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easyjim60's blog

During the next 2 weeks of Recovery from a serious ball busting session I had all weekend my balls finally healed. Kathy was a teacher at my school & had been beside herself. This was due to the agreement she had entered into over the weekend she busted my balls. She kept pestering me as to what type of sex I had planned for her. Finally I was so glad to have the second weekend come. When I went to school that Friday Kathy was not there. She had called in,but I still went home with my friend John for the weekend. We were both moving ok, a little slow but ok. I followed John into the back door which went into the kitchen. Johns mom Karen was in there naked fixing us a snack. Karen had such a great looking body. She had long dark hair, blue eyes, wonderful smile, big hot tits with big nipples. Karen had just a little stomach, kept-ed her pussy shaved and a very hot ass. Her ass had great looking curves and her legs were long & defined. She said "hi boys, how was school today?" We both told her it was ok. I told her that Kathy was not at school today & Karen told me she new that. Kathy had stopped by today and they had chatted. Karen told me she was upset and worried about what I had planned for her. I looked at both of them and said wowwww. I thought to myself that I was not sure I had planned for her either. John went to his room but I stayed there chatting to Karen. Karen said I guess it worked. I had this deer in the head lite look on my face & she reminded me of the conversation we had in the car. I asked how & she told me that when Kathy was here she was worried big time. Kathy told Karen she was going out of town this weekend. Karen told her that will not matter but the next time we r all together she would half to make good on the agreement. Wowww, so it is just us this weekend I asked. Karen said yes and smiled. I smiled back & asked what she had in mind for us.She had this sheepish grin on her face. Just then her son walked in the kitchen naked and asked if I was going to the barn to help with the chores. I told him I would be there in a few minutes. My friend left the kitchen heading for the barn. Karen walked over to me & kissed me passionately. I kissed her back just as passionately to. Then she took a step back & then started to strip me naked. When she got to my pants she slid her hand down my underwear & felt my cock and balls. She was moaning and I started to play with her pussy. She finished stripping me fast and then I was naked. We were both naked and then in each others arms.

Then in a moment she took me to her bedroom and I found myself on my back with my legs spread wide over the edge of the bed. My balls and cock were so exposed. She was standing over me checking out my cock and balls. She told me she wanted to make sure my cock and balls were healed enuff for the weekend she had planed for me.   
When I finally woke that next morning the gals were asleep on either side of me. Here it was Sunday & my cock & balls were so sore. I managed to reach down to check my balls to see what condition they were in. My balls were swollen & lumpy for starters. I found where the gals cracked my balls. I had to start to wonder how much they could take of this. I continued to check my balls for any other cracks or issues. I could not get over how lumpy and soft they were. I pulled my hands back up & had them around the gals again. I just layed there hoping for some peace & quiet. But that did not last long as Karen woke up. She saw that I was awake & looking deep into her beautiful green eyes. We did not break eye contact as she scooted closer to me & kisses me so passionately. The kiss was so long & passionate. Finally I had to come up for some air. She then started to kiss my ear & whispered softly how I was feeling? I told her that my cock & balls were sore. She reached her hand down to check my balls & cock. I moaned softly in her ear as she checked them. She smiled & asked me if I was to sore to fuck her? I told her no, we can fuck anytime she wanted. Later on she would take that comment to heart. She kept-ed massaging my balls & cock getting me hard. She played with my precum that I was leaking making my cock hurt more.

At this time Karen started to stir some. Karen had me on my back whispering that she wanted to fuck me. As she was saying this she climbed on me and soon helped slide my cock in her very wet pussy. She moaned as my cock slid all the way in deep in her pussy. I hit the back wall of her pussy with my cock head. Soon she was moving her hips slowly sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. Karen & I were kissing passionately as Karen was driving my cock ever so deep in her pussy. All this woke Kathy up and she was not to be left out. Karen sat up and Kathy moved swiftly placing her pussy over my mouth. Kathy sat down and moaned as i sucked and licked her pussy. So Karen & Kathy faced each other now playing with each others tits and nipples. Soon they were kissing passionately. The more they kissed and played with each others tits the more they ground there pussies into my mouth and cock. Soon they were both cumming passionately. Now I had mouth fulls of Kathy's cum in my mouth trying to swallow all of her cum. Her cum tasted so wonderful I hoped she would not stop. I could feel Karen's cum running down my thighs & the crack of my ass. The sheets were getting so wet now around my ass. Karen was bucking up and down on my sore cock. I was moaning loudly from the pain in my cock. Karen came up to high and my hard cock slipped out. She came down on the head bending my cock as it tried to slide back in her pussy. I felt the shaft crack and i was in such pain as it slid all the way back in her pussy. I was crying from the pain in the shaft but she was not about to stop till she was drained and she had drained my balls of there cum. After what seemed like hrs Kathy slid off my mouth totally drenched in sweat & her pussy drained of all her cum. She layed there panting kissing and whispering in my ear to fuck Karen hard and deep. She told me to make her pussy hurt. Soon I was driving my cock hard into her pussy not caring about the pain i had in my shaft. Karen shuttered and had her last multi-orgasm as she collapsed on me. I was still pumping hard & Karen soon was whimpering that her pussy hurt. I held her tight against me as I pumped her pussy harder & after a while I finally shot my load deep in her pussy. I kept ed my cock deep in her as I shot my final squirts deep in her. My cock stayed in her pussy long after it had gotten soft to. Most of my cum stayed in her pussy. Finally Karen slid off of me face down exhausted.

With my cock exposed now Kathy waist-ed no time in her hands finding my cock & balls. She checked my balls for cracks & found them. She also checked my cock shaft. My shaft was sore and as she ran her hand over my shaft I moaned. She new then that my cock was sore and she wanted to make sure it was made even more sore. She then took my cock in her hand which was so wet from Karen's cum. She had her fingers around the shaft and slammed it hard into my balls, sliding her hand down the shaft. I moaned and cried as she did this several times. This caused my balls to swell and she whispered in my ear that she was going to hurt my balls even more as well as my cock shaft. I was in such pain from this that my cock got hard again. She was kissing me passionately and looking at how my balls were swelling up. Karen finally looked up to see Kathy's hand hit my balls again & I blew a bloody cum load again. I was out of it. Karen reached over and got Kathy's hand to stop. My right nut had cracked more as Karen checked it. She told Kathy to be careful. That I still had to go home in one piece. Cathy said ok then. It was 9am now and Kathy said we still had lots of time to hurt me. Karen agreed-ed and said that I needed to recover somewhat before I endured more. She suggested that they work on her son and hubby Greg. Karen said that they could bust Greg super hard and not to worry about what gets damaged. That put a smile on Kathy's face. So Karen got some ice and put a new towel under my ass. Then she put the ice on my balls and cock. Karen kissed me passionately several times & then Kathy did to. The gals got up and went and got her son & Greg. They took them to the barn & left me under the covers in bed. I rested for a while as the gals went to work on the other to.

It was noon as I herd Karen help her son to his room. My friend could barely stand & I knew that the gals had done a number on him and his privates. I looked up and saw Karen then standing over me checking my balls & cock. She saw that my eyes opened and she bent down & kissed me so passionately. She told me that she had special plans for my cock and balls. She told me that she wanted to have sex with me all day long the next time I came over to stay. I said" what about Kathy" & she said what about her. I knew it would just be us then. She said she had to go and save at-least one of Greg's balls. So she left me naked on the bed. I was tired and was dosing in and out. It was now around 1 pm and all was quiet. I managed to sit up and got my bearings. I slid off the bed sitting on the edge. I had my legs spread wide as my balls still hurt a lot. I reached down and was felt my balls. I moaned as my hand toughed them. I looked at my so large swollen balls. Wowwwww, were they large. They were huge and as I felt them they were lumpy and soft.  I got to my feet & stood slowly. I had the bed to help stable me as I walked beside it.. I managed to make it to the door way and walked downstairs to the living room. I saw Greg sitting in the recliner with ice on his balls. He was sound asleep. I managed to walk into the kitchen where the 2 ladies were sitting drinking ice tea.

They saw me enter the room and smiled. Then Karen got up and helped me to a seat beside her. Kathy was asking how I was feeling. Also, how my cock and balls were feeling. I told her they were super sore and swollen. I let her know that my right nut had a big crack in it and both were soft and lumpy. Kathy licked her lips and asked me if we could crack it even bigger. Karen reminded her that I had to go home today. Also I had class tomorrow. Karen looked at me and said it was up to me because I was needed home in a few hrs. I asked Karen what she thought for I knew if I asked Kathy she would have had me in the barn already. Karen and I looked into each others eyes & she then looked at Kathy who was with worry that she would not get to bust my balls again for a couple of weeks. Karen told Kathy what what in it for me if we played for a half n hr? Kathy thought for a moment knowing that it would cost her a lot of sex with me. Then she said what ever I wanted to do with her. Karen said r u sure about that & Kathy said quickly with out thinking "Yes". Karen looked at me saying that it will hurt even more. I shook my head yes. Then Karen got up smiling at us and went to the cab-nit. She came back with a drink and 2 pills. I swallowed the pills and we sat there for a bit. Karen and Kathy chatted for a bit. Karen saw the meds taking hold and she got up kissing me. Karen got up to and put one hand under my arm to help me get up. I got up slowly and the gals led me outside to the picnic table. Karen stopped me and guided me to the table top at one end. She kissed me again and whispered in my ear that I did not need to do this. But we both new I had to. Karen bent me over the table top and attached the wrist cuffs to my wrists. Kathy had already did my ankles and had my legs spread wide. Kathy made sure she had a clear shot at my balls. Kathy suggested that they take turns & Karen was fine with that. Karen told Kathy that she had 30 min max but would stop if my balls got to be to damaged. Kathy said ok and Karen set the timer. I was in the position and herd the first tic of the clock. That is all I remember as I felt wave after wave of pain in my cock and balls. Kathy and Karen continued to pound my balls even harder for the full 30 min. I was out of it when the bell rung. The gals checked my balls. Surprisingly my balls did not crack more but swelled up so huge that if they had had another 5 min my balls would be mush. The gals undid my cuffs and helped me to sit down. Kathy went over my balls to see if they had cracked even more but she was disappointed. Karen reminded her of the agreement that she entered into and told her her pussy would not be the same after we had sex. The gals helped me back in the house and got me to the couch. Karen made sure I had lots of ice on my balls. She wanted to get the swelling down. Kathy was her usual but had to leave soon. It was 3pm and Kathy got dressed. I watched her get dressed & she was hot looking. She kissed me goodby and played with my balls and cock. It was just Karen and I now. We cuddled and kissed passionately. Even though Karen was older it was clear that she had fallen for me in a special way. Karen and I had some of the most steamy forplay yet. It was 7pm now and we got dressed. I was feeling a little better and was moving a little better. Karen got me home and I walked in saying hi to all. Mom could tell I was tired and I went to bed. Karen and mom talked for a little while. Karen thanked mom for letting me help on the farm. So they agreed-ed that I would be back over soon. Karen left then & went home.

Monday was super tuff with school. John was not there & I new why. Kathy came up to me after school & asked me how I was doing. I told her it was ruff but I was making it. Kathy pulled me off to the side out of ear shot of every one else. She asked me what I had in mind when we had sex. I told her that she would just half to wait and find out. Karen and I worked this out in the drive home in her car. We were going to make her sweat about that decision. Those were the longest 2 weeks she had.               

