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Julie's blog

Hello boys and girls!

Todays thoughts. For those who have been coming here for a long time, 2 or more years. You know things never remain the same, not with the people coming and going, not with site color and design, not with chat, the site is ever evolving.

This said. I want to encourage people to always provide fair, well thought out and mature feedback. I will caution against childish comments, especially when you probably have no true idea of the details and facts. 

This week, the site has seen the color scheme modified and the chat system replaced. If you do not understand why, then ask. If you like it or do not like it, provide mature feedback with specifics, but do not say "it sucks", that is not mature, its childish and ungrateful, a lot of time , effort and money goes into this site and no one has the right to be cruel for something that they are using for free.



I had my first day back in chat and with the new chat system. I like it.

If you missed me, sad for you but I will be back again. Off to work I go.

bye for now boys

xoxo Julie

Well boys. I am back, sorta. I still have precious little time but i will stop in several times per week and we are going to get back on track as a community. I have much much more to say but i think i shall wait and see how you boys choose to conduct yourselfs.


Making a blog post to see how it works and encourage everyone to use the timeline for random stuff like status updates similar to Facebook, use the blog for more detailed stuff about you and keep all other content in the correct place. There are places for vids, pics, stories and you can make all the albums and groups that you wish. You can even ask for a specific forum to be made if you will use it.