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Getting my balls cracked when I was young Part - 4 from Jim's blog

The gals would loose control sometimes as they punished my balls. It was late in the afternoon now when they started working on my balls again. I finally managed to work an arm free to grab my balls. They both looked up at me & then each other realizing what was happening & stopped. They both began to massage my balls & told me thy were sorry for getting carried away. I got my other arm free & put my arm round each of the gals. I managed to grab hold of each of a breast and nipple. They stopped and looked up at me smilling, but they did not remove my hands from there tits. I squeezed and played with there nipples whch they tried to egnore, but I could tell they were excited. Karen got up and asked who was thursty, we all said yes & when she left to go to the kitchen Kathy wispered in my ear that she was very horny and wanted to hurt my balls again. I said, what about school & she said that she would cover for me. I said ok but Karen had to agree with it. Kathy said if I did this she would have extra sex with me. I was a horny teenager so I would agree to anything. My balls had reduced there swollen size a lot from the ice. Karen came back in with the drinks and some pain killers. They were strong pain killers that she gave me. As we sat there I was feeling really good now & not paying attention, Kathy grabbed one of my balls & squeezed it really hard. I only gave a soft moan & Karen asked me if if I felt that. I said a litle bit & she looked at Kathy to hold on or a minute. She got up & went to the kitchen, then she came back she told me to take this and handed me another pill..I took it and with in 15 min I was feeling super good. I was feeling really loopy now and Kathy grabbed my balls again digging her finger nails in my sore balls. I did not feel anything I told Karen when she asked me. Kathy asked Karen what she had in mind & Karen told Kathy after some of the swelling went down my balls were not as cracked as she liked. Kathy asked how do we remedity this which Karen just smilled looking at me asked me if I wanted to talk a walk to get some air. I said sure    


Before I knew it they had me up on my feet. I asked Kathy where we were going, She told me we r going to have some fun with your balls. I looked down at my sore balls & said those balls. Just then John came into the room & asked what we were up to? Karen said u can join us for some fun & John new what that ment. He hesitated & his mom said come on "now" as she looked at him. Kathy led me out to the kitchen door, down the steps and leading me to the barn. Karen was leading John by the hand to the barn also. Karen took me to a suspension bar, kissed me passionately on the lips. I responded in kind and then she said time to play in my ear. She told me to raise my arms up which I did. She took each of my wrist and put the cuffs on tight. She kissed me again and told me to spread my legs apart. I was really in la la land as she cuffed my ankles. Karen already had John in his cuffs as well raising him up in the air. I followed as Kathy got me to the correct height so my balls were so vonorable. Karen & Kathy checked out both sets of balls deciding which to hit. Kathy wanted me which Karen said sure but we will time it and then switch when the timer goes off. Karen stood in front of John telling him he deserved this for how he acted earlier. Karen was 5-11 and built. So decided to kick his balls. She drew her leg back & brought it forward. The top of her foot  connected with his left nut driving it into the pelvic bone. John went stiff and yelled out as he could feel his nut contort under the pressure. Karen repeated this time and time again & as each time she did he had less and less strength to resist finally dropping his head out of it. When Karen kicked him in his now swollen balls he would barely raise his head.


While Karen worked on John it was my time with Kathy. She walked up to me and bent down rubbing her tits on my balls and cock. She was so excited when she stood up she kissed me on the lips. Then in that passionate kiss she reached up and got ahold of my right nut squeezing digging her nails in. I kissed her moaning and closing my eyes as I could feel disconfort in my balls with her squeezeing ever so hard.. She told me I can not wait to rupture your balls again. Being doped up I smilled telling her they r yours to bust. She let go of my balls, then drawing back getting her self set let her fist fly into my balls. My head went into the air as I moaned loudly. She drove her fist into my right nut pressing my nut & cord into my pelvic bone. I felt my nut get contorted in almost being flat. She left her fist in my balls pressing against my pelvic bone for a few seconds. She could feel it would not take long to long to cause it to pop again. She took aim on my balls again telling me that my balls were worthless. She hit my balls again & again so hard trying to pop them. Finally I could not raise my head and it rested on my chest as she drilled my balls so hard.. I herd a timer go off and the ladies switched places. They eached inspected our balls wich were brused and so swollen. Karen praised the job Kathy did on my balls. Kathy in return said Karen had done a great job on Johns balls as well. Karen could feel my balls becoming very lumpy now from all the beatings they had to endoure. She new that they could not take much more pounding before they were seriously damaged. Kathy was checking out Johns balls finding where Johns one nut cracked & decided that is where she would focus on. 