      I finally pulled my soft cock out of Karen's ass & we layed side by side in each others arms kissing. When we stopped kissing to catch our breath I asked where Kathy was. She asked why & I told her she was usually at your hip not wanting to miss anything. Kathy was like a kid having candy & wanting more. Karen laughed when I told her this & told me that I was so right. Karen told me that her hubby called her and that she was needed at home for a bit. She was not happy leaving Karen told me. Kathy will be back later Karen told me. I asked how John was doing & Karen smiled telling me he is so sore he is in bed right now. I asked about Greg & Karen told me he was doing some chores for now. I said looking deep into Karen's eyes saying it is gust us then smiling. She smiled back. Her hands then went to my cock and balls. She told me to lay on my back & as I did I asked her if she was going to hurt my cock & balls. She asked-me if I wanted them hurt i told he that they were hers to with as she pleased. She squeezed my balls softly & I moaned softly. She then had me lay on my stomach which I did. She grabbed my cock and balls pulling them back hard to touch my ass cheeks. I moaned loudly & felt the bed move some. Then I realized it was Greg on top of me with his cock between my ass-cheeks. He kissed me on the ear telling me it was time to wear my asshole out. He was sliding his cock back & fourth between my ass cheeks. This got me hard again. Karen had a hold of my hard cock now bending it every which way. I moaned in pain as she did this to my cock. Then I felt my ass cheeks part and Greg shoved his well hung cock in my tight asshole. I screamed in pain into my pillow as he drove it hard & deep in my ass. I could feel my asshole tearing & my insides on fire. That is how Greg liked to fuck my ass. Finally I felt his balls pressing tight against my ass-cheeks. This told me that his cock was burred deep in my ass now. Karen had my cock in her hand and the other on my balls driving her fingernails into my balls. I cried and moaned as my ass, cock & balls were in such pain. Greg told me he loved fucking my ass raw & that I was to be his ass boy. That meant he was going to fuck my ass when ever he wanted it. Then he started pumping my ass for a while. Then he would stop & lean back hard with is cock all the way in my ass. This stretched my asshole even more & allowed him & Karen to see my asshole being parted by his cock. Karen bent down and kissed my asshole with his cock in my ass. Then he would pump me hard like this for a while & then lean forward pushing his cock deep in me. I was in such pain from my ass being stretched & my balls felt like my balls were on fire again. Karen let go of my cock and focused on my balls. With her fingernails now out of my balls she stretched my sac making my balls tight against the sac. Karen took her other hand making a fist & started pounding my balls. Soon my balls were red and swelling up again. I was to where I could not fight back anymore. So I just layed there letting them do there worse to my cock, balls & ass. Then Greg got off and rolled me on my back putting my legs up over my head by my ankles. Karen got up and I looked up seeing her tieing something to my ankles. This held my legs over my head & spread wide my asshole was totally exposed along with my cock & balls. Karen then grabbed my hard cock an pulled it down between my balls. I was in pain thinking my cock would break.Then Greg slid back in place sliding his cock deep in my exposed asshole. He went all the way in pounding me hard. Karen then grabbed Greg's balls & squeezed hard telling him to cum deep in my ass. Greg moaned saying yes Mame.. Soon Greg pounded me harder & was cumming deep in my ass. He left his cock buried deep in my ass exhausted.


Then Greg pulled his cock out of my ass finally laying beside me. Karen then moved in checking out my asshole, cock and balls. She had one hand on my balls and one on Greg's balls. She would take turns squeezing our balls making us moan. Finally she let go of my balls & focused on Greg's balls. She worked over Greg's balls big time finally making him pass out. She told me that he was worthless in bed. I was still tied up with my balls & cock exposed. She could see a little cum finally leaking from my sore asshole. Karen asked me how my asshole felt & I told her it was sore. She smiled & said it would be sore some more. She started inserting fingers in my asshole. She was up to four stretching my asshole. I was breathing hard & moaning loudly as she worked her fingers around my ass. Finally she inserted her thumb in my ass. Then she pushed & rotated her hand sliding her whole hand now in my asshole, I felt a big pop in my asshole & she had her hand now in my ass. She pushed and was now up to her wrist in my ass. She paused for a moment letting my ass adjust to her wrist size. She asked how I liked the feeling? I told her breathing heavily it felt different. Then she started  push her arm back & fourth. Greg's cum helped lube me up but she got some lotion applying it to her arm & my asshole. As she worked her hand in & out I could tell she was going deeper in my ass. I could feel my bowels spreading & stretching as she pushed further in. I could feel my bowels move around as she slid further inside my ass. She now had her arm up to my elbow. She pushed harder & harder finally getting her elbow in my ass. She was amazed of how far she was in my ass. She was up to her arm muscle but could go no further. She left her arm in my ass for a while chatting with me taking my mind off my ass. I looked down & could see how my stomach was pushed up where her hand & arm was. Finally she pulled her arm out & I could watch my stomach deflate. When she was out she moved to kiss me passionately & telling me she wanted more. She fucked my ass with her hand several more times. Finally she found it not hard to enter my asshole anymore. When she finished she untied my ankles letting my numb legs fall between her. It was late afternoon & finally Greg woke up shortly there after sliding off the bed in pain.



This left just Karen & I on the bed. She got up leaving me on the bed spread eagle. She went to the bathroom to wash her arm off. As she was in there Kathy walked in naked smiling at me. Then Karen walked in telling her the events that I went through. Kathy was a little bummed that she missed it. Then they both layed down beside me making sure I could not close my legs. I could not have if I had wanted to. I had no energy in my legs.The gals chatted for a little bit then they got down to business. They each grabbed a nut & pulled it towards them. Squeezing as they did I moaned & started to cry. They pulled & twisted at my balls and sac trying to pull them apart. Then as they each had one of my balls they pounded on my balls till they had my balls swelled big time. I as really out of it drooling & crying. I could not moan anymore from the pain. Karen told Kathy said it was time to focus on my cock. Kare let go of my sore numb ball but Kathy got in a few more hits on the one she had. Kathy said what did u have in mind? Karen said that they needed to make my cock as sore as I made there pussies. Karen told Kathy what she wanted to do to my cock. Kathy got very excited at her idea. Kathy took her one hand grabbing the base of my cock with & pushed down on my foreskin. With all 6 + inches  now exposed Karen grabbed my cock head leaving the shaft exposed. As each gal had a hold of my cock tight now Karen took the side of her hand, drew back & hit the shaft of my cock super hard.. I moaned out loud trying to draw my legs up but the gals were laying on my legs. I tried to grab my cock with my hands an the gals put my arms under them as well. I was helpless & the gals focused on my cock. They resumed hurting my cock shaft each taking turns hitting the shaft. I was crying uncontrollably from each strike. Kathy told me each time that she my cock was so worthless. Finally I was not able to form words as one gal hit my cock shaft & the other hit my balls. I have no idea how long they kept this up. I passed out from the pain eventually & when I woke I was alone. It was dark outside as I looked out the window. I was so exhausted & hurting so bad from my cock& balls. I finally was able to move my arm to my crouch checking my cock & balls. My cock was soft now & felt a little mishap-en in the shaft. My shaft was so sore. Then I checked my balls which were so swollen & lumpy. I then managed to side off the bed. I was bent over s I managed to walk to the door. I turned the corner and managed to make it to the living room where the gals & Greg were sitting.


Both gals were impressed I made it to the living room with out falling. Karen got up & helped me to the middle of the couch to sit down. Once I sat down the gals were anxious to check out my cock & balls. Even Greg was curious as to how my cock & balls held up to the beating. They all 3 were gathered around me now as the gals spread my knees & legs spread apart. This exposed my cock & balls totally. Karen & Kathy checked my balls carefully, then my cock. My balls were swollen,soft & lumpy. Karen told them it would not take much more before popping. Kathy liked the thought of this. Then Karen checked my soft sore cock. When she touched my cock I flinched a little. She started to stroke my cock getting my cock hard. As she did this I was moaning & crying from the pain i my shaft. Finally my cock was stiff hard. I looked down at my red cock. They were checking my hard cock. Greg said it had come close to breaking into. I was still hard & Karen bent down starting to suck my cock head. Kathy was cupping my balls now & started to squeeze them. This made my hips rise up forcing my whole cock deep in Karen's mouth. She was now sliding her mouth up & down on my cock. This was painful to my cock & Kathy was working my balls over with her fingernails digging deep in my balls. I leaned my head moaning & crying. I was soon cumming in Karen's mouth & she swallowed every drop. She popped her head up only after she made sure she had got every drop of my cum. My cock was still hard and then Greg grabbed my cock twisting it hard. I moaned and cried loudly. Greg was bending my hard cock backwards trying to make the cock head touch the base of my cock. Finally Greg stopped & let go of my cock. Karen finally persuaded Kathy to release the grip on my balls. I was finally able to catch my breath. The time was after 10pm. I had not had a chance to eat since I was up this morning. Karen got up & went to the kitchen. When she came back in the room she had a glass of orange juice & some pain pills. She handed me them & told me to take them. She told me to drink all the oj to. I finished I layed back to relax.


Greg told the gals that they still had time to play in the barn. The gals looked at each other & smiled. They got up & left telling Greg to bring me to the barn. Greg got up smiling & telling me the night was not over yet. He got me up helping me out of the house to the barn. When I walked in with Greg, Karen told Greg to bring me over & strapped me to the suspension bars. Then Karen ordered Greg to the other set of suspension bars & strapped him in as well. The gals then raised both of us off the ground making us stretched & spread eagle. Our balls & cocks totally exposed for pain. Kathy went to the cab-nit & grabbed a ball gag for Greg's mouth. She came back & inserted the ball in his mouth. Kathy the strapped the ball gag in place smacking Greg's ass hard. Then Kathy was in front of him. Karen set the timer & then we herd the ding. Kathy went to work on Greg's balls & cock. Greg started to scream & cry but was muffled by the ball gag. As Kathy worked on Greg, Karen leaned forward & kissed me passionately. She then whisper to me that my cock & balls were worthless. I shook my head agreeing & Karen smiled. She kissed me again moving even more passionate, her hands to my swollen balls & cock. She squeezed them softly & lovingly. She then stepped back & drove her fist up hard hitting my balls. I tilted my head hard with my mouth open but no sound came out at first. Karen drove my balls up & into my pelvic bone. I felt my balls go flat as her fist knuckles hit the pelvic bone with my balls in between both. Karen left her fist in there for a little bit  & then with drew it. I finally caught my breath & tilted my head forward crying. I did notice that my balls did not recover as quickly as they should. Karen did this till I passed out from it. When I woke the gals were over at Greg talking about his cock. Apparently Kathy had succeeded in breaking Gregs cock a little. Karen said that would be enuff for both of us tonight. Kathy had that bummed look on her face because she did not have a crack at me. Karen told her that I had to go home tomorrow evening. They both then helped Greg into a chair getting him out of his restraints. Then they got me out of the restraints and sitting in a chair. I was so tired & a little hungry. The gals took Greg up to the house & put him to bed. It was a little while & no one came back for me. I was so beat that I unknownly climbed on the anvil table to go to sleep. I was a sleep & was unknownly woken up by a weight hitting my balls. I found myself strapped to the table and Kathy at the controls. She had increased the weight on the hammer a lot. She had hit my balls several times & my balls were so close to popping again. Just as the weight hit my balls again I did not move. Karen walked in upset somewhat asking Kathy what the hell she was doing. Kathy told her that when she came to get me I was already laying face down on the table. She feft it was ashamed to let it go to waste so she strapped me in scurring my balls to the anvil. Karen looked at how much weight as on the hammer. Then she had Kathy raise the weight off my balls. Karen checked my balls carefully & found where both had started to crack a little. Kathy begged Karen for just one more hit. Karen reluctently agreeded but removed all the added weight. Kathy released the weight and as the weight hit my balls I went super stiff. I blew bloody cum all over my leg & stomach. I was out drolling. Kathy pressed down on the weight with her hands to help but it was not needed. Kathy then raised the weight & both ladies could see shere my balls popped. Kathy saw this and imediantly orgasumed. The gals undid my balls & restraints. They sat me up cleaning all the cum off of me. The gals then took me to the house and put me to bed. My head hit the pillow & I was out like a lite. My balls hurt so bad I did not care.    


