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Mark Branded f/m busting
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ruptered's blog

Okay people.

I am in the process of removing accounts that have both ZERO logins for over 3 months and have an invalid email address.


Active accounts with an invalid email address, I am sending a private message. (private messages are to the site account). This private message requests that you update your profile with a valid email address (google, yahoo and many others offer free email accounts), there is no reason to not have a valid email address on your profile.

If you request it, I will issue you a @mybbfe.com email address.

I will expect that ALL site members have a valid email address on their profile. I will only ask twice before I remove/delete the account for failure to meet this simple request.


ruptered -  site ower

A little reminder / FYI for everyone. The old site ruptered's bbfe has some good stuff to take a look at, from pics, to vids, to stories, busting challenges, busting games, etc. Have a look around if you have not done so already.
To 2nd the post by Keith. We need ALL members to ensure they have a valid email address on their account.

At the time of this post, the system is only 40% through sending out the weekly newsletter and I already have 15% bounce back from invalid email addresses.

There are so many FREE email providers that I cannot accept anyone not having a valid email. Take 5 minutes and make one that you use for adult/fetish sites. OR you are welcome to a mybbfe.com email address, contact ruptered or keith to request one.

Hey guys, anyone willing to share some ball pics for the slideshow?  If so please send them to me and I will add them in. 
Ok guys and gals. Here is the situation on the chat,

Those who answered the poll voted for the old original chat. So, I made the original chat, the main chat for the site, it has guest and member chat.


I am keeping the new chat, as a members only chat. There is no chat bar for this chat. You can use it from the embedded chatbox in the Dashboard, or Timeline or Profile Page or the Full page chat link and of course from the smart app on IOS or Android.

This way those who do not wish to be bothered by guests have the option to turn off the main chat and chat only with members. You also have the option of all the extra features such as voice and video chat, blocking, etc,



Hey guys / gals - the visitor / demo accounts are open to any guest to use. That said it probably is not a great idea to send them friend requests or site mail since anyone can use them. The person you friend today may not be the person using the account later.

If you see a visitor account online and have a good chat, please encourage them to join the site and get a permanent name.


I wanted to share the 3 year history of BBFE.

It has had many variants, possibly to many but that is all the past. Let me list and hope I remember them all.

The site began at the announcement of the closing of kramtoad.com. At that time we opened with the address of kramtoad.co

The owner of kramtoad.com apparently did not like this and requested we change our address. I decided to do as requested and changed the site to ruptered.com. A bit later, I added bbfe and made the address bbfe.ruptered.com and a bit later I split the site into 2 sites, one for f/m and one for everyone (bi/gay/str8).

Running 2 sites, at that time was extremely time consuming, the traffic or visits were very low and only 2 or 3 of us were trying to add content so anyone finding us would have something to see.

At some point, I entertained the idea of running a home server and decided to use the address of ibbfe.net , this was due to the fact that the current host was under-powered and I needed a better server sadly this was not a realistic or feesable solution and reverted back to the previously mentioned setup.

 I continued to search for affordable, faster hosting and finally found it. I was unable to transfer domain names at that time, so the new address became ruptered.mybbfe.com.

By this time the site had been online, in some form for about 18 months. Then about 6 months later the server had a huge crash and the site was not accessible. I quickly opened mybbfe.com, and a week or so later, I was able to recover ruptered.mybbfe.com, which is why we have mybbfe.com and ruptered.mybbfe.com, today.

Along with all the address changes, the visual appearance changed extremely often, I could never find the layout and setup that I liked., Until now. For the last well at least 6 months, the site layout and appearance has remained the same and I do not see it changing except very minor additions or changes.

We have been online for over 3 years now. Currently we have mybbfe.com , ruptered.mybbfe.com , mybbfe.net (as a backup for chat) and the m/m site of myknackers.com

So there it is, a very quick history of what is now myBBFE.

Hey guys and gals. I wanted to take a minute and list a few of the site features 

Improved TimeLine

        -- Drag'n'Drop Pics to post. Embed Videos or Search YouTube for videos to embed with ease.

        -- Thumbs up on a post or make a quick comment


Improved Polls

       -- ability to ask a questions or make it a poll with set options

       -- ability to allow other responses to be entered

      -- ability to add a pic or embed a video for voting

      -- ability to search youtube videos from the poll interface and embed selected video into the poll.

Discussion Forums

Improved Picture Area

         -- easier to upload pics , dran'n'drop function or browse for a file

         -- ability to rate and comment on pics

         -- ability to view pics in full screen and set as a slide show

       -- Coming Soon - I hope - From photo view if you click the arrow at the top right of the image you can now puzzle an image and attempt to put it back together. here is an examplehttp://mybbfe.com/puzzle/1056

Improved Groups

      -- members can create groups and set them private for invite only

Improved Timeline/Wall

       -- add video, pic, links from the timeline comment field. Animated GIFs will play on the timeline only not if added to the photo albums

Improved Video Area

        -- ability to rate and comment

        -- can view video in a popup if you click the vide - clicking the name will take you to the rate and comment section

Chat with Avatars and Profile Links

        -- click a member name who has talked in any chat box, it will take you to their profile

       -- chat windows can be resized. grab a side or top and pull to the desired size.

        -- chat mods can kick or ban anyone in the list - if you are having a problem please ask for help.

Control E-mail notifications

          decide what actions will send you an email notice and if it will be deliver instant, if you have not been here a few days or not at all Mail Notifications

Improved Members/People

          --Member view lists how long since last activity, latest online, online now, featured

         -- advanced search to find others SEARCH


        -- ability to schedule / plan events

Improved Messaging Mail System

Improved Profile Edit

Privacy Settings

         -- ability to set part of all of your profile visibility to self only , friends only or everyone Privacy

Example of Privacy Page - you can set certain content to be viewed by Friends, or Everyone or only yourself.