I herd Karen reset the timer, then hearing the first tic on the timer Kathy then starting pounding on Johns balls. As she did John moaned & yelled out loudly. Kathy stopped pounding for a moment to get a ball gag out of the toy cabnit & strapped it in his mouth. She then bagan pounding his balls to pulp again. Kathy was out to destroy Johns cracked nut. Karen after checking my ball looked into my eyes saying I will be better off having them damaged. I nodded looking into her eyes telling her she new best for my balls. My balls were super swollen again & with the drugs in my system all I felt was a dull ache. Karen took a step back sizing my balls up drawing her fist back, then letting her fist go into my balls, driving my balls into my pelvic bone. Karen new she had hit my balls super well. She new this from the sound my balls made contorting under the pressure. Also the way my body shook as well as the omp sound that came from my mouth. I went limp after a minute as Karen with drew her bloody fist. She then checked my balls, then seeing where I was bleeding at one of the punctures holes from the nails. This gave her an idea. She lowered me down & as she did she wispered in my ear telling me she had another idea for my balls & I nodded yes. She put a chair under me to catch me. As she relased the cuffs the chair caught me. Kathy stopped for a moment and asked what she was doing. She told Kathy that my balls were ready to pop again. Karen then looked over at the anvil smilling which Kathy picked up on. Then the gals went & helped me out of the chair walking me over to the anvil & helping me on the anvil table. My arms and legs straddled the table as they positioned my balls out on the anvil part. Kathy started to put the cuffs on wrists & Karen said it would not be necessary as I was out of it with the meds. Karen grabbed the nails again and as Kathy stretched out my sac ligning up the nail holes in my sac with the holes the anvil. Karen had the hammer in her hands telling Kathy that they were making new ones so Kathy stretched out my sac bigtime. Karen then ligned up the nail with the hole in the anvil and drove the nail through the sac with one hit each time.  I flinched a little when the hammer hit my sac brusing it. Karen finished putting the hammer away & Kathy asked how much weight she needed to ad to the late. Karen said just one will be needed to pop his balls again Kathy applied the weight to the plate. Then Karen checked my balls one last time. Grabbed the control swicth & pushed it. It came down on my balls really hard & I learched as the plate made contact wih my balls. I moaned alittle as the plate rested on my balls. Karen waited minute then raised the weight off my swollen balls. Both gals checked my balls smilling it would not be long now before they popped again. Karen handed the contol switch to Kathy saying they would take turns. Karen hit the switch and the weight came down hard on my balls again. This time I shot a load of bloody cum all over my leg gain. Then Karen said I think that just about did him in. Kathy raised the weight off my balls except this time she left the weight on my balls for 5 min. The gals walked up to my balls and sad I think that did it. My balls were abloody mess now. Karen exaimeded them carefully seeing where the sac gave way to the pressure of the weight. I had a hole in my sac now which was ozzing blood, testicle meat and fluid. They were both very satisfied with the outcome of my busted ruptured balls. My right had partially colaped now The left one was intact for now. Kathy wanted to pop it to as she held it. Karen said no,that it was getting late and the boys had school tomorrow. I am going to call his mom to see if he can spend one more nigh to heal. Not telling my mom the reason why.  Karen removed the nails from my sore swollen huge sac now. Kathy got me awake & I was in la la land pretty much between the pain and the drugs. No much pain right now but later it would come. They got me off the table and put me back in a chair. Then they cleaned me up. Karen checked on John who was also out like a light. She checked his balls and they were not as damaged as mine though Kathy had manage to pop his other nut. He had shot cum all over himself as well. Kathy said what about Johns balls. Karen said u want him on the anvil now? Kathy said yes. Karen thought for a moment and then said sure, why not. the gals helped me off the table and then sat me in a chair. They grabbed John and he was still out got him on the anvil. Karen strapped him down as Kathy got the weights.Karen asked how many weights r u using & kathy said 2. That was good with karen. They raised the weight in the air & Kathy let it go. John went rigid as the weight landed on his balls. The gals took turns & finally they herd a pop as the weight hit Johns balls. They raised the weight up & John had shot cum everywhere.  They checked his balls & to there surprise both balls had cracked. Both ladies just smilled & chatted as to what had happened.


 Karen cleaned him up and putting him in a chair as well. Karen told Kathy not a bad workout for the weekend. Kathy agreeded & asked when was the next weekend she was ball busting. She said that would be her hubby next weekend. She said the boys need to heal fully and rest. Kathy said ok but the next time u have them over I hope u wll call me again. Karen said she would and also they had to honor the deal they made with me. Kathy smilled & said really. Karen said yes or she would no be back for the next sssions. Kathy said u mean I half to fuck him & Karen smilled saying u had better hope that is all he wants. Karen told Kathy that she planned on teaching me everything she new about sex. Kathy said why & Karen said what better way to be satisified by a guy than to teach him how to please u. Kathy thought about this for a moment & then agreeded with her. Karen told Kathy that he really wanted to taste your pussy and fuck u. Kathy said really & Karen said yes. He wants to wear your pussy out so let him.


Karen then said lets get the boys back into the house & Ice them down. Kathy said ok and moved to pick me up. Kathy said, well u told me that he wants my body. I might as well get started early helping me up. She took my one arm putting it under her shoulder & putting my hand on her tit & nipple. She wispered go head & squeeze my tit. she told me as we walked back that I could play with her nipple to. I did what she told me which she found that she liked. She thought well maybe Karen's idea was a good one. It was 7pm now & both John & I were on the couch with lots of ice on our balls. John said that was the toughfest session he had went trough. I said really & showed him my balls. John told me that I had done the highly experance sesions mom told me about. John was in the recliner with his feet up. I had both Karen & Kathy on either side of me with my legs spread & one of there legs over mine with there wet pussies showing & gleaming at John. John was not happy with this arangement expeshally since he had a crush on Kathy. John finally got up slowly & went to his bedroom. I could tell he was pissed.