Karen & Kathy helped John into John into the house first and put him to bed. I was sitting there on the bench at the picnic table waiting my turn, when Kathy showed up with out Karen. I did not think anthing of it at the time, Her with out Karen. I was in lala land still when Kathy walked uped to me. My balls were so swollen, soft and red. I was looking down at the ground with my chin in my chest. Kathy lifted my head up and smilled at me. My eyes focused on her beautiful face & her beautiful green eyes. Then my eyes focused on her gorgeous breasts and & super hot nipples that pointed straight at me. Her breasts so firm. She then leaned down and kissed me on the lips. As she kissed me passionately longly her hands pushed my hands way from my balls. Her hands now held my balls in her palms. As we kissed she squeezed my balls softly feeling to find there weakness. I moaned then breaking the kiss. She wispered in my ear that my balls would be hers to pop. She then nibbed on my ear and neck all the while squeezing my balls harder. I managed to bring my arms up and grb her naked ass cheeks spreading them apart. Working my fingers in her ass crack. She moaned in my ear telling me yes yes, yes as my fingers found her little tight butt hole. She moand even louder squeezing my balls harder & saying yes.. As she said yes I inceted my middle finger in her very tight asshole forcing it in all the way up.. She was cuming mutiple times as i moved my finger around in her tight little butt. She finally let go of my sowllin balls in her final climax. She leaned on me moaning & breating so hard. My finger was still inside her very tight butt as she raised her head up to my ear. She kissed & bit my ear hard. She then kissed me passionately. We kissed for quite some time. As I pulled out my finger from her butt she broke the kiss and smiled. She said wow, she had never had an orgasum like that before. I smilled back at her & asked if she wanted more. She said yes oh yes but later.


Just then Karen walked up then and as smilling. She told Kathy that I was very good at making a woman cum. Kathy then looked at me again & smilled. Karen walked to me & grabbed my hand. She told me to come on at which time Kathy grabed my other hand to. They both helped me up then. Standing there Kathy looked at Karen & asked if they needed to go in for the night. Karen looked at Kathy & asked her what she had on her mind. She turned her head towards the barn & then looked back at Karen smilling. Karen thought for a moment & then told Kathy it would half to be a quickie. Kathy then pulled me towards the barn with Karen helping her take me there. Kathy pulled open the door to the barn and led us inside. Turning on the lights I was not able to focus on where she was leading me.We stopped in the middle of the barn where the anvil table was but Iherd Karen speak up and telling Kathy not her yet. Then I was being led to one corner of the barn and stopped. Kathy turned me around and then put one my arms in the air. Karen was doing the same with the other.. I was being culfed to the suspension bar. Then my legs were spread wide and had ankle culfs attached. I herd a motor kick in and I was being hoisted in the air a little.Then I was tight and could not move. I managed to focus in on Karen first then Kathy. They were chatting as to what to do next. My balls were so swollen & sore. Finally they walked up to me telling me they were going to hurtmy worthless balls somemore. Kathy told me not to worry as my balls were worthless and did not need them to control my life. Karen came close to me and kissed me passionately cupping my balls in her hand. She then kissed my ear & told me that the pain will be great but she was there to confort me kissing me again.


Then Karen stepped back and I herd the timer being set. I raised my head just in time to see Kathy draw back and kick my balls so hard. I had the air knocked out of me & tried to scream, but no sound came out at first. Then just a loud moan came out of my mouth & a lot of droll. Then kathy syepped back and it was Karens turn as her foot made contact with both my balls driving them hard into my pelvic bone. I tried to scream as I went so stiff at first but I just shook at first and cried. My head went down on my chest with my eyes closed. Time after time I felt the impcat into my swollen balls. They were not recovering like they should. After what felt like forever I herd the timer ding & the beating of my balls finally stopped. I was so out of it from the pain I could not look up. I herd Kathy say my balls were even more bigger then they were. Karen agreed with her that they were. Boh gals then felt my balls which were geting so soft from being swollen. It would not be long before both balls would pop. Kathy wanted to continue but Karen stopped her saying" if u pop them toniht in the state they r in we will have nothing to play with tomorrow." Kathy thought about it for a moment & reluctently agreeded. For one more good measure she hit my balls hard. As she did this I managed to moan a little. Then Karen shaking her head started to undue the culfs on my ankles as Kathy lowered me to the ground. Then Kathy slid a chair under me as the wrist culfs came off, my arms falling to my sides. I flopped in the chair not having the strength to sit up. My legs spread with my balls so swollen. The gals let me sit there as discussed there next moves. Finally I was able to lift my head up the gals came into focus. 2 very hot looking gals standing in front of me naked. They finally noticed that I was looking at them & they both smilled at me. Karen said "time for bed & proceeded to help me up." Kathy joined in to help me to my feet. Kathy was complaining alittle & Karen firedback that she helped get me in this state. Kathy then just shut up. We left the barn & fnally made it to the house where they helped me to bed. The gals then layed down oh each side of me. Karen took extra care to make sure that I was confortble. They each took turns kissing me good night & they each layed on there side as I layed on my back with my legs spread. We all fell asleep together.


As I woke the next day my balls so sore and swollen, the gals were already up. As I layed there checking the conditation of my balls John walked in holding an ice pack on his balls. He was smilling but in pain. He was admiring my balls & the state that mine were in. John told me that my balls looked really big & red. He said the gals would be up with some ice for them. I asked John how his balls were doing & he walked over to the bed to show me. He removed the ice pack & I emidiantly saw where his one nut looked a little flat on one end. I reached to feel it and as I did he moaned softly. His nut was no longer egg shapped. I said "wow, it is misshaped now". He looked down at me & said "yes it is & it is numb in places". I continued to feel both his balls checking them out. As I did so he would moan & his body would jerk alittle as I was feeling them. He was also jacking off getting hard. When he was close to cuming he grabbed my head & pushed his cock in my mouth cuming hard. I swallowed every drop as he moaned in pain & pleasure. I sucked his cock till it was soft in my mouth. He pulled out smilling telling me he had needed that. He left then to go down stairs for breakfast. As he did he said the gals were bring me breakfast. As I layed there it was not long before the gals showed up with a glass of juice and a few pills. Karen handed them to me & I took the meds. She told me they would help with the pain. It was not long before they kicked in. The gals were laying on the bed now & were looking to play. I could see there nipples were perking straight out.


I reached out & played with there nipples moving my hands all over there tits. I would pinch here nipples soft a first and move to pinching harder to he them moan. They each were hng on my nipples really hea and bitting the nipple heads. I moaned loudly and felt there hands move to my cock & balls. Karens hand beat kathy's hands to my balls. Karen started to massage my swollen balls softly so Kath's hand went to my cock stroking. Karens mouth left my nipple and went to my ear. She wispered in my ear telling me she wanted her pussy fucked so hard that it would hurt. Karen still massaged my balls making sure Kathy did not get ahold of my balls just yet. Kathy slid her mouth down from my sore nipples to the head  my cock putting her lips around the head. Kathy sucked on my cock head softly at first and then deep throating my cock causing me to moan. Karen was kissing me passonately as Kathy sucked on it hard. Karen told me then that I would be fucking both of them. I just moand loudly Kathy bit the head of my cock really hard just then. When her teeth finally let go of my cockhead Kathy then slid down and climbed on my cock. Karen moved her hand from my balls to my cock shaft holding it straight up just touching her pussy lips. Kathy moaned as Karen moved my cock head back and fourth over Kathys pussy lips. Then when Kathy could not stand it anymore she slid her pussy down hard on my cock. As Kathy fucked me hard Karens hand was still at the base of my cock playing with her pussy. Kathy orgasumed mutiple times. Karen was telling me to shoot my cum deep in her pussy. So Karen & I put Kathy on her side lifting one leg in the air. I slid my cock deep in Kathys pussy then divng it hard in & out.  Karen was coaching me to plant my load deep in her pussy. I eventually blew a big load deep in Kathy's pussy. Karen would not let me pull out of her pussy till I was soft. Both ladies were smerking as I pulled out. As my cock left Kathys pussy Karen went down on my cock with her mouth cleaning my cock and balls. Almost no cum leaked out of Kathys pussy. I had no idea what the gals were up to.  


Then it was Karens turn as she worked her majic with her mouth & tongue on my cock  balls. As I'd lay on my back with my legs spread. Kathy was beside me now kissing me as my hand found her firm breasts. As she then kissed my neck & ears she wispered we were going to fuck again. I got really hard again even though my balls hurt from the beating the night before. I felt Karens mouth leave my cock & she straddled me slamming her pussy own hard on my cock. I moaned out loud as her pussy almost broke my cock into. She sat there as my cock felt like it was snapping. I was moaning & started to cry from the pain as Karen ground he hips on my cock shaft. I herd Kathy say she wanted to try that next as it was making Karen orgasum muiple times. Finally Kathy shut me up by straddling my face with her pussy and ass over my mouth. So I started to eat Kathys pussy & ass. It was not long before Kathy was grinding on my face also. She was getting so wet she was soon cumming in my mouth. Karen finally lifted her hips up an guided my sore cock in her pussy. Once the head was in she sat down hard again making her orgasum again. Karen & Kathy were facing each other & soon they were making out. They really woked me over fucking and drainining my balls of there cum. I lost count of how many times the gals took turns fucking me. When they finished my balls hurt so bad as well as my cock shaft. They were each laying beside me drained of energy also. As we all snuggled together Kathy asked Karen do u think it worked. Karen told her maybe but we will need to let his balls recover an fuck somemore later on..


After a little while the gals got up. The bed was wet with sweat and cum. I finally started to get up as the gals walked backin. Karen had some oj for me and as she gave me the cup she handed me some pain pills to take for my balls. She told me to take them so i did. They helped me out of bed & sat me in a chair. The gals were busy then stripping the bed as Karens hubby Greg poked his head in the doorway. We greeted each other & I herd Karen tellng Greg to take John to the barn & have him ready. Greg left to get John & do as he was told. When the gals finished remaking the bed they put me back in it. Being sore & wiped out I found myself falling asleep around 10am. Karen & Kathy left to join the others in the barn. I woke up on my back with Karen riding my cock like there was no tomorow. She saw I was waking up. She leaned forward kissing me passionately pressing her large breast into my chest. As she continued to fuck me hard she kepted telling me to fill her pussy up with my cum. She rolled me over & now in the missionary position I was pumping hard now into her pussy. Karen then fed me her tits sucking & bitting her nipples hard. This brought Karen to have mutiple orgasums. Then after pumping her pussy hard I shot my load of fresh cum  into her pussy. She pulled me down hugging me and telling me to fill her pussy up full. She made sure I did not pull right way. She tolded me to fuck her again which made me hard, so I started to pump her well lubed pussy again. I put her on her side continue pump her pussy. She got so hot she started to cum again & again. Her pussy was hurting soon afterwards. But I continued to pump her hard and fast. She was begging me to cum again & after several minutes I shot my second load of cum in her pussy. I shot it deep as Buried my Cock all the win her sore pussy. She was so happy that she started to cry some. Women. I layed on top of her with my hand cupping her big breast. I kissed her on her ear passionately with my cock still deep in her. I pulled out my cock and slid my hard cock between her ass cheeks. Karen just layed there catching her breath knowing I had my hard cock between her sweet ass cheeks. I started to slide my cock back and fourth in her ass cheeks. I did this for a while and was soon to cumming. She told me not to waste my cum and as I was soon cumming She helped me slide my cock in her asshole. As I was all the way in her ass I blew my third load of cum in her tight asshole. Filling her ass up with my cum she turned turned her head and kissed me passionately.                                                               

   When I got home I had to take it easy as my balls were so sore from the weekend event at my friends home. The next day at school my best friend was just as sore as I was. At recess we just sat on the bank & watched everyone else play. We talked in low voices so as no one else could hear as we talked about our sore balls. My friend told me that his parents were excited for me to come over again to play. Just then our teacher, Kathy came over & sat down beside me. All us boys had the hots for her & wanted in her pants so bad. She asked how we were doing after the weekend? I told I was doing ok but really sore. The asprine I took had worn off. She told me to see the nurse after recess to get more. I just smilled & said ok. She told me that, she looked forward to our next meeting. I could tell she wanted to reach out & grab my balls but was glad for now atleast she could not. I needed to let my balls heal. I quietly reminded her of our agreement that we had made over the weekend. She blushed & smiled saying she had not forgotten. She sayed she looked forward to it. I had found out later that she had talked to Karen about how much I cum & staying hard after I cum. So after 3 long weeks my balls were finally healed but still tender. Kathy had also been teasing me with suttle peaks of her pussy since she was not wearing panties. My friend John had healed as well but was still sore. He & I were talking, making plans to go over to his house for the weekend again. So when Friday came I would be going with home with John.


