ice tea.

They saw me enter the room and smiled. Then Karen got up and helped me to a seat beside her. Kathy was asking how I was feeling. Also, how my cock and balls were feeling. I told her they were super sore and swollen. I let her know that my right nut had a big crack in it and both were soft and lumpy. Kathy licked her lips and asked me if we could crack it even bigger. Karen reminded her that I had to go home today. Also I had class tomorrow. Karen looked at me and said it was up to me because I was needed home in a few hrs. I asked Karen what she thought for I knew if I asked Kathy she would have had me in the barn already. Karen and I looked into each others eyes & she then looked at Kathy who was with worry that she would not get to bust my balls again for a couple of weeks. Karen told Kathy what what in it for me if we played for a half n hr? Kathy thought for a moment knowing that it would cost her a lot of sex with me. Then she said what ever I wanted to do with her. Karen said r u sure about that & Kathy said quickly with out thinking "Yes". Karen looked at me saying that it will hurt even more. I shook my head yes. Then Karen got up smiling at us and went to the cab-nit. She came back with a drink and 2 pills. I swallowed the pills and we sat there for a bit. Karen and Kathy chatted for a bit. Karen saw the meds taking hold and she got up kissing me. Karen got up to and put one hand under my arm to help me get up. I got up slowly and the gals led me outside to the picnic table. Karen stopped me and guided me to the table top at one end. She kissed me again and whispered in my ear that I did not need to do this. But we both new I had to. Karen bent me over the table top and attached the wrist cuffs to my wrists. Kathy had already did my ankles and had my legs spread wide. Kathy made sure she had a clear shot at my balls. Kathy suggested that they take turns & Karen was fine with that. Karen told Kathy that she had 30 min max but would stop if my balls got to be to damaged. Kathy said ok and Karen set the timer. I was in the position and herd the first tic of the clock. That is all I remember as I felt wave after wave of pain in my cock and balls. Kathy and Karen continued to pound my balls even harder for the full 30 min. I was out of it when the bell rung. The gals checked my balls. Surprisingly my balls did not crack more but swelled up so huge that if they had had another 5 min my balls would be mush. The gals undid my cuffs and helped me to sit down. Kathy went over my balls to see if they had cracked even more but she was disappointed. Karen reminded her of the agreement that she entered into and told her her pussy would not be the same after we had sex. The gals helped me back in the house and got me to the couch. Karen made sure I had lots of ice on my balls. She wanted to get the swelling down. Kathy was her usual but had to leave soon. It was 3pm and Kathy got dressed. I watched her get dressed & she was hot looking. She kissed me goodby and played with my balls and cock. It was just Karen and I now. We cuddled and kissed passionately. Even though Karen was older it was clear that she had fallen for me in a special way. Karen and I had some of the most steamy forplay yet. It was 7pm now and we got dressed. I was feeling a little better and was moving a little better. Karen got me home and I walked in saying hi to all. Mom could tell I was tired and I went to bed. Karen and mom talked for a little while. Karen thanked mom for letting me help on the farm. So they agreed-ed that I would be back over soon. Karen left then & went home.

Monday was super tuff with school. John was not there & I new why. Kathy came up to me after school & asked me how I was doing. I told her it was ruff but I was making it. Kathy pulled me off to the side out of ear shot of every one else. She asked me what I had in mind when we had sex. I told her that she would just half to wait and find out. Karen and I worked this out in the drive home in her car. We were going to make her sweat about that decision. Those were the longest 2 weeks she had.               
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