I just sat there & told John goodnight. I was realy dopped up so I would not feel the pain that they had done to my balls. Kathy made sure the Ice stayed on my balls to get the swelling down. It was now 9pm & both ladies made sure I could see there pussies nice & open with there puffy pussy lips open. They both had very hot clits. I asked Karen where the most sensual sensetive spot on a womans pussy. The drugs were in full swing now & I was feeling fresky. Karen looked at Kathy and then me saying for her it was her clit hood. Kathy agreeded with her about the sensetivity of her clit. I asked her & Kathy to show me  where it is located at on there pussies. She showed me her large hood & I touched her hood. I moved my fingers over it & as I did she moaned out loud. I put my other hand on Kathys hood rubbing it she stiffend up some an then kissing my ear.Karen spread her legs apart and took my hand pushing my fingers into her pussy hole. Both ladies were moaning now really good. I found Kathys pussy lips spreading them apart causing her to chew on my ear. Both ladies were close to cuming . Then Kathy put her hand on my cock stroking it. That did not do much for my numb cock. Still Kathy stroked my cock. Karen pulled my head kissing me on the lips passiontely. She said do not stop what I was doing. Both pussies were so wet with preum. Then Kathy grabbed my balls and squeezed really hard. None of us stopped & then Karen went rigid cumming wildly. Then Karen went limp breathing hard. She looked at me smilling saying we r going to have a wonderful time & kissed me hard & pasionately. Then it was Kathys turn to cum. Karen saw Kathys hand on my balls squeezing them hard. I put my head back on the couch & moaned. Kathy was so close to cuming & as she did she squeezed even harder. Now I could feel my balls somewhat. Kathy shook violently as she orgasumed and squirted to which went everywhere on the floor. She finally eased up on my balls. I said wowww, does that always happen? Karen said most of the time. Kathy was trying to compose herself because she squirted. This time I kissed Kathy on the lips passionately. She kissed back passinately that lasted awhile. When we pulled apart she was massaging my balls, smilling at me telling me to please never tell anyone how I cum. I told her why would I smilling.


As we all 3 sat on the couch just laying back the gals were spent. They had both orgasumed pretty hard & my hands were back in there wet sticky pussies. Kathy told us that she needed to go home soon. That her hubby will be expecting her. Karen told Kathy to use the house phone & call him, so as not to worry about her. I moved my arm so Kathy could get up. As Kathy got up she took 2 steps & sipped in her own cum. Karen & I both smilled as Karen said "let me help u" & Karen got up off the couch taking a few steps she found herself slipping & slidding in Kathys cum. Kathy had slipped and her ass hit the wet floor. She sat there laughing as Karen slipped & slid right into Kathy. They were both laughing as Karen tried & finally got her ass off the floor. Kathy finally got to the phone in the kithen & called her hubby. Karen grabbed some bath towels from the bathroom & threw them down on the floor. She bent over to wipe up the wet floor showing me her gorgeous ass & pussy. Karen told me that I was awful quiet sitting on the couch. I told her that I was admiring the view of her ass. She looked over her shoulder & smilled at me with our eyes making contact with each others. She said that once I healed fully that I would be able to wear her ass out fully. She stood up, walking over to me with a sheepish grin on her face. She leaned over putting her hands on the back of the couch straddling me & her tits in my face. She told me that I would have all of her rubbing her tits in my face. Just then Kathy came back in te room asking what she had missed. Karen told Kathy as she was bent over he was admiring her ass. Kathy smilled walking to us telling me that her tits r not as big as Karens but u love them to. Karen stood up & grabbed a hand full of Kathys tits. Karen told me that they r firmer than hers. Ok, I reached up & grabbed both gals tits. I squeezed them then grabbing there nipples and squeezed them. I told them they were both perfect. Kathy told Karen she was good at home. It was getting late now & Karen told Kathy she could sleep with them. Karen went into the ktchen then came back out & gave me somemore drugs as I was starting to feel my balls again. Her drugs made me loopy but I took them anyway.


Karen then helped me up off the couch taking Kathys hand. Then kathy took my hand leading & Karen led us to her bedroom. I walked in thinking Greg would be in bed but the bed was empty. I asked where Greg was, Karen told me he sleeps in the other room. Kathy led me to bed & had me scoot in the middle of the bed. Both gals climed in bed on either side of me. Karen then turned to me telling me goodnight. She kissed me & then rolled over putting her but up next to me. Kathy then turned off the light, turned around kissing me so passionately guiding my hands over her body to her tits and pussy. After about 25 min. of forplay she kissed me again then telling me that I needed to heal to have the rest of her. She had me lay on my back and I outstretched my arms out around both gals. Karen then rolled over facing me I had both ladies snugge me. Karen hands went to my balls carsessing them in her hand. Kathy had a hold of my cock massaging it. We then fell asleep.  


Last Part Coming Part - 5                                                                                                                      

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