When Friday came we noticed that Kathy was more excited for school to finish & the weekend to start. She tried to hide this but John & I could tell she wanted to be at Johns home to play. So when the last bell rung for class desimsal John & I headed for our buss. Kathy wished all of us to have a great weekend & she winked at me. John & I caught our buss & when we got to Johns home Karen greeted us in the kitchen as we walked though the door. She was naked as she was a nudest at heart. She was looking so hot & sexy as ever. She came over to John first & gave him a hug. Then it was my turn to get hugged & what a hug. She gave me such a hug that lasted for a while. John went on to his room to put his school stuff away & to get naked. When John was out of sight Karen kissed me passionately. She told me that she had been counting the days till I was here. Then she told me to go ahead & to put my things in my room. We parted & I went to my room to put my things in there & strip also. I came back to the kitchen naked & John was already there naked as well. Seeng Karen made my cock start to pulsesate & soon I was getting hard. Karen saw this & just smilled. She asked if we were hungry & John said yes. Well John was always hungry though. I told Karen that I was ok for now. I moved to the kitchen table & sat down. After she fed John Karen sat down next to me & she put her hand on my leg. She was snuggling me & soon her hand found my cock. She had my cock in her hand stroking it softly at first. Then she moved her hand to my balls massaging & checking out my balls carefully. She could tell I was super excited. She had John move to the otherside of her & when he sat down she had her other hand to his balls checking his balls as well. She could feel where our balls had craked but were healed for now. She took our balls & squeezed them soft at first. We both moaned softly at first & she had us spread our legs wider. She then slid her legs over ours so we could not totally close our legs. When she did this her pussy was exposed so I slid my hand onto her pussy. Karen kissed & bit my ear getting me more excited. I played with her pussy lips & squeezed & stretched her pussy lips. This got her super wet & horny. As she got wet she squeezed our balls harder. Soon I could not focus on her pussy as she did this. She squeezed our balls for a while finally letting go. John had been screaming & I was moanig loudly. Both of us were also crying in pain. I finally caught my breath & could focus some what. My hand was still on her pussy. My hand was soaked & covered n Karens cum. She had orgasumed several times as she was squeezing Johns & mines balls. She told us that she needed that. She massaged our sore balls as I played with her soaked pussy.


We sat there for awhile talking then the kitchen door opened & in walked Kathy. She smilled & said that she hope that we did not start with out her. She stood at the doorway going into the living room & started to take of her clothes. It did not take her long before she to was naked. I looked over at John as he was so excited to see Kathy naked. He offered to help her get undressed but she was naked. She pulled up the other kitchen chair & sat next to me. She saw that Karens hand was massging my balls. Kathy slid her hand beside Karens & they each massaged one of my balls. John was not happy because Kathy chose to sit next to me. Karen noticed this and massaged Johns balls & cock harder causing John to moan. We all chatted about how the weekend should go. This ment getting our balls & cock busted even harder. I also reminded the gals of our deal from the last ball busting session. I told them that I was going to fuck them every chance we had. They both just smilled & told me they looked forward to keeping there deal.


Kathy leaned in & wispered in my ear that she wanted to bust my balls. Karen leaned over to Kathy & told her soon. But first Karen told me that she had been waiting all day to get fucked. She told me that she was so horny & ready to start giving me lessions in sex. Karen got up taking my hand & led me to her bedroom. Karen told Kathy that John wanted to fuck her for awhile now. Kathy looked at John who was blushing & said sure, why not. So she got up & took John by the hand also leading him to his bedroom. I followed Karen to her bed where for the next couple of hrs Karen fucked my brains out. She knew alot about sex & sexual positions to please a woman as well as a man. Once in a while I could hear Kathy moaning & cuming. Karen was not with out her moaning & screaming as she would cum mutiple times. After I had cum again in her pussy after mutiple times we both collasped in each others arms breathing heavly. I asked her if she was ready for more & she smilled & just looked at me for a moment. She told me later that she was spent for now. But she kissed me pasionately & told me we would fuck again soon. We layed in bed for awhile kissing, talking & ingaged in forplay until Kathy finally came in the room. She climbed in bed seeing my hard cock & smilling. Karen told Kathy that she & I had cum mutiple times but I was ready to fuck again. Karen said she would have fucked me again but her pussy was sore & raw from fucking. Karen told Kathy that she should fuck him to see if her pussy could wear out my cock. Kathy said ok and layed on her back with her legs spread. I went down on her pussy sucking her pussy. I could taste Johns cum in her pussy but that did not stop me. I soon had Kathy moaning & then cuming. She squirted in my mouth bigtime. I could taste hers & Johns cum mixed together. I drank it all up as she was cuming mutiple times. Soon she was out of breath as I finally came up on top of her slid my dick in her pussy. She moaned & clasped my ass cheeks with her hands. I slid deep inside her & started to pump her pussy slowly at first. She & Karen were both talking dirty to me as I pumped Kathys pussy. As I was pumping faster Karen was telling me to bury my dick deep in her pussy & to cum deep in her pussy. It got really wild as I not only shot my load of cum deep in her pussy but did it several times. We were both spent for now. After a few minutes Karen told Kathy that I was not shooting blanks. Kathy looked at me & just smilled at me. Kathy just said oh well, if it happens it happens. I had no idea what they were talking about but they did. Kathy told me that we would fuck again soon.


As I layed in the middle of the ladies on my back I had my arms under each of them & they in turn took & spread my legs wide with there legs. They each had ahand on each of my balls rubbing them & massaging my slick cock. They each were nibbling & sucking on my nipples. Then with out worning they each took one of my balls & Squeezed them super hard. I moaned out loud & trembled as they drove there fingers into my eggs. I tried to get loose but could not. My balls were in trouble now. They squeezed them what seemed liked hrs. They would ease up after a few minutes to let me catch my breath. Just when I got my bearings back they would squeeze my balls even harder to where my eyes were closed & crying. I was in such pain & feeling naucious as my balls felt like they were going to pop. They each had a ball squeezing them time again. This went on for atleast half an hour with my balls. When the ladies finally finished squeezing my balls I was spent. My balls were so sore as the ladies got up out of bed. They left me on the bed spread eagle on my back. They went to the kitchen & then John came in the room. He had been watching as my balls were beng squeezed. He told me that he was glad it was my balls & not his. He saw that my balls were red & starting to swell up again. As we were talking the ladies came back in the room. Karen told me to sit up which I obeyed. It was hard sitting up. I sat up on the edge of the bed & Karen gave me a pill & water to take it with. I took it & soon my balls were not hurting so much. I was acually feeling pretty good now. Karen looked at John & I then telling us it was time to catch some air outside. Karen then grabbed my hand pulling me towards her. I got up & gave Karen a long hug. Kathy did not like this very much & seemed to be jelious. Karen then led me out side with Kathy & John following.



Karen led us to the picnic table & told us we r going to play outside for awhile. Karen had me at one end of the picnic table & Kathy had John at the other end. She told us to spread our legs wide & to put our chest on the table. I grabbed the table top with my hands also after obeying. The gals then attached wrist & ankle culfs to our wrists & ankles. Our balls hanging low & exposed Kathy told Karen she wanted to switch after 20 min. Karen agreeded & I herd John moan & cry loudly as Kathy started on his balls. Karen leaned over me massaging my balls & wispered in my ear telling me she was going to hurt my worthless balls. She squeezed my balls hard but I could hardly feel them. I was feeling good from the pill I took. I told her to go ahead & she kissed me on the cheek. She then stood up taking aim on my worthless balls. John was moaning & crying now from the pain in his balls. I could hear Kathy making contact on Johns balls. Johns balls were getting a real work out from Kathy. Then I felt pain in my balls bigtime as Karen had just kicked my balls driving them in my pelvic bone. I moaned as all the air was driven from my lungs. Karen took her time taking aim on each nut as she made them swell up. My kuckles were white from grabbing the table top. Karen was a pro as each kick dove my nut into my pelvic bone. I could feel my balls flatten out rom the impact they were receiving. I could feel her toes in my balls pressing into my balls. I tried to move to protect my balls but was not sucuessful. I was feeling naucious from every impact my balls were taking. Soon I lost where I was at as I felt my balls go numb. Then the pain stopped & I managed to pick up my head. I was drolling & my one sid of the face was wet. Then I herd Kathy wisper in my ear saying she was going to bust my worthless balls. Then I felt such pain in my balls. Kathy wasted no time busting my balls & she was alot faster in hitting my balls. She abused my balls at first with her fist getting them to swell even more. My balls would flatten out & bounce back to there origional shape. I soon found myself in lala land as I closed my eyes crying from the pain. But the gals did not stop busting our balls. They kept going as John was the first to pass out from the ballbusting Karen was dishing out. I could hear the air leave Johns lungs as Karen made contact with her sons balls. I could feel the air leave my lungs as Kathy did her bests to bust my balls. Eventually, I passed out from the pain in my balls. I do not know how long I was out but when I woke I was still attached to the table. My balls ached so bad & I could feel my balls against my inner thighs. My balls were so swollen from the ballbusting. John was still out cold from his session.


It was evening now & the sun was setting. Finally, John moaned as he was coming around. I looked up at John whos head was still onthe table. I asked him how he was feeling & he just moaned. Kathy did a nice job starting on Johns balls, but Karen did an awesome job on him. The ladies came out from the house sporting glasses of tea. The gals went to check out Johns balls first giving each other parise on there ballbusting tallent. Then they checked out my balls. I could feel there hands on my swollen balls checking them out. They were both impressed on how much abuse my balls could take after the last weekend I was there. Then the gals sat there glasses down & took up position behind John & I. They were going to continue the ball busting session. Karen was standing behind me as Kathy was behind John again. They had sat a timer on the table for 20 min again. Then the timer started ticking & the gals once again began busting our balls. When Karen made contact with my balls using her fists I raised my head up high & my chest left the table top. I was arched in the air unable to do anything else but moan. Karen focused on one nut for a while then the other. My balls continued to swell from the ballbusting. Finally I was unable to raise up from the beating my balls were obsorbing. I did not care as my balls became more softer from the beating. Finally, the timer dinged & the beating stopped. I was able to breath again & I was in lala land now with my head on the table drolling. Then the timer was reset & at the first tick the ladies treaded off on our balls again. When Kathy hit my balls I could not raise my head up anymore. My balls would flatten out from the impact & was not rebounding as quickly as they had before. Kathy saw this & took my balls with her one had stretching my sac. She pressed my balls at the edge of the table. With one hand she held them there & with her other fist drove her fist hard into my balls. I could feel her knuckles make contact with the wood through my balls. The air left my lungs & I gasped for air. Kathy did this time and again as my balls became more softer & swollen. They were recovering less & less now. Kathy new she was close to cracking my balls but just then the timer Dinged. She let go then & my balls got a repreave. John was passed out again but not before Karen had popped one of his balls again. This time Johns nut was not so lucky as when it popped one end went flat totally. Kathy had herd it pop which only made her more determined to pop mine. My balls were always tuffer then Johns. Karen came around to check my balls & was amazed at the size of them. Also, the fact my balls had not burst yet. Karen said they were close to popping. Kathy wanted to pop them so bad but Karen stepped in & said that we needed to rest. Karen undid our restraints but John & I were so wiped out that we could not move. The gals then helped John & I up a little. We were both so sore in our balls.



 The gals helped us sit down on the benches. Our legs were numb as well as our arms. After about 30 min they managed to get us into the house. I was on the couch as they put John to bed. His one Testicle had defleated on one end & was no longer round. There was no hope for recovery of his one ball. My balls were so swollen, lumpy & soft as I checked out my balls. The pill I had been given had worn off as I could feel my balls ache. The gals came back in finally & sat down on each side of me. They both had me spread my legs showing how big my balls had swelled. I asked Karen how Johns one testicle was. She told me that he was done for awhile ballbusting. Karen then looked in my eyes & kissed me passionately. Kathy was checking my balls carefully to see if they had cracked yet. She told Karen that my balls were close to busting & wanted to finish the job. Karen told her that i needed to rest & they bust my balls somemore tomorrow. It was late now but Kathy was spending the night also.             






When I woke Kathy was already gone. Karen was still asleep on my arm with her hands on my balls. Suddenly, I felt so sore in my balls realizing the weekend I had just had. As I looked over her I saw that school had already started. I looked at Karen as she stretched & looking up at me told me good morning. I smiled & then put my head down on my pillow looking into her georgious eyes. She leaned forward to kiss me passionately not letting go of my balls. We kissed for quite awhile before catching our breaths. I said "Kathys gone" & Karen continuing smilled at me said"yes she left for school a little while ago". I said "we r late for school". Karen said" I know but Kathy is covering for u". I asked her "then what is up for today?" Karen told me I was to recouperate but was to be a learning day to. I asked her " what she ment by that" as she smilled at me. She let go of my balls finally as we both checked out the condition of my balls. She had me lay on my back as she climbed between my legs. As she checked out my balls she was stroking my cock. I had some feeling in my cock head finally & as she stroked it my cock did get semi hard. It was still sore but I was having to much feeling in my cock to stop it. Then karen kissed my cock head with her lips & opening her mouth she then began deep throating my full cock in her warm mouth. I just layed back & moaned as she sucked my cock really hard. She had all 6 inches in her mouth. Occasionally she would bite down hard on the head of my cock causing me to moan loudly. I tried to close my legs but she kepted them apart. She could tell she was getting me excited. My cock was really getting hard now.


As she sucked she swung her legs over my head and put her pussy right on to my lips. Her pussy was so wet & sweet. As my lips kissed her pussy she started to grind her pussy into my face. I stuck out my tongue incerting it into her pussy. This drove her wild which got her pussy juices really flowing. Her pussy juices tasted so good. Soon she was moaning telling me she was going to cum in my mouth & that she wanted me to swallow all her cum. She sat straight up & as she did she shot her cum in my mouth I tried to swallow it all, but my mouth was full & over flowing out the sides of my mouth. She came several times and I tried to swallow as much of her juices as she gave me. She finally colasped and swung around hugging and kissing me. She asked me how her cum tasted & I told her that it tasted sweet. This was my first time swallowing a ladies cum.


She grabbed my cock again stroking it. We kissed passionatey & wispered in my ear that she wanted fucked. I told her that she would half to teach me how to fuck. This got her more excited knowing she was taking my virginity. My balls were still so sore & I moaned as she rubbed my balls. She squeezed them so ever so slightly & she could see the pain in my face. She got up out of bed & said she would be right back. She left & soon returned telling me to open my mouth which I did. She put a pill in my mouth & told me to swallow. I swallowed the pill. She slid back in bed grabbing her tit & puttig her nipple in my mouth I started to suck on pasionately. She told me how she loved her nipples sucked on. After a few minutes I was feeling light headed. She could tell the pill was starting to work & she reached down grabbing my cock. She stroked my cock getting it hard again & she stroked it harder. As she did stroke my cock harder her hand was banging on my balls which I could still feel the pain. Karen could tell whenthe pill was starting to work & when I started to feel less pain from her banging on my balls as she stroked my hard cock. This got her excited & she told me to suck on her nipples even harder which I did. As I got loopy I could not feel my balls. This got Karen even hotter & soon her hand left my cock & finding my balls. She was feeling my balls & squeezing them. She felt around on my balls finding where my balls cracked. She was so super horny & was telling me how she wanted to hurt my balls again & again. She put her fingernails into where my balls cracked & dug them into my balls. I let go of her nipple moaning & layed on my back with my legs spread wide. I could not close them to protect my balls. As she squeezed she was watching my face. She kepted this up for awhile. When she did quit she had got my balls to swell huge again. She kissed me passionately & we got into more forplay then. Then with my cock hard still hard she climbed on top of me.She spread her legs wide opening her pussy lips & guided my cock into her soaked pussy opening. Her pussy was fairly tight as she had refused to let her hubby fuck her. She moaned as my cock slid in deep into her pussy. When it was all the way in she was still for a few seconds. My cock was in heaven. Then she kissed me passionately & started to slide her hips up & down which made my cock slide in deep in her pussy. It was not long before she was cumming. She tought me to fuck her pussy in several different positions. Occasionally stopping and she would have me eat her pussy after she would cum. This gave her pussy a different taste as well as a musk smell. When I finally shot my big load of cum in her pussy & after my cock went soft she had me suck out my cum from her pussy. I told her when I shot my cum from my balls it hurt really bad. She smilled & said good. She asked me how I liked swallowing my own cum. I told her that  I had tasted my own cum before, but this time it had a better taste with her cum mixed in with it. She told me that she wanted to drain my balls totally. I asked her if that would hurt & she told me she hoped so. Not knowing any better I said go ahead. She reached around to her night stand and told me to open my mouth again which I did, & she popped another pill in my mouth which I swallowed. I was already feeling pretty good before that pill, but after that pill I was really loopy like I was when Kathy got hold of me. Feeling now like I did not have a care in the world.  


 I was soon joined by Karens hubby to. He had taken the day off from work. He had watched as Karen had fucked my brains out. I had lost my virginity to her. I then found that Karens hubby had climbed in bed with us. The first thing he did was to check out my balls. He was amazed on how well they had held up with the abuse they had endoured from the weekend. He felt around on my balls finding where they had cracked. He asked Karen if they could take more abuse in the condition they were in.. She said they could take more abuse. I was really out of it now from the meds that I was taken. As I layed on my back Karens hubby put a few more pillows under my head & shoulders. He then took my hand & put it on his balls. I felt his balls which were big & I played with his balls. This made his cock hard. Karen & her hubby talked about what to do with my cock & balls on my next visit. As they chatted he moved my hand to his cock which I grabbed and squeezed really hard. He moaned for a little bit. Karen then tooK my cock in her hand & was stroking it really hard with her hand slamming my balls as she did. I did not feel my balls swelling up again even bigger than before. Then Greg strattled my chest with his hard cock at my lips. He slid forward parting my lips with his cock head. I started sucking his cock head & he slid his hips forward even more causing me to take all his cock with his balls on my chin. Then he started to pump his cock in & out of my mouth. This went on for awhile & soon Greg was soon cuming in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his cum. Karen had me cuming in a cup making sure she caught every drop. After I had cum she still continued to jack my cock off not letting it get soft. I lost track of how many times I had cum. I eventually had a bad case of the blue balls when she was finished. When I could not cum anymore she had me sat up & told me to drink my own cum. I was still out of it so I drank everydrop of my cum. They were both impressed that I drank my cum. My balls were so swollen but I could not feel them right now. As I layed back spread eagle Greg and Karen each took one of my balls in there hands pulling the ball to each of them.. Finding where they had cracked was not hard due to the swelling. They each at the sametime took there fingernails & placing them on the cracked nuts squeezed and dug in on my cracked balls. I moaned outloud as they each stretched & squeezed my balls. 


Greg and karen were each sitting on my legs so I could not close them. I was totally at there mercy & they did not stop for a long while. It felt like my balls were splitting apart as there fingers doug even deeper into my balls. I was in lala land now from the pain. The drugs had no control over this pain at this point yet. Greg then had my nut stretched & squeezing it. Part of the nut was sticking out from his clamped hand so with his other hand making a fist started pounding on the nut. With each hit my nut would swell up even more. I was crying from all the pain in mt sac. Greg made sure to drive his nuckles into my swollen nut. He took great pleasure in hurting my nut.


   As Greg was doing his thing on my one nut Karens nails were long & sharp piercing the sac skin. My sac started to bleed some. She had her one hand around my sac pushing hard so my swollen nut was up tigh against the sac wall. Eventually working her nails back & fourth she cut into my sac. She continued to work her nails cutting through the layers of sac skin opening my sac up about an inch. Then cutting & tearing out the membrain eventually reaching my testicle. She showed Greg her progress & he was very impressed with what she had done. Greg then stopped to watch Karen. They both could see where the tunica of the Testicle & where it had ruptured & started to heal. As I was laying there finally catching my breath, Karen took her middle fingernail and placed it on the crack. Then she pushed her nail in my crack spreading the tunica that surrounds the testicles inner meat apart. The testicle split open further as she worked her finger further inside. Karen was so focused on what she was doing to my nut. As I moaned loudly from the pain I felt in my Testicle that was being torn apart. I looked down at my sac & saw her finger inside my nut. I layed back as the drugs finally put me to sleep. When I finally woke I had a towel on my balls and a big bag of ice to help with the swelling. The drugs had finally worn off a little. I was laying in bed on clean sheets. As I was still spread eagle in bed, my balls were were so sore. I was looking around & saw a glass on the night stand. My ass hole was feeling sore as well. After a few minutes Greg came in to check on me. He sat down on the bed next to me. He asked me how I was feeing? I told him I was woozy & my balls and ass hurt.


He told me what Karen had done to my nut after I passed out. He also told me that he had fucked me in the ass filling my ass up with his cum. I said 'ok' not knowing how to respond. I asked him if I was a good fuck. He said "yes' & smilled. He told me he looked forward to wearing out my ASS. I could see his cock was hard again. I tried to sit up but I could not yet. I asked him how my balls was doing? He told me they would heal in time. He checked my balls and the ice was working. Some of the swelling had gone down on my left nut. My right nut was still very swollen though. Just then Karen walked in the bedroom with a very satisifed grin on her face. She went right to my balls to check them out. She told me to open my mouth again and she popped a pill in my mouth. I swallowed it and she told me it would help with the pain. It was about 10:30am I soon was not feeling much of anything. When I finally woke I saw  both Karen & Kathy were sitting on each side of me naked and checking out my balls. I found myself leaning up again with a lot of pillows under me so I could see them as well as my balls. The ladies looked up & smilled at me. Kathy said hi while she had my right nut in her hands. She told me that she loved what Karen did to my right nut. I saw that my right nut was no longer somewhat round & huge from the swelling. Karen had my right nut in her hands & I saw what she had done to my nut. Karen told me it was now Kathys turn & that she wanted me awake as she worked on my left nut. So Kathy let go of my right nut & grabbed my left nut. Karen told her how to proceed & with that I felt the pressure on my sac with her finger nails. Karen was coaching her on giving her pointers. Kathy soon had my left nut stretchd & tight against the sac wall. She had her fingernail soon piercing my sac wall. I put my head back moaning in pain again. The pain was so intense in my balls. Karen had also reopened my sac and was in my nut again as well.. I looked up with tears in my eyes as both ladies were working on my balls. Kathy was now through the sac wall & checking out the tunica around in my nut. As Karen pulled her finger out of my nut, her finger nail had blood on it as well as nut meat. I just leaned back listening to them talk & coach each other on.


So Kathy was all excited as she saw my other nut exposed. I looked up at Kathy as she was looking at the nut she exposed. She had made a slit about a  inch in my sac. Karen pointed out the tunica surrounding the inner nut meat & where the tunica had ruptured, but was now healing. Kathy then took her fingernail & cut a little more of the sac wall. With the pressure applied to the nut pushing at the sac wall now the nut stuck out some to where Icould see the crack. U could see it very clearly. Kathy then took her middle finger nail and was pressing against the crack in the tunica wall. I was breathing hard and moaning loudly. After about a minute her fingernail cut through the tunica and the nut pealed open like a flower. Kathy was amazed at seeing the inner nut meat. Then she pushed her finger nail in the nut meat rotating her finger around hard. She looked up at me and told me that my balls were now worthless. I just layed my head back against the pillows not feeling much as the pills I swallowed took affect really hard now. Kathy showed no mercy towards my nut. She worked on it for a good hr as Karen watched giving her more pointers. When kathy finally finished I had lost some of my nut meat. Kathy leaned towards me and kissed me passionately. Both ladies had cum several times. Then the 2 ladies hugged & kissed passionately. Then the ladies amired what they had done to my balls which were swollen, sore & opened. They each showed me there work & how my balls looked. Then the ladies began to clean up my sac. Karen who was a nurse then stiched up my sac. As she did this I put my head back & was out like a light.   


When I woke up again the ladies were laying on the bed. Karen said" good u r awake". She told me that I did great and that she can not wait till I heal up again so I can come over to play again. I had come to about half still a little loopy. The ladies were laying on each side of me petting and doing forplay. I looked at the ladies and reminded them that I get to have them totally. Karen was cool with that since she had already fucked my brains out already, but had a lot to teach me yet. Kathy blushed & I remined her of what she agreed to in the barn. I told her that I could not wait to fuck her. Kathy said I would half to heal & I told her that antisipation was awesome. Kathy had such a tight body. The gals let me fondle there tits and pussies for a while. I got each of them to orgasum several times. It was now around 2:30pm & I had to leave soon to get back home. The gals manged to get me to sat up with out any trouble on my own. I told them that I wished I had one more day with them not wishing to go home yet. They each sat down next to me hugging & kissing me. We talked some about the next time I am over.


They helped me to get dressed before they did. Kathy had to go home & she was still naked, but as she walked by me I smacked her on her naked ass. She turned around & I told her she had a great looking ass. She smiled and turned around to leave. I was moving a little slow as Karen then got dressed. Karen reminded me to not speak about the weekend. She had her panties on & I reached out to play with her tits. She pulled me to her allowing me to suck on her nipples and to get a hand full on each tit. She told me that I had to stop since she was getting excited again & that I needed to washed up. She finiished getting dressed and took me home finally. We kissed passionately in her car. Karen told me that she could not wait till I healed up so I could come over again. She reached dpwn inside my pants with her hand & gave my balls a good squeeze again. I moaned as I closed my eyes. She said that is what she wanted to hear one more time before we parted. We kissed & I got out of the car.


My parents asked me how I liked it over at my friends house. I said it was awesome and if I could go back over again soon. Mom could tell that I was sore but did not say anything. I got to go back to Karen & Gregs in 3 weeks for the weekend. But that is another story.                                     


The gals would loose control sometimes as they punished my balls. It was late in the afternoon now when they started working on my balls again. I finally managed to work an arm free to grab my balls. They both looked up at me & then each other realizing what was happening & stopped. They both began to massage my balls & told me thy were sorry for getting carried away. I got my other arm free & put my arm round each of the gals. I managed to grab hold of each of a breast and nipple. They stopped and looked up at me smilling, but they did not remove my hands from there tits. I squeezed and played with there nipples whch they tried to egnore, but I could tell they were excited. Karen got up and asked who was thursty, we all said yes & when she left to go to the kitchen Kathy wispered in my ear that she was very horny and wanted to hurt my balls again. I said, what about school & she said that she would cover for me. I said ok but Karen had to agree with it. Kathy said if I did this she would have extra sex with me. I was a horny teenager so I would agree to anything. My balls had reduced there swollen size a lot from the ice. Karen came back in with the drinks and some pain killers. They were strong pain killers that she gave me. As we sat there I was feeling really good now & not paying attention, Kathy grabbed one of my balls & squeezed it really hard. I only gave a soft moan & Karen asked me if if I felt that. I said a litle bit & she looked at Kathy to hold on or a minute. She got up & went to the kitchen, then she came back she told me to take this and handed me another pill..I took it and with in 15 min I was feeling super good. I was feeling really loopy now and Kathy grabbed my balls again digging her finger nails in my sore balls. I did not feel anything I told Karen when she asked me. Kathy asked Karen what she had in mind & Karen told Kathy after some of the swelling went down my balls were not as cracked as she liked. Kathy asked how do we remedity this which Karen just smilled looking at me asked me if I wanted to talk a walk to get some air. I said sure    


Before I knew it they had me up on my feet. I asked Kathy where we were going, She told me we r going to have some fun with your balls. I looked down at my sore balls & said those balls. Just then John came into the room & asked what we were up to? Karen said u can join us for some fun & John new what that ment. He hesitated & his mom said come on "now" as she looked at him. Kathy led me out to the kitchen door, down the steps and leading me to the barn. Karen was leading John by the hand to the barn also. Karen took me to a suspension bar, kissed me passionately on the lips. I responded in kind and then she said time to play in my ear. She told me to raise my arms up which I did. She took each of my wrist and put the cuffs on tight. She kissed me again and told me to spread my legs apart. I was really in la la land as she cuffed my ankles. Karen already had John in his cuffs as well raising him up in the air. I followed as Kathy got me to the correct height so my balls were so vonorable. Karen & Kathy checked out both sets of balls deciding which to hit. Kathy wanted me which Karen said sure but we will time it and then switch when the timer goes off. Karen stood in front of John telling him he deserved this for how he acted earlier. Karen was 5-11 and built. So decided to kick his balls. She drew her leg back & brought it forward. The top of her foot  connected with his left nut driving it into the pelvic bone. John went stiff and yelled out as he could feel his nut contort under the pressure. Karen repeated this time and time again & as each time she did he had less and less strength to resist finally dropping his head out of it. When Karen kicked him in his now swollen balls he would barely raise his head.


While Karen worked on John it was my time with Kathy. She walked up to me and bent down rubbing her tits on my balls and cock. She was so excited when she stood up she kissed me on the lips. Then in that passionate kiss she reached up and got ahold of my right nut squeezing digging her nails in. I kissed her moaning and closing my eyes as I could feel disconfort in my balls with her squeezeing ever so hard.. She told me I can not wait to rupture your balls again. Being doped up I smilled telling her they r yours to bust. She let go of my balls, then drawing back getting her self set let her fist fly into my balls. My head went into the air as I moaned loudly. She drove her fist into my right nut pressing my nut & cord into my pelvic bone. I felt my nut get contorted in almost being flat. She left her fist in my balls pressing against my pelvic bone for a few seconds. She could feel it would not take long to long to cause it to pop again. She took aim on my balls again telling me that my balls were worthless. She hit my balls again & again so hard trying to pop them. Finally I could not raise my head and it rested on my chest as she drilled my balls so hard.. I herd a timer go off and the ladies switched places. They eached inspected our balls wich were brused and so swollen. Karen praised the job Kathy did on my balls. Kathy in return said Karen had done a great job on Johns balls as well. Karen could feel my balls becoming very lumpy now from all the beatings they had to endoure. She new that they could not take much more pounding before they were seriously damaged. Kathy was checking out Johns balls finding where Johns one nut cracked & decided that is where she would focus on. 


I herd Karen reset the timer, then hearing the first tic on the timer Kathy then starting pounding on Johns balls. As she did John moaned & yelled out loudly. Kathy stopped pounding for a moment to get a ball gag out of the toy cabnit & strapped it in his mouth. She then bagan pounding his balls to pulp again. Kathy was out to destroy Johns cracked nut. Karen after checking my ball looked into my eyes saying I will be better off having them damaged. I nodded looking into her eyes telling her she new best for my balls. My balls were super swollen again & with the drugs in my system all I felt was a dull ache. Karen took a step back sizing my balls up drawing her fist back, then letting her fist go into my balls, driving my balls into my pelvic bone. Karen new she had hit my balls super well. She new this from the sound my balls made contorting under the pressure. Also the way my body shook as well as the omp sound that came from my mouth. I went limp after a minute as Karen with drew her bloody fist. She then checked my balls, then seeing where I was bleeding at one of the punctures holes from the nails. This gave her an idea. She lowered me down & as she did she wispered in my ear telling me she had another idea for my balls & I nodded yes. She put a chair under me to catch me. As she relased the cuffs the chair caught me. Kathy stopped for a moment and asked what she was doing. She told Kathy that my balls were ready to pop again. Karen then looked over at the anvil smilling which Kathy picked up on. Then the gals went & helped me out of the chair walking me over to the anvil & helping me on the anvil table. My arms and legs straddled the table as they positioned my balls out on the anvil part. Kathy started to put the cuffs on wrists & Karen said it would not be necessary as I was out of it with the meds. Karen grabbed the nails again and as Kathy stretched out my sac ligning up the nail holes in my sac with the holes the anvil. Karen had the hammer in her hands telling Kathy that they were making new ones so Kathy stretched out my sac bigtime. Karen then ligned up the nail with the hole in the anvil and drove the nail through the sac with one hit each time.  I flinched a little when the hammer hit my sac brusing it. Karen finished putting the hammer away & Kathy asked how much weight she needed to ad to the late. Karen said just one will be needed to pop his balls again Kathy applied the weight to the plate. Then Karen checked my balls one last time. Grabbed the control swicth & pushed it. It came down on my balls really hard & I learched as the plate made contact wih my balls. I moaned alittle as the plate rested on my balls. Karen waited minute then raised the weight off my swollen balls. Both gals checked my balls smilling it would not be long now before they popped again. Karen handed the contol switch to Kathy saying they would take turns. Karen hit the switch and the weight came down hard on my balls again. This time I shot a load of bloody cum all over my leg gain. Then Karen said I think that just about did him in. Kathy raised the weight off my balls except this time she left the weight on my balls for 5 min. The gals walked up to my balls and sad I think that did it. My balls were abloody mess now. Karen exaimeded them carefully seeing where the sac gave way to the pressure of the weight. I had a hole in my sac now which was ozzing blood, testicle meat and fluid. They were both very satisfied with the outcome of my busted ruptured balls. My right had partially colaped now The left one was intact for now. Kathy wanted to pop it to as she held it. Karen said no,that it was getting late and the boys had school tomorrow. I am going to call his mom to see if he can spend one more nigh to heal. Not telling my mom the reason why.  Karen removed the nails from my sore swollen huge sac now. Kathy got me awake & I was in la la land pretty much between the pain and the drugs. No much pain right now but later it would come. They got me off the table and put me back in a chair. Then they cleaned me up. Karen checked on John who was also out like a light. She checked his balls and they were not as damaged as mine though Kathy had manage to pop his other nut. He had shot cum all over himself as well. Kathy said what about Johns balls. Karen said u want him on the anvil now? Kathy said yes. Karen thought for a moment and then said sure, why not. the gals helped me off the table and then sat me in a chair. They grabbed John and he was still out got him on the anvil. Karen strapped him down as Kathy got the weights.Karen asked how many weights r u using & kathy said 2. That was good with karen. They raised the weight in the air & Kathy let it go. John went rigid as the weight landed on his balls. The gals took turns & finally they herd a pop as the weight hit Johns balls. They raised the weight up & John had shot cum everywhere.  They checked his balls & to there surprise both balls had cracked. Both ladies just smilled & chatted as to what had happened.


 Karen cleaned him up and putting him in a chair as well. Karen told Kathy not a bad workout for the weekend. Kathy agreeded & asked when was the next weekend she was ball busting. She said that would be her hubby next weekend. She said the boys need to heal fully and rest. Kathy said ok but the next time u have them over I hope u wll call me again. Karen said she would and also they had to honor the deal they made with me. Kathy smilled & said really. Karen said yes or she would no be back for the next sssions. Kathy said u mean I half to fuck him & Karen smilled saying u had better hope that is all he wants. Karen told Kathy that she planned on teaching me everything she new about sex. Kathy said why & Karen said what better way to be satisified by a guy than to teach him how to please u. Kathy thought about this for a moment & then agreeded with her. Karen told Kathy that he really wanted to taste your pussy and fuck u. Kathy said really & Karen said yes. He wants to wear your pussy out so let him.


Karen then said lets get the boys back into the house & Ice them down. Kathy said ok and moved to pick me up. Kathy said, well u told me that he wants my body. I might as well get started early helping me up. She took my one arm putting it under her shoulder & putting my hand on her tit & nipple. She wispered go head & squeeze my tit. she told me as we walked back that I could play with her nipple to. I did what she told me which she found that she liked. She thought well maybe Karen's idea was a good one. It was 7pm now & both John & I were on the couch with lots of ice on our balls. John said that was the toughfest session he had went trough. I said really & showed him my balls. John told me that I had done the highly experance sesions mom told me about. John was in the recliner with his feet up. I had both Karen & Kathy on either side of me with my legs spread & one of there legs over mine with there wet pussies showing & gleaming at John. John was not happy with this arangement expeshally since he had a crush on Kathy. John finally got up slowly & went to his bedroom. I could tell he was pissed.


I just sat there & told John goodnight. I was realy dopped up so I would not feel the pain that they had done to my balls. Kathy made sure the Ice stayed on my balls to get the swelling down. It was now 9pm & both ladies made sure I could see there pussies nice & open with there puffy pussy lips open. They both had very hot clits. I asked Karen where the most sensual sensetive spot on a womans pussy. The drugs were in full swing now & I was feeling fresky. Karen looked at Kathy and then me saying for her it was her clit hood. Kathy agreeded with her about the sensetivity of her clit. I asked her & Kathy to show me  where it is located at on there pussies. She showed me her large hood & I touched her hood. I moved my fingers over it & as I did she moaned out loud. I put my other hand on Kathys hood rubbing it she stiffend up some an then kissing my ear.Karen spread her legs apart and took my hand pushing my fingers into her pussy hole. Both ladies were moaning now really good. I found Kathys pussy lips spreading them apart causing her to chew on my ear. Both ladies were close to cuming . Then Kathy put her hand on my cock stroking it. That did not do much for my numb cock. Still Kathy stroked my cock. Karen pulled my head kissing me on the lips passiontely. She said do not stop what I was doing. Both pussies were so wet with preum. Then Kathy grabbed my balls and squeezed really hard. None of us stopped & then Karen went rigid cumming wildly. Then Karen went limp breathing hard. She looked at me smilling saying we r going to have a wonderful time & kissed me hard & pasionately. Then it was Kathys turn to cum. Karen saw Kathys hand on my balls squeezing them hard. I put my head back on the couch & moaned. Kathy was so close to cuming & as she did she squeezed even harder. Now I could feel my balls somewhat. Kathy shook violently as she orgasumed and squirted to which went everywhere on the floor. She finally eased up on my balls. I said wowww, does that always happen? Karen said most of the time. Kathy was trying to compose herself because she squirted. This time I kissed Kathy on the lips passionately. She kissed back passinately that lasted awhile. When we pulled apart she was massaging my balls, smilling at me telling me to please never tell anyone how I cum. I told her why would I smilling.


As we all 3 sat on the couch just laying back the gals were spent. They had both orgasumed pretty hard & my hands were back in there wet sticky pussies. Kathy told us that she needed to go home soon. That her hubby will be expecting her. Karen told Kathy to use the house phone & call him, so as not to worry about her. I moved my arm so Kathy could get up. As Kathy got up she took 2 steps & sipped in her own cum. Karen & I both smilled as Karen said "let me help u" & Karen got up off the couch taking a few steps she found herself slipping & slidding in Kathys cum. Kathy had slipped and her ass hit the wet floor. She sat there laughing as Karen slipped & slid right into Kathy. They were both laughing as Karen tried & finally got her ass off the floor. Kathy finally got to the phone in the kithen & called her hubby. Karen grabbed some bath towels from the bathroom & threw them down on the floor. She bent over to wipe up the wet floor showing me her gorgeous ass & pussy. Karen told me that I was awful quiet sitting on the couch. I told her that I was admiring the view of her ass. She looked over her shoulder & smilled at me with our eyes making contact with each others. She said that once I healed fully that I would be able to wear her ass out fully. She stood up, walking over to me with a sheepish grin on her face. She leaned over putting her hands on the back of the couch straddling me & her tits in my face. She told me that I would have all of her rubbing her tits in my face. Just then Kathy came back in te room asking what she had missed. Karen told Kathy as she was bent over he was admiring her ass. Kathy smilled walking to us telling me that her tits r not as big as Karens but u love them to. Karen stood up & grabbed a hand full of Kathys tits. Karen told me that they r firmer than hers. Ok, I reached up & grabbed both gals tits. I squeezed them then grabbing there nipples and squeezed them. I told them they were both perfect. Kathy told Karen she was good at home. It was getting late now & Karen told Kathy she could sleep with them. Karen went into the ktchen then came back out & gave me somemore drugs as I was starting to feel my balls again. Her drugs made me loopy but I took them anyway.


Karen then helped me up off the couch taking Kathys hand. Then kathy took my hand leading & Karen led us to her bedroom. I walked in thinking Greg would be in bed but the bed was empty. I asked where Greg was, Karen told me he sleeps in the other room. Kathy led me to bed & had me scoot in the middle of the bed. Both gals climed in bed on either side of me. Karen then turned to me telling me goodnight. She kissed me & then rolled over putting her but up next to me. Kathy then turned off the light, turned around kissing me so passionately guiding my hands over her body to her tits and pussy. After about 25 min. of forplay she kissed me again then telling me that I needed to heal to have the rest of her. She had me lay on my back and I outstretched my arms out around both gals. Karen then rolled over facing me I had both ladies snugge me. Karen hands went to my balls carsessing them in her hand. Kathy had a hold of my cock massaging it. We then fell asleep.  


Last Part Coming Part - 5                                                                                                                      

 More of Part - 3 -


U Will Find Parts -1 & 2 in the "Most Extream Busting Fantasy"


   Being left on the table to where i could not move i did not care anymore. I just layed there sleeping and was finally woken up by Greg. I looked up at him  and found myself restrained. I said "oh wow, this is different." Greg had come to check on me since I had been asleep for several hrs. just as he started to speak the gals came in. Kathy went to check on my balls and cock. Karen went to stand by Greg and she asked how I was doing. I said ok and I thanked her for letting me get some rest. Kathy told me that I would need it. Kathy was being rough with my balls now and I put my head down and moaned. It was dusk now and getting darker. Kathy pulled the blanket off of me running her fingers over my ass as she did so. I asked Karen what is instore for me tonight. She said that would be the tuffest night I would have to face. I said really and she nodded yes. She nelt down and looked into my eyes. I saw beauty in her eyes and a calm came over me. She said seriously" that I might have my balls damaged tonight". I nodded ok, she said do u understand what that means? I told her yes and that is what we talked about this afternoon. She said yes but if my balls do get hurt I would feel pain like I have not felt up to this point. I could see she was nervice doing this. She stood up and said lets get the show on the road. Kathy said yes & was excited. They finished setting up the new weights and Greg told me that the weight was better than "DOUBLED" the weight that I felt last night. I was scared and nervice. Greg put the bucket under me again to throw up in and he told me to hang in there. Karen walked back up to me and said u ready for this. I took a deep breath and nodded yes. She said that if I passed out this process would not stop till the appointed hr. I nodded yes and she looked at Kathy that controlled the weight. Kathy was so anxious and excited of what was to take place. As she released the weight she said "YES". That was the signal for the weight to fall and it fell hard on my balls. As soon as it hit my balls, My body went ridgid and my head went up in the air and back. I opened my mouth wide but no sound came out. After a several seconds my body went limp and my head layed on the table. I was crying and not able to make a sound. I just layed there shaking. The weight would stay on my balls now for 5 minute. Karen nelt down looking into my eyes. The weight was lifted off my balls and Kathy checked my balls. They were still fine but starting to swell up bigger, she told Karen.. Karen did not even ask me as she looked at Kathy again. The weight fell on my balls again and I went so rigid again with my head going up in the air & my eyes closed tightly.. I still could not make a sound. The weight again came off my balls, my balls were still intact but swelling even more. After the third hit I went rigid but not as long this time and after the 5th hit I barely moved. After the 7th hit I was motionless and in la la land. The next hit I tried to throw up but did not have much in my stomach. I did not care anymore about anything. The 11th hit I passed out. Time seemed to stand still for me. With me passed out Karen walked back to chech the status of my balls. After each hit she new it was only a matter of time now before they ruptured. The question that was on her mind is how bad would they be damaged. Kathy was really getting off on abusing my balls. She was a true BALL BUSTING sadiest. Even for Karen she was a bit much to handle. After the 15th hit KATHY yelled at my balls to pop. Karen just smilled at Kathy and said that they will pop when they r ready to pop. When Karen and Greg were busy doing something, Kathy walked over to where the weights were kepted and grabbed another weight. She walked back to her position. Karen & Greg were still busy so kathy took the weight and added it to the plate that was already on my balls. This more than trippled the weight now. Time was up and the weight was raised again. Karen came back to check my balls & Kathy thought that Karen would see the added weight. Karen did not see the addad weight so when she was done checking out my balls Kathy released the weight again. This was the 20th hit to my balls.The impact was more tramendious on my balls. I started flinched & moaning big time. Precum was leaking out of my cock now. When the weight was lifted off again there was a lot more swelling now to my balls. Kathy new she was close to popping my balls. After the 22nd hit Karen came back to check my balls & when the weight was lifted off Karen new it was time and that they would pop now. My balls were so huge & soft from swelling. Karen looked at Kathy and she saw cum dripping down the sides of her legs from her pussy plus that her nipples were never so perky. Karen new Kathy was getting off on this. Karen stood by Kathy as the weight fell again on my balls they both herd a soft pop. They saw me go so rigid and my head up in the air moaning. I stayed that way for over a minute before I would go limp crying. Kathy was beside herself with antisapitation. Even Karen was excited and she started to feel wet between her legs. Karen could see where I shot cum all over the inside of my leg. Finally the weight was lifted Kathy let out a yell "Yes one popped finally" Kathy held my nut in trimump with a look of satification on her face. Even Karen felt satisfied to finally pop one of my balls. As Karen then held my nut she could feel the buldge where it cracked. Karen then put my nut back as to make sure the other nut would take the weight protecting it. Karen new they had more than an hr left in the session and was unsure if either would survive. After 5 more times my other nut popped even louder then the first one. I blew cum again over my leg except this time it was bloody. When the weight was raised this time they both could see where the nut popped. They did not half to feel for it. Greg came back to see my balls. He was impressed with how long they survived the impacts from 2 days of abuse to them. That is when he saw the extra weight & removed it. He looked at Kathy & said u did this. She did not lie & smilled saying what if I did. He told her that if the added weight was not added, his balls would proberbly not have popped yet. He was so pissed he had to walk away carrying the weight & putting it back. Karen looked at Kathy saying " what have u done" & Kathy fired back saying that this is what u wanted. U kept telling me that all day and yesterday over the phone that he had very tuff balls. I just speeded up the process some as Kathy walked over to hold my ruptured nut. Kathy told Karen that this is what it's all about. That u even said so. Karen walked over to Kathy & hugged her. Karen then looked into Kathys eyes saying u r right. But we had set up guide lines to get there. Eventually his balls would have popped & Kathy said that she just helped it along faster. She let go of my ruptured nut and they kissed for a minute. They then both looked at my ruptured balls & smiled. They let go of each other & Karen said that we still have a half hr of busting. Karen went an rearanged my nuts not as to see if they would rupture further. Karen stood back & Kathy released the weight. No pop but a loud moan from me came out. As they waited Kathy hinted about putting the weight on the plate again. Karen smilled saying next time they would add the weight back. Kathy just smilled. They finally reached 35th hit and when the metal plate lifted the gals were spent. They then checked my balls over very carefully comparing the rupture of both balls.. My balls were so lumpy now. As the gals did that Greg undid my shackles freeing me. Greg then looked at the gals that were consumed with my balls. He departed the barn & headed for the house. Greg new that he would soon be on the table to. 


As he entered the house John was up. He asked his dad "how did it go for his friend". His dad told him that they popped both of his balls big time. That I took all 35 hits with the weight. That they popped on the 23rd and the 28th hits. Johns mouth opened for a moment & said Wow, that many. Greg said he was well prepared by your mother and Kathy. John said she is here & Greg said yes. Just then the 2 gals entered the kitchen feeling very satisifed with the outcome. Kathy looked over at John and said hi. John just eyed up his teacher who was totally naked. He was in lust after his teacher. John eventually said hi & blushed. Kathy walked over to him & felt his nuts finally finding the ruptured one. She squeezed & said nice one to Karen who nodded. Kathy told Karen that Johns balls r bigger then his friends. Karen told Kathy "yes they r almost twice the size".  John just moand in a low voice as she squeezed his nut. Greg left the kitchen and went to bed. Karen told John it would soon be his trun next on the table. John said its time for bed also. Kathy let go of his sore nut. John was to busy looking at his teachers tits. Kathy saw this and pushed her tit in his face and getting the nipple in his mouth. After a minute or so she pulled her tit out of his mouth & said listen to your mom. John then asked if he can I go and see hs friend? Karen thought for a moment and said sure. John was out of the house in a flash. Karen yelled at John not to wake him. Kathy asked Karen if Greg was mad at her. Karen said "what do u think, u switched the weights up knowing his balls would not take the increased weight to his balls for long." Kathy asked if I was mad at her & I said no but dissappointed. Chances R his balls would not have ruptured tonight. Kathy said that is what u wanted & I said yes but we had made a plan & to stick to the plan... If they would not have popped tonight, then the next weekend he stayed they would have. Karen said" still it was a great thing to see and hear his balls rupture. I told Kathy it will take a month to heal properply to heal and then we will pop them again. Kathy smilled and said I better get home to her hubby.. Kathy got dessed and kissed Karen good night. Karen told Kathy that John has a crush on her. Kathy smilled and said I know, but most of the boys want to see my tits & pussy. She walked out the door. Karen got a cup of coffee and went to the barn. As she walked to the barn she thought about her own body and that John secreetly thought the same thing about her body which was totally naked. As she stood in the door way she saw her son checking out his firends ruptured balls. John looked up and told his mom that my balls were so huge. Karen said yes they r. They will shrink in a few days to there normal size if all goes well for him. There was a huge load of cum on my leg and he asked his mom if I had cum. Karen explained that during a certain point of Ball Busting the bals will shoot there cum with out help. John then asked holding one of my balls asking if this is where his ball popped. Karen said yes & the other one was to. John said that is what my balls will look like to. Karen said yes. They talked for about an hour and then John left the barn and went to bed.                   


When I came to Karen was sitting in front of me reading a book. It was well after midnight and the restraints had been removed as well as the nails from my sac and my cock. I raised my head slowly & Karen looked up at me. She asked me how I felt. I told her I was so sore. She took a towel and whiped the droll off my face. I asked her how I did. She looked into my eyes and told me I survived the trial. I asked how many hits did my balls take. She told me 23 before the first nut cracked. I said cracked & she helped roll me on to my side. She played with my balls finding one that had a crack in it. She took my hand and put it on the nut that was damaged. It had a soft spot like Johns did. It was so sore to the touch. I kept feeling it being courious. She then said it was the 28th hit that cracked the other nut. So I said " then both of my balls got damaged." She said yes. She found the other crack for me. So I checked out both nuts. I told her that my balls felt lumpy to. My cock was numb but ached. She said that is where she had it nailed to a board. I just nodded. How many hits did I take total?

Karen told me 35. That was the goal they had set. I said wowww. She said that I would proberbly not want to come back after this. I told her that I love being here with them. She nelt down and kissed me on the lips. She had tears in her eyes and said thankyou. She told me that she was so proud of me. I told her that for the most part It was awesome. She told me that I needed to keep this all to myself. That other people would not understand. I told her I knew what she ment. From my experiances at home I understood. She helped me sit up & that is when I saw just how big my balls swelled to. They were massive. I slowly got up trying to walk. We walked back to the house making it to the back door. It took forever to climb 3 steps & get to the kitchen table, Karen fixed me a sandwitch. I ate it slowly & Karen asked if I wanted another. I said thank you but no. I did not have much of an appitate. We just sat at the table not saying a whole bunch. I asked about Kathy. Karen said she left a little while ago. She had to go home & take a shower. I asked her how cum & that is when I found out everything. That everytime my balls were hit by the weight she played with her pussy. She really got off on my ball busting. Karen told me that this was her first time and that she loved it. Karen told me that she wanted to do more to my balls, damaging them even more. I said really & karen said yes. She really wanted to flatten them out. I said that I would have no more balls then & Karen said yes. Karen looked at me funny and she asked me what I was thinking, I told her that u both told me that my balls were worthless and that they were more trouble then they were worth. Karen said"that is true" but for now she told me that I needed my balls, but later on when I was older I could shed them & be smooth down there. My balls ached a lot and she got up and gave me some meds for the pain. She said that this will help u so I took them. Karen then sat next to me and hugged me. She told me that she knew they hurt a lot right now but the pain would go away. We hugged for a long time with my head resting on her big tits. They were so soft as I moved my head on them. 


Karen put me to bed on the couch covering me up for the night. As she was bent over her tits were in my face with her nipples on my mouth. I just opened my mouth and stated sucking on them. She looked down at me & smilled, telling me to suck on them as long as u want. When I had sucked on them for awhile the drugs kicked in & I fell asleep with a nipple in my mouth. She pulled her nipple out of my mouth still making a sucking sound. She then went to bed for the night. Having a peaceful sleep I was suddenly woken up in pain. I opened my eyes and when my eyes got focused there was Kathy with her hands on my balls. She looked up and smilled at me while she had my balls in my hands. She said good morning sleepy head. Time to get up and enjoy the day. I asked who else is up this morning. She said everyone else is asleep. I asked her what time it is and she said 6:30am. I said this is Sunday right. She said yes and found the cracked spot on my left nut. She pushed on it sticking her finger nail in it and then squeezed it. I moaned as she had my nut in her hands. I asked her what was on her mind this mornng. She had a sheepish grin on her face and said she wanted to see this nut cacked somemore. I asked her if they didn't need to heal first. She said no that this was he best time to continue since they were already cracked, As we were chatting I was checking out her body which was a killer. She saw that I was checking her out and smilled. I looked down at the floor blushing.. I could not get a hard on since my cock was so abused. She asked me if she could crack my balls a little more. I asked what about Karen and she said what about her. She said that Karen was very tired & that we needed to let her sleep. She grabbed my arm and had me sat up. As I sat up she then spread my legs and nelt between them still having my balls in her hands. I did not have much strength in my body yet. Kathy looked into my eyes with her puppy dog eyes and told me she just wanted some more time with my balls. She said Please and batting her eyes at me. I asked her how long she wanted to bust my balls. She said just till they popped somemore. She still gave me those puppy dog eyes & she said pretty please. I caved & I told her just for a little bit. She got up and kissed me right on the lips as her little perky tits pushed against my chest. 


She helped me off the couch and I was walking bow legged with my balls still swollen.. She helped me to the kitchen door and down the steps. I asked her where we were going and she said somewhere private and quiet.The barn was all closed up but we went in through the side door. She took me to the corner where the suspension bar was. Kathy did my ankles first & then she put my wrists in the cuffs on the spreader suspension bar, I was now emobil and then she took her bra off the table and stuffed it in my mouth. Aparently she had thought this through because she had gotten undressed in the barn. She raised me up till my balls were the right height. She exaimed my balls and looked up at me. She said thankyou and licked her lips. She drew her fist back & made contact with my very sore balls. As she made contact she drove my one nut up into my pelvic bone and pressed it hard against it. I yelled through the gag but it was no good. It came out as a low muffle. I jerked violently as she hit my one nut. After a few seconds she with drew her fist.  She checked the nut out which was swelling up again. She said good, and proceeded to hit my balls repeatively. Eventually I stopped moving and my head was down on my chest. I was out in la la land in subspace. She kept hitting my balls showing no mercy. After a while the door opened to the barn and Karen walked in. She asked Kathy what she was doing & Kathy said just playing. Karen stepped in front of Kathy and checked out my balls. They were supper swelled up again but not cracked any further yet. Karen rounded on Kathy saying he has to go home today and he has school tomorrow. Kathy said I no he does so...So Karen said he has to function normally. Kathy said ok but don't u want to crack them a little more. Karen thought for a moment & then said yes it would be nice to pop them a little more. Kathy said well then & pointed to my balls. Karen said ok then but u half to be careful not to do a full rupture on his balls & turn them into mush. Kathy said "ok then" and Karen stepped out of the way leaving Kathy to go at my balls. I just want to crack them a little more Kathy said. Then she proceeded to punch my balls where she left off. She worked on them for a good 20 min more and stopped. Karen walked up to me checking my balls. I was drolling bigtime as Karen checked over my balls carefully. She found where they were puffy and held one in her hand telling Kathy if u hit this spot it will pop somemore. Karen stood to one side & held out my nut in her hand stretching it out in the open. Kathy drew back & letting her fist fly right into my soft spot of my nut. When she made contact I went riddged moaning and crying. Both gals herd a pop as my nut deflatted some what. Karen said "that that was good one" as Kathy withdrew her fist from my batterd nut. Karen then checked it & said that nut is done. I had 2 cracks in my nut. Kathy said what about the other one, we just can't leave him that way, he will be lopp sided and laughed. Karen let go of that nut and got ahold of the other nut. She checked it over very carefully and found another spot that was buldging and soft. She told Kathy to hold it an she would do this one. The gals switched places and when ready Karen drew back her fist & let it go into the nut. Bullseye Kathy told Karen as the gals herd a loud pop this time. I went all rigid again and dropped my head into my chest. I shot cum up my chest & on them as it popped.. Karen with drew her hand and checked my nut out. Karen looked at Kathy & said oops, I hit this one to hard I think as she checked the partially ruptured nut. It was part mush now on one end & the gals checked it out exploring the nut. Where the nail holes were in the sac from the previous night blood ran out and down the sac as well as very fine meat. Kathy caught some in her hand checking it out. She asked Karen is that nut meat as karen looked at it she said I think it is.. Wow the gals said. The gals went to work cleaning me up and stopping the bleeding. Kathy let me down to where my feet touched the ground firmly. I was still out cold.      


When Karen finally got me awake I was in so much pain. I asked her what happened and she told me in a loving mothers voice that I had done fantastic. I said really & she kissed me on the cheek saying yes. Kathy removed one of the cuffs from my wrist and my arm flopped to my side. Kathy then removed the restraits from my akles. Karen was propping me up and Kathy put a chair in back of me. As the last cuff was removed I fell into the chair limp.

Kathy spread my legs apart to give my balls some room. I looked down at my balls that were so swollen and odd shaped now. I said wow my balls really took a beating. The gals smilled at each other. I asked what is happening next. Karen spoke up first and said that my balls could not take another session right now. I said ok as I looked at them. Then I said with out thinking what about u all. The gals looked at each other and then me. Karen spoke up saying what do u mean. I said I gave up a lot just so could be happy. What about me I asked, what r u going to give up? Both gals feeling naked now blushing, there nipples popping out like Ice cubes asked what did u have in mind. I thought for a moment & then I told them that I wanted them to teach me about sex. All of it, not holding anything back. They looked at each other & Kathy said right now. I told her when I heal I wanted them both at the same time fully naked & to teach me everything they new about sex. They both nodded & I told them I wanted to hear the words. They both said ok, we will do it. Karen told me that there was a lot to learn. I told them that we would half to have mutiple sessions like they did with my balls. I could tell that this excited them as there pussys got wet. We stayed in the barn for a bit & then the gals helped me to the house where they placed me on the couch. Karen gave me some good drugs and Kathy appled the Ice to my balls to bring down the swelling.


Kathy acted as my nurse maid and I think that made Karen a little jelious. Both gals sat down on either side of me making sure I was tended to. Kathy made sure I had plenty of ice thand. She also made sure I could see her bald pussy all the time. Her pussy lips were constantly buldging. By late afternoon the pain lessoned a lot but my nuts were so cold & numb from all the ice used. I told the gals that my balls needed a rest from the ice. They liked that as they could see my balls openly. Kathy made sure I had my hand on her thigh all the time. This made Karen on edge as she was jelious. Karen figured that I was hers since it was her who initated th ball busting session. Kathy's thinking was tht it was her that bused and cracked myballs twice & that I was her's. Intresting demelia for me to be in. When it finally came to a head I told the ladies that I belonged to both of them seeing it ws both of them that busted my balls. This seemed to calm the matter & I made sure I gave them equal attention. Both John and Greg were anoid of all the attention I was getting from the ladies. But then neither of them had there balls cracked twice, So karen told Greg if he had his balls ruptured twice he could get all the attenton to. Greg thought about this for a moment & then walked into another room to pout. Karen told John the same thing as she had told Greg about his balls to.. John went back up to his bedroom. The day went well after that. Both gals were chatting when we could do this again & making plans to do so. They both would ask me questions periodically about my balls and cock so as to decide what steps and levels I would endoure. Both gals would from time to time rub my cock & balls, checking on the conditution of them. They also always checked where my balls cracked. The both loved playing with them squeezing them and putting there finger nails into my balls. They loved hearing me moan still abusing my balls. Each would take a nut abusing them as I layed back with my legs spread wide. They each put one of there legs over mine making sure I would not close my legs as they got excited again. They made sure my arms were behind them so I was at there mercy.


Part - 4